One Useful Enhancement-Rise of the Phoenix

Playing a monk can be fun but it can also be extremely challenging.  I remember when I took Erdrique through a monk life and how different the game play was from what I was used too (primarily sword and board or two weapon fighting).  While the type of monk I was playing was still a melee character, using the hand to hand combat style was completely new to me.  Erdrique has now moved on to other classes but I still have a monk character, Lorrikk.  Lorrikk is currently level 14 and is a light monk who has primarily focused on the Shintao Prestige Enhancement line.  I choose this line because it fits my play style (or at least my philosophy) and because it offers a good amount of self healing abilities and a variety of interesting attacks.

Perhaps one of the most powerful and useful enhancements in this line is called Rise of the Phoenix.  Rise of the Phoenix is unique because you can only use it when you have died.  Just like the legendary Phoenix, this enhancement allows you to rise back from the ashes and to come back to life.  It is extremely useful when your questing suddenly goes sideways and you find yourself as a soulstone.  If you have Rise of the Phoenix you can raise yourself and allow the other clerics or players in the group to focus on others who may have died.  If you have a party wipe, you can coordinate the use of the Rise of the Phoenix with the others in your party who can also raise other fallen comrades once they come back to life therefore save the quest.

Rise of the Phoenix is a tier five enhancement in the Shintao line.  It doesn’t require any pre-requisites.  It allows you to raise yourself once per rest but has a 15 minute cool down time.  If you are thinking of playing a monk and want to play in the Shintao line, getting this enhancement as soon as you can will be really helpful.  Check it out if you decide to go this route.


Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!



3 thoughts on “One Useful Enhancement-Rise of the Phoenix

  1. It’s saved Acanthia’s butt on several occasions, although she got more use out of it when you could still use it on others – very helpful to bring your hireling back.

    Also, I think that before your monk uses ir, you should intone, “Alas, poor Lorrikk. I knew him, Malicia.” 😄

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