Playing with Sentient Weapons

When the expansion pack for Ravenloft was released, so was the introduction to Sentient Weapons.  The ability to apply some form sentience to named weapons with minimum level of 20 or higher introduced a new layer of crafting and fun to DDO.  The majority of named weapons, and weapons that you can obtain from challenges (either the Cannith Challenges or those from Eveningstar) can be upgraded through this system.  If a weapon can be upgraded it will be noted in the weapon’s characteristics when you examine it with a notation stating “Accepts Sentience.”

There are currently ten different types of Sentient Jewels that can give your weapons some personality.  Once you apply a Sentient Jewel to your weapon, you can then start gaining experience with that weapon by feeding it other named items.  As your Sentient Weapon continues to gain experience, it will eventually start to gain levels in which it will earn the ability to be upgraded through Sentient Filigrees, which add even more power and abilities to your weapon.

It took me a little while, but I eventually was able to get a Sentient Weapon with both Erdrique and Sttollen.  Erdrique obtained the Epic Elemental Khopesh of Water from the Cannith Challenges and applied a Hopeful Sentient Gem to it.  Meanwhile, Sttollen upgraded a Mighty Cormyrean Dagger through the use of a Inquistive Sentient Gem.  Once you apply sentience to a weapon, it can and will spontaneously talk to you, usually during combat.  It does take a little while to figure out where the voice is coming from but it is fun to realize that your weapon is communicating with you.  After a little while, you do pick up on the majority of sayings they have and it can be a little repetitive, but I still find it fun.


A look at Erdrique’s first Sentient Weapon.


A look at Sttollen’s first Sentient Weapon.

I still haven’t gained enough experience with either one of their weapons yet to start to apply a filligree.  Although Erdrique is close to hitting level 1 on his khopesh.  I look forward to continuing to feeding named items to these weapons and gaining more and more experience and getting the ability to increase their power.  All of this is still relatively knew to me so I look forward to learning on what types of filligrees I can find and apply.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting with those Sentient Weapons!!

2 thoughts on “Playing with Sentient Weapons

  1. Hopeful is awesome – she’s so positive without becoming annoyingly cheery. And she gets so excited over collectibles, it’s like she’s me! LOL

    Inquisitive should really be called Inquisitorial, I think. He’s not curious, he’s meant to be an Inquisitor (like Gnomon), and he gets on my nerves a bit.

    BEST sentient gem is the kobold one! When someone in the group dies: “Are you TRYING to kill your friend? … because kobold can help with that!” When you get a rez after dying: “Good! You were starting to smell.” All in Cindy Robinson’s amazing kobold voice.

    The Timid one is really good too, and keeps trying to persuade you not to use him. He also wants you to skip adventuring and go get breakfast! And someone on the stream thought Cordovan was saying all this stuff because it’s his voice and he was in the party.

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