Taking a Brief Look at Good Intentions

As I noted here, I recently ran the quest Good Intentions for the first time.  I found the quest to be fun and light hearted.  It maintained that classic feature of a gnome who meant to do something good but watched it go horribly awry.  I also liked that Good Intentions revisited the Saltire District of Stormreach.  The last time we visited the Saltire District was during the quest Missing where our adventurers discovered the beginning plots and horrible creations of Yaulthon.


Erd taking a look around in Good Intentions.

I also found the initial interactions with the various NPCs fun.  It was interesting to see a human summoning Malicia into the quest.  I also found it interesting to learn that Malicia might actually be from Mabar.  At least that is what we glimpse from the brief conversation you see that occurs as you approach the wizard Moira Fross (who summoned Malicia).  I found it funny when Moira tries to command her and Malicia just blows her off and leaves.


So is Malicia really from Mabar?

The initial beginning of the quest reminds you of the realm of Harry Potter, where you walk into a house and the chores are being completed by animated utensils and tools.  But I will say, the monsters are quite challenging.  The various types of constructs you come across are numerous and this mainly because the “Animator” is magically turning these things into animated objects to help the citizens of the Saltire District.  Too bad it gets out of hand.  It would be nice to have the dishes wash themselves!!


The Animator creating havoc in the Saltire District.

In sure I’ll do something a little more in depth in the future.  If you haven’t had a chance yet to run this quest, I would recommend it.  It is a little different.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Saltire District!!

Overview of the Lord of Eyes

The quest, Lord of Eyes, is the capstone quest to the Reign of Madness adventure pack, which also includes Acute DeliriumSane Asylum, and Lord of Stone.  It is a level 17 quest on normal, making it a level 19 quest on elite.  It is located in the Tower of the Twelve and the quest giver is Elawyn Thwr.  You won’t be able to talk to Elawyn until the other three quests are completed.  The whole point of this quest is stop the Lord of Eyes, Belashyrra, from taking control of the Tower of Twelve and wreaking havoc in Stormreach.  You will do this by accompanying the forces of the Lord of Stone, who you recruited to help the Twelve in the quest Lord of Stone, and defeating Belashyrra’s forces and then Belashyrra himself.

The quest starts out by entering the main compartment to the Tower of the Twelve.  Belashyrra’s forces are currently invading the tower and the wizards of the Twelve are having difficulty in containing the invasion.  As soon as you enter the quest, you make contact with one of the wizards trying to maintain the invasion.  He is apparently a competent wizard, as you notice a frozen mind flayer (supposedly due to him) as you approach.  He tells you to make your way to the lower level of the tower to talk to another member of the Twelve.


Erdrique preparing to enter the quest, Lord of Eyes.

As you enter the main portion of the tower, you see a number of platforms with reverse gravity.  These platforms work by propelling you into the air, rather slowly, to higher levels where you can slide out of the area of reverse gravity to reach the higher platforms.  You also see platforms below you, realizing that you must have entered the tower in middle levels.  As you make your way to the lower levels, you will fight a series of evil eyes, greater evil eyes, various beholders, and eye horrors.  The beholders include chaos beholders, armored beholders, and frost beholders.  You will eventually make your way to your second contact and he tells you that we need to blow a hole in the stone to allow the forces of the Lord of Stone to enter the tower,  To do this, we need to power up the mage fire cannon.  To power up the mage fire cannon, we need to obtain the four elemental essences and place them into the cannon.


Time to start exploring the inside of the Tower of the Twelve, take note of the frozen figure at the end of the hallway.


Taking note of the reverse gravity platforms in the Tower of the Twelve.


Using the reverse gravity platforms to get higher into the tower.


Coming across some of the forces of the Lord of Eyes while looking for the second contact in the tower.


There is the broken down mage fire cannon.

As you can imagine, there is a fire, water, air, and earth essence that you need to obtain.  The first essence you will gather is the fire essence.  The fire essence node is located in the same cavern as the mage fire cannon.  To obtain the fire essence, you need to draw a set number of fire elementals into a red circle that surrounds a capture crystal.  You need to defeat the elementals within that red circle and when you do they get captured by the crystal.  You can draw the elementals in one at a time, but they all must be killed within the red circle.  Once you defeat the elementals, you can obtain the essence.  After you collect the fire essence you then have to make it back into the tower and travel to the upper levels to collect the water, earth, and air essences.


Luring the fire elementals in to the ring.


Capturing some earth elementals.


Bringing in some water elementals.


Time to capture some air elementals.

After you collect the essences, you then need to return back to the mage fire cannon.  You can then place the essences into the cannon and watch as it blows a hole in the stone.  Shortly layer a stone army comes to help you.  You lead them back to the main part of the tower where you then enter a portal to go to Belashyrra.  When you encounter Belashyrra, he is huge.  However, the stone servants of the Lord of Stone remove that enchantment and soon the battle begins.  It is important to try to keep some of the Lord of Stone’s army alive to hold back the power of Belashyrra.  Once Belashyrra is killed, all of his servants also are killed.


Fighting a named flesh render.


Taking down a named armored beholder.


Loading up the mage fire cannon.


Getting help from the Lord of Stone.


Belashyrra in his preferred form before the legions of the Lord of Stone bring him back down to size.

Overall, the quest is unique in how it is structured.  The use of the reverse gravity platforms gives you a feel of doing some Mario style questing without actually doing Mario style questing.  The enemies can also be tough.  Besides the ones I already mentioned, you also might stumble across Belashyrra’s hounds, a named beholder, or a named flesh render.  Not to mention, you will also encounter mind flayers in the other levels of the tower.

If you get a chance, check this quest out for an interesting time.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Lord of Eyes.

Taking a Look at Stealer of Souls

Last night, I took Erdrique and Sttollen into the final quest for the Reaver’s Refuge, Stealer of Souls.  Stealer of Souls is the capstone quest for the Reaver’s Refuge which also includes the quests Prey on the Hunter, Monastery of the Scorpion, and Enter the Kobold. As you make your way through each of these flagging quests, you will obtain a dragonshard essence (Eberron out of Prey on the Hunter, Siberys out of Monastery of the Scorpion, and Khyber out of Enter the Kobold).  You need to have these three dragonshard essences as well as three dragon gems.  There are six dragon gems that are found in the following explorer areas: Sands of Menechtarun, Ruins of Gianthold, Orchard of the Macabre, Aussircaex’s Valley, Soami Gardens, and Mount Reysalon.  The latter three can be reached via portals found in the Reavers’s Refuge area and contain the flagging quests for Stealer of Souls.  The gems can be found as random loot in various rare encounter and other chests in these explorer areas.

The quest is level 17 on normal and level 19 on elite.  The quest entrance to Stealer of Souls is located in the slayer area known as the Eerie Forest and is bestowed by a dragon named Thear.  After you complete the flagging quests and turn in the dragon gems Thear will open up a new portal to the Eerie Forest.  However, before you enter the Eerie Forest you also need to turn in the dragonshard essences to Toriavic, another NPC that is located adjacent to Thear.  If you don’t you won’t be able to enter the quest.


Turning in the dragon essences (the three “gems” in my backpack).

To locate the quest entrance to the Stealer of Souls, you simply need to follow the path you enter on when transported to the Eerie Forest.  With a name such as the Eerie Forest, you can imagine the type of enemies you might encounter.  These include carcass eaters, umbral gargoyles, earth elementals, and others.  However, you can simply run past all of these until you reach the end of the path to the quest entrance.  By the time you get there most of the enemies would recall back to their spawn points.


Sttollen making his way to the Stealer of Souls.

The primary objective to the Stealer of Souls is to disrupt the ritual that Sor’jek is conducting to raise an army of draco liches.  The secondary objective is take out Sor’jek.  Sor’jek is conducting this ritual in a specialized lair that has portals to four different areas.  In each of these areas, Sor’jek has corresponding lieutenants (who are also giants, of different types) conducting corresponding rituals.  To stop Sor’jek you need to stop and kill the lieutenants.  These lieutenants include a stone giant (Bhumi), a frost giant (Jala), a fire giant (Agni), and a cloud giant (Pavan).  Once you enter Sor’jek’s lair, you see he is already in process of conducting the ritual but you also get prompted to head over to a part of the lair that shows a lighted rune.  When you  activate the rune, you get transported to a new area.


Erd making his way to the first rune.

The first area you get transported to is a maze of caves.  I can’t tell if the caves are just underground or if this is in a mountain.  In any case, you have to make your way through the maze to take a few orange named stone giants that eventually opens up the passage to Bhumi.  Once you take Bhumi out, his part of the ritual ends and a shrine appears.  At this point you can shrine up and active the rune and head back to Sor’jek’s lair.  When you get back, you will notice a second rune that is lit up.  This rune takes to a set of ice caves.  This is the home of Jala and to get to him you have to navigate through frost giants, ice mephits, ice flensers, and a series of wind traps that blow you off various ledges.  The wind traps can be turned off but they reset.  So when you turn them off you have to hurry back up the ledges to get to Jala.  Once Jala is defeated, another shrine appears and you can go back to the primary lair.  You will then head to a set of fire caves, the home of Agni.  Ironically, Agni i the only giant in this area.  He is guarded by a fierce set of efreetis and fire elementals.  To get to him you have to navigate through a tunnel that takes through a lake of lava.  After you get him knocked out, you get to move to the fourth area, the home of Pavan.  This area is the most irritating.  I guess the best way to describe this area would be a set of floating floors.  The get up to the next level you climb up a ramp.  However, you are battling air elementals and cloud giants the entire way up the path.  To get to Pavan, you have to activate another set of runes.  That takes down a barrier to him and allows you to attack him.  If you happen to get knocked off a platform and can’t land a lower platform you fall back down to Sor’jek’s primary lair and have to reenter Pavan’s lair.


Erd making his way through the stone caves.


Erd looking for Jala in the frost caves.


Erd fighting an efreeti in the fire caves.


Looking for Pavan among the floating floors.

Once Pavan is destroyed, the ritual is ruined and you have successfully stopped Sor’jek.  You can then teleport back to his lair and fight him, but this an optional objective.  Sor’jek is quite tough.  He is protected by a set of shields that are held in place by various mephits.  Once the mephits are defeated, the shields go down.  However, the mephits respawn and when they do so does his various shields.  If you do defeat Sor’jek you will get a chest that has a Soverign Rune to apply to dragontouched armor.

Oh, one thing I haven’t mentioned yet, the entire quest is timed.  As soon as you enter the quest, you have an hour to complete it.

Overall, the quest can be quite challenging,  Dealing with the traps in the frost cave area and getting knocked all over the place in the sky area are the most annoying parts of this quest.  This was especially true when you basically got knocked down whenever you got close to an air elemental.  That is no longer the case now.  Sor’jek himself is quite challenging.  If you can’t keep the mephits down, the added projection from his shields make him very difficult to deal with.  It is a fun quest, and I do enjoy running it.  At level, this quest is pretty challenging.  As a quest reward, you get 50 draconic runes which can be used to purchase some dragontouched armor or turned for other items related to crafting on dragontouched armor.


Time to get the bounty!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!