Light Weekend of Questing, Quest Runs September 25 to September 27

Well, this past weekend was extremely light for me.  This was because I didn’t do any questing on Saturday.  Each month, usually the third Saturday of the month, is spent as a weekend date night with my wife where we just spend the night relaxing.  Most of the time she has to work during the day on Saturday so I usually get a run or two in before she gets home but this time she had the entire day off so we went off on a mini-trip which resulted in no playtime on Saturday.  But, I did do some more dual boxing between my accounts and in fact that is the way I started the weekend out.  I was scheduled to take Berann (Level 8 Barbarian) out into Tangleroot Gorge.  Since Berann was heading out there, I decided to log on with Containment (Level 7 Cleric) and to join them together because Containment is also working in that area.  The maximum level to gain full experience in Tangleroot Gorge is level 7 but because Berann was only a single level higher than Containment, Containment still was able to credit for the slayers and rare encounters.  So I took them out prior to heading to work and accumulated more slayers for both characters.  In the afternoon, when I got home from work, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) and took him back into the Vale of Twilight and attempted to complete Let Sleeping Dust Lie.  The last time I was in there with Erdrique I killed too many of the Crimson Foot Hive spiders.  Well this time, I literally ran out of time.  I couldn’t find the second journal entry in a reasonable amount of time so I had to give up and call it for the afternoon.  However, I made it up that night.  I logged back on with Erdrique on Friday night and grouped up with Ohuatewontoo and we tackled the Vale of Twilight together.  We completed Let Sleeping Dust Lie, Rainbow in the Dark, and Running with the Devils on elite and collected a plethora of slayers, explorer, and rare encounter experience as well.  We called it a night after we made it through Running with the Devils.

 photo Berann watching the spider go againt the wolf_zpsuo4icy1y.jpg

Berann watching the fiendish spider and wolf battling.

 photo Erd hunting in the Vale of Twilight_zpsc98zwyyz.jpg

Erdrique making his way through the Vale of Twilight.

 photo Erd taking on the rats of Crimson Foot Five_zpsatl82iwb.jpg

Erdrique fighting the Twilight Giant Rats in Let Sleeping Dust Lie.

 photo Gathering the group in the Vale_zpsdgca1rb8.jpg

The party gathering in the Vale of Twilight.

 photo Taking down Kasi_zps3yiryco9.jpg

Taking down one of the ogre magi bosses in Let Sleeping Dust Lie.

 photo Fighting in Rainbow in the Dark_zpsxzw97u7f.jpg

Battling the elementals in Rainbow in the Dark.

 photo Talking on Tolarn in Running with the Devils_zps2jtxkep7.jpg

Battling Tolarn in Running with the Devils.

On Sunday, I took opportunity to do some more dual boxing.  I was scheduled to take Suppply (Level 9 Paladin) through the House Deneith Depths quests.  Well, Berann also needed these four quests and since Suppply is on my premium account and Berann is on my VIP account and I logged them both in and paired them up and took them into depths quests.  We started from the beginning and knocked out Depths of Despair, Depths of Darkness, Depths of Discord, and Depths of Doom.  I was actually quite glad for this because Berann was able to open up these quests on elite.  This saves me from having to run them all on normal, hard, and elite with Suppply because Suppply doesn’t have that option yet.  So definitely a time saver.  After I finished the four Depths quests, I called it a night.

 photo Supply fighting an earth elemental in Depths of Despair_zpsrwke3rdu.jpg]

Suppply battling an earth elemental in the Depths of Despair.

 photo Making his way to deal with Hobgoblin Casters_zpsguh5lqbv.jpg

Climbing the ladder to deal with the hobgoblin casters in Depths of Darkness.

 photo Looking for Landslide but fiding trolls instead_zpskaa5zihi.jpg

Suppply looking for Landslide in the Depths of Discord but finding trolls instead.

 photo Taking down the ogres in Depths of Doom_zpszudpvikc.jpg

Suppply fighting the ogres of the Depths of Doom.

It was a nice weekend of questing even being a relatively light weekend.  I was able to continue to do some dual boxing and I was able to take Erdrique through some of the Vale of Twilight quests.  Hopefully this next week will continue to be as productive.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Vale!!

What a Lazy Party!!

The other day I took Erdrique (Level 9 Rogue) through the rest of the House Deneith Depth Quests.  These quests are pretty much a staple for beginning adventurers to play through.  In many ways, these four quests are like a small story chain as they are linked to each other but in actuality the are treated as separate entities.  These four quests are The Depths of Darkness, The Depths of Despair, The Depths of Discord, and The Depths of Doom.  One thing that intrigues me about these quests are the quest givers.  You can see that the four individual NPCs that pass out these quests all belong to their own little party.  In fact, they are just sitting around together and guzzling down some drinks in the Hammersmith Inn, not showing any interest in going out to take care of the assignments they were given.

These quest givers are Keane d’Deneith, Scholes of Vedykar, Neville Stormhammer, and Giggs Elorreahi.  Just from a cursory glance, it looks like Keane and Neville are wearing some heavy armor while Giggs and Scholes are definitely wearing some robes.  We can also see that Keane is a human, Scholes is a halfling, Neville is a dwarf, and Giggs is an elf.  My assumption here, which could be completely off based, is that Keane is probably the party leader and is fighter, since he happens to have the d’Deneith name.  I’m also assuming that Scholes is a wizard, Neville is possibly a paladin or maybe even a cleric, while Giggs also appears to be wizard.  Since these quests were in the game from day one, and these were the primary classes at the time, that makes some intuitive sense.

 photo The lazy part in the Inn 2_zps2krborky.jpg
Erdrique is more than willing to do the quests that the “Lazy Party” doesn’t want to do.

However, what really intrigues me about this party is how lazy they are.  They have all been assigned to look into these four different portions of the House Deneith sewer and instead of taking some initiative and looking into these disturbances, they have actually decided to stall and to pass on their jobs to us to do.  It just makes me wonder about the motives of this party.  One would think that an adventurer would be more than willing to look for danger and to earn reputation and to hunt down some loot.  However, this party doesn’t seem to be too interested in it.  Although they try to say that they are waiting for the dwarf to sober up, it sounds just like an excuse to me.

 photo The lazy party in the Inn_zpsmxjvc7wb.jpg
Erdrique also ponders this party.

It makes me wonder if these guys feel these jobs are too far below their stature.  I wonder if this particular group of misfits got called out for some other misdeed.  I can easily see some of them causing a little more harm than good and therefore getting “punished.”  Especially since they seem to have the means to “pay/reward” us for the completions of the quests, suggesting that they are definitely seasoned adventurers.  I really wonder what their back stories are.  I also wonder what “level” these guys are.  In any case, an adventure is an adventure and an successful mission boasts one’s fame and reputation so I have no problem running through these sewers .

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

A Challenging Type Weekend, Questing April 24th to April 26th

This past weekend was primarily dominated with runs through some of the Cannith Challenge quests as I keep working to upgrade Erdrique’s Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hands.  However, to begin the weekend I took my first iconic character, Tuhnn (Level 15 Bladeforged) out into the Sands of Menechtarun to enjoy the beautiful moonlight and to do some slaying :).  That afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 7 Rogue) and took him through the Depths of Discord.  Later on that night, I logged back on with Erdrique and I was joined by Hellbanisher and we headed our way over to the Marketplace and completed Archer Point Defense on elite and then we made our way to House Phiarlan to tackle the Carnival Series.  We completed Partycrashers, The Snitch, and Under the Big Top, all on elite, before Hellbanisher called it a night.  I then took Erdrique into a slayer run through Tangleroot Gorge and then logged on with Berann (Level 8 Barbarian) to try to run the Cannith Challenge, Lava Caves: Colossal Crystal.  By using the advice from Grimorde, I was able to get some completions in this tough challenge 🙂 (thanks Grim!!).  After that I called it a night.

Tuhnn noticing the moon in the Desert photo Tuhnn noticing the moon in the Desert_zps7ocgderb.jpg
Tuhnn enjoying his nightly stroll through the Desert.

 photo Erd looking for the elemental Landslide_zpsf9pg8lan.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Depths of Discord.

 photo Erd making his way through Archer Point Defense_zpseipbsmhl.jpg
In the midst of battle at Archer Point Defense.

 photo Ranging the Mark of Shadow_zps9n2hdhfw.jpg
Ranging the Mark of Shadow from afar to avoid the spikes.

 photo Erd and Hell making their way through the Snitch_zpse1cbfltt.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher running through the pipes to find The Snitch.

 photo Erd and Hell battling Malicia_zpsflzpngst.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher fighting against Malicia in Under the Big Top.

 photo Erd locating Kornak_zpsvtcy9qve.jpg
Erdrique coming across Kornak in the Gorge.

 photo Berann hunting for a progenitor crystal in the lava caves_zpsooacxyvw.jpg
Berann hoping to find a colossal crystal.

Now on Saturday I didn’t actually plan on logging in but my wife was asked to do some babysitting so I took advantage of the time by bringing in Berann once again to do a couple more runs through the Lava Caves: Colossal Crystal.  Once I figured out I had enough jaded scorpions for my Ring of the Stalker, I then noticed that the next challenge I need to run was Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.  Since that quest range starts at level 14, I logged out with Berann and back in with Charlock (Level 14 Fighter).  I then worked my way through three iterations of the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage and received enough Arcanaloth Scrolls.  Now the only thing I need are the Jeweled Goblets.  Hopefully will get those this week.  After that, I called it a night.

 photo Berann fighting the lions of the Lava Caves_zpswqx3jkdz.jpg
Berann fighting the unusual lions in the Lava Caves.

 photo Charlock taking down the Animated armors_zpsbgidypd8.jpg
Charlock protecting the kobolds in the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.

On Sunday, I logged on with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) and took him through the rest of the Catacombs story arc on normal.  I completed Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral, Setting the Wards: Patriarch’s Crypt, Endgame: Marguerite, and Endgame: Archbishop’s Fate.  Once those were knocked out, I took Crawlller into a Cannith Challenge as well, Lava Caves: Circles of Power and was happy to knock that one out.  After that run, I called it a night.

 photo Crawlller taking note of the altar_zpsrpfbssnb.jpg
Crawlller taking note of the altar.

 photo Crawller battling the undead in the Patriarchs Crypt_zpszsoflkk9.jpg
Crawlller fighting ghasts in the Patriarch’s Crypt.

 photo The undead swarm_zpsslbbgzz4.jpg
Crawlller dealing with the undead swarm.

 photo Dealing with Arkasic_zpstqg6ryqf.jpg
Arkasic reveals himself.

 photo Directing the Kobolds in Circles of Power_zpsln6v4vkz.jpg
Crawlller directing traffic in Circles of Power.

So it was a “challenging” weekend indeed :).  I hope everybody else had a fun weekend!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

Enemy Profile- Bonechewer the Foul

Well, it has been a little while since I picked an enemy to do a profile on and I figured it would be nice to pick it back up.  With Erdrique (Level 7 Rogue) currently working through his next life I have been going back over those lower level quests and encountering some of those enemies that I have forgotten about.  One of these enemies is a nasty troll named Bonechewer the Foul.  Bonechewer the Foul is found in the quest Depths of Discord, and in this instance, I found him guarding the fist valve.  According to the DDOWiki, he can also be located guarding the second valve as well.

 photo Bonechewer the Foul_zpsy398u8cv.jpg
Bonechewer the Foul in the Depths of Discord.

When Bonechewer is guarding the first valve, he isn’t alone.  He tends to be associated with annoying slimes which makes things a little complicated because you have to deal with them as well as Bonechewer, doing everything you can do to avoid destroying your best weapon because of the damage the slimes put on your equipment.  Like most other trolls, Bonechewer is armed with a primitive but brutal club.  He can also inflict slashing damage with the claws of his other hand.  He also has a longbow when he needs to range us annoying adventurers.  Also, just like other trolls, he has a special three sweep attack that can land a large amount of damage.  The club inflicts bludgeoning damage, the claws rake you with slashing damange, and longbow inflicts piercing damage.

 photo Bonechewer in the sewer_zps4wh6xjw1.jpg
Erdrique battling Bonechewer along the sloping sewer in the Depths of Discord.

Bonechewer, on elite at least, appeared to have just under 425 hit points.  Of course this could have been skewed a little bit because he was also champion during this situation.  Like other trolls, he is vulnerable to fire and acid damage and he is also evil so holy and pure good damage is also quite potent to him.

So if you are venturing into the Depths of Discord in House Deneith be weary of this monster.  If he is present in your run he will be guarding one of the valves.  He is an optional, orange named rare encounter so he doesn’t always spawn.  He also appears to have a comrade as well, Slimepus the Foul Breathed, another vicious troll.  These particular brutes can be extremely dangerous to our low level adventurers if they aren’t prepared.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting down the trolls in DDO!!

Erdrique Had a Busy Weekend, Quest Runs November 7th to 9th

Usually my weekends are heavily loaded with questing activities centered around Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) who is my primary character.  However, this weekend was even more dominated by Erdrique.  The only other character I ran this past weekend was  Containment (Level 5) who is working on some slayer runs.  Containment is currently working on Tangleroot Gorge.  I usually do those slayer runs in the morning but I was running behind on Friday morning and didn’t get a chance to do that run until I did my afternoon questing when I got back home from work.  After I took Containment through Tangleroot Gorge, I then switched to Erdrique.

Containment heading into battle in Tangleroot photo ContainmentheadingintobattleinTangleroot_zpse3753c4e.jpg
Containment hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

During my afternoon room, I took Erdrique into Gladewatch Outpost.  I entered in on elite and was surprised by the amount of trouble I had.  The hobgoblins and their worg minions quickly caused a green alert but I was able to hold them off with my cleric hireling.  Later that night, I took Erdrique through a number of quests.  I first took him out into Tangleroot Gorge, as he was also working on that explorer area.  After collecting some slayers out there, I then moved to complete the House Deneith Depths quests: Depths of Despair, Depths of Discord, and Depths of Doom.  I then decided to finish up the House Phiarlan Carnival Series and headed into Partycrashers, The Snitch, and then Under the Big Top.  However, I didn’t bring a rogue with me and I perished horribly during two failed saves on one of the wheels.  I didn’t feel like trying it again but I did head into one of the Cannith Challenges before I called it a night and took on Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I moved through it relatively quickly and was happy to get a good number of Anitique Coins from the run because of the extra challenge bonus.  At that point I called it a night.

Erd taking the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost photo ErdtakingonthehobgoblinsofGladewatchOutpost_zps7c1d5b19.jpg
Erdrique taking on the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost.

Erd stalking down the river in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdstalkingdowntheriverinTanglerootGorge_zps8ab7db41.jpg
Erdrique stalking through the Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd exploring the Depths of Despair photo ErdexploringtheDepthsofDespair_zps8b19cd3d.jpg
Erdrique fighting in the Depths of Despair.

Erd taking on the ogres in the Depths of Doom photo ErdtakingontheogresintheDepthsofDoom_zps63a1d21c.jpg
Erdrique hunting through the Depths of Doom.

Erd battling earth elementals in Depths of Discord photo ErdbattlingearthelementalsinDepthsofDiscord_zps0553c4a2.jpg
Erdrique battling the elementals in depths of discord.

Erd taking down the Mark of the Shadow in Partycrashers photo ErdtakingdowntheMarkofShadowinPartycrashers_zps25cb3eda.jpg
Erdrique taking on the illusions in Partycrashers.

Roderick is not being cooperative in The Snitch photo RodericisntbeingcooperativeinTheSnitch_zps71774869.jpg
Roderick just isn’t going to be cooperative.

Erd making his way through Dr. Rushmore's Mansion photo ErdmakingtheirwaythroughDrRushmoresMansion_zpsf29b54fa.jpg
Erdrique making his way through Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

On Saturday, the first thing I did was to take Erdrique into two more Cannith Challenges: Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door and then I tried the challenge the Lava Caves: Circles of Power.  It had been a long time since I did anything in the Lava Caves and I found it very interesting dealing with the drow and their pet scorpions.  I completed both challenges and then decided to run Under the Big Top again to complete the Carnival Series.  This time I brought a rogue hireling with me and the quest went smoothly.  I then headed out to Tangleroot Gorge and to do some more slayers and to continue on to the Assault of Splinterskull.  I then completed all the quests from the Deadly Package up to Yarkuch’s Last Stand.  By the time I hit Yarkuch’s Last Stand, my guild buffs had run out and the lovely worgs decided to take me time with a number of trip attacks.  Needless to say, I suffered another defeat.  It was getting late by that time so I called it a night.

Erd fighting in the Mansion photo ErdfightingintheMansion_zpscdb879ce.jpg
Edrique fighting in the Mansion.

Erd working in the Lava Caves photo ErdworkingintheLavaCaves_zps4bb7d970.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Lava Caves.

Erd taking on the Maleficient Cabal photo ErdtakingontheMaleficientCabal_zps19906cd1.jpg
Erdrique making his way to the Big Top.

Erd hunting in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdhuntinginTanglerootGorge_zps22b8f1c2.jpg
Erdrique hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd prepping for the Avenger photo ErdpreppingfortheAvenger_zps05e52cb1.jpg
Erdrique fighting his way through the Avengers.

Looking for Lhor-Tragu photo LookingforLhor-Tragu_zpsc1ab89fd.jpg
Erdrique making his way to Lhor-Tragu.

Spiders and more spiders photo Spidersandmorespiders_zps47d4027a.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the spiders as he makes his way Zukash.

Erd making his way to Zulkash photo ErdmakinghiswaytoZulkash_zps024748ab.jpg
Erdrique making his way to Zulkash.

Erd making his way through the outer fortress photo Erdmakinghiswaythroughtheouterfortress_zps2493407e.jpg
Time to make our way through the Inner Fortress.

On Sunday, I logged back on with Erdrique and decided to finish up the Tangleroot Gorge explorer area and to finish up Assault on Splinterskull.  This time I was much more prepared for Yarkuch and his minions and didn’t have any problem completing the quest this time.  After those runs I headed out to Barrel’s Bottom and Three Barrel Cove.  I went ahead and took on the quest Guard Duty on elite and then moved into the Three Barrel Cove adventure area and made me way to the Fire Caves.  I made my way there and completed the quest The Stones Run Red on elite.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of experience I received, as I needed about another 10 k to be forced to level.  Well, I received over 18 k!!  Talk about a change.  So needless to say I called it a night with Erdrique ready to level up to 8 :).

Tangleroot is now comlete and its time to rest photo Tanglerootisnowcompletetimetorelax_zps8b14110a.jpg
Erdrique enjoying some rest after completing Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd battling War Master Muurj photo ErdbattlingWarMasterMuurj_zps3ef185ad.jpg
Erdrique surprised by this War Master in Splinterskull.

Erd scoffing at War Master Naarl photo ErdscoffingatWarMasterNaarl_zps44c2de53.jpg
Erdrique scoffing at War Master Naarl.

Erd about the Sea Witch fighting Ruug's rogues photo ErdaboardtheSeaWitchfightingRuugsrogues_zps27b9444c.jpg
Erdrique protecting the crew of the Sea Witch.

Erd making his way to Captain Dustdyn photo ErdmakinghiswaytoCaptainDustdyn_zpsa53923d8.jpg
Erdrique venturing into Three Barrel Cove.

A hot scene in the fire caves photo Ahotsceneinthefirecaves_zps9f9698c9.jpg
Erdrique now realizes why the Fire Caves are called the Fire Caves.

So the runs this weekend were almost entirely all with Erdrique.  I had a fun time taking him through a few of the chains and enjoyed finishing up Tangleroot Gorge.  Now it is time to take on Three Barrel Cove :).  I hope everybody else had a nice weekend as well! Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting.

The Weekend Runs, March 7 to March 9

I had a nice productive weekend with my quest runs with Erdrique.  The weekend started off with my morning slayer runs on Friday morning.  I logged Erdrique in and took him into his next explorer zone, Tangleroot Gorge.  He currently needs some rare encounters as well as the majority of the slayers in the area still.  Unbelievably he still needs Clamor but eventually I will track him down .  After racking up some slayers, I logged out and headed to work but then logged Erdrique back on once again for my midday run.  I got some help from Okhamel and we headed into the Lair of Summoning on elite.  Prior to receiving some help from Okhamel, I had attempted to solo it with my hireling and wolf companion but got cooked at the end of the quest by the fire elemental.  When Okhamel logged on and joined me, we ran into a few problems with some traps, but we finally took it down!!  After that harry run, I logged out to make dinner and to spend some quality time with my wife .  Later that night, I logged Erdrique back on completed the Depths of Discord, The Depths of Doom, Proof is in the Poison, and the next two quests in the Assault on Splinterskull chain.

Erd's pack vs the pack in TR photo ErdspackvsthepackinTR_zpsaefb1344.jpg
Erdrique’s pack versus the pack in Tangleroot Gorge.

Interesting painting in the Lair of Summoning photo InterestingpaintingintheLairofSummoning_zps8461c59b.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Lair of Summoning.

Sit down Slimepus photo SitdownSlimepus_zps391d38c6.jpg
Erdrique knocking down Slimepus on his rump.

So who knocked down the Bazier photo Sowhoknockeddownthebrazier_zpsbd070331.jpg
In the Depths of Doom, Erdrique wonders who knocked over the brazier.

Taking on Thual Masmataz photo TakingonThualMasmataz_zpsc0b8262e.jpg
Erdrique taking on Thual Masmataz in Proof is in the Poison.

What scratch? photo Whatscratch_zpsb2ca5977.jpg
Looking for the Stronghold Key.

Saturday was a light day, as I was running behind that day.  However, Okhamel did group up with me and we started on the Necropolis I series and completed the Tomb of the Crimson Heart and the Tomb of the Burning Heart.  After those two runs, I logged out for the night and logged back in with Hamllin on Sunday night.  While Okhamel was trying to figure out which character to quest with, I took Hamllin into the Waterworks Slayers and then Okhamel settled to run with his warforged ranger, Khamelblade.  Once I set up the group with Khamelblade we then headed into Assault on Splinterskull, where Hamllin needed the last two quests to complete the chain on elite.  We had no problems with the first quest but had some difficulties in the second quest when I was killed when my cleric hireling was tripped and died and when Khamelblade got sliced in half at the trap prior to the shrine in the hallway to Yarkuch’s throne room.  So I recalled and came back in and got Khamelblade back up and we took are fury out on Yarkuch and his goons.  At that point it was nearly midnight, so I called it a night to get some sleep.

Erd and Okhamel hunting in the Tomb of the Crimson Heart photo ErdandOkhamelhuntingintheTomboftheCrimsonHeart_zps0a0a9a80.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel taking on the undead in the Tomb of the Crimson Heart.

Erd hunting undead in Tomb of the Burning Heart photo ErdhuntingundeadinTomboftheBurningHeart_zpsf6e2d6fe.jpg
Erdrique is prepping for the Tomb of the Burning Heart.

This is what happens when you challenge Hamllin photo ThisiswhathappenswhenyoufaceoffwithHamllin_zps8b9fcd2f.jpg
Hamllin standing over his victim in Waterorks.

Hamllin fighting his way to Yarkuch photo HamllinfightinghiswaytoYarkuch_zps9598737b.jpg
Hamllin making his way through Splinterskull to get to Yarkuch.

Fighting the witch doctor photo Fightingthewitchdoctor_zps1805b138.jpg
Hamllin taking on a witch doctor on his way Yarkuch.

So the quests over the weekend were dominated by running Erdrique, as they typically are.  So it is time to start a new week’s worth of questing as well as Update 21 being released today!!  Thanks for reading all and happy hunting!!

Still Learning Things About DDO Even After Being Here for Eight Years

By no means have I ever considered myself to know every aspect of DDO but I have always felt that I have been knowledgeable about the majority of different topics of the game.  However, it never fails that I continue to learn something else during the majority of my playing sessions.  As an example of this, I was amazed to learn that cold damage actually occurs with some types of undead that I had originally thought were immune.  I saw this happen recently, when I was running Harrgon (Level 9 Favored Soul) through the Depths of Discord.  As Harrgon was making his way to get to the end fight with Landslide, he was beating down on some wraiths with his greatsword that I put a Risia Festival Icy Burst Recipe on and I noticed that the wraith was actually taking cold damage.

Wraith taking cold damage photo Wraithtakingcolddamage_zps768de999.jpg
Harrgon dealing cold damage to a wraith.

Now for some reason, I always thought that wraiths were immune to cold damage.  I was surprised to see that I was wrong on this aspect.  I then looked them up on the DDO Wiki to see if they had any immunities and didn’t see cold damage listed at all.

I like it when things such as this pop up for me.  Shows me that there is still a lot to learn about the game and it keeps me interested in finding these things out.  I wonder what  will be the next thing I come across unexpectedly !!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

A Recap of the Runs Over the Weekend

This past holiday weekend, I ran a different number of quests across a variety of level ranges.  On Friday morning, I was scheduled to take Erdrique through the Ruins of Gianthold Explorer area.  At that time Erdrique was working on maxing out his kills in the Stormheart and Stormfist encampments.  I spent a few minutes in the explorer area prior to work collecting more kills.

Erd getting smacked by a blackheart oracle photo Erdgettingsmackedbyablackeartoracle_zps0c2c7c50.jpg
Erdrique slicing through some Stormhearts first thing in the morning

After work, I was scheduled to log in Hamllin.  Hamllin is currently a TR and is level 6.  I took him through Depths of Doom and Depths of Discord on elite and continued his streak.  I put the runs up in the LFM panel but didn’t get anyone else to join me for Depths of Doom.  However, I did get some help from another during the run through the Depths of Discord.  Both of the runs were fun and I had no problem getting through them.

Ogre shaman knocked silly by Hamllin photo OgreshamanknockedsillybyHamllin_zps995fd6ae.jpg
Hamllin fighting through the ogres of the Depths of Doom.

Look at all of those enemies photo Lookatallofthoseenemies_zpsfcdaf6c1.jpg
Hamllin spotting a number of enemies in the depths.

Hamllin fighting the earth elementals in the Depths of Discord photo HamllinfightingtheearthelementalsintheDepthsofDiscord_zpsf91fe0cc.jpg
Hamllin fighting his way through the Depths of Discord.

I logged off with Hamllin to make dinner and to spend some with my wife and relogged on with Erdrique later than night and I started a pug group to continue my hunting in the Gianthold Explorer area.  I was joined by a fellow guildie, Khameltwo, and a few other pugs.  That night I reached my 3,000th kill for the Stormheart Encampment and after my varies experience bonuses I gained 55,000 experience.   

Erd slicing through the Runetush in GH photo ErdslicingthroughtheRunetusksofGH_zpsfceb3e7f.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Stormheart Encampment with some others.
On Saturday night, a new guildie, Nuvaleasha, asked for some help in completing the A Cabal for One on Epic Hard.  I logged on Wapoyei, and we entered the Hobgoblin Lair.  We had a number of struggles and after using a couple raise dead cakes we made it to the end fight and took on the last fight.  We had some problems with King Bendix but we eventually took him out.  Prior to that fight we brought the trash monsters out a few at a time that way we wouldn’t be over loaded.  After we completed A Cabal for One, we attempted A Small Problem, also on Epic Hard.  Nuvaleasha had never done this series of quest before so he didn’t quite know what to expect.  We didn’t have too many issues until the end fight fight where we just couldn’t bring out enough DPS to take out all of the wolves and tieflings.  One tiefling in particular was driving me crazy because I couldn’t find her and she kept throwing down cometfalls.  We also had a problem getting to the sky altar, where we kept getting knocked off.  Eventually we made it past that point only to be frustrated at the end.  So we owe that quest.. 

Wapoyei and Nuvaliasha fighting through the hobgoblins of A Cabal for One photo WapoyeiandNuvaliashafightingthroughtheforcesofHobgoblinLair_zps4c027697.jpg
Wapoyei and Nuvaleasha exploring the Hobgoblin Lair on Epic Hard.

Wapoyei and Nuvaliasha fighting their way through A Small Problem photo WapoyeiandNuvalaishafightingtheirwaythroughASmallProblem_zps3db22aca.jpg
Wapoyei and Nuvaleasha putting down firewalls and bladebarriers in A Small Problem.

Shortly after that, Nuvaleasha had to call it a night so I logged Erdrique on and took him through a Cry for Help on elite.  With the help of my Owlbear and my cleric hireling, I was able to breeze through it. 

Erdrique enjoying his run through the Raksasha Lair photo ErdriqueenjoyinghisrunthroughtheRaksashaLair_zpsbf5b83fc.jpg
Erdrique slicing his way through A Cry for Help on elite. 

On Sunday, I logged on a character on my free account, Containment, who is a level 2 cleric, and took him through Walk the Butchers Path on Normal, Hard, and Elite and then took him through The Sunken Sewer on Elite.  During my runs of Walk the Butchers Path, I had put up the party using the automatic posting feature and I had a few lower level pugs come and help me out.  One of the members I wound up recruiting into the guild, Lotrever.  When we finished Walk the Butchers Path we headed over to the Market and entered the Sunken Sewer where it didn’t take long for me to be roasted by the poison traps (I swear I was past that trap when it killed me…ugh..).  I felt a little embarrassed by Lotrever got me to a shrine and we finished the quest.  I had to call it a night after that.

Containment being held by a kobald shaman photo ContainmentbeingheldbyaKobaldShaman_zps5bb9a121.jpg
Containment failing a will save on a hold…dang 2’s…

Then on Monday night, I logged on another character on my free account, Stoorage, a level 9 fighter.  I was actually multi-tasking that night, as I was also playing a digital pen and paper game as well.  Stoorage tackled Tangleroot on hard and no problems dealing with the hobgoblin horde.   

Surrounded by infiltrators and slayers photo Surroundedbyinfiltratorsandslayers_zps446dd3fc.jpg
Stoorage surrounded…feel sorry for these hobgoblins.

So over all, the long weekend wasn’t bad.  Ran some low level characters through the Harbor and Market, knocked out some Gianthold Slayers and Quests with Erdrique, hit up some of the Depth quests with Hammy, completed Tangleroot, and ran a few epics.  I just wish I had put up the epic quests open to a pug group.  I’m still green when it comes to epics so I didn’t want to embarras myself but I think I just need to power through it :P. 

In any case, the weekend resulted in a new guildie which is always good.  I hope everybody else enjoyed their long weekend and I hope you all enjoy the Risia Ice Games.  Thanks for reading and now get back to questing!!

The Awkward Silence of the Pug Group

Erd taking the party through Depths of Discord photo ErdtakingthepartythroughDepthsofDiscord_zpsd7fd78b1.jpg
Erdrique and Khamel grouping with some pugs in the Depths quests….and with the awkward silence.

Yesterday, I logged in Erdrique to do his mid-day quest runs and I had targeted the House Deneith Depths (Depths of Darkness, Depths of Discord, Depths of Doom, and Depths of Despair) quests as my next set of conquests .  Just as a quick side note here, if you can pick the right starting quest, you can move from each quest to the next quest without having to recall out to House Deneith, but it never fails with me concerning these four quests, that I always pick the wrong “starting quest” and always wind up having one quest to return to after I have completed and traveled through the other three, talk about annoying. 

Well, another guildie was logged on and we paired up and since I would like to recruit more members into the Crypt Crawlers, I decided to open up the group on the LFM panel.  Over the past few days, I haven’t had much luck getting folks to join my groups, but in a short time frame we had a wizard and a paladin join our group.  We were also already using two hirelings. 

I brought the wizard and the paladin into the group and welcomed them and made sure they knew where the quest was.  I also mentioned that we had just started.  I received a few acknowledgements through Party Chat but that was about it.  For the majority of the run, we had complete and utter silence, LOL.  You know that silence, that awkward silence where nobody wants to say anything and that everybody is just being shy.

Now, I’m not the most “talkative” or “open” person in the world but I tried a few times to stir up some conversation and congratulated the group after each successful completion but I didn’t get a peep at all back.  I’m not sure if these players had a microphone or not but I didn’t even get that much back from the type chat either.  Heck, even my poor guildie was having problems with his microphone so he wasn’t using his voice chat either.  LOL, just one of those awkward silences I guess.

Needless to say we completed the runs with very few problems on elite and extended Erdrique’s elite streak into the 200s, albeit very quietly!!