Family and DDO

As I mentioned in a few of my previous blog posts, I recently went on vacation and one of the reasons my family decided to do vacation over the past two weeks was to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from high school.  LOL, to think I have a high school graduate just starts to make me feel old..but then I turn to DDO and I remember how young I really am .

I have been DDO since nearly its release back in 2006.  So, that is just about eight years or so, which means that I started playing DDO when my daughter was roughly 10 years old.  She always thought DDO was interesting but I wouldn’t let her play it because I just felt she was just to immature to play and I also didn’t want her exposed to the more crude and inappropriate statements that could be made by some rather drunk players. 

However, that was eight years ago and she has grown considerably since then and she has played a few other D&D based games with her boyfriend.  So I wasn’t surprised when she started asking more about DDO once we got back from vacation.  My daughter currently lives with her mother which a number of hours away from me and with college starting up in a month my daughter was curious in playing DDO not only for the fun but for keeping up with me and my wife.  So, over the weekend she asked how to download the game so I told her where to go and shortly later she was logged in and running a character next to mine.

Containment and gang in the Storehouse photo ContainmentandgangintheStorehouse_zps138e3a84.jpg
Me running Containment with a character that my daughter created.

Her boyfriend has also downloaded the game and has actually paid for a three month subscription.  I look forward to seeing how well they will take to game and I’m curious to see how this all works out.  As I tried to get my wife to play DDO, as well as my dad, and although they ran a few quests with me they eventually gave up.  My daughter though as a little too much of me in her, so I can see her getting addicted to it as much as me.  We’ll see!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!