Summing Up the Weekend, February 19th to February 21st

Last weekend was a relatively light weekend for me.  This was primarily because it was the third weekend in February and I always make the third Saturday of the month a weekend date night with my wife.  I also wasn’t able to get any “extra” runs in the game between my chores.  However, I did get some quest runs in on Friday and Sunday.

To start things off on Friday morning, I took Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and Stoorage (Level 14 Fighter) out into the wild jungles of Sorrowdusk Isle.  During this run, Lorrikk didn’t pick up any of the rare encounters and only 33 slayers.  Stoorage already had the area maxed out.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 26 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught) and I took him into the challenge, Kobold Island: Short Cuts once again.  Unfortunately, I failed at this attempt once again but I did defeat the red named horned devil and succubus and doing so I picked up a hunter monster manual deeds for the succubus and got over 9,000 experience as a reward.  I logged back on with Erdrique later that night I was joined by Hellorcish and we headed out into the King’s Forest to complete the quest The Lost Thread.  While in the King’s Forest, I picked up another 43 slayers and completed the optional objectives for the former neighbors, defeating Yarabaro and the fugitive medusa, and for locating Eliminster’s 23rd message.  Once we made it into the The Lost Thread, we freed 10+ slaves as well as the Cormyian War Wizard.  I also picked up a Commendation: War Wizards in the end chest.  For a quest reward I was offered 17 Commendations of Valor.

Lorrikk hunting down the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Erdrique coming across a large extractor on Kobold Island: Short Cuts.

Erdrique and Garrrin and hunting in the King’s Forest.

Erdrique making his way through the Lost Thread.

After we completed The Lost Thread, Hellorcish called it a night.  I continued on and headed into The Battle for Eveningstar on epic hard.  I completed the optional objective for lighting all of the torches and in the end chest I picked up another Commendation: Purple Dragon Knights.  I also picked up the cloak, Drow Piwafwi.  For a quest reward, I picked up another 17 Commendations of Valor and for the story arc, I received another Commendation: Purple Dragon Knights.  After I completed the story arc, I then headed out into the Underdark to locate the entrance and portal Sschindylryn.  It was Erdrique’s first time in the Underdark explorer area.  I picked up 195 slayers; defeated two priestesses of Lolth, 2 blademasters, 4 purple worms, Slavemaster Banister of House Avithou, and Taskmaster Uthimez; and located the portal gate to Sschindylryn, Boneyard, portal gate to Riz Malog, cave of the elements, Daycrystals, Overlook, Nessaleesa’s Garden, Dragon’s Roost, grand waterfall, Tranquility Groove, and the spider hatchery.  After these discoveries I called it a night.

Erdrique sending down a comet into the middle of battle in the Battle for Eveningstar.

Erdrique exploring the treacherous Underdark.

My runs on Sunday were much simpler.  I dual boxed with Stoorage and Cantlin (Level 13 Sorcerer).  I was scheduled to take Stoorage through some quests that night and he still needed to make it through Purge the Heretics.  As I took them through the quest, I completed the optional objectives for killing the halfling mercenaries and the commoners.  I then moved over to do the quest Gladewatch Outpost.  I didn’t have any issues after I staged the commander in here hiding spot.  As I was slaughtering the monstrous invading horde, Stoorage picked up a monster manual deed for hobgoblin exterminator and received over 2,000 experience for the effort.  After that run, I called it a night and headed off to bed.

Stoorage making his way through the quest Purge the  Heretics.

Stoorage waiting for the commander to finish in Gladewatch Outpost.

Overall, it was productive, although light, weekend.  I completed another story arc with Erdrique and am steadily moving him forward with his first epic reincarnation.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Underdark!!


Mixture of Runs, April 28 to May 1

This week I had a mixture of some epic level runs, mid-level runs, and a set of lowbie runs.  Early on Monday morning, I logged on with a character from my premium account, Suppply (Level 8 Paladin).  I was originally scheduled to take Suppply into the Tangleroot Gorge explorer area but realized I had finished that explorer area (slayer, rares, and explorer points) so I then took him into Three Barrel Cove started to rack up slayers, rares, and explorers in that zone.  I had some taking Suppply into Three Barrel Cove for the first, swinging his dwarven battle axe around to take down the multitude of pirates.  After picking up a few explorer points I called it for the morning to head to work.  I logged on later Monday afternoon after work and prior to dinner with Erdrqiue (Level 10 Druid).  Erdrique currently has level 11 banked and is steadily making his way up to rank 55.  I still have a large number of level 8 quests to tackle and this afternoon I had planned to take on the Haunted Library.  I’ve always found it fun to run this quest and looked forward to tackling it with Erdrique.  I entered on elite and didn’t really encounter and real issues.  After I made it through the Haunted Library, I logged out to take care of dinner and to do some chores.  I logged back on Monday night, while also tackling my weekly digital table top game in Maptool, with my newest character, my half-orc barbarian, Berann (Level 7).  Even though Berann is level 7, I decided to take him into Korthos to get that favor and those quests knocked out.  The only quest he still needed was Misery’s Peak.  So I took him through the Korthos Wildnerness zone and through Misery’s Peak.  I wasn’t moving very fast, especially my attention divided between DDO and my weekly digital top game.  After that I called it a night.

Suppply making his way to Captain Dustdyn's Compound photo SuppplyheadingtoCaptainDustdynsCompound_zpsb63dbdbf.jpg
Suppply working in Three Barrel Cove.

Stun the clay golem with salt ray for the win photo Stuntheclaygolemwithsaltrayforthewin_zps5b45ffc6.jpg
Erdrique stopping the clay golem cold with salt ray in Haunted Library. 

Slice and dice a rat in Korthos Island photo SliceanddicearatinKorthos_zps71c57d46.jpg
Berann slicing and dicing rats in Korthos Island.

I see you too!! photo Iseeyoutoo_zps7966747b.jpg
Berann tackling the undead in Misery’s Peak.

Now Tuesday was an unusual day.  The only thing I was able to do was to do some character maintenance and some guild renown tracking.  My wife and I made Tuesday night our date night because she had to work on our typical date night, Wednesday.  I also got home too late from work on Tuesday to log in prior to dinner.  So Tuesday, I didn’t see any questing time at all .

That changed on Wednesday though!!  Wednesday morning I logged in with Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) and took him into the Ruins of Gianthold on Heroic explorer zone.  Like Garrrin and Larrs, I’m just obsessed with  getting this zone completed for these guys.  After I ran Sludgge through some Stormfist slayers, I logged and headed out to work.  I logged back that afternoon with Erdrique and took on a quest that is normally hated by a lot of people: Faithful Departed.  Again, working on his Level 8 quests, I hit it up on elite and was able to take out the drow before they destroyed the venerated mummies.  The last might instantly generated a green, and maybe even a yellow, dungeon alert.  However, I was able to complete the quest, with that last fight being the only true issue.  After the run through the Faithful Departed, I logged out and logged back in with Hamllin.  Earlier in the week I was supposed to take on Gladewatch Outpost Defense but I couldn’t because I got home late form work.  Took advantage of the time now and entered the quest on elite.  Although it was rough going, I did finally complete it.  After that run I then logged on with Sludgge.  Now the last time I had tried to run Sludgge through a quest, it was through A Small Problem on epic normal where I had a tough time at the second from last fight.  This time I came in more prepared and blasted all the way through it until the end fight.  At the end fight, I was taking on the worg when the tieflings had started to enter the picture, at which point I kept getting feared.  If all things…getting feared.  This made me realize how pitiful Sludgge’s gear really is.  Needless to say, I failed at that point with Brawnpits getting killed.  However, I was bound and determined to get throug A Small Problem that night, so I gathered up some new supplies, including some greater heroism scrolls, and took it on again.  This time, I didn’t get feared but I still had some difficulties at the end fight.  However, I did make it through it.  Now I have to worry about Partycrashers .  After taking on A Small Problem, twice, I logged out for the night.

Sludgge prepping for battle photo Sludggepreppingforbattle_zpsc0cf28b9.jpg
Sludgge enjoying his hunting in Gianthold.

Fighting the Drow in Faithful Departed photo FightingtheDrowinFaithfulDeparted_zps23907af6.jpg
Erdrique taking on the scorrow in the Faithful Departed.

Gladewatch under fire photo Gladewatchunderfire_zps1c5f8eb8.jpg
Gladewatch Outpost under fire.

Sludgge making his way through Mammoth Valley photo SludgemakinghiswaythroughMammothValley_zpsb1925599.jpg
Sludgge making his way up the Mammoth Valley.

On Thursday, I was scheduled to bring on Erdrique for some slayer runs in Sorrowdusk Isle.  Erdrique only needs one more rare encounter (Noozer) and then the only thing he’ll have left to do out there will be the slayers.  So I brought him in and took some ogres, trolls, scorpions, hellhounds, and spiders but didn’t get lucky enough to get Noozer.  After that run, I logged for the morning to head to work.  I logged back on that afternoon with Hamllin and he was scheduled to finish up Old Grey Garl.  So I took him into Three Barrel Cove and headed to the waterfall where Old Grey Garl’s tomb is located.  Hamllin had little difficulty taking out the blackbone skeletons, gargoyles, wights, scorpions, necromancers, and oozes.  After that run I logged out to make dinner but logged back shortly later  with Wapoyei (Level 22 Cleric/Exalted Angel), since I didn’t get him through his slayer run, and I took him into the High Road.  While in the High Road I got a pretty shot of the sunset .  After a run through the High Road, I logged out and back on with another character from my premium account, Crawlller (Level 4 Ranger).  Crawlller is slowly making his way through the Harbor and as such he completed the Smuggler’s Warehouse on normal, hard, and elite and finished up his Waterworks Slayer area.  I called it a night after that run.

Erdrique looking for his last rare in Sorrowdusk Isle photo ErdriquelookingforhislastrareinSorrowduskIsle_zps49b102dd.jpg
Erdrique looking for his last rare encounter in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Hamllin glancing out over Three Barrel Cove photo HamllinglancingoutoverThreeBarrelCove_zps552510d9.jpg
Hamllin glancing out over Three Barrel Cove.

Taking on the blackbone skeletons of Old Grey Garl photo TakingontheblackboneskeletonsofOldGreyGarl_zps4dfe5f36.jpg
Hamllin fighting the blackbone skeletons in Old Grey Garl.

Wapoyei enjoying the sunset in the High Road.

Hunting Kobolds in the Smuggler's Warehouse photo HuntingKoboldsintheSmugglersWarehouse_zps8c9cccc9.jpg
Crawlller hunting in the Smuggler’s Warehouse.

Crawlller working on the last of Waterworks Slayers photo CrawllerworkingonthielastofhisslayersinWW_zps8f463f12.jpg
Crawlller finishing up the Waterworks slayer area.

So the initial runs for the week were quite varied.  I got some extra play time on Thursday but lost some play time on Tuesday.  Not a back week overall though.  Hope everybody had a food week and I look forward to the weekend with the guild renown bonus.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!