Starting off 2017 with Some Questing

I have been writing up short summaries of my quest runs for quite a while now.  I mainly do this to highlight the various types of quest there are in DDO and for me to help track my own progress over time.  I used to do compile two blogs a week to highlight these runs, one blog post would track my questing from Mondays to Thursdays and the second post would highlight my questing from Friday through Sunday.  With the start of the new year I want to continue the general thoughts of summarizing my questing runs but I want to one post to cover the week. Of course, this blog will cover two weeks, since I didn’t get a chance to do one last week :(.

To start the new year off, I took Erdrique  (Level 10 Bard) and Sttollen (Level 11 Rogue) through Mirra’s Sleepless Nights, Purge the Herectics, Sorrowdusk Isle, The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka, and The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust.  While making my way through Mirra’s Sleepless Nights I completed the optional for locating and destroying the source of the wailing.  In Purge the Heretics, I completed the optional objectives to slaughter the halfling mercenaries and all of the commoners.  When I went into Sorrowdusk Isle, to pick up and start the quests for Grey Moon, I collected 125 slayers for Erdrique and Sttollen, located all explorer points; collected the awards for slaying 10, 25, 50, and 100 slayers; and located and defeated Teargon, Furley, and Saate.  Once inside  the Iron Mines, I came across the rare encounter Powder in Freeing Achka and in Justice for Grust I defeated Corrosion, Chef Grank, and Champion Prienyl.  However, while running through Justice for Grust, Erdrique got  squashed by an ogre champion, which made the quest quite interesting.

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Erdrique making his way through Mirra’s Sleepless Nights.

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Erdrique fighting his way to Achka.

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Erdrique battling Corrosion in Justice for Grust.



On January 2, I took Erdrique and Sttollen into the Searing Heights explorer area to kick things out for the day. While out there, I collected 226 slayers for Erdrique and Sttollen.  Erdrique also picked up a monster manual deed for orc hunter and received 2.260 experience.  Both Erdrique and Sttollen collected the rewards for 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 kills.  The kills included the rare encounters for the first mate, Ghamzee, Calcine, Giallo, and Itharn Ushu.  Erdrique also collected all of the explorer points.  Later in the day, I took Erdrique and Sttollen back into Searing Heights and this time I collected all of the explorer points with Sttollen.  I also collected 138 more slayers and collected the rare encounters for Shute Ruggzen, Hazai Haatha, and Cruor Russo.

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Erdrique taking on the sights of Searing Heights.


I didn’t log back into DDO until Wednesday, January 4th.  I took Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Primal Avatar) out into the King’s Forrest.  While out there, Garrrin collected 45 slayers including six dire bears and one astral panther.  Shortly after that run, I then logged Hamllin (Level 20 Fighter/Shadow Dancer) and took him into the quest Memoirs of an Illusionary Larcenor on heroic elite.  It was the first time I tried this particular quest and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I’m embarrassed to say that I wound up getting killed near to the end fight, primarily because I wasn’t paying attention to the fact my cleric hireling went down.  But I did my revenge, eventually :).

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Garrrin hunting in the King’s Forest.

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Hamllin exploring the intricacies of Memoirs.


For Thursday, I started my questing by dual boxing with Cannock (Level 8 Druid) and Crawlller (Level 8 Ranger) into Tangleroot Gorge.  Crawlller already has this area maxed out but Cannock collected another 50 slayers before I switched characters out.  They also took out the wandering giant, Kroshk.  Later that night, I logged on with Containment (Level 8 Cleric) and Cannock (once again) and took them through The Cloven Jaw Scourge: Caverns of Shaagh.  Making my through that part of Shan-to-Kor, I completed the optional objectives for slaying the three ogres, slaying the three witch doctors, the three large elementals, and 75 hobgoblins.  Dealing with the champions, Containment collected 15 mysterious remnants and Cannock collected 11.

Image may contain: outdoor

Cannock illustrating who the alpha wolf is in Tangleroot Gorge.

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Containment prepping for attacks from some hobgoblins in the Caverns of Shaagh.


To kick off the weekend, I took Tuhnn (Level 16 Bladeforged) out into the Sands of Menechtarun for my regular slayer run.  I forgot to record my slayer numbers but I did collect a monster manual deed for zombie exterminator and finished locating all of the explorer points.  Tuhnn also looted a pair of the Gloves of the Falcon.  After that run, I took Hamllin back into Memoirs of an Illusionary Larcener and this time I was able to complete it on heroic elite with little difficulty.  That night, I logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them, first, through Gladewatch Outpost and then the Forgotten Caverns.  While in Gladewatch Outpost, Erdrique picked 50 mysterious remnants and while in Forgotten Caverns they took out the optional for slaying Moldfang.  After running through the Forgotten Caverns, I took Erdrique and Sttollen out into Tangleroot Gorge and completed Doom of the Witch Doctor: The Way to Zulkash and Doom of the Witch Doctor: Zulkash, Herald of Woe.  To close out the night, I took Erdrique and Sttollen into Devil Assault and defeated all of the waves.  In that run, Erdrique collected 17 mysterious remnants and Sttollen collected eight.

Image may contain: text

Tuhnn hunting for some slayers in  the desert.

Image may contain: text

Hamllin exploring the dangers of Memoirs.

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Erdrique battling his way through the seige at Gladewatch Outpost.

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Battling the trolls of the Forgotten Caverns.

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Erdrique taking on the hobgoblins of Splinterskull.

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Erdrique setting the rune wheels to make his way to Zulkash.

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Preparing for the Devil Assault.


Continuing with my weekend runs, on Saturday I logged back on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them through the quest Dead Predators, The Bounty Hunter, Caged Trolls, and the Bloody Crypt.  While in the Bounty Hunter, Erdrique collected another monster manual deed for warforged hunter gaining him 471 experience.  We also collected the optional objectives for freeing Annelisa and killing the troll chieftain and Ras Clowery.  Erdrique picked up two more monster manual deeds in Caged Trolls, dwarf exterminator (1,130 experience) and dwarf hunter (2,260 experience).  We also completed the optional objective of plundering the Emerald Claw’s treasure cache.  The end the night, in the Bloody Crypt we collected the optional objective for slaying Gullet the Famished, defeating the Black Abbot’s legion, and slaying three priests of the Crimson Heart, Burning Heart, Immortal Heart, and Sanguine Heart.

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Time to plunder some loot in the Bounty Hunter.

Image may contain: text

Erdrique battling his way through the Bloody Crypt with some help.


The beginning of the second week, I started out by taking Stoorage (Level 15 Fighter) and Izmit (Level 15 Shadar-ki) into Caged Trolls and The Bounty Hunter for some simple favor runs.  I completed the optional for plundering the Emerald Claw’s treasure cache in Cage Trolls and for the Bounty Hunter we completed the optional objectives for freeing Annelisa and slaying the troll chieftain and Ras Clowery.

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Stoorage making his way through the Caged Trolls.

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Stoorage exploring the Knaves Hollow.


On Monday, January 9th I logged on with Stoorage once again and this time I dual boxed with my other fighter Charlock (Level 16).  I took them into the Red Fens to work on another slayer run.  While out there, Stoorage collected 118 more slayers (with the help of a slayer potion) while Charlock collected 95 more slayers.  They also encountered Sharkbiter and Vyk Ka.  Shortly after that run, I logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them through the quest, Bargain of Blood.  I completed the optional objectives for finding the Deneith party, freeing the slaves, and destroying the assassination logbook.  That night, I switched characters and logged on with Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader) and I took him into the High Road while I was also playing with our digital PNP game.  Wapoyei collected 81 more slayers and completed the random encounters for Wild Warriors, Trader Travels, and the Wood Woad.  I collected one Commendation: Cleric of Amaunator.

Image may contain: text

Stoorage battling the sahaugin of the Red Fens.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Erdrique fighting off the Blood Tide pirates in Bargain of Blood.

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Wapoyei exploring the dangers of the High Road.


I logged on Hamllin to kick off things on Tuesday and I took him into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some slayers.  He came across two of the rare encounters, Lord Cirrus and Uthgur.  As for the slayers, he collected 68 Storm Heart slayers and two Storm Fist slayers.  After that run, I then took Hamllin into the next quest of the Slave Lords: Secret of the Slavers’ Stockade.  I completed the two optional objectives to explore the abandoned tower and to speak to Lady Morwin Elissar.  Later on Tuesday night, I took Berann and Containment, dual boxing, through the Tomb of the Burning Heart and The Mystery of Delera’s Tomb.  The completed the optional objective of shattering the burning brigade in the Tomb of the Burning Heart.  In Delera’s, Berann collected a monster manual deed for skeleton hunter earning 1,356 experience and the objectives for slaying Omaren Deathguard, Omaren Sentinel, Shade of Destruction, and 40 ghostly skeletons.

Image may contain: text

Hamllin fighting off some ogres in Gianthold.

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Hamllin making his way through the Slavers’ Stockade.

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Berann making his way through the Tomb of the Burning Heart.


On Wednesday, January 11, I took Suppply (Level 11 Paladin) and Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) into Sorrowdusk Isle.  They both collected 103 slayers and took down the rare encounters Thanolin and Vermilo.  Suppply also finished collecting all of the explorer areas.  That was the only run I was able to knock out on that day.

Image may contain: 1 person

Suppply exploring the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle.


I took Wapoyei into The High Road, once again, to start things off on Thursday.  Wapoyei collected 40 slayers and came across the random encounter for Spectral Sightings.  After my slayer run, I took Hamllin into the quest Seigebreaker.  Hamllin looted a Mark of the Tzaryan Rrac and Garments of Equilibrium.  I completed the optional objectives for settng the tents on fire, poisoning the water supply, destroying the crates of provisions, and blowing up the explosive stockpiles.  He also defeated Tinkerstab, Skinny, Major Pain, and Brinky.  To end the night, I took Sludgge (Level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer) into the Chains of Flame on epic normal.  Sludgge collected a monster manual deed for mephit exterminator I and earned 423 experience.  Making his way through the multiple levels of the Burning City, he collected five fragments of the Token of the Twelve and a complete Token of the Twelve.  He also collected 11 commendations of valor as a quest reward.  As for the optional objectives, he spoke to Valgrim Force-Bound, defeated Valgrim’s elemental guards, freed Valgrim Force-Bound, spoke to Erath the Blinded, transferred Erath’s curse, defeated the ogre mages, and freed Erath.

Image may contain: text and outdoor

Wapoyei doing some hunting in the High Road.

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Hamllin battling the forces of Droaam in Seigebreaker.

Image may contain: indoor

Sludgge fighting his way through the gnolls of the Burning City.

On Friday the 13th, I logged on with Sludgge and took him into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some simple slayers.  He came across Cirrus and collected 64 Storm Heart slayers and a single Storm Fist slayer.  Later that night, after some maintenance, I took Erdrique and Sttollen into The Black Loch.  Erdrique collected a monster manual deed for zombie exterminator and earned 1,356 experience and completed the optional ojbectives for killing the failed experiments and using the gold key.  Unfortunately that was the only run I was able to complete that night.

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Sludgge making his way through the Ruins of Gianthold.

Image may contain: text

Erdrique battling and spinning his way through the Black Loch.

To close the two weeks out, I took Erdrique and Sttollen through Storm the Beaches and The Tide Tuns to complete the Sentinels of Stormreach Story arc.  In Bargain of Blood, they completed the objectives for slaying pirates, more pirates, and even more pirates.  In the Tide Turns they completed the optional objective for activating the barriers in the north and south barracks and trapping the pirates.  Sttollen looted two Tarnished Heavy Deneith Chains while Erdrique looted the Torn Chitin Bracers and a Chimera’s Breath at the end of The Tide Turns.

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Time to prepare to lay seige to an island fortress.

Image may contain: text

Erdrique battling his way through the Tide Tuns.

So, a wide variety of runs over the first two weeks of the year that included epic and low level questing, numerous slayer runs, and range of character levels.  I hope everybody else had a great start to the year as well!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!




Questing Despite Lag and Downtime, Quest Runs Aug 17 to Aug 20

Well this was definitely an abnormal week for me in DDO and for DDO in general.  The large lag issues early in the week and then the extended downtime on yesterday definitely had an impact on my game play sessions but even with those occurring I still was able to make a lot of progress in the questing activities in a few of my characters.  In these instances, they were primarily on some of my lower and mid-level players.  To start things off, I took Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) into the beautiful Three Barrel Cove for some slayer runs.  Harrgon is making his way through those 1,500 slayers and I’m hoping he will be able to reach that mark relatively soon.  He also still needs one more rare out there, after he took out Scortchtusk.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) and I took him through the desert like resort island, Ataraxia’s Haven.  Hamllin still has a little ways to go before he reaches his mark out there.  That night, while also playing our digital PNP game, I logged on with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) and I took him through the rest of the Catacombs Story Arc on hard including Setting the Wards: Patriarch’s Crypt, Endgame: Marguerite, and Endgame: The Archbihop’s Fate.  I then restarted the story arc on elite and completed The Friar’s Niece, To Find a Witness, The Old Archives, and The Crypt of Gerard Dryden.  Crawlller now just needs the Setting the Wards and Endgame quests to have this arc complete on elite, which is good because if feels like he has been working on those quests for a long time.  I logged out after taking Crawlller through the Crypt of Gerard Dryden and as we finished up our PNP session.

 photo Harrgon taking note of Scotchtusk_zpsox76tqhd.jpg

Harrgon stumbling upon Scortchtusk in Three Barrel Cove.

 photo Hamllin taking on the Duergar in Ataraxias Haven_zpsstu7ef0l.jpg

Hamllin fighting the duergar in the caves of Ataraxia’s Haven.

 photo Crawlller fighting a wight in the Patriarchs Crypt_zpsdwly8hca.jpg

Crawlller looking to ward the crypts in the Patriarch Crypt.

 photo Crawlller dealing with the swarm of undead_zpsow1b9lfg.jpg

Crawlller making his way up through the Catacombs.

 photo Arkasic needs to be destroyed_zpssvg2rh56.jpg

Crawlller taking down Arkasic Dryden.

 photo Looking for Marguerite_zpsvfxxloby.jpg

Crawlller looking for signs of Marguerite.

 photo Looking for a witness_zpsta2bfeqq.jpg

Crawlller returning to the Sanctuary to find a witness to the carnage.

 photo Preparing to enter the librar archives_zpsxgnsidgg.jpg

Crawlller looking back at the library after completing the Old Archives.

 photo Battling in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden_zpsksm5hof1.jpg

Crawlller making his way through the crypt of Gerard Dryden.

Tuesday, I didn’t log in first thing in the morning.  I had woken up too late that morning and overslept.  When I got home, for my afternoon run, I took Erdrique (Level 16 Rogue) through the start of the Attack on Stormreach Chain, Assault on Summerfield.  Erdrique made his way through that burning district and liberated the citizens from the invading Droaam force relatively easily.  Later that night, I logged on with Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) and I took him through a slayer run in Sorrowdusk Isle to make up for missing my play time with him in the morning.  After that, I then logged on with Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) who I was scheduled to take through Storm the Beaches on epic normal.  It was really during this particular run that the lag issues started to show up for me.  I ran into a few situations where I was having some issues during the run being able to move and enter combat.  I was eventually hit by an unsuspecting ballistae bolt which ended that quest run for the night.  I’m going to have to him back out to Mistral Island to get my revenge!!

 photo Erdrique battling the Droaam forces in Summerfield_zpsobodnbyk.jpg

Erdrique fighting off the Droaam forces in Assault on Summerfield.

 photo Cantlin firing up some ogres in Sorrowdusk_zpssmqce0br.jpg

Cantlin finishing off an ogre in the Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Larrs was blasted_zpskux2hvzu.jpg

Larrs having a tough time in Storm the Beaches.

On Wednesday, before the hotfix was put in place, I took Larrs back out into Ruins of Gianthold.  Larrs nearly has his 1,500 slayers in the Stormfist camp.  I believe once I get that mark, I will take Larrs out into Evenigstar to start the King’s Forest.  I didn’t get a chance to log on that afternoon and the rest of the day was my weekly date night so that was all of my question for the day.

 photo Larrs taking on the Loremaster in Gianthold_zps2onorqvj.jpg

Larrs collecting more slayers in Stormfist.

Now Thursday was also problematic.  I was able to take Containment (Level 6 Cleric) through a circuit of Tangleroot Gorge.  When I got home from work, the servers were still down for the fix so I didn’t get a chance to log in until around 10:30 pm or so.  I logged with Harrgon and I was quickly joined with Hellspierced.  We took a few of the level 5 and 6 quests I still needed to completed for favor including Archer Point Defense, Lair of Summoning, Forgotten Caverns, Ruined Halls, and Gladewatch Outpost.  I also knocked out a run through The Chamber of Insanity while Hellspierced was hunting in the Red Fens.

 photo Containment lighting up a hobgoblin_zpsg6ve5jsb.jpg

Containment hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Harrgon flaming away in Archer Point Defense_zpsusquhou2.jpg

Harrgon bringing down some fire in Archer Point Defense.

 photo Harrgon catching up to Hell in Lair of Summoning_zpswbrinteb.jpg

Harrgon catching up to Hellspierced in the Lair of Summoning.

 photo Harrgon taking out the undead in Chamber of Insanity_zpseqk3dczr.jpg

Harrgon fighting the undead in the Chamber of Insanity.

 photo Harrgon and Hell fighting the trolls in Forgotten Caverns_zpstb531dbg.jpg

Fighting the trolls in the Forgotten Carverns.

 photo Fighting the enemies in Ruind Hall_zpsju1rpqcv.jpg

Harrgon and Hellspierced hitting up the gargoyles in the Ruined Halls.

 photo Harrgon taking on the hobgoblins in Gladewatch_zpsgys5tacx.jpg

Harrgon preparing for the assault on Gladewatch Outpost.

So, even with the downtime, I still had quite a productive week.  I’m disappointed with how well I did with Larrs in Storm the Beaches.  I’ll definitely have to work better on that quest.  I also plan on making up my “missed run” from Thursday afternoon this weekend, which was supposed to be Undermine.  I hope everybody else had a great week, despite the downtime issues and I hope everybody else has a great weekend!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Mixing It Up, Quest Runs May 18th to May 21st

Somehow I have fallen behind in my blog posting this week.  Actually, I fell behind because of a major two day meeting from work and then the holiday weekend so I’m going to try to catch up today.  With that I wanted to highlight the runs I completed last week.  The week actually kicked off some adventuring in another game because DDO was undergoing its maintenance downtime.  So, I started off by taking my low level spirit shaman, Ragnar, through the wild city of Neverwinter in Neverwinter Nights II OC on Monday morning.  Ragnar wound up picking up a few more quests as we continues to explore that intriguing city.  Later that afternoon, I took Erdrique (Level 10) through the quest Caged Trolls on elite as he continues to make his way through his level 6 quests on elite.  Then, while also working on our digital PNP game, I took Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) out into the King’s Forest as I tried to make my way to the quest Unquiet Graves.  I should have planned a little bit better by printing out a map of the King’s Forest because I couldn’t open up the DDOwiki to help locate the quest entrance (between DDO and the PNP session, my memory was pretty maxed out so I didn’t want to open up my browser).  In any case, I did gain quite a bit of experience while hunting through the forest but I never did find the quest but I’ll be better prepared next time.

 photo Ragnar takes a look around the HQ of the Watch_zpsqyscuu5h.jpg
Ragnar and his party picking up some more quests in Neverwinter.

 photo Really again_zps785jd9uo.jpg
Erd having some difficulty with will saves in Caged Trolls.

 photo Time to plunder_zpsn0ij1yoa.jpg
Rimuldar stumbling on a dragon’s hoard in the King’s Forest.

On Tuesday, I took  Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) out into Tangleroot Gorge.  Berann still has quite a ways to go to complete that area.  That afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) and continued my obsession with catching up on his slayer areas and took him back into the Red Fens.  Hammy is slowly making his way to the 3,000 slayer mark but still has quite a ways to go until he reaches the 7,500 mark.  That night, I logged on with Containment (Level 6 Cleric) who is also working on Tangleroot Gorge.  After a quick run through that slayer area, I took him into the Catacombs where he continued on that story arc by working his way through The Old Archives and the Crypt of Gerard Dryden.

 photo Berann dealing with Clamor_zpsrbenlg5f.jpg
Berann hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Fighting the drowned on the hilltop_zpsyo1u71eo.jpg
Hamllin slowly making his way through the Red Fens slayers.

 photo Containment using sound burst to his advantage_zpspyvgkvoi.jpg
Containment takes his turn in Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Containment not liking what he sees_zps8kq7dyty.jpg
Exploring the Old Archives in the Catacombs.

 photo Containment turning the dead_zps61cgiiwd.jpg
Containment taking on the undead in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden.

Wednesday morning I kicked the day off by taking Rimuldar back out into the King’s Forest, although this time I was purposefully doing some hunting and slaying as opposed to looking for a quest entrance.  That afternoon, it was time to bring Erdrique back on and I took him back into Gladewatch Outpost to take on the hordes of the hobgoblins and their ogre leader.  After I completed that quest, I then went into Three Barrel Cove to work on completing that slayer area and wound up picking up my last rare encounter.  I didn’t log in that night but instead hung out with my wife for our weekly date night.

 photo Dealing with a saboteur_zpssxjzntuu.jpg
Rimuldar hunting the drow in the King’s Forest.

 photo Erd protecting Gladewatch again_zpsoptrflxa.jpg
Erdrique doing what he needs to do to defend Gladewatch Outpost.

 photo Finally found the Air Pirate Captain_zpsuelpoqry.jpg
Finally finding the Air Pirate Captain in Three Barrel Cove.

Thursday, I started off by taking Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) into the King’s Forest, who like Rimuldar, is working on those slayers.  I did this prior to heading off to my big meeting.  However, the meeting did last longer than I had planned and because of that I didn’t get a chance to log on during the late afternoon for that run.  But I did log in later that night with Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter).  I was also joined up with Khamelblade and we hit up a few lower level quests including Proof is in the Poison, The Troglodyte’s Get, and Old Gray Garl.  I was able to collect enough experience on him to hit level 12.  I called it a night at that point to close out the night.

 photo Garrrin swiping his axe through the drow in Kings Forest_zpsr1wocxr0.jpg
Garrrin collecting his kills in the King’s Forest.

 photo Stoorage looking for Thual Masmataz_zpsddi3tz6j.jpg
Stoorage looking for Thual Masmataz.

 photo Stoorage and Khamel dealing with trogs_zps1hvwitjq.jpg
Stoorage and Khamel making their way through the Troglodyte’s Get.

 photo Khamel gathering a crowd_zpsngtpv832.jpg
Stoorage watching Khamelblade gathering a crowd prior to hitting up Old Grey Garl.

Overall, it was fun week.  I had the opportunity to mix it up quite a bit by taking some lower level characters through some of older quests while also taking some epic level characters through some hunting adventures.  The weekend was nice as well and I hope everybody else had a great week and a wonderful weekend!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

Erdrique Had a Busy Weekend, Quest Runs November 7th to 9th

Usually my weekends are heavily loaded with questing activities centered around Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) who is my primary character.  However, this weekend was even more dominated by Erdrique.  The only other character I ran this past weekend was  Containment (Level 5) who is working on some slayer runs.  Containment is currently working on Tangleroot Gorge.  I usually do those slayer runs in the morning but I was running behind on Friday morning and didn’t get a chance to do that run until I did my afternoon questing when I got back home from work.  After I took Containment through Tangleroot Gorge, I then switched to Erdrique.

Containment heading into battle in Tangleroot photo ContainmentheadingintobattleinTangleroot_zpse3753c4e.jpg
Containment hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

During my afternoon room, I took Erdrique into Gladewatch Outpost.  I entered in on elite and was surprised by the amount of trouble I had.  The hobgoblins and their worg minions quickly caused a green alert but I was able to hold them off with my cleric hireling.  Later that night, I took Erdrique through a number of quests.  I first took him out into Tangleroot Gorge, as he was also working on that explorer area.  After collecting some slayers out there, I then moved to complete the House Deneith Depths quests: Depths of Despair, Depths of Discord, and Depths of Doom.  I then decided to finish up the House Phiarlan Carnival Series and headed into Partycrashers, The Snitch, and then Under the Big Top.  However, I didn’t bring a rogue with me and I perished horribly during two failed saves on one of the wheels.  I didn’t feel like trying it again but I did head into one of the Cannith Challenges before I called it a night and took on Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I moved through it relatively quickly and was happy to get a good number of Anitique Coins from the run because of the extra challenge bonus.  At that point I called it a night.

Erd taking the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost photo ErdtakingonthehobgoblinsofGladewatchOutpost_zps7c1d5b19.jpg
Erdrique taking on the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost.

Erd stalking down the river in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdstalkingdowntheriverinTanglerootGorge_zps8ab7db41.jpg
Erdrique stalking through the Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd exploring the Depths of Despair photo ErdexploringtheDepthsofDespair_zps8b19cd3d.jpg
Erdrique fighting in the Depths of Despair.

Erd taking on the ogres in the Depths of Doom photo ErdtakingontheogresintheDepthsofDoom_zps63a1d21c.jpg
Erdrique hunting through the Depths of Doom.

Erd battling earth elementals in Depths of Discord photo ErdbattlingearthelementalsinDepthsofDiscord_zps0553c4a2.jpg
Erdrique battling the elementals in depths of discord.

Erd taking down the Mark of the Shadow in Partycrashers photo ErdtakingdowntheMarkofShadowinPartycrashers_zps25cb3eda.jpg
Erdrique taking on the illusions in Partycrashers.

Roderick is not being cooperative in The Snitch photo RodericisntbeingcooperativeinTheSnitch_zps71774869.jpg
Roderick just isn’t going to be cooperative.

Erd making his way through Dr. Rushmore's Mansion photo ErdmakingtheirwaythroughDrRushmoresMansion_zpsf29b54fa.jpg
Erdrique making his way through Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

On Saturday, the first thing I did was to take Erdrique into two more Cannith Challenges: Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door and then I tried the challenge the Lava Caves: Circles of Power.  It had been a long time since I did anything in the Lava Caves and I found it very interesting dealing with the drow and their pet scorpions.  I completed both challenges and then decided to run Under the Big Top again to complete the Carnival Series.  This time I brought a rogue hireling with me and the quest went smoothly.  I then headed out to Tangleroot Gorge and to do some more slayers and to continue on to the Assault of Splinterskull.  I then completed all the quests from the Deadly Package up to Yarkuch’s Last Stand.  By the time I hit Yarkuch’s Last Stand, my guild buffs had run out and the lovely worgs decided to take me time with a number of trip attacks.  Needless to say, I suffered another defeat.  It was getting late by that time so I called it a night.

Erd fighting in the Mansion photo ErdfightingintheMansion_zpscdb879ce.jpg
Edrique fighting in the Mansion.

Erd working in the Lava Caves photo ErdworkingintheLavaCaves_zps4bb7d970.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Lava Caves.

Erd taking on the Maleficient Cabal photo ErdtakingontheMaleficientCabal_zps19906cd1.jpg
Erdrique making his way to the Big Top.

Erd hunting in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdhuntinginTanglerootGorge_zps22b8f1c2.jpg
Erdrique hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd prepping for the Avenger photo ErdpreppingfortheAvenger_zps05e52cb1.jpg
Erdrique fighting his way through the Avengers.

Looking for Lhor-Tragu photo LookingforLhor-Tragu_zpsc1ab89fd.jpg
Erdrique making his way to Lhor-Tragu.

Spiders and more spiders photo Spidersandmorespiders_zps47d4027a.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the spiders as he makes his way Zukash.

Erd making his way to Zulkash photo ErdmakinghiswaytoZulkash_zps024748ab.jpg
Erdrique making his way to Zulkash.

Erd making his way through the outer fortress photo Erdmakinghiswaythroughtheouterfortress_zps2493407e.jpg
Time to make our way through the Inner Fortress.

On Sunday, I logged back on with Erdrique and decided to finish up the Tangleroot Gorge explorer area and to finish up Assault on Splinterskull.  This time I was much more prepared for Yarkuch and his minions and didn’t have any problem completing the quest this time.  After those runs I headed out to Barrel’s Bottom and Three Barrel Cove.  I went ahead and took on the quest Guard Duty on elite and then moved into the Three Barrel Cove adventure area and made me way to the Fire Caves.  I made my way there and completed the quest The Stones Run Red on elite.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of experience I received, as I needed about another 10 k to be forced to level.  Well, I received over 18 k!!  Talk about a change.  So needless to say I called it a night with Erdrique ready to level up to 8 :).

Tangleroot is now comlete and its time to rest photo Tanglerootisnowcompletetimetorelax_zps8b14110a.jpg
Erdrique enjoying some rest after completing Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd battling War Master Muurj photo ErdbattlingWarMasterMuurj_zps3ef185ad.jpg
Erdrique surprised by this War Master in Splinterskull.

Erd scoffing at War Master Naarl photo ErdscoffingatWarMasterNaarl_zps44c2de53.jpg
Erdrique scoffing at War Master Naarl.

Erd about the Sea Witch fighting Ruug's rogues photo ErdaboardtheSeaWitchfightingRuugsrogues_zps27b9444c.jpg
Erdrique protecting the crew of the Sea Witch.

Erd making his way to Captain Dustdyn photo ErdmakinghiswaytoCaptainDustdyn_zpsa53923d8.jpg
Erdrique venturing into Three Barrel Cove.

A hot scene in the fire caves photo Ahotsceneinthefirecaves_zps9f9698c9.jpg
Erdrique now realizes why the Fire Caves are called the Fire Caves.

So the runs this weekend were almost entirely all with Erdrique.  I had a fun time taking him through a few of the chains and enjoyed finishing up Tangleroot Gorge.  Now it is time to take on Three Barrel Cove :).  I hope everybody else had a nice weekend as well! Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting.

Low Level Questing Over the Weekend October 10 to October 12

Well, its probably not a surprise, but the majority of my questing this weekend was centered around some low level questing as I continue to take Erdrique (Level 4 Monk) through the Harbor and Market.  However, the questing began early Friday morning with a slayer run with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) in the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic).  Larrs is currently trying to work on his next slayer mark in the Stormfist camp.  After work, I logged on with Erdrique and took him through some of the more common Harbor quests: The Kobold’s New Ringleader, Information is Key, and Haverdasher.  Later that night I logged back on with Erdrique and completed Garrison’s Missing Pack and hunted around the Cerulean Hills.  I was then joined by Hellshield and we then completed Durk’s Got a Secret, Bringing the Light, Where There’s Smoke, and the Swiped Signet.  After that Hellshield logged out but I continued on and took Erdrique through the first two parts of the Catacombs: The Friar’s Niece and To Find A Witness.  I then went back out into the Cerulean Hills and then decided to log out for the rest of the night.

Larrs beholding the peaks in the Ruins of Gianthold photo LarrsbeholdingthepeaksinRuinsofGianthold_zpsb90fa3e4.jpg
Larrs taking in the sites of Gianthold.

Erd looking for the new ring leader photo Erdlookingforthenewringleader_zpse6b01132.jpg
Erdrique looking for the new ringleader.

Erd exploring Osgood's Basement photo ErdexploringOsgoodssBasement_zps640582ce.jpg
Exploring Osgood’s Basement.

Dealing with Haverdasher's scorpions photo DealingwithHaverdashersscorpions_zps1db767d8.jpg
Erdrique dealing with Haverdasher’s scorpions.

Erd looking for Garrison's Missing Pack photo ErdlookingforGarrisonsMissingPack_zpsd578540a.jpg
Erdrique helping out Garrison.

Erd in the Cerulean Hills photo ErdintheCeruleanHills_zps30462200.jpg
Erdrique collecting some slayers in the Cerulean Hills.

Erd and Hell working in the Kobold Brothers photo ErdandHellworkingintheKoboldBrothers_zpsccb0830e.jpg
Erdrique and Hell looking for the Kobold Brothers.

Looking to stop the Gambler's Den photo LookingtostoptheGamblersDen_zpsbe00ea13.jpg
Erdrique and Hell taking care of the Gamblers.

Erd helping Nash recover his farm photo ErdhelpingNash_zps65e5382c.jpg
Erdrique and Hell help out Nash.

Erd and Hell fighting in the Swiped Signet photo ErdandHellfightingintheSwipedSignet_zpsa80abb65.jpg
Hellshield and Erdrique making their way through the Swiped Signet.

Erd looking for the Friar's Niece photo ErdlookingfortheFriarsNiece_zpsb68d43ad.jpg
Looking for the Friar’s Niece.

Gloomy scene in To Find a Witness photo GloomysceneinToFindaWitness_zps8cf73ac7.jpg
The Catacombs are a gloomy place.

Saturday mostly consisted of me running Erdrique through the Catacombs.  I had hoped to complete the story arc but because of log in, connection issues, and lag I didn’t get the chance to finish it.  But nonetheless, I did get through The Old Archives, The Crypt Gerard Dryden, Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral, and Setting the Wards: The Partriarch Crypt.  Also, prior to that, I finished the explorer zone for the Cerulean Hills by finding and defeating the last rare encounter out there :).  However, after I got hung up trying to zone in into Endgame: Marguerite, I called it a night.

Finally finding the last rare photo Finallyfindingthelastrare_zpsc1908d18.jpg
Finally finding that last rare encounter in the Cerulean Hills.

 photo Erdwanderingaroundtheoldarchives_zps54d5d97b.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Old Archives in the Catacombs.

 photo ErdtakingontheskeletonsinGerardsCrypt_zpsdd06b42c.jpg
Erdrique looking for Gerard’s Tomb.

 photo FightingintheLowerCathedral_zps4c866129.jpg
Erdrique battling skeletons in the lower Cathedral.

On Sunday, I gave Erdrique a break and logged in with Cantlin (Level 11 Sorcerer).  I was joined by Parakletos, and we headed to Gladewatch Outpost, which we both still needed on elite.  After we completed the quest, Parakletos logged out and then I headed off to Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door and ran through that challenge taking out the Master Assassin and the Succubus before I ran out of time.  I called a night after that run.

 photo GantlinandParakletosburningitupinGladewatch_zpsaa751f49.jpg
Cantlin and Parakletos burning up the swarm in the Gladewatch Outpost.

Nice picture in Dr. Rushmore's Mansion photo NicepictureinDrRushmoresMansion_zpsf8a77ec9.jpg
Cantlin admiring the artwork in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion.

Not a bad weekend overall.  Just wish I could have completed the Catacombs on Saturday.  No worries though, I’ll knock it this week.  I hope everybody else had an enjoyable weekend!!  Happy Hunting!!

DDO Activities Over the Past Weekend, April 11 to 13

Well the weekend actually started off kind of slowly.  I had originally planned on logging with Cantlin (Level 10 Sorcerer) and taking him into Searing Heights on Friday morning but instead I wound up spending the morning working on some maintenance issues with him.  Before I knew it I had to head off to work so I didn’t get any actual play time in during the morning.  I didn’t log back in until Friday night.  I logged on with Erdrique (Level 9 Druid) and decided to take a good amount of time to re-gear him.  I had leveled him up recently but didn’t take the time to finish gathering gear for him.  So I spent the first few hours Friday night crafting new gear and hunting Auction House.  I didn’t get everything I was looking for but it will do good enough for the next few levels.  By the time I was done, Okhamel had logged on we grouped up and took on Gladewatch Outpost, Tear of Dhakaan, and Gwylan’s Stand.  Gladewatch Outpost went extremely smoothly as Okhamel intimidated the commander and dragger her around to the other side of the fortress and parked her there.  She didn’t cause any problems at all.  Tears of Dhakaan also went extremely smoothly.  However, Gwylan’s Stand was a little different.  I had misjudge the depth of one of the traps and found myself turned into a soul stone.  Besides that minor issue, Gwylan’s Stand went well.  After that, we both decided to call it a night as it was getting quite late.

Take out the training dummy photo TakeouttheTrainingDummy_zps191df3e3.jpg
Erdrique, Fang, and Okhamel prepping for there future runs.

Erd and Okhamel in Gladewatch photo ErdandOkhamelinGladewatch_zps5be10608.jpg
Defending Gladewatch Outpost.

Take on the Champion Tarkar photo TakeontheChampionTarkar_zpsc14c4faa.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel taking on one of the champions of Arzag-khor.

Having fun in Gwylan's Stand photo HavingfuninGwylansStand_zpsbd4bf113.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel taking on the bad guys in Gwylan’s Stand.

Saturday night was a relatively slow night.  There weren’t many guildies on so I decided to work on the Searing Heights explorer area.  I was able to collect all explorers, all slayers, and all rare encounters except for two.  The two rare encounters I was missing are usually two of the first I typically find in this explorer area, Cruor Rosso and Gluck.  All told I gathered over 25 k experience from that explorer area.  I then checked the auctions and called it a night.

Erd exploring Searing Heights photo ErdexploringSearingHeights_zps3538a49f.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Searing Heights.

Sunday night was also relatively light.  I logged on with Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) and took on the Tomb of the Burning Heart.  Tomb of the Burning Heart is the one that you need to split the party up by having four people stand on four different pads.  So, I asked for a guildie to help me open up the entrance way before he logged out and completed the quest.  Now, I didn’t get any experience out of it but what I was really doing was flagging for the Bloody Crypt which I still needed on elite.  Once I completed the Burning Heart and I was re-flagged for the Bloody Crypt so I went ahead and took it on.  Now, keep in mind that Charlock is five levels higher than the Bloody Crypt and even with a 75% experience penalty, he still got over 13,000 experience on its completion.  Not bad at all.  After the Bloody Crypt I called it a night.

Charlock taking on the Charnel Wights of the Burning Heart photo CharlocktakingontheCharnelWightsoftheBurningHeart_zpsce14efde.jpg
Charlock fighting the wights in The Tomb of the Burning Heart.

So. like the week prior, it was a relatively light weekend.  But the weekend was still productive, at least to me .  I was able to get some new gear for Erdrique, nearly complete a slayer area, knock out some of his level 6 and 7 quests and I was able to knock out the annoying Bloody Crypt with Charolock.  All in all, pretty good. 

Thanks for reading everybody and now get back in game and take care of the evil denizens of Stormreach.  Happy Hunting everybody!!

Review of the Quest Runs from March 3 to March 6

During the week of Monday, March 3rd through Thursday, March 6th, the majority of my quest runs were lower to mid level runs while my morning slayer runs were predominately higher level runs.  Starting with Monday morning, I took Hamllin (Level 7 Fighter) through the Waterworks slayer area.  I got a few more kills that morning, inching that much closer to maxing the area out.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 6 Druid) and took on the forces of Yar-yar in Irestone Inlet on Elite.  I didn’t have any problems until the last fight, where I wasn’t paying attention to the amount of damage I was taking and didn’t realize that my hireling wanted to be more fighter than healer.  However, even though I died, I did complete it.  I logged out after that quest and logged back on Monday night and did the multi-tasking thing with my digital tabletop game and DDO.  I logged on with Suppply (Level 8 Paladin), who happens to be one of my premium account characters, and tackled the first two quests on Assualt on Splinterskull on Hard (because I couldn’t open up elite difficulty yet).  After completing these and playing my turns in the digital table top game, I had to call it a night.

Hamllin and Dhulokk photo HamllinandDhulokk_zps68bb7cb3.jpg
Hamllin fighting Dhulok in Waterworks.

Erdrique knocking Dinks to the ground photo ErdriqueknockingDinkstotheground_zpsc562c7d3.jpg
Erdrique fighting Dinks in Irestone Inlet.

Suppply entering his stance photo Supplyenteringhisstance_zps94a38cc4.jpg
Suppply hunting down some hobgolins.

Suppply looking for prisoners photo Supplylookingforprisoners_zps7cb7121d.jpg
Suppply looking for some prisoners.

On Tuesday morning, I logged Suppply back on and took him back into Tangleroot, only this time to look for some slayers.  After I ran around the gorge for about 20 minutes, I logged off to head to work.  I logged back on for my afternoon run after work with Hamllin and joined up with Khameltoe and we took on the second quest of the Phiarlan Carnvial Series: Partycrashers.  We had a fun time in their, suffering some losses but in the end we were able to take out the party in the upstairs room, take out the spell master, and take out the poison master so the end fight was actually quite easy!!  After that run, I had to call it to make dinner and hang out with my wife but I logged on later that night with Kolll (Level 20 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  I had planned to take Kolll through the Red Fens on Epic Normal but Postal asked for some help with gathering some favor runs so I helped him complete Red Fang, Hiding in Plain Sight, Stealthy Repossession, and Invaders!  After those entertaining runs I needed to call it a night.

Nice view in Tangleroot Gorge photo NiceviewinTanglerootGorge_zps6c7320b2.jpg
Suppply enjoying the view in Tangleroot Gorge.

Hamllin and Khameltoe in Partycrashers photo HamllinandKhameltoemakingtheirwaythroughPartycrashers_zps0d92431c.jpg
Hamllin and Khameltoe enjoying their time in Partycrashers.

Hiding in Plain Sight for Favor photo HidinginPlainSightforfavor_zpsc78d2be9.jpg
Kolll helping out with a favor run in Hiding in Plain Sight.

Running Invaders for Favor photo RunningInvadersforfavor_zps0b53a4db.jpg
Kolll helping out with Invaders!!

On Wednesday, I brought in Wapoyei (Level 22 Cleric/Exalted Angel) and took him into the High Road to continue his slayer runs.  After taking out some of the Netherese, I logged out and headed out to work.  I then logged in later that afternoon with Erdrique and I took him into Freshen the Air on elite and breezed through the troglodyte hordes.  I then called it a night to spend the rest of the night with my wife for date night .

Wapoyei and gang in the High Road photo WapoyeiandgroupintheHighRoad_zpsd830a8db.jpg
Wapoyei hunting in the High Road.

Foolish shaman photo Foolishshaman_zpsc2e89528.jpg
Erdrique taking on the trogs in Freshen the Air.

On Thursday morning, I logged on with Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) and took him into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) and took on some giants.  Later that afternoon, I logged back on with Hamllin and joined up with Khameltoe and we took on the Snitch, the third quest in Carnival Series.  On Thursday night, I logged on with Kanndar (Level 10 Paladin) and had a pretty active night.  I caught up with Parakletos and Tragicc, and we gathered a few more pugs and took on the quest Bounty Hunter.  After that, Parakletos had to call it a night, but Tragicc and I took the pugs into Gladewatch Outpost and then into The Graveroober.  The run through Bounty Hunter was a little rough, with a few deaths as some folks died from splitting up and various other reasons.  The runs through Gladewatch and Graverobber went fairly smoothly though.  After that I had to call it a night, but we got enough experience for Tragicc to hit level 9!!

Sludgge falling into fun photo Sludggefallingintosomefun_zpsdafd5756.jpg
Sludgge feather falling into some fun.

Hamllin attacking a Malefic Seer in the Snitch photo HamllinattackingaMaleficSeerintheSnitch_zps234b0321.jpg
Hamllin fighting a seer in the Snitch.

Kanndar taking down a dwarf barbarian shaman in the Bounty Hunter photo Kanndartakingdownadwarfbarbarianshaman_zps0df19ad2.jpg
Kanndar fighting a barbarian shaman in the Bounty Hunter.

Kanndar helping out with a bugbear photo Kanndarhelpingoutonabugbear_zpsbeb355e1.jpg
Kanndar fighting away in Gladewatch Outpost.

Kanndar dealing with a wight priest in The Graverobber photo KanndardealingwithawightpriestinTheGraverobber_zpsc6974009.jpg
Kanndar dealing with some wight priests in the Graverobber.

The quests during the week have been good and productive.  Here is to a fun weekend!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting everybody!!

Recap of the Runs Made During the Week Feb 10 to Feb 13

Well, I completely forgot to sum up my runs from the previous week that covered February 10 to February 13th.  So to catch up on that aspect, I’m going to go ahead and post about those today and my weekend runs tomorrow.  Last week was a difficult week because I ran into connectivity issues on Monday and Tuesday which obviously disrupted my playtime .  Needless to say, my Monday morning started out well.  I brought on Wapoyei and took him into the High Road explorer area.  On Monday afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin who is currently working on his level 5 Three Barrel Cove quests.  So I took him into Prove Your Worth and braved the many challenges a pirate must go through .  While plowing through Prove Your Worth he had a nice little drop from a crate, a +2 Frost Khopesh and prior to entering the quest he had an encounter with Scortchtusk and pulled a +1 Con Tome for his troubles.  Not bad at all for an area that is believed to give some rather poor loot.  After Hamllin completed Prove Your Worth I logged out to make dinner and to spend some time with my wife before my weekly Monday night digital tabletop D&D PnP session via Skype and Maptool.  Typically on Monday nights I multitask between the PnP digital tabletop game and between DDO but my connection issues didn’t allow me to log into DDO.

Wapoyei and Companions in the High Road photo WapoyeiandcompanyintheHighRoad_zpse83ad187.jpg
Wapoyei exploring the High Road with his crew.

Hammy spying Scortchtusk photo HammyspyingScortchtusk_zpsd857e908.jpg
Hamllin spying Scortchtusk from afar.

Nice reward from an explorer chest photo Nicerewardfromanexplorerchest_zps1ac9371a.jpg
After defeating Scortchtusk, Hamllin as awarded this +1 Con Tome
Hammy dreading the climb photo Hammydreadingtheclimb_zpse4a5f16d.jpg
Hamllin continued on to the quest Prove Your Worth where he dealt with the ladder challenge and many others.

Nice drop from a crate photo Nicedropfromacrate_zpse1d93ab8.jpg
Hamllin then found this nice low level khopesh being stashed in a crate.

On Tuesday morning, my connectivity issues still remained so I couldn’t log in.  Later that afternoon, when I was still having connectivity issues and when I knew the game worlds were perfectly fine, I called my internet service provider, Centurylink.  The operator had me conduct a few tests to find out that I wasn’t even getting half the mount of speed through my line that I should have been getting.  I have a 4 meg line and wasn’t even getting 1.5 megs out of it.  Eventually we got it up to 2 megs, which was enough to get me logged into Thelanis on Tuesday night.  A CenturyLink technician was then scheduled to come out and look at my line but because of the weather issues, he didn’t get out to the house until Thursday.  Turns out that the line was cut somehow and he fixed, now my speed and connectivity seem to be fine .  In any case, I was able to log Lorrikk in on Tuesday night and get some questing done.  I saw that another guildie was on, Tragicc, and I knew he needed help with Gladewatch Outpost.  Before we tackled Gladewatch, we hit up the Emerald Claw in Caged Trolls.  I had entered the quest before Tragicc and made my way to free the second troll when Tragicc came in to help.  Tragicc ran into some trouble when he was expectantly ambushed by some respawns, which I didn’t even realize occurred in this quest.  We pushed through this and completed without any further incidents and then moved to Gladewatch Outpost.  However, at that time Tragicc ran into his own connectivity issues and dropped.  While waiting for him to reconnect I ran the quest Bounty Hunter.  I had no problems taking Lorrikk through the caves, I breezed through it actually.  I was just getting ready to call it a night when Tragicc reconnected and then we hit up Gladewatch Outpost.  Like some others had suggested to me, I dragged the Commander to the corner of the woods and posted her there and we had no problems completing the quest.  At that point I had to call it a night, thankful I was able to get back into the game.

Lorrikk taking on the Emerald Clam photo LorrikktakingontheEmeraldClaw_zps2a9f77a8.jpg
Lorrikk dealing with the Emerald Claw.

Lorrikk looking for the Bounty Hunter photo LorrikklookingfortheBountyHunter_zps99c695c5.jpg
Lorrikk exploring the caves for the Bounty Hunter.

Lorrikk and Tragicc in Gladewatch photo LorrikkandTragiccinGladewatchOutpost_zps8fba36a0.jpg
Lorrikk and Tragicc dealing the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost.

On Wednesday morning, I brought on Erdrique who tackled some slayers and rares in the Cerulean Hills.  After work, later that afternoon, I brought Hamllin back on and took him back into Three Barrel Cove to venture into the Fire Caves.  I only made it through the first part of the Fire Caves before I logged to make dinner and to have date night.

Erd tripping a bard in the Hills photo ErdtrippingabardintheHills_zps4018b262.jpg
Erdrique tripping a bard in the Cerulean Hills.

Eerie statue in the fire caves photo Eeriestatueinthefirecaves_zpse1174330.jpg
Hamllin looking at the eerie statues in the Fire Caves.

I was scheduled to run Kolll on Thursday morning for a slayer run through the King’s Forest.  While he was ranging out there, he encountered his first werewolf, Big Old Red.  After he defeated the werewolf I had to log to head to work.  Later that afternoon, I logged Erdrique on for my late afternoon run and headed into the Swiped Signet, where I had some fun with Grudge (who I wrote about last week) and those dang sleet storms. After that run, I brought Kolll back on to do some coin jumping in the Risia Ice Games.  I then logged to make dinner and to spend some time with my wife.  That night I logged on with Garrrin, who needed to finish Beyond the Rift on epic normal.  I saw that another guildie was on, Steelonyx, and learned that he had never completed the Web of Chaos chain.  So instead of running Beyond the Rift, I took Steelonyx into The Lords of Dust on Epic Normal.  After we completed that run I had to call it for a night.  Steelonyx enjoyed the run and it was nice taking him through it.

Anybody ready to tackle a werewolf photo AnybodyreadytotackleaWerewolf_zpsce3b6ed3.jpg
Kolll takes on Big Ol Red in the King’s Forest.

Erd and his pack exploring the hideout photo Erdandhispackexploringthehideout_zps4d90905f.jpg
Erdrique and his gang going through the Swiped Signet.

Kolll prepping to get that purple coin photo Kolllpreppingtogetthatpurplecoin_zps009f167b.jpg
Kolll prepping to get that purple coin.

Garrrin and Steel in Lords of Dust photo GarrrinandSteelinLordsofDust_zpsac93108c.jpg
Garrrin and Steelonyx working through the Lords of Dust.

Over all, the quests for the week for nice.  A good set of runs for sure!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!   

Commander Tesara or Coyle-which one is worse?

Erd trying to deal with Gladewatch Outpost photo ErdtryingtodealwithGladewatchOutpost_zps14359f66.jpg
Erdrique working on protecting the commander in Gladewatch Outpost.

Earlier this week, I took Erdrique through the quest Gladewatch Outpost.  Over the years, this particular quest has had some tweaks done to it.  When DDO was first released, the primary objective to complete the quest was not to allow a single enemy to enter the outpost.  If an enemy broke past the doorway, the quest was over and unsuccessful.  Well this changed some time ago, to where the primary objective is to keep Commander Tesara alive during the assault.

After a number of failed attempts at keeping the precious commander alive, I have begun to question whether or not this NPC is more annoying than good ol’ Coyle in Threnal.  In my humble opinion, I actually do think Commander Tesara is much more of a pain.  At least for Coyle you can knock him senseless so he goes prone and doesn’t gather aggro.  Commander Tesara isn’t as easily manipulated and as soon as she engages in combat you can’t convince her to stop attacking.  All enemies have to be completely obliterated before she will follow you away. 

Finally, with some help from another guildie, I was finally able to complete Gladewatch, although we still had some problems with the good ol’ commander.  I’m thinking the quest could have been easier if we could have cast invisibility on her, but we didn’t have the ability to do that.  In either case, I find guarding her more annoying than dealing with Coyle….just saying… .