Thinking About Those NPC Alliances – Grey Moon

One thing that I have noticed in DDO is the number of alliances that our characters make with various NPC characters. One of these alliances is with the Grey Moon Ogres of Sorrowdusk Isle. We first encounter the Grey Moon Ogres when we travel to Sorrowdusk Isle from House Deneith. We help deal with a minor revolt from within the old and proud ogre clan and stop the possible destruction of Stomreach by defeating the troll tribes and worshipers of the Cult of the Six. In doing so, we gain a lot of respect and favor from this old clan of powerful ogre warriors. However, after we complete the story arc for Grey Moon Waning and Cult of the Six we don’t hear back from them.

So it made me wonder what the Grey Moon Tribe has been up to and if we can expect to hear from them anytime soon. It also made me wonder if there would ever be a time where we could call upon the Grey Moon ogres to help deal with some terrible threat to the lands of Xendrik or Stormreach itself. In regards to the first thought, my first impression is that the ogre tribe re-established itself and brought itself back to order with Lord Hragg making sure to “clean house” of any potential trouble makers but I also imagine he looked more into the issues that caused that particular rift to begin with and addressed those as well. It was quite clear that Lord Hragg was more than just a warrior but was also knowledgeable. Especially since it was Lord Hragg who translated and read the manuscript from the Temple of the Six.


Helping out the Grey Moon tribe.

Looking more at the possibility of combining forces with the Grey Moon tribe to fight off some potential threat is intriguing. We know that at some point in the future that the safety of Stormreach, and possibly the Isle of Grey Moon, will be in jeopardy from some type of evil force. Perhaps another attack from Droaam or another force from Dal Quor will be the next threat that the heroes of Stormreach will have to deal with and maybe this new threat will bring out the alliances from our past exploits, such as Grey Moon, to our aid. Who knows what we’ll see in Stormreach in the coming year?

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Stormreach!!


Starting off 2017 with Some Questing

I have been writing up short summaries of my quest runs for quite a while now.  I mainly do this to highlight the various types of quest there are in DDO and for me to help track my own progress over time.  I used to do compile two blogs a week to highlight these runs, one blog post would track my questing from Mondays to Thursdays and the second post would highlight my questing from Friday through Sunday.  With the start of the new year I want to continue the general thoughts of summarizing my questing runs but I want to one post to cover the week. Of course, this blog will cover two weeks, since I didn’t get a chance to do one last week :(.

To start the new year off, I took Erdrique  (Level 10 Bard) and Sttollen (Level 11 Rogue) through Mirra’s Sleepless Nights, Purge the Herectics, Sorrowdusk Isle, The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka, and The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust.  While making my way through Mirra’s Sleepless Nights I completed the optional for locating and destroying the source of the wailing.  In Purge the Heretics, I completed the optional objectives to slaughter the halfling mercenaries and all of the commoners.  When I went into Sorrowdusk Isle, to pick up and start the quests for Grey Moon, I collected 125 slayers for Erdrique and Sttollen, located all explorer points; collected the awards for slaying 10, 25, 50, and 100 slayers; and located and defeated Teargon, Furley, and Saate.  Once inside  the Iron Mines, I came across the rare encounter Powder in Freeing Achka and in Justice for Grust I defeated Corrosion, Chef Grank, and Champion Prienyl.  However, while running through Justice for Grust, Erdrique got  squashed by an ogre champion, which made the quest quite interesting.

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Erdrique making his way through Mirra’s Sleepless Nights.

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Erdrique fighting his way to Achka.

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Erdrique battling Corrosion in Justice for Grust.



On January 2, I took Erdrique and Sttollen into the Searing Heights explorer area to kick things out for the day. While out there, I collected 226 slayers for Erdrique and Sttollen.  Erdrique also picked up a monster manual deed for orc hunter and received 2.260 experience.  Both Erdrique and Sttollen collected the rewards for 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 kills.  The kills included the rare encounters for the first mate, Ghamzee, Calcine, Giallo, and Itharn Ushu.  Erdrique also collected all of the explorer points.  Later in the day, I took Erdrique and Sttollen back into Searing Heights and this time I collected all of the explorer points with Sttollen.  I also collected 138 more slayers and collected the rare encounters for Shute Ruggzen, Hazai Haatha, and Cruor Russo.

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Erdrique taking on the sights of Searing Heights.


I didn’t log back into DDO until Wednesday, January 4th.  I took Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Primal Avatar) out into the King’s Forrest.  While out there, Garrrin collected 45 slayers including six dire bears and one astral panther.  Shortly after that run, I then logged Hamllin (Level 20 Fighter/Shadow Dancer) and took him into the quest Memoirs of an Illusionary Larcenor on heroic elite.  It was the first time I tried this particular quest and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I’m embarrassed to say that I wound up getting killed near to the end fight, primarily because I wasn’t paying attention to the fact my cleric hireling went down.  But I did my revenge, eventually :).

Image may contain: 1 person

Garrrin hunting in the King’s Forest.

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Hamllin exploring the intricacies of Memoirs.


For Thursday, I started my questing by dual boxing with Cannock (Level 8 Druid) and Crawlller (Level 8 Ranger) into Tangleroot Gorge.  Crawlller already has this area maxed out but Cannock collected another 50 slayers before I switched characters out.  They also took out the wandering giant, Kroshk.  Later that night, I logged on with Containment (Level 8 Cleric) and Cannock (once again) and took them through The Cloven Jaw Scourge: Caverns of Shaagh.  Making my through that part of Shan-to-Kor, I completed the optional objectives for slaying the three ogres, slaying the three witch doctors, the three large elementals, and 75 hobgoblins.  Dealing with the champions, Containment collected 15 mysterious remnants and Cannock collected 11.

Image may contain: outdoor

Cannock illustrating who the alpha wolf is in Tangleroot Gorge.

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Containment prepping for attacks from some hobgoblins in the Caverns of Shaagh.


To kick off the weekend, I took Tuhnn (Level 16 Bladeforged) out into the Sands of Menechtarun for my regular slayer run.  I forgot to record my slayer numbers but I did collect a monster manual deed for zombie exterminator and finished locating all of the explorer points.  Tuhnn also looted a pair of the Gloves of the Falcon.  After that run, I took Hamllin back into Memoirs of an Illusionary Larcener and this time I was able to complete it on heroic elite with little difficulty.  That night, I logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them, first, through Gladewatch Outpost and then the Forgotten Caverns.  While in Gladewatch Outpost, Erdrique picked 50 mysterious remnants and while in Forgotten Caverns they took out the optional for slaying Moldfang.  After running through the Forgotten Caverns, I took Erdrique and Sttollen out into Tangleroot Gorge and completed Doom of the Witch Doctor: The Way to Zulkash and Doom of the Witch Doctor: Zulkash, Herald of Woe.  To close out the night, I took Erdrique and Sttollen into Devil Assault and defeated all of the waves.  In that run, Erdrique collected 17 mysterious remnants and Sttollen collected eight.

Image may contain: text

Tuhnn hunting for some slayers in  the desert.

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Hamllin exploring the dangers of Memoirs.

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Erdrique battling his way through the seige at Gladewatch Outpost.

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Battling the trolls of the Forgotten Caverns.

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Erdrique taking on the hobgoblins of Splinterskull.

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Erdrique setting the rune wheels to make his way to Zulkash.

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Preparing for the Devil Assault.


Continuing with my weekend runs, on Saturday I logged back on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them through the quest Dead Predators, The Bounty Hunter, Caged Trolls, and the Bloody Crypt.  While in the Bounty Hunter, Erdrique collected another monster manual deed for warforged hunter gaining him 471 experience.  We also collected the optional objectives for freeing Annelisa and killing the troll chieftain and Ras Clowery.  Erdrique picked up two more monster manual deeds in Caged Trolls, dwarf exterminator (1,130 experience) and dwarf hunter (2,260 experience).  We also completed the optional objective of plundering the Emerald Claw’s treasure cache.  The end the night, in the Bloody Crypt we collected the optional objective for slaying Gullet the Famished, defeating the Black Abbot’s legion, and slaying three priests of the Crimson Heart, Burning Heart, Immortal Heart, and Sanguine Heart.

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Time to plunder some loot in the Bounty Hunter.

Image may contain: text

Erdrique battling his way through the Bloody Crypt with some help.


The beginning of the second week, I started out by taking Stoorage (Level 15 Fighter) and Izmit (Level 15 Shadar-ki) into Caged Trolls and The Bounty Hunter for some simple favor runs.  I completed the optional for plundering the Emerald Claw’s treasure cache in Cage Trolls and for the Bounty Hunter we completed the optional objectives for freeing Annelisa and slaying the troll chieftain and Ras Clowery.

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Stoorage making his way through the Caged Trolls.

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Stoorage exploring the Knaves Hollow.


On Monday, January 9th I logged on with Stoorage once again and this time I dual boxed with my other fighter Charlock (Level 16).  I took them into the Red Fens to work on another slayer run.  While out there, Stoorage collected 118 more slayers (with the help of a slayer potion) while Charlock collected 95 more slayers.  They also encountered Sharkbiter and Vyk Ka.  Shortly after that run, I logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them through the quest, Bargain of Blood.  I completed the optional objectives for finding the Deneith party, freeing the slaves, and destroying the assassination logbook.  That night, I switched characters and logged on with Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader) and I took him into the High Road while I was also playing with our digital PNP game.  Wapoyei collected 81 more slayers and completed the random encounters for Wild Warriors, Trader Travels, and the Wood Woad.  I collected one Commendation: Cleric of Amaunator.

Image may contain: text

Stoorage battling the sahaugin of the Red Fens.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Erdrique fighting off the Blood Tide pirates in Bargain of Blood.

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Wapoyei exploring the dangers of the High Road.


I logged on Hamllin to kick off things on Tuesday and I took him into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some slayers.  He came across two of the rare encounters, Lord Cirrus and Uthgur.  As for the slayers, he collected 68 Storm Heart slayers and two Storm Fist slayers.  After that run, I then took Hamllin into the next quest of the Slave Lords: Secret of the Slavers’ Stockade.  I completed the two optional objectives to explore the abandoned tower and to speak to Lady Morwin Elissar.  Later on Tuesday night, I took Berann and Containment, dual boxing, through the Tomb of the Burning Heart and The Mystery of Delera’s Tomb.  The completed the optional objective of shattering the burning brigade in the Tomb of the Burning Heart.  In Delera’s, Berann collected a monster manual deed for skeleton hunter earning 1,356 experience and the objectives for slaying Omaren Deathguard, Omaren Sentinel, Shade of Destruction, and 40 ghostly skeletons.

Image may contain: text

Hamllin fighting off some ogres in Gianthold.

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Hamllin making his way through the Slavers’ Stockade.

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Berann making his way through the Tomb of the Burning Heart.


On Wednesday, January 11, I took Suppply (Level 11 Paladin) and Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) into Sorrowdusk Isle.  They both collected 103 slayers and took down the rare encounters Thanolin and Vermilo.  Suppply also finished collecting all of the explorer areas.  That was the only run I was able to knock out on that day.

Image may contain: 1 person

Suppply exploring the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle.


I took Wapoyei into The High Road, once again, to start things off on Thursday.  Wapoyei collected 40 slayers and came across the random encounter for Spectral Sightings.  After my slayer run, I took Hamllin into the quest Seigebreaker.  Hamllin looted a Mark of the Tzaryan Rrac and Garments of Equilibrium.  I completed the optional objectives for settng the tents on fire, poisoning the water supply, destroying the crates of provisions, and blowing up the explosive stockpiles.  He also defeated Tinkerstab, Skinny, Major Pain, and Brinky.  To end the night, I took Sludgge (Level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer) into the Chains of Flame on epic normal.  Sludgge collected a monster manual deed for mephit exterminator I and earned 423 experience.  Making his way through the multiple levels of the Burning City, he collected five fragments of the Token of the Twelve and a complete Token of the Twelve.  He also collected 11 commendations of valor as a quest reward.  As for the optional objectives, he spoke to Valgrim Force-Bound, defeated Valgrim’s elemental guards, freed Valgrim Force-Bound, spoke to Erath the Blinded, transferred Erath’s curse, defeated the ogre mages, and freed Erath.

Image may contain: text and outdoor

Wapoyei doing some hunting in the High Road.

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Hamllin battling the forces of Droaam in Seigebreaker.

Image may contain: indoor

Sludgge fighting his way through the gnolls of the Burning City.

On Friday the 13th, I logged on with Sludgge and took him into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some simple slayers.  He came across Cirrus and collected 64 Storm Heart slayers and a single Storm Fist slayer.  Later that night, after some maintenance, I took Erdrique and Sttollen into The Black Loch.  Erdrique collected a monster manual deed for zombie exterminator and earned 1,356 experience and completed the optional ojbectives for killing the failed experiments and using the gold key.  Unfortunately that was the only run I was able to complete that night.

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Sludgge making his way through the Ruins of Gianthold.

Image may contain: text

Erdrique battling and spinning his way through the Black Loch.

To close the two weeks out, I took Erdrique and Sttollen through Storm the Beaches and The Tide Tuns to complete the Sentinels of Stormreach Story arc.  In Bargain of Blood, they completed the objectives for slaying pirates, more pirates, and even more pirates.  In the Tide Turns they completed the optional objective for activating the barriers in the north and south barracks and trapping the pirates.  Sttollen looted two Tarnished Heavy Deneith Chains while Erdrique looted the Torn Chitin Bracers and a Chimera’s Breath at the end of The Tide Turns.

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Time to prepare to lay seige to an island fortress.

Image may contain: text

Erdrique battling his way through the Tide Tuns.

So, a wide variety of runs over the first two weeks of the year that included epic and low level questing, numerous slayer runs, and range of character levels.  I hope everybody else had a great start to the year as well!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!




So Where are all of the Flowers?

Over the weekend, I was taking Erdrique (Level 10 Rogue) through Sorrowdusk Isle to tackle the Grey Moon’s Waning story arc when I noticed something.  As I was running through the wilderness area, I realized that the area is void of flowers.  I find this very interesting because whenever I enter Sorrowdusk Isle it makes me feel like I have entered a tropical rainforest.  I say this because the foliage in the area is dense with very tall trees, reaching vines, and deep green leaves.  With this in mind, you would think you would come across a number of flowering plants as well.  However, as you venture along the path to the quests you only come across a sporadic flower.

 photo Where are all of the flowers_zpso6o7futm.jpg
Erdrique noticing that there aren’t a whole lot of flowers in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So what are some possible reasons for this?  Well, one possibility is that the flowers are simply not within range of view.  Perhaps they are primarily found in the canopy of this jungle like forest.  That is a possibility but I would be surprised if this was the case.  Another possibility, perhaps the ogres and other indigenous tribes have harvested the flowers for specific potions and spells, I’m thinking primarily of the various shamans in this case.  Another possibility, perhaps there just aren’t any flowering plants found on Sorrowdusk Isle.  Perhaps the environment is not suitable for this particular plant types.  In either case, Sorrowdusk Isle appears to be pretty sparse on the flower front so when you see them take special note of them!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Some Champions are Just too Funny to Be Champions!!

Recently, I was taking Erdrique (Level 10 Monk) through the Grey Moon Story arc and came across a monster champion that is just too funny to be a champion!!  I mean what type of ultimate bad guy has reindeer antlers and a red nose?

Blizzard a funny looking champion photo Blizzardafunnylookingchampion_zpsafb75f70.jpg
Erdrique facing off against a ferocious monster champion in Grey Moon.

Well as you can tell, the winter wolf Blizzard didn’t like me laughing at me and promptly laid me on my rear but it was ok because I made short work of his red-nosed attacks!!

I just couldn’t help but post this :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Nice Weekend of Runs, August 8th and 10th

This past weekend was pretty productive for me.  The weekend runs started with my slayer run with Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) through the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic).  I took Sludgge around and wracked up some slayers out in the Stormeye slayer area until I needed to log for work.  After I got back from work, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter) and took him into Stromvauld’s Mine on elite.  Hamllin blasted through Stromvauld’s Mine with little issues, which surprised me a little because I figured I would have some problems with the ranged drow in there but didn’t really encounter any issues.  After that run, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 15 Druid) and was joined by Sornea and we took on the quest The Enemy Within.  We entered on elite and took on the forces of the mindflayers and their frost marrow skeletons.  Sornea logged out after that run but I continued on with Erdrique and entered into Ataraxia’s Haven and completed Dreams of Insanity.  Dreams of Insanity is a pretty difficult quest and I was quite surprised to make it through the quest on elite without any issues.  After that run, I logged out and called it a night.

Sludgge charging into battle with a fire giant photo Sludggechargingintobattlewithafiregiant_zpsa290ffdb.jpg
Sludgge running down the path to Lord Jax in Gianthold.

Hamllin fighting a monarch scorpion in Stromvauld's Mine photo HamllinfightingaMonarchscorpioninStromvauldsMine_zpsd1426b70.jpg
Hamllin fighting a scorpion in Stromvauld’s Mine.

Taking on the enemies from Parthiar Tower Crypt photo TakingontheenemiesfromParthicarTowerCrypt_zps14866ab9.jpg
Erdrique and Sornea taking on the enemies from The Enemy Within.

Erd fighting Mirot in Ataraxia's Haven photo ErdfightingMirotintheHaven_zpsc042ca51.jpg
Erdrique fighting Mirot in Ataraxia’s Haven.

Investigating the Gate of Nightmares photo InvestigatingtheGateofNightmares_zpsdf853ecb.jpg
Erdrique investigating the Gate of Nightmares.

On Saturday, I logged back on with Erdrique and I was joined up with Okhamel.  We headed off into Ataraxia’s Haven and Erdrique finished up that explorer area.  We then headed off into the Sands of Menechtarun, one of my more favorite areas.  While in the desert, we completed An Offering of Blood on elite and Tomb of the Wizard King (The Chamber of Raiyum).  Although we didn’t get an elite streak bonus we did get a plethora of experience, approximately 40 k worth .  After those runs, we both logged out for the night.

Erd finishing off Bestore in Ataraxia's Haven photo ErdriquefinishingoffBestoreinAtaraxiasHaven_zps349f7edf.jpg
Erdrique finishing off Bestore in Ataraxia’s Haven.

Erd and Okhamel in An Offering of Blood photo ErdandOkhamelinAnOfferingofBlood_zps862c7863.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel fighting through the waves of scorrow in An Offering of Blood.

Erd fighting King Raiyum photo ErdfightingKingRaiyum_zps5b38d976.jpg
Erdrique fighting King Raiyum.

Sunday, I logged on with Cantlin (Level 11 Sorcerer) and was joined by Khameltoe and we took on Purge the Heretics on elite and Dead Girl’s Spellbook on elite and then headed out to Sorrowdusk Isle.  While in Sorrowdusk Isle, we started to the Grey Moon Story Arc and we completed the Iron Mines: Free Achka and The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust.  After those runs we logged out for the night.

 photo CantlinfightingintheHiddenChapel_zps42dd2e12.jpg
Cantlin and Khameltoe fighting in the Hidden Chapel.

 photo CantlinburninguptheundeadinDeadGirlsSpellbook_zps87394345.jpg
Cantlin burning up the undead in Dead Girl’s Spellbook.

 photo CantlinlookingforBruku_zps6e4abb4b.jpg
Cantlin venturing into Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo CantlinandKhamelmakingtheirwaytoGrust_zps71ef63d2.jpg
Cantlin and Khameltoe making their way to Grust.

So the weekend was quite productive with my main character Erdrique who received a large amount of experience from the quests he ran and for completing the Ataraxia’s explorer area.  He is getting that much closer to level 20 and his next life .  I hope everybody else had a strong weekend as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Grey Moon vs. Black Sun Just Now Seeing the Connection

I’m currently taking Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter) through the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle and through the Grey Moon/Cult of Six Story Arc.  As I was taking Hamllin through the various quests in the Grey Moon portion of the story arc something had just occurred to me.  Now, I have run this particular chain quite a bit over the years the realization of what I just noticed yesterday made me laugh.  The storyline behind the Grey Moon/Cult of Six Story Arc centers around the Grey Moon ogre tribe being pushed out and overthrown by other traitorous ogres who have made some deals with trolls and cultists members of the Dark Six.  Upon entering and fighting through these quests, a common enemy you come across are the Black Sun ogres. 

Fighting the Ogres in the Iron Mines photo FightingtheOgresintheIronMines_zps6390afc8.jpg
Hamllin battling Black Sun ogres in the Iron Mines.

When I first looked at the various ogres clans in DDO I had assumed that the Black Sun Ogres were a rival clan.  However, one just has to look at the names of “Grey Moon” and “Black Sun” to figure out what has is going on here.  Black Sun is basically the opposite of Grey Moon, therefore indicating that these particular ogres were part of the coup to overthrow Lord Haag of Grey Moon, these are the traitors.  LOL, I’m just now seeing this :P.

It is the little discoveries such as this that helps keep DDO fresh for me :).  In any case, I just felt I had to write about realization and to share it with you all.  Thanks for reading everybody and now get back into the game and venture forth into Sorrowdusk and slay some Black Sun ogres!!  Happy hunting!!

Questions about Champion Preinyl

Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter) has been running a lot in Sorrowdusk Isle and is currently working on the Grey Moon Story/Co6 Story Arc.  As a result, I just ran the quest The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust and I completed the optional to slay Champion Preinyl (a nasty troll).  As I completed the optional I wondered about the particular mechanic on how he actually spawns.

What is up with Champion Preinyl? photo WhatisupwithChampionPreinyl_zpscba4277f.jpg
Hamllin getting ready for Champion Preinyl’s charge.

To get Champion Preinyl to spawn, you have to open the door and then let it close and then open it up again.  When you open it the second time, he comes out charging after you.  So how exactly does this work or better yet, lore wise what is happening here?  My first thought was that there is some type of secret door that Champion Preinyl was using and the second time you opened the door he was there because he had just came out of the hole.  However, I don’t think that logical, otherwise our rogues and rangers probably would have spotted such a door.  So instead, I theorize that Champion Preinyl is actually teleported to that location or has taken some type of portal created by the our nice friends, the cultists of the six.  It seems to fit for his miraculous and strange appearance. 

I can’t really think of any other method for the Champion to get into the room.  Have to love random thoughts and intrigues.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!