Finishing Up Level 8 Quests, Questing Over June 26 and June 28

Although I was out of town and in Atlanta for a workshop from Sunday, June 21st until Friday, June 26th, I still was able to bet back home in time to knock out a number of quests over the last weekend (however, I did fall behind in the blogging schedule once again…argh…I’ll catch up eventually though 🙂 ).  I didn’t get back from my workshop until pretty late on Friday night, June 26th.  I was able to log in with Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue) and to catch up with some of his maintenance tasks (pulling items out of his mail from sold and returned auctions, crunching items down in the crafting hall, posting new auctions, etc..) and then I took him out into the Red Fen for his first foray into those mystical bogs and interesting explorer zone.  I ran through the zone and picked up all of the explorer points, up to 200 slayers or so, and only three rares but still wound up getting a nice junk of experience out there (close to 15,000 experience I believe).  I then called it a night.

Saturday night was much more interesting :).  I started out in the Red Fens to kill off the lesser slayer potion I had still active and then I was joined by Twotoe.  I took a look at the rest of the level 8 quests I needed to complete and we headed out.  We took on the first two quests of the Vault of Night Series to start out the night, Tharashk Arena and The Prisoner.  We quickly breezed through the Tharashk Arena and made short work of the beholders, minotaurs, and tharaahk hounds in The Prisoner.  Once we cashed in those quests, we headed off to another fun story arc, The Ruins of Threnal.  We straight towards the Western Excavation and completed the first two quests in that part of the arc, In Need of Supplies and The Rescue.  I always find Threnal a fun and interesting run, but also it can be quite annoying with all of the slimes/puddings being mixed in with other more vicious enemies.  In any case, we made through those two quests without any issues as well.  Once we advanced the story arc for Threnal, we then rebuffed on the guild airship and then went to the Necropolis.  At this point, the only level 8 quests I still needed were those from Necro II, the Shadow Series of quests.  After we buffed up on the guild airship, and prior to heading out to the Necropolis, I headed over to House Kundarak and to the Cannith Crafting Hall and built up a +1 Ghost Touch Quarterstaff of Pure Good to deal with the many, many shadows, wraiths, specters, umbral worgs, and umbral gargoyles that proliferate in these quests.

 photo Erd moving through the Red Fens_zps0buj1rzg.jpg

Erdrique starting out Saturday night in the Red Fens.

 photo Erd and Twotoe taking on VON 1_zpsvsevai1z.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe making their way through the Tharashk Arena.

 photo Beating up a Thaarak Hound_zpsvzix3rfu.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe dealing with the tharaahk hounds in The Prisoner.

The first of the quests we hit up was Tomb of the Shadow Knight.  All of the Shadow quests have a unique feature to them.  The Shadow Knight is known as the “rogue rich” one because it has a number of traps that can be disarmed for various amounts of optional experience.  This was nice since Erdrique is currently working on his rogue life :).  In any case, we made it through there with little difficulty.  The next one we hit up was Tomb of the Shadow Lord.  Tomb of the Shadow Lord is known for having the party split up to progress through the quest.  However, Two and I had no problems dealing with that aspect and completed the quest without many issues.  The next quest was Tomb of the Shadow Guard which is known for being half underwater with a rather complicated map to navigate through.  Two and I did get turned around once or twice as we were swimming through the collapsed portion of the tomb but overall it wasn’t an issue.  The last quest we took on, was Tomb of the Shadow King.  This annoying quest is known for its respawns and more respawns.  This quest did cause us some issues initially, as we ran into a few instances where we gathered too many monsters to handle, but we did, we just took a beating to do so.  But we finished it and we had them all completed on elite.  That particular run was our closing run for the night.

 photo Erd going to work in shadow knight_zpsbimrg4q7.jpg

Erdrique doing his job in the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.

 photo Erd watching Two battling the undead_zpsaxplagzk.jpg

Erdrique looking through the gate at Twotoe in Tomb of the Shadow Lord.

 photo Erd and Two battling away_zpsybxgx8yn.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe killing off a mini-boss in Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

 photo All of the enemies in the Shadow King_zpst3et9kjz.jpg

Look at all of the phase spiders in the Tomb of the Shadow King.

On Sunday, I logged on with another level 12 character, my sorcerer Cantlin.  I was quickly joined up with Helldemons and we decided to run through two old but fun quests on elite, because I still needed them with Cantlin, Tear of Dhakaan and Gwylan’s Stand.  Those are both level 7 quests making them level 9 on elite.  Even being level 12, upon completion of both of these quests I still wound up getting a large amount of experience for him.  I did run into some problems in Gwylan’s Stand, as a few of the traps cause me some heart burn as well as having some button issues with my hot bars (go figure).  However, we did complete them rather easily.  After we ran through Gwylan’s Stand, Hell logged out for the night but I took Cantlin into Sorrowdusk Isle for another 10 minutes or so to collect some more slayers before heading to bed.

 photo Cantlin getting up close and personal with Champion Krazna_zpstqacrd8r.jpg

Cantlin and Helldemons making their way through Tear of Dhakaan.

 photo Flaming up some ogres_zpsraygubcv.jpg

Cantlin cleaning up the night in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So, although I got home late, I still had a strong and productive weekend :).  I hope everybody else did as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


Middle of the Road Questing, Quest Runs May 4th to May 7th

Well this week, the majority of my quest runs were with characters between the level 8 to 16 range, which is I have titled the runs this week as “middle of the road.”  I started the week by taking Erdrique (Level 9 Rogue) through Tangleroot Gorge.  One thing I have noticed with Erdrique during this particular heroic life is that he seems to be leveling a little faster.  Well, actually, I’m not sure “faster” is the best term to use.  In Erdrique’s previous lives he was able to keep up with maximizing out his slayer areas at level.  Well currently Erdrique is level 9 and still has yet to max out Tangleroot Gorge and has barely started Three Barrel Cove.  I think this is primarily do to running a large number of Cannith Challenges, which I hadn’t really done before.  In any case, he is getting close to finishing up Tangleroot Gorge slayers and I hope finish those this weekend.  Monday afternoon, I took Erdrique out into Three Barrel Cove and made my way through Brood of Flame.  Later that night, I logged on with Kanndar (Level 12 Paladin) and took him through Devils Assault on hard and Taming the Flames on Elite.

Erd getting close and personal with Kroshk photo Erd getting close and personal with Kroshk_zps0dlkhrma.jpg
Erdrique getting up close and personal with Kroshk in Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Erdrique happily running into trouble_zpsbu7jks0x.jpg
Erdrique making his way through Captain Dustdyn’s camp in Three Barrel Cove on his way to the Fire Caves.

 photo Time to take down a fire elemental_zpsheicmv3d.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Fire Caves to complete the quest Brood of Flame.

 photo Kanndar in the midst of the Devils Assault_zps69h9n8hy.jpg
Kanndar taking it to the devils in Devil Assault.

 photo Kanndar making his way through Taming the Flames_zpszc9vq38h.jpg
Kanndar working his way through Taming the Flames.

On Tuesday, I started the day off with a rare run of an epic level character for the week, Kolll (Ranger/Shiradi Champion Level 22).  I took Kolll through the King’s Forest for my morning slayer run prior to work.  Later that afternoon and that night, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) and I took him into the Red Fens for some quick slayer runs as I continue to plow my way through that area.  Later that night, I took Hamllin through the Cursed Crypt on elite and had a fun time dealing with Maldetto and his various minions.  I was surprised with my run through the Cursed Crypt and had an interesting time using Hamllin’s enhancements.  After I ran the Cursed Crypt, I too Hamllin into the challenge Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.

 photo Kolll prepping to fire away at the drow_zpshgrhdwqd.jpg
Kolll hunting for the drow in the King’s Forest.

 photo Hamllin slicing through the spiders of the Fens_zpsfhypp1is.jpg
Hamllin slicing his way through the spiders of the Red Fens.

 photo 700 points of damage from A Good Death_zpsslkj5f1a.jpg
Hamllin making his way through the Cursed Crypt.

 photo Kobolds are loaded up with gems_zpsjm6hms9o.jpg
Hamllin protecting his kobolds in Labor Storage.

Wednesday was a light day of questing.  I actually kicked off the morning with some adventuring with my spirit shaman, Ragnar, in Neverwinter Nights II Original Campaign.  This was actually quite fortunate because the Patch 3 to Update 25 was actually scheduled to be put in place starting at 7 am.  Later in the afternoon though, after my launcher and files updated, I logged on with Erdrique and took him back to Barrel’s Bottom and headed into the quest Guard Duty.  After that, I called it a night and spent the rest of the day with my lovely wife for our regularly date night.

 photo Time for the fighting to begin in the Merchant Quarter_zps9kaxgkr3.jpg
Rangar and his party running into some entanglements in Neverwinter.

 photo Erd preparing for the boarding party_zpssfczykms.jpg
Erdrique preparing for the boarding party.

To round out the week, I took Kanndar through the jungles of Sorrowdusk Isle and continued his quest of maxing out that area.  I continued with slayers that afternoon when I logged back on with Hamllin and took him through the Red Fens.  That night, I logged on with Charlock (Level 14 Fighter), I decided to start the Ruins of Threnal quests with him.  So, I picked up the quest, In Need of Supplies, and started out the Western Excavation chain.  After completing In Need of Supplies, I then knocked out The Rescue and Secure the Area on elite.  Once those were complete, I then took Charlock into House Cannith and ran the challenge Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.  I called it a night after that.

 photo Kanndar taking on Barxer_zpscd7vr2dx.jpg
Kanndar fighting Barxer in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Hamllin taking out the vine stalker_zpshj7iapiy.jpg
Hamllin fighting the vine stalkers in the Red Fens.

 photo Charlock weight up the enemies in In Need of Supplies_zpsmo23nnye.jpg
Charlock enters the Western Excavation for the first time and weighs his enemies.

 photo It is time to take on the flesh renders_zpsraglfvoz.jpg
Charlock preparing to fight the flesh renders in Threnal.

 photo Charlock fightin the flesh renders of Threnal_zpssyip2fnd.jpg
Charlock works his way to take out the denizens of the Western Excavation.

 photo Charlock claring the way_zpszhshwjfb.jpg
Charlock clearing the way for the kobolds.

So this week was truly dominated by runs with characters between levels 8 and 16.  Even with that said, it was quite diverse week with runs from Three Barrel Cove, to the Necropolis, to Threnal.  I think having a week like that, keeps me on my toes :).  Thanks for reading everybody and I hope you all had a great week as well and will have a wonderful weekend too!!

Fun Weekend of Questing, Quest Runs April 10th to April 12th

Over this past weekend, the quest runs and other DDO activities I worked on were pretty much dominated by playing Erdrique (Level 6 Rogue).  However, I did get some runs in with Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) and Tuhnn (Level 15 Bladeforged).  I actually kicked off my weekend runs by taking Cantlin back into Sorrowdusk Isle.  It was a little bit of deja vu for me concerning I had just taking Cantlin into Sorrowdusk Isle the night before.  Have to love how schedules sometimes work like that .  That afternoon, after I downloaded the patch, I took Erdrique into the quest, The Depths of Darkness.  I didn’t have any issues combating the enemies or completing the quest on elite.  That night, I took Erdrique back into the Waterworks Slayers and then I completed the story line by completing Venn’s Trail: Clan Tunnelworm and Venn’s Trail: Venn’s Fate.  Prior to hitting up the Waterworks, I had spent quite a bit of time working on maintenance issues: auction house returns, breaking items down for crafting, dealing with my overflowing mailbox, and upgrading some of my crafted gear.  So once I completed the Waterworks, I called it a night.

 photo Cantlin getting ready to deal with some ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle_zpsdxfe0ujh.jpg
Cantlin sending a beam of fire towards the ogres.

 photo Erd exploring the Depths of Darkness_zpsvty23dwf.jpg
Erd makes his way through the Depths of Darkness.

 photo Erd completnig the waterworks_zpsecrz82oq.jpg
Erd making his way through the Waterworks.

 photo Erd evading a lightning bolt_zps47a9266d.jpg
Erd doing his best to dodge the lightning bolt in the Waterworks.

 photo Poor poor Venn_zpslzqorqsh.jpg
Erd coming acros the remains of Venn.

On Saturday, I logged back in with Erdrique and took him into the Waterworks Slayer area once again.  Although I have the story arc complete on elite, I still needed to wrack up a number of kills out there.  After I finished up the area, I then worked on the Sharn Syndicate Series on elite: Stand Your Ground, Dirty Laundry, Stormreaver Fresco, Bookbinder Rescue, Repossession, and Come Out and Slay.  I didn’t have any issues in these quests at all and enjoyed not having to worry about the traps in the Bookbinder Rescue or Repossession.  Once those were done, I ran through challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door and nearly found/opened all 16 doors.  I was just one shy before the time ran out.  But I did take out 3 of the bosses.  After that run, I then completed the next quest in the Shan-to-Kor story arc, The Cloven Jaw Scourge: Caverns of Shaagh.  And then I decided I wasn’t done with hobgoblins so I headed out to Tangleroot Gorge and completed the Yarkuch’s Warplans, after which I called it a night.

 photo Erd helping in Stand your ground_zps0ekg7sye.jpg
Erd helping out the Statwell brothers.

 photo Erd dealing with the launders_zpsygfds1qp.jpg
It is time to deal with the money launderers. 

 photo Waiting on Zircon_zpskmhcwdzz.jpg
Erd patiently waiting for Zircon in Stormreaver Fresco.

 photo Quendrel thinks he is something_zps6ljj4mxi.jpg
Time to take care of the Sharn Syndicate inside the Bookbinder’s home.

 photo Erd getting his revenge on Zircon_zpso90wbuwx.jpg
Erdrique paying Zircon back for his treachery.

 photo Erd dealing with Talon in Come Out and Slay_zpsoqhevn1f.jpg
Dealing with the Syndicate once and for all.

 photo Erd attacking the Mistress_zpsdtjuc6z2.jpg
Erd rudely disrupting the mistress.

 photo Erd making his way through the Caverns of Shaagh_zpsxjlx2a0h.jpg
Making my way through the Caverns of Shaagh.

 photo Erd surprising a bunch of Hobgoblins_zpsevdpbpzw.jpg
Erd looking for the war plans.

A Sunday, I decided to give Erdrique a break and logged on with Tuhnn.  I took Tuhnn out into the Ruins of Threnal to work on some experience and some favor since those quests run from level 8 to 10 on normal.  I was able to complete all of the Western Excavation on elite: In Need of Supplies, The Rescue, and Secure the Area.

 photo Tuhnn locating Chief Engieer Derward_zpsadqft750.jpg
Tuhnn coming across Derward finally.

 photo Tuhnn looking for Derward again_zpsxjyvelqu.jpg
Tuhnn looking for Derward again.

 photo Interesting shrine in the Western Ruins_zpsfswbt9rw.jpg
Interesting shrine in the Western Threnal.

So all in all, it was a pretty decent weekend.  I wish I could have gotten more done on Friday night but I did have a lot of those “maintenance” activities to catch up on.  I hope everybody else had a good weekend as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

One Strange Monster Champion

When one thinks of a champion for the enemy monsters or forces one typically thinks of a larger, ferocious, dangerous, and grueling enemy.  The champion is typically brutish, powerful, and cunning.  For the most part, I get this sense from the newly crowned mobs we encounter now on hard and elite difficulties in quests but while running Threnal West (In Need of Supplies) the other day with Erdrique (Level 11 Monk, although I was level 10 at the time of the quest) and came across a championed monster that I just don’t recognize as a champion of the dungeon.

Black pudding champion in Threnal photo BlackPuddingchampion_zps56700bcd.jpg
Erdrique coming across a black pudding as a monster champion in Threnal.

Now I know the above screenshot is bad as far as indicating that the black pudding being a monster champion but it was.  Unfortunately you can’t really see the crown because of the dead glass spider behind the black pudding.  I thought I had taken a better screenshot.  But in any case, the black pudding was indeed a monster champion for this instance and I just couldn’t bring myself to see this thing as a champion for the enemies in here.  I think this is the strangest monster champion I have encountered so far.  So much for seeing that brutish and cunning beast..

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Labor Day and the Week’s Worth of Questing, September 1st to 4th

My questing activities over this week included quest runs with Erdrique (Level 17 Druid), Hamllin (Level 11 Fighter), and Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) and slayer runs with Hamllin, Suppply (Level 8 Paladin), Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Exalted Angel), and Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer).  On Monday, I started the week off with some slayer runs with Hamllin.  Since it was Labor Day, I actually logged into DDO later than my usual weekday run because I didn’t have to go into the office, although my wife I did have to go to work that morning (which is why I still logged in).  Hamllin is extremely far behind in his slayer runs when compared to Erdrique.  He is level 11 and is still finishing up the Tangleroot Explorer zone.  After than he will need to completed Three Barrel Cove, Searing Heights, and Sorrowdusk Isle to be approximately where he should be.  I just haven’t taken him into these zones as much as I have with Erdrique.  After running around Tangleroot for a little while, I then logged out for awhile but logged back on later that night, with Hamllin once again.  It was one of those scheduling days where I actually had the same character scheduled for a morning slayer run, an afternoon questing session, and a quest run for the evening.  So, I decided to start the Ruins of Threnal with Hamllin and I took him into the Western Excavation and completed In Need of Supplies and The Rescue.  While I was working on those quests, I was also multitasking and playing with my digital D&D group as well.  Not a bad night of questing for Labor Day :).    

What is this concoction photo Whatisthisconcotion_zpsa15aa22b.jpg
Hamllin wondering around in Tangleroot and wondering what is brewing.

Hamllin taking the supplies in Western Threnal photo HamllintakingthesuppliesinWesternThrenal_zpsfc16e914.jpg
Hamllin fighting a horde of spiders at the entrance to the Western Ruins.

Time to fight our way Deward photo TimetofightourwaytoDerward_zps3fd7bfb5.jpg
Hamllin making his way to Derward.

On Tuesday, my questing started with my slayer run prior to work with Suppply who was working in Three Barrel Cove.  After I collected some pirate slayers I headed off to work.  I was scheduled to play Erdrique for my afternoon run, so I took him into the Orchard of the Macabre and into the Desecrated Temple of Vol.  On elite, I figured I might have some trouble in the trapped hallway with the spinning blade traps and fire dart traps but I was able to easily navigate my way through it without much difficulty.  The rest of the quest I handled without any issues.  I logged out after that run and made some dinner.  Now on Labor Day, I was scheduled to do a mid-day run with Hamllin but I never got a chance to do that run so I took that opportunity to finish the Western Excavation and completed the quest Secure the Area.  Hamllin blasted through that quest easily and after that I logged on with Charlock and took him into the Tomb of the Shadow Knight where I made my way past his many traps and took on his mummy guardian.  After that, I logged out for the night.  

Fighting orcs in Three Barrel Cove photo FightingorcsinThreeBarrelCove_zps17acc939.jpg
Suppply fighting the orcs in Three Barrel Cove.

Hunting in the Orchard photo HuntingintheOrchard_zps2169d6dc.jpg
Erdrique on the prowl on his way to the Desecrated Temple of Vol in the Orchard.

Erd noting the same banner in here as in the Bloody Crypt photo ErdnotingthesamebannerinhereasintheBloodyCrypt_zps2fa6573d.jpg
Erdrique noticing that the banner in the Desecrated Temple of Vol is the same as that in the Bloody Crypt.

Hamllin working on securing the area in Threnal photo HamllinworkingonsecuringtheareainThrenal_zps1f11665c.jpg
Hamllin working on Securing the Area.

Charlock peering down the Tomb of the Shadow Knight photo CHarlockpeeringdowntheTomboftheShadowKnight_zps3ecfe9a3.jpg
Charlock peering down the tunnels of the Crypt of the Shadow Knight.

For Wednesday, I was scheduled to take Wapoyei out into the High Road for my morning slayer run.  So I ventured around out there looking for some slayers and rares.  I still have a large number of journals to find out there so I’m going to have to print me off a map with their locations.  After running around the High Road for a little while I logged out and headed off to work.  When I got back home, I logged on with Hamllin who started on Eastern Excavation of Threnal and completed the first quest, The Library of Threnal.  I didn’t have any issues but that was the last run for the day as it was date night with the misses :). 

Is that owl bear doubled? photo Isthatowlbeardoubled_zps243a0726.jpg
Wapoyei having a grand time in the High Road with his two owlbears.

Battling Basthuul in the Library photo BattlingBasthuulintheLibrary_zpsc5b5a653.jpg
Hamllin battling Basthuul in the Library of Threnal.

Thursday morning, I took Sludgge out in the Ruins of Giantold to collect some Stormeye slayers.  The rest of the day was dominated with runs with Erdrique who first ventured out into the Orchard of the Macabre and attempted to run the quest Flesh Maker’s Laboratory.  Key word their was attempted.  I was progressing well through Flesh Maker’s on elite up until I had to activate the two levers in the lightning tunnels.  I hit the first lever without a problem but the second lever didn’t go so well.  I didn’t realize how close I was  to the lightning posts until my hirelings started dropping and then I dropped.  Needless to say…I suffered a party wipe :(.  I will have to attempt Flesh Maker’s again this weekend.  However, I did redeem myself!!  That night, I logged back in with Erdrique and entered the quest Against the Demon Queen on elite on took the fight to Lailat.  I thought for sure I would have problems in here but the quest went rather smoothly.  I did get killed but I was still able to get myself back up and to complete the quest.  So now I have all the level 12 quests completed on elite (minus the raids). 

Approaching a  in Gianthold photo ApproachingaportalinGianthold_zps69f2478a.jpg
Sludgge approaching the Shavarath portal in Gianthold.

Erdrique on the rat pile in the Orchard photo ErdriqueontheratpileintheOrchard_zps2d60e0d8.jpg
Erdrique burning up the rats on the mounds in the Orchards.

A tragic death photo Atragicdeath_zps7f50f8ee.jpg
I suffered a tragic party wipe in Flesh Maker’s laboratory…need some redemption!!

Erdrique working in the court of Lailat photo ErdriqueworkingintheCourtofLailat_zps44825e7f.jpg
Erdrique takes on the forces of Lailat in her court.

So the questing over the week was active and I had a fun time.  Looking forward to another fun time this weekend!!