Gathering Some Epic Quests, Quest Runs January 29th to January 31st

I kicked off the weekend by taking Sludgge (Level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer) into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic).  Sludgge is working on gathering his 1,500 Stormheart Slayers.  During this quick morning session, he picked up 63 Stormheart slayers, 2 Stormeye slayers, and 1 Stormfist slayer.  He currently stands at 1,295 Stormheart slayers.  During this run he picked up one Ancient Dragon Relic from defeating Lord Cirrus.  In the afternoon, I took Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) into the challenge, Lava Caves: Colossal Crystal.  Hamllin completed the collecting of one progenitor crystal and the clearing out of the giant arena.  When the challenge was completed, he was awarded 284 Jade Scorpions.  That was the only afternoon run I was able to complete.  On Friday night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught).  After checking in with the fellow Crypt Crawlers, I then headed off for the Red Fens to complete Into the Deep on epic hard.  I was expecting on having some trouble with crowd control in here and basically getting overwhelmed but that turned out not to be a problem at all.  While I was making my way through quest, Erdrique picked up a Water Elemental Hunter monster manual deed and picked up over 4,500 experience for it.  He also gathered a Scroll of the Greatclub of the Scrag.  I completed the optionals for reducing the loyalists forces (one times), the elimination of the scrag slaves, and defeated the Hezerou in the underwater pit.  In the end chest I gathered a Shard of the Raven’s Sight.  All told, I also picked up another 46 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve.

Sludgge collecting Stormheart slayers in the Gianthold.

Hamllin clearing the path of drow for the kobolds.

Erdrique battling the sahaugin in Into the Deep.

After making way through the capstone of the Red Fens, I then started on the Vault of Night chain on epic hard.  For this set of runs, I was joined by Friedrice and we headed off to do the Tharashk Arena on epic hard.  Again, I was expecting on having some issues with being over whelmed during the arena fight.  However, that didn’t materialize either.  Once we entered the arena we headed straight off for a set of gates and as soon as they opened up we rushed in and took out the enemy combatants.  As we made our way to the arena, through the arena fight, and to complete the quest we completed the objectives for defeating Angog, Durge’s contact (Myr’dril), took out the drunken ogres, killed the troll enforcers, defeated Smashjaw, and defeated Grogan.  The only thing of note that I picked up was 54 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve.  After we made it through the Tharashk Arena, we then headed to The Prisoner on epic hard.  The Prisoner was easier to make it through than the Tharashk Arena.  I picked up another monster manual deed while we were questing through The Prisoner, achieving quori exterminator I.  I also picked up a medium Eberron dragonshard fragment from a collectible, received a scroll for Stonemeld Plate, and picked up 46 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve.  We also completed the optionals for killing the arcane oozes, Ingstoldt, his pests, and the gargoyle guardians.  We both called it a night after that run through.

Erdrique and Friedrice battling in the Tharashk Arena.

Erdrique making his way through the maze in the Prisoner.

On Saturday, I did some Risia Ice Game jumping with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion), who happens to be my default jumper, and picked up a couple purple coins.  Later that night, I logged back on with Erdrique and I took him into The Jungles of Khyber on epic hard.  The Jungle of Khyber is known for the large number of optional objectives it contains.  During this run, I completed the optional objectives for defeating Drinto Luridae, Blackheart Ambassador, Wumat Luridae, Chactar Luridae, and Huarn Luridae.  I also picked up  five mysterious remnants and 71 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve.  After that run, I headed over to Haywire Foundry and ran that one on epic hard as well.  While questing through Haywire Foundry I completed the optional objectives for defeating the elementals, RC-1, RC-2, disabling the flame jets, and defeating 10 mithral defenders while escaping.  I also picked up a scroll for the Cloak of the Silver concord, 5 mysterious remnants, and 60 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve.  Neither quest caused me any issues on epic hard.  After running through Haywire Foundry, I called it a night.

Kolll preparing to participate in the Risia Ice Games.

Erdrique battling the drow in the Jungles of Khyber.

Unfortunately I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked to on Sunday.  However, I did I get another opportunity to dual box :).  I was originally scheduled to play Kanndar (Level 13 Paladin).  So I also logged on with Stoorage (Level 14 Fighter) from my premium account and paired them up and took them out into Sorrowdusk Isle.  Kanndar is currently working on that explorer area and the Cult of the Six story arc.  I took them both through lower Sorrowdusk Isle and into upper Sorrowdusk Isle and ran the The Temple Outpost: Libram of the Six on elite.  While making our way through the explorer area, I cam across Teargon and Furley and collected 56 slayers for Kanndar.

Kanndar looking into the wild jungles of Sorrowdusk Isle.

Taking on the slimes in the Temple Outpost.

So those were my runs and activities over the weekend.  I actually gathered enough experience with Erdrique to take level 26 but haven’t done it quite yet.  I might go ahead and level him up but I was originally thinking of keeping that level “banked.”  Although, I don’t believe it really matters.  I still have quite a ways until I hit level 30.  Overall though, it was a good and fun weekend.  I hope everybody else had a great weekend as well!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO!!

Slowly Getting Back to Schedule, Quest Runs October 5th to October 8th

Things are slowly getting back to schedule.  Over the past weekend and through Tuesday, October 6th I was visiting my family up in Michigan as we laid my grandmother to rest :(.  I didn’t get back home in North Carolina until early Wednesday morning.  Although I had Wednesday off from work, my wife had to work.  Once I crawled out of bed from the long drive, and while she was at work, I went ahead and logged back into DDO and did some much needed character maintenance.  I logged on through all of my characters and took the time to take care of their returned auctions, clean up their in game mail, posted new auctions, broke down loot from returned auctions, and other maintenance tasks.  I started to do this on the weekend but I couldn’t do this past weekend because of being out of town.  However, I caught everything up on Wednesday but I didn’t get any questing done.

My routine picked back up on Thursday when I took Hamllin (Level 15 Fighter) out into the Sands of Menechtarun for some slayers.  I took him out into the scorrow area to work specifically on that area as I tend to be trailing on that set of slayers more than the undead and gnolls.  For my afternoon run, after work, I logged back on with Hamllin and continued his slayer run in the Sands of Menechtarun.  This time I made a full circuit across the entire Desert, hunting down the rare encounters at the same time.  That night, I had some issues logging in but eventually I got on and I brought on Charlock (Level 15 Fighter).  Charlock is currently working on completing his level 9 quests on elite and this included the captsone quest for the Red Fens, Into the Deep.   I took Charlock into the Red Fens and made my way to the underwater base of the sahuagin and took on the quest Into the Deep on Elite.  By the time I finished the quest, I had to call it a night.

 photo Hamllin encountering the Drow in the desert_zpstg4cgk02.jpg

Hamllin making his way through the scorrow laden lands of the Desert.

 photo Hamllin coming to a dead end in the Sands of Menechtarun_zpsyixcln5z.jpg

Hamllin coming across the dead end in the Sands of Menechtarun.

 photo Charlock making his way to Into the Deep_zps8vnkohhc.jpg

Charlock making his way to the quest Into the Deep in the Red Fens.

 photo Charlock in the middle of the swarm_zpsumznz4st.jpg

Charlock taking on the band of sahaugin in Into the Deep.

So, another lite set of questing but now that I’m back things will get back to schedule/normal.  I’m planning on doing a lot of questing over the weekend with Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) as he continues to make his way to his first epic reincarnation.  I hope everybody else had a great week and I hope you all have an even better weekend.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Hitting a New Level, Questing the Weekend July 10th to July 12th

This past weekend was a nice and productive weekend for my main character Erdrique (Level 14 Rogue).  I started the weekend by taking Erdrique through the Red Fens wilderness area for my Friday morning slayer run. That afternoon, I took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) through the Red Fens as well.  Friday night, I logged back on with Erdrique and I took him back out in the Red Fens to burn off the last of a Major Slayer Potion I had active at the time.  I was then joined by Hellbanisher and we decided to hit up the majority of the level 9 quests I still needed to complete on elite.  We first completed the Gateway to Khyber and the Jungle of Khyber (better known as VON 3) on elite and then we promptly headed off to VON 4, Haywire’s Foundry.  After we completed VON 4, we headed back out to the Red Fens and started to hit up the quests in that story line.  We first completed The Last Stand on elite and then we moved forward to Fathom the Depths.  After we completed Fathom the Depths, Hellbanisher had to log out but I continued on in the Red Fens.  I headed out to the Claw of Vulkoor and took on the fire giants and the scorpions on elite afterwich I was flagged for the quest Into the Deep.  I then headed over to the other side of the Red Fens and headed Into the Deep and completed the capstone quest for that storyarc.  After I completed Into the Deep I called it a night.

 photo Erd coming up to another waterfall_zpsewpqshtl.jpg

Erdrique admiring a small waterfall in the Fens.

 photo Hammy takes on the vine stalkers_zpsilqermyg.jpg

Hamllin slicing through the vine stalkers in the Red Fens.

 photo Taking on the Blackheart Tribe_zpsbhnyk9nx.jpg

Erdrique and Hellbanisher making their way through the Gateway to Khyber.

 photo Having some fun wit hsome earth elementals_zpsmfniv6zi.jpg

Erdrique watching Hellbanisher put some elementals to the dance in the Jungle of Khyber.

 photo Erd and Hell looking for Haywire_zpsgaliwdvg.jpg

Erdrique and Hellbanisher making their way through Haywire’s Foundry.

 photo Hell preparing to lay down some spells_zps8avopyma.jpg

Erdrique and Hellbanisher prepping to guard the Raveneye Drow.

 photo Erd dealing with the zombies in Fathom the Depths_zpscmwxiqgl.jpg

Erdrique and Hellbanisher working through Fathom the Depths.

 photo Erd fighting the giants in Claw of Vulkoor_zpsz2ying9w.jpg

Erdrique taking on the fire giants in the Claw of Vulkoor.

 photo Erd heading full force Into the Deep_zpstqgmppt0.jpg

Erdrique fighting off the sahuagin in the underwater temple.

On Saturday, I had planned on knocking out the Threnal Arena and the Giant Caves as well as the Restless Isles but first wanted to do some more slayers in the Red Fens.  As I was hunting out in the Fens, I was surprised to see Hellbanisher log in.  Since Hellbanisher logged on, I changed up my plan and decided to work on some other level 9 quests.  Hellbanisher doesn’t have access to Threnal or the Restless Isles so I was planning on doing those when he wasn’t able to log in so that is why we switched up the plans.  So instead we headed off to House Phiarlan and took on the vampire in the quest The Church and the Cult.  I then noticed that I still had to complete the Shadow Crypt but Hellbanisher wasn’t flagged for the quest.  However, he had no problem “red dooring” the quest so he could get the experience out of it.  So we headed over to the Necropolis and completed the capstone quest to the Necro II series of quests.  We then headed out to the harbor and completed the quest Hiding in Plain Sight on elite.  After those three runs, Hell had to call it a night but I then went out to the Smuggler’s Rest and the Crystal Cove.  I wanted to get at least one more run through the event before it close for the weekend (I knew I wouldn’t be able to get through it on Sunday night).  After the run through the Crystal Cove, I called it a night.

 photo Collecting that bonus_zps4q4lxf8q.jpg

Erdrique exploring the Red Fens.

 photo Erd taking on the undead in the Churck and the Cult_zpsskglqrgz.jpg

Erdrique dealing with a specter in the Church and the Cult.

 photo Hell and Erd beginning in the Shadow Crypt_zpsjphbugve.jpg

Hellbanisher and Erdrique starting the Shadow Crypt.

 photo Erd working on dealng with the enemies of Smugglers Rest_zpsfnutndei.jpg

Hunting around the Smuggler’s Rest for pirates.

 photo Erd taking a last look at the Cove before it ends_zpsz85sgskc.jpg

Erdrique hitting up the Crystal Cove.

Sunday was a relatively light day.  I had spent the day with my wife going to the beach and lounging around the house and didn’t get on until late in the night.  But I did get on with my low level druid, Cannock (Level 7).  Cannock recently completed all of the quests out in Korthos Island and now is working on his way through the Harbor.  I decided to take him through Arachnophobia and Home Sweet Sewer primarily because of my restricted time limit for the night.  After I knocked those solo quests out I then headed off to bed.

 photo Cannock clearing out the crypt_zps7oelvygh.jpg

Cannock eliminating the vermin infestation in the family crypt.

 photo Cannock watching Slasher in Home Sweet Sewer_zpstkv5hqxv.jpg

Cannock looking back at the sewer he just cleared.

Overall, it was a strong weekend of runs.  Erdrique gained enough experience to hit level 14 after I completed Into the Deep on Friday night.  He is now making his way to level 15.  The only level 9 quests he still needs to complete are those secondary quests out in Threnal (The Threnal Arena and the Giant Caves).  After those I will be working on the Desert and the Necro III quests as well as the Level 11 quests in House Phiarlan and House Jorasco.  Looking forward to getting out into the Desert once again :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Another Diverse Week, Quest Runs April 20th to April 23rd

I had another wide variety of questing activities this past week.  To kick off the week, on Monday morning I took Berann (Level 8 Barbarian) out into the wild jungles of Tangleroot Gorge.  He continues to collect his slayer kills out there while also hunting down the last of his rare encounters.  That afternoon I logged on with Erdrique (Level 7 Rogue) and took him into the Halls of Shan-to-Kor and completed the quest on elite.  Later that night, I logged on with Berann who finished up the last two quests in the Waterworks: Venn’s Trail: Clan Tunnelworm and Venn’s Trail: Venn’s Fate.  After completing those quests I then had enough experience to move Berann up to level 8.  So after that, I called it a night.

 photo Berann battling Slikweave_zpsxxakkpml.jpg
Berann fighting the spider queen, Silkweave.

 photo Erd making his way through STK_zpsjjxqgymw.jpg
Erdrique coming across a minotaur in the Halls of Shan-to-Kor.

 photo Beraan dealing with Ryssal in Waterworks_zpshg3avkhd.jpg
Berann looking for Venn in Clan Tunnelworm.

 photo Berann surveying the prison of Clan Tunnelworm_zpsrfvd0gvg.jpg
Berann exploring the cells of Clan Tunnelworm looking for Venn.

Tuesday started off with a slayer run in the King’s Forest with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister).  I still have quite a bit to explore in this area.  I think I just need to devote a whole night to running around the King’s Forest so that I can find all of the journals and quest entrances.  I’ll hit it up eventually.  Later in the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) and I continued his slayer runs through the Red Fens and I took him through a few circuits with the Festival of the Traveler.  Speaking of the Festival of the Traveler, I also logged on with Stoorage (Level 11 Fighter) to do a few circuits through the Marketplace as well.  Later that night, I logged on with Sludgge (21 Rogue/Shadowdancer) and I worked on resetting his enhancements and then I tested them out by heading out into the Red Fens and working on the last quest in that chain, Into the Deep.  Needless to say I was quite impressed with a few things.  Although Sludgge is a two weapon fighter, with the changes to repeating crossbows he has also become quite a ranged threat.  I also really enjoyed using his Mechanic ability Time Bomb and had fun time blowing up sahaugin on epic normal.  I then closed out the night by taking Sludgge through a circuit of the Festival of the Traveler.
 photo Rimuldar taking advantage of the day for a stroll in the woods_zpsrrz2vl55.jpg
Rimuldar making his way through the King’s Forest.

Hamllin coming across a Fen Cat photo Hamllin coming across a Fen Cat_zps2w0xyftk.jpg
Hamllin coming across a sneaky Fen Cat in the Red Fens.

 photo Hamllin searhing for the eggs_zpsjofsqrmw.jpg
Hamllin decides to take a run with the Festival of the Traveler.

 photo Stoorage hunting down the eggs_zpsudppauge.jpg
Stoorage making the route through the Marketplace for the Festival of the Traveler.

 photo Sludgge taking out the sahuagin from afar_zpsjzr9cb5q.jpg
Sludgge invading the sahaugin base in the Red Fens.

 photo Sludge has his turn looking for eggs_zpsuwx15w5s.jpg
Sludgge hunting for some eggs in the Marketplace.

Wednesday, it was Garrrin’s (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) to enter the King’s Forrest to do some exploration.  Garrrin has just started to work on the epic slayer zones so it should be a productive time for him.  That was the only run I was able to get done on Wednesday.

 photo Garrrin takies his pets into the Kngs Forest_zpsohftrbwe.jpg
Garrrin battling the evil drow in the King’s Forest.

For Thursday, I logged on with Cannock (Level 7 Druid) in the morning and took him through Korthos Island where he is still working on his slayers out there, although he should be wrapping that up soon.  During the afternoon, I took Hamllin back into the Red Fens and continued to work on his slayers out there.  On Thursday night, I logged back on with Cannock and took him through the wilds of Korthos Island once again and then I headed out to the Harbor and completed The Smuggler’s Warehouse, Recovering the Lost Tome, and The Miller’s Debt.  I also took Stoorage through one last run of the Festival of the Traveler.  I called it a night after that.

 photo Cannock disrupting an acolyte_zpsrchtygal.jpg
Cannock attacking the cultists in Korthos Island.

 photo Cannock and Slasher dealing with the enemies of Korthos_zpsu6c1lqli.jpg
Cannock dealing with the enemies in Korthos Island.

 photo Cannock stunning the Witch Doctor Raktu_zpsvmrlljtb.jpg
Cannock stunning Witch Doctor Raktu in the Smuggler’s Warehouse.

 photo Cannock dealing with the Millers mechanical dogs_zpsiqyhmrno.jpg
Cannock dealing with the Miller’s metal dogs.

 photo Stoorage hoping for some good luck with the Festival of the Traveler_zpsn96wynba.jpg
Stoorage making one last circuit in the Marketplace for the Festival of the Traveler.

So that was my week in DDO.  Not a bad week at all.  Hoping for a productive weekend as well.  I hope everybody else had  wonderful week and has a great weekend.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Interesting Week of Questing, Quest Runs Jan 26 to Jan 29

This week, I had a number of interesting and challenging quest runs.  Monday morning, I started everything out with some slayers in the Korthos Island with Cannock (Level 7 Druid) and enjoyed running around and slaying some cultists and sahaugin.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 14 Fighter) and took him into the Sands of Menechtarun and put up a group for the quest An Offering of Blood.  I picked up two others from the LFM post and we proceeded through the Spiral of Vulkoor.  I had to laugh, as I was the only one to die but besides that hiccup, everything went smoothly.  I wish I could say I had the same experience Monday night.  I logged with Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk) and took him into Spies in the House where the air jets just plainly decided to work against me and eventually I died on the electrified floor of the elemental level.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get up to the mephit level which was frustrating.  However, I did rescue all of the prisoners so I did get some experience for that.  I called it a night after that.

Cannock pummeling the cultists photo Cannockpummelingthecultists_zpsbcfe0def_1.jpg
Cannock exploring the wilds of Korthos Island.

 photo HamllinfinallymakinghiswaytoVulkoorSpiral_zps9441291f.jpg
Hamllin making his way to An Offering of Blood.

Time to race through the Spiral photo TimetoracethroughtheSpiral_zps76824718_1.jpg
Taking on the scorrow of the Vulkoor Spiral.

Lorrikk making his way through the Blood Road photo LorrikkmakinghiswaythroughtheBloodRoad_zps716d059d_1.jpg
Lorrikk making his way through the Blood Road.

I started out Tuesday with some slayers in the Sands of Menechtarun with my newest character, Tuhnn (Bladeforged Paladin Level 15).  It was first time taking Tuhnn to meet any enemies so I was excited at getting the feel for him.  I had a decent time slaying the gnolls and undead.  I look forward to playing with him more.  That afternoon I logged on with Erdrique (Level 16 Monk) who I took into the quest Dreams of Insanity.  This quest can be extremely tough as it contains quite array of tharaak hounds, drow casters and clerics, drow scorpions, and our friendly beholders.  The end of it also has a series of runes that need to be activated that are along the skinny catwalks that are difficult to get to and navigate.  Although I did get killed once, I did complete it on elite with him.  That night, I took Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) out into the Red Fens to complete the quest Into the Deep.  I played it on Epic Hard and was quite happy that I made it through the quest with little difficulty, although I did get killed once.  I also took Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) into the Harbor to collect some more of the Risia Ice Game coins.

Tuhnn enjoying the desert photo Tuhnnenjoyingthedesert_zps35225949_1.jpg
Tuhnn takes his first steps in adventuring in the desert.

Time to take on the fanatics of Xoriat photo TimetotakeonthefanaticsofXoriat_zps49f0babc_1.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Dreams of Insanity.

The Remnant is hiding on me photo TheRemnantishidingonme_zps1c546c65_1.jpg
Garrrin invading the underwater base of the sahuagin.

Kolll getting ready to do some jumping in the Ice Games photo KolllgettingreadytodosomejumpingintheIceGames_zps37996038_1.jpg
Kolll preparing to do some jumping and skating in the Risia Ice Games.

Wednesday was a tough day questing wise.  I took Stoorage (Level 11 Fighter) out into the jungles of Sorrowdusk Isle and wracked up some slayers out there but the real troubles came later that afternoon.  I brought on Hamllin and took him into the quest Dreams of Insanity.  Unfortunately he didn’t fair as well as Erdrique.  I had a hard time at the very end when I was activating the runes I fell a number of times allowing some respawning beholders and tharaak hounds to eat me up.  In the end I had only one rune left to activate but everything I had was broken and I was forced to recall.  That quest has become priority one for Hamllin.  I didn’t log in Wednesday night as it was date night.

Stoorage hunting in the caves of Sorrowdusk Isle photo StooragehuntinginthecavesofSorrowduskIsle_zps33fa663a_1.jpg
Stoorage exploring the numerous caves in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo SealingupthePortals_zps7c9e305a.jpg
Hamllin sealing some rifts in Dreams of Insanity.

Thursday was much better.  I brought Hamllin back on and took him back into Three Barrel Cove so that he can continue to work on his slayers out there and to lick his wounds.  That afternoon, I brought on Erdrique and took him into the Sands of Menechatarun and completed the quest Maraud the Mines.  I was also joined by Ramjam later and we did some more slayers.  That night, I brought on Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) and took him into Sorrowdusk Isle and completed the next two quests (The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple and The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate) in the Cult of Six story arc.  In the process he hit level 12.

 photo HuntinginthenightthroughThreeBarrelCove_zpsfb3b2e6c.jpg
Hamllin enjoying the night in Three Barrel Cove.

Whiling Ozann jaded photo WhirlingOzannisjaded_zps9dda1216.jpg
Erdrique jading Whirling Ozann.

Erd fighting a pyromancer in his firewall photo ErdfightingaPyromancerinhisfirewall_zpsd378599c.jpg
Erdrique dealing with a firebrand caster in Maraud the Mines.

Let's stun these guys photo Letsstuntheseguys_zps94bcebf1_1.jpg
Cantlin enjoying the use of electric loop on the trolls in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Looking down the pathway to the Temple photo Lookingdownthepathwaytotheworshiphall_zps192da272_1.jpg
Cantlin approaching the worship hall in the Temple of the Six.

So the questing this week had its challenges, which is good.  It keeps me on my toes !!  I’m hoping for a fun weekend of questing as well and I hope everybody else had a strong week in DDO.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

Quest During the First Weekend of the Year, January 2 to January 4

Continuing my theme of taking advantage of the experience bonus, I did the majority of my questing with Erdrique (Level 14 Monk) over the first weekend of the year.  I was able to move him from level 13 to 14 over the weekend.  On Friday, I took Erdrique out into the Red Fens and worked on his slayer mark.  After a run through the Red Fens, I then took Erdrique back into the challenge, Lava Caves: Circles of Power.  I then ran into some computer issues where my whole machine was just running extremely slowly causing a huge amount of lag in DDO.  While I was struggling with my computer, Khamels logged in and waited patiently for me to resolve my issues.  I rebooted my computer and logged back in where I grouped up with Khamels and we tackled all four quests out in the Red Fens on elite: The Last Stand, Fathom the Depths, The Claw of Vulkoor, and Into the Deep.  Once we completed those on elite, we called it a night.

Taking down Vyx Ka in the Red Fens photo TakingdownVyxKaintheRedFens_zpsf204a57b.jpg
Prepping to take down Vyx ka in the Raveneye village.

Erd havning fun in the Lava Caves photo ErdhavingfunintheLavaCaves_zps3a7ebae2.jpg
Erdrique working through the Lava Caves: Circles of Power.

Taking on the mud man photo Takingonthemudman_zpsd7086774.jpg
Erdrique and Khamels working to protect the elder.

Erd and Khamels dealing with champions in Fathom the Depths photo ErdandKhamelsdealingwithchampionsinFathomtheDepths_zps991e41dc.jpg
Erdrique and Khamels working their way through the Ziggurat.

Erd and Khamels dealing with the scorpions in the Claw of Vulkoor photo ErdandKhamelsdealingwithscorpionsinClawofVulkoor_zps7d49d655.jpg
Erdrique and Khamels making their way through the Claw of Vulkoor.

Exploring the Deeps photo ExploringtheDeeps_zpse0dc3249.jpg
Exploring the Deeps with Erdrique and Khamels.

For Saturday, I took Erdrique back out into the Red Fens to continue to work his 5,000 slayer mark.  I then took him out into the challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I then ran out into House Jorasco and completed the quest the Keeper’s Sanctuary on elite.  I then logged out for the afternoon but logged back on later that night and decided to start the Restless Isles quests.  First off, I completed Hiding in Plain Sight on elite by taking down Hazadill and his cronies.  I then headed out to the Restless Isles and spent some time collecting some slayers, explores, and one rare as I made my way to quest give for the Slavers of the Shrieking Mines.  I then headed down into the Slavers of the Shrieking Mines and had little problems in the quest, except for one ogre champion who was resistant to almost all of my attacks.  I also was worried when I lost a few wildmen from my slay living guard effect.  But in the end I was able to knock out the quest on elite with only a single death and top that off I looked my first Ring of the Ancestors.  After my run through the Shrieking Mines, I called it a night.

Hunting in the Red Fens photo HungingintheRedFens_zps7b9713ad.jpg
Erdrique doing some hunting back out in the Red Fens.

Looking for a boss in Dr Rushmore's Mansion photo LookingforabossinDrRushmoresMansion_zpsbf11d277.jpg
Erdrique looking for a boss in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion.

Hunting Blackbones in the Keeper's Sanctuary photo HuntingblackbonesinKeepersSanctuary_zpsd8da4506.jpg
Time to deal with some blackbone skeletons in the Keeper’s Sanctuary.

Slaying spiders in Hiding in Plain Sight photo SlayingSpidersinHidinginPlainSight_zpsda63573c.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the spider infestation in Hiding in Plain Sight.

Erd unlocking a gate in the Restless Isles photo ErdunlockingagateintheRestlessIsles_zpsb8781676.jpg
Erdrique working in the Restless Isles.

Fighting ogres in the Slavers of the Shrieking Mines photo FightingogresinSlayersoftheShriekingMines_zpscbf9b677.jpg
Erdrique fighting the many ogres in Slavers of the Shrieking Mines.

I brought Erdrique on once again early Sunday I took into the Red Fens once again.  I then took him out into the Lava Caves: Circles of Power.  I was taking advantage of my wife working during the day and enjoying my last day of vacation.  After completing Circles of Power, I head out to do some grocery shopping and didn’t log back in until later that night.  However, I logged back in with Stoorage (Level 11 Fighter) who was on my premium account and kicked off my return to my normal questing routine.  I took Stoorage out into Three Barrel Cove and completed the Legend of Two-Toed Tobias on hard.  Unfortunately that was the only quest I was able to run that night as I was also working on my blogs at the same time.

Erdrique battling in the Red Fens photo ErdriqueBattlingintheRedFens_zps1310d411.jpg
Erdrique battling in the Red Fens.

Erd dealing with the scorpions in Circles of Power photo ErddealingwiththescorpionsinCirclesofPower_zps7c24fab0.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the many scorpions in the Lava Caves: Circles of Power.

Stoorage taking on a rat in Two Toed Tobias photo StooragetakingonaratinTwoToedTobias_zps96507569.jpg
Stoorage dealing with the vermin in Two Toed Tobias.

So, the experience boost is over and I have done a large amount of questing with Erdrique over the last two weeks with the holiday vacation.  I moved him from level 11 to 14 and he is well on his way to 15.  Things should get back to normal this week but the past weekend and week prior were productive for me.  I hope the same as true for all of you!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!

Good Questing Even with Video Card Issues, Quest Runs December 1 to December 4

Although the week was a little frustrating I still completed an array of quests.  On Monday, I took Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) out into the ever beautiful King’s Forest.  I enjoyed hunting with Kolll out there, taking down the evil drow prior to heading to the office that morning.  That afternoon, prior to my weekly digital PNP session, I took Erdrique (Level 9 Monk) out into Gwylan’s Stand.  Gwylan’s Stand is always a fun run and one of the classic older quests in the game.  Later that night, while also playing my digital PNP game, I took Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) into the next quest of the Reign of Madness storyline, Sane Asylum.   That was all of the questing I got down on Monday night.

Exploring the King's Forest with Kolll photo ExploringtheKingsForestwithKolll_zpsb623ea5c.jpgKolll exploring the King’s Forest.

Erd wondering what is in the cave in Gwylan's Stand photo ErdiswonderingwhatisinthecaveinGwylansStand_zps22cf8ec1.jpg
Erdrique preparing to enter the first cave in Gwylan’s Stand.

Larrs fighting the enemies of the Sane Asylum photo LarrsfightingtheenemiesoftheSaneAsylum_zps265a534d.jpg
Larrs dealing with the “sane” enemies in the Sane Asylum.

Instead of doing a slayer run on Tuesday morning, I was scheduled to play Neverwinter Nights II and to log in my Spritit Shaman and to continue to take him through the city of Neverwinter.  I actually had Neeskhka, your NPC rogue in the original campaign, lift a pretty cool +2 Acid longsword from a local merchant for him.  I also encountered one fight in the city before I had to head off to work.  Later that afternoon I took Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) through the quests The Path to Madness and The Xorian Cipher, which I wrote about here.  Using a few hirelings, I took my little makeshift party into the Xorian Cipher and some interesting times in there and completed it on elite.  That night, I logged on with Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul) and took him out into Three Barrel Cove to complete his last quest out there, The Scondrel’s Run.  I called it a night after running through the Scondrel’s Run.

Ragnar gets a new sword photo Ragnargetsanewsword_zpsd8004a5b.jpg
Ragnar sporting a new longsword in Neverwinter Nights II OC.

The boneshriekers are a pain photo Theboneshriekersareapain_zps22b55325.jpg
Hamllin making his way through The Path to Madness on his way to Xorian Cipher.

Menacing skeletons and faces in Xorian Cipher photo MenacingskeletonsandfacesinXorianCipher_zps85884503.jpg
Hamllin dealing with menacing skeletons and faces in the Xorian Cipher.

Harrgon climbing up the new ladder in Three Barrel Cove photo ClimbingupthenewladdedinThreeBarreCove_zps98384b0e.jpg
Harrgon climbing the new ladder in Three Barrel Cove.

Noticing the minotaurs in Scondrel's Run photo NoticingtheminotaursinScondrelsRun_zps9c63d44b.jpg
Harrgon noticing the minotaurs in the Scondrel’s Run.

Wednesday was the beginning of my troublesome week.  I did get my morning slayer run in with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) in Sorrowdusk Isle though.  But when I got home from work, my original video card died and I didn’t get back into the game Thursday afternoon.

Taking down the Ogres photo TakingdowntheOgres_zps0480106d.jpg
Kanndar fighting the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle.

After I got my new video card installed and its drivers downloaded I then took advantage of the fact that my wife had to work a long shift and caught up on my runs I missed on Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon I took Erdrique through the quest The Bounty Hunter, then I took Hamllin through the last quest in the Red Fens, Into the Deep, and then I ran my scheduled morning slayer run in Tangleroot Gorge with Harrgon.  Later that night I logged on Suppply (Level 10 Paladin) who his one of characters on my premium account and took him into Stand Your Ground and Dirty Laundry on hard as I restarted the Sharn Sydicate series for favor.  After all of that and getting all of runs caught up and back on schedule I called it a night.

Erd exploring the Knaves Hollow photo ErdexploringtheKnavesHollow_zps9533d6dc.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Knaves Hollow.

Hamllin swimming through the Deeps photo HamllinthroughtheDeeps_zps20bcb0ec.jpg
Hamllin swimming to the Deeps.

Harrgon hunting hobgoblins photo Harrgonhuntinghobgoblins_zps50577524.jpg
Harrgon hunting down some hobgoblins.

Suppply protecting the brothers photo Suppplyprotectngthebrothers_zps6ec3e662.jpg
Suppply working to protect the Statler Brothers.

Suppply looking for the launderers photo Supplylookingforthelaunderers_zps6cdc05b4.jpg
Suppply looking for the launderers. 

So, as mentioned previously, it was frustrating week but luckily a new video card helped to catch back up and not to miss too much gaming time in DDO.  Hopefully I can do a better job in maintaining this video card as I realized my old one had built up much more dust than I realized and I thought I was doing a good job in keeping int clean.  In any case, everything is back up and running again! Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting this weekend!!

A Weekend of Quest Runs, October 31 to November 2

This weekend, my questing actually started with some questing in Neverwinter Nights II.  For my morning slayer run, I took Ragnar (Level 5 Spirit Shaman) further into the city of Neverwinter and learned a little more about the storyline in the Opening Campaign.  However, later that afternoon I logged into DDO with Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter) and took him into the Red Fens.  While in there, I took him into the final quest out there, Into the Deep.  I went in on elite and everything started out very well as I made me way through the first temple perfectly fine but in the second temple I got distracted and before I knew it my hireling had died and then I followed quickly behind it.  Thats what I get I guess for chatting with my guildies through guild chat while they were in the Crystal Cove, lol.  I will just have to take it on again next week.  On Friday night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 6 Monk) and was soon joined up with Mohog and we tackled the quests Freshen the Air, Proof is in the Poison, Tomb of the Burning Heart, and Tomb of the Sanguine Heart.  We started these after I spent a good amount of time doing some crafting in the Cannith Crafting Hall.  The quests went smoothly and I was pleased as I put all of them up in the LFM panel and a got a few hits, even though we weren’t receiving the bravery bonus.  Overall it was a nice night.

Ragnar preparing to talk to Duncan photo RagnarpreparingtotalktoDuncan_zps5feb262d.jpg
Ragnar learning about the next part in his journey.

Hamllin scouting out Gorger photo HamllinscoutingoutGorger_zpsc2f8f5fa.jpg
Hamllin scouting out Gorger in the Red Fens.

Hamllin invading the sahaugin base photo Hamllininvadingthesahauginbase_zps97bd178c.jpg
Hamllin taking on the sahuagin base.

Erd and Mohog looking clean up some trogs photo ErdandMogoglookingtocleanupsometrogs_zps177e3f00.jpg
Erdrique and Mohog looking to clean up the troglodytes.

Time to find Masmataz photo TimetofindMasmataz_zps94fe6edc.jpg
Erdrique and Mohog looking Masmataz. 

Looking for the vessels in the Tomb of the Sanguine Heart photo LookingforthevesselsinTomboftheSanguineHeart_zpsbc24ab04.jpg
Erdrique and Mohog looking for the Vessels.

Fighting off wights in the Tomb of the Burning Heart photo FightingoffthewightsinTomboftheBurningHeart_zpsa3678123.jpg
Erdrique taking a party through the Burning Heart.

On Saturday, I logged on with Erdrique and took him into Tangleroot Gorge and completed the next two quests in the Assault on Splinterskull chain: Yarkuch’s Warplans and Whisperdoom’s Spawn.  After that, I took Erdrique to House Phiarlan and ran the quest Rest for the Restless.  Once Rest for the Restless was completed, I headed back out to the Necropolis and completed the quest Tomb of the Immortal Heart  which was the last flagging quest I needed to flag for the The Bloody Crypt.  I then went to House Kundarak and tackled the quest The Lair of Summoning.  After battling the end fire elemental I headed back to House Phiarlan and started the Carnival Series with A Small Problem.  I then ended the night with a run through the Cannith Challenge-Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  So Saturday night was an extremely efficient night for me as I took Erdrique thought that series of quests.

Erd ranging a black widow in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdrangingablackwidowinTangleroot_zpsa0bc66b2.jpg
Erdrique hunting some black widows in the Gorge.

Erd looking for the warplans photo Erdlooknigforthewarplans_zpsa630fe03.jpg
Erdrique looking for Yarkuch’s War plans.

Erd looking to destroy some eggs photo ErdlookingtodestroyWhisperdoomseggs_zpsacc59996.jpg
Time to look for Whisperdoom’s eggs.

Running through the Vault of the Restless photo RunningthroughtheVaultoftheRestless_zps6793dd45.jpg
Erdrique taking on the Vault of the Restless.

Fighting the forces of the Immortal Heart photo FightingtheforcesoftheImmortalHeart_zps76688c43.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Tomb of the Immortal Heart.

Erd flipping around some restless lions in Mammoth Valley photo ErdflippingaroundsomerestlesslionsinMammothValley_zps7c6c5bf7.jpg
Erdrique looks for Brawnpits in the Mammoth Valley.

Whats up with the eyes in the Painting? photo Whatsupwiththeeyesinthepainting_zps67328a76.jpg
Erdrique notices the eerie painting in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion.

On Sunday, I logged on with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and was joined by Rameses. We decided to take on the Blood Tide Pirates and went into Storm the Beaches on Epic Normal.  After battling the destructive the ballistae, we made our way into the fortress and took out the dimensional anchor and the orc boss.  This particular run was much easier than our first attempt previous in the week, however we did get blown up once or twice.  After we completed Storm the Beaches, we then headed to the House Deneith Tower and entered the quest The Tide Turns on epic normal as well.  We had a fun time taking out Captain Tew and “Ratty.”  After that run, we called it a night.

 photo KolllandRamesesstormingthebeach_zps5a0f0058.jpg
Kolll and Rameses having some fun in Storm the Beaches.

 photo TimetohuntdownCaptainTew_zpsfbc76660.jpg
Kolll and Rameses are looking for Captain Tew.

So it was a nice weekend in terms of hitting some quests up with Erdrique.  However, I didn’t get anymore runs through the Crystal Cove.  I guess I will have to finish up those runs sometime in the future.  In any case, it was a fun weekend :).  I hope everybody else had a great weekend and happy hunting!!

Questing Over the Week July 28th to July 31st

The week’s questing began with Lorrikk (Level 11 Monk) who ran around the Searing Heights to gather up some slayers as I settled back into a routine.  After I ran around the explorer zone I logged out to head to work but later that night I logged on with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) who ventured into the quest Into the Deep.  The last time I tried Into the Deep I had tried it on epic hard and got overwhelmed.  This time I entered on epic normal because it was a Monday night and I was also multitasking playing with my digital PNP group as well.  Running the quest on epic normal was significantly easier and I was able to complete it with little difficulty, even with my attention diverted.  After that run, it was time to call it a night.  

Looking out over the Searing Heights photo LookingoutoverSearingHeights_zps09fd242e.jpg
Lorrikk enjoying the view in the Searing Heights.

Kolll taking his hirelings underwater photo Kollltakinghishirelingsunderwater_zpscb701ab7.jpg
Kolll exploring the sahuagin base.

On Tuesday, my questing started with Crawlller (Level 5 Ranger) who entered Tangleroot Gorge to gather some slayers and explorer points.  After toying around with some hobgoblins, I logged out and headed off to work.  I logged on Tuesday afternoon with Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter) and decided to head into the quest, Taming the Flames.  I was expecting on having some difficulty on Taming the Flames on elite, especially with a hireling, but surprisingly I had completed it without any deaths for either myself or for my hireling cleric.  After that run, I logged out for dinner.  Later that night, I logged back into the game with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) and finally took him through the Bloody Crypt on elite.  I didn’t really experience any issues at all but the quest is long and after its completion I had to call it a night.

Crawlller sizing up the hobgoblin photo Crawlllersizingupthehobgoblin_zpsf07ddd0d.jpg
Crawlller sizing up the hobgoblins in Tangleroot Gorge.

Hamllin prepping to take on the elementals photo Hamllinpreppingtotakeontheelementals_zpsb9b6d626.jpg
Hamllin feeling it easier to deal with earth elementals as opposed to fire elementals.

Kanndar fighting in the Bloody Crypt photo KanndarfightingintheBloodyCrypt_zpsb60420b7.jpg
Kanndar taking on the denizens of the Bloody Crypt.

Wednesday, I logged on Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) and took him into the Cerulean Hills for the first time and had plowing through the bugbears and orcs.  That was my only run on Wednesday night as the rest of the day I spent hanging out with my wife :).

Berann surprising an orc photo Berannsurprisinganorc_zpsd0fdddb1.jpg
Berann surprising an orc in the Cerulean Hills.

Thursday, the day started out with slayer run through the Vale of Twilight with Rimuldar (Level 22 Wizard/Magister) and he nearly has his 1,500 slayers in Lamannians.  Later that afternoon I logged back on with Hamllin and decided to start the Vault of Night Series with him and took him through the Tharashk Arena on elite.  The quest went well and I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I was scheduled to play Hamllin later that night.  With that said, I decided to hit up the last level seven quest on his list, The Pit.  I only had one challenging issue, the major electricity room where I got cooked and died about 3 or 4 times.  However, I eventually prevailed and was able to complete the quest, although I did stay up way to late.  However, getting nearly 30,000 experience from a level nine quest (completed on elite) partially made up for that.

Rimuldar in the Vale of Twlight photo RimuldarintheValeofTwilight_zps9be5ae37.jpg
Rimuldar toying around in the Vale of Twilight.

Hamllin slicing through the hobgoblins in Tharashk Arena photo HamllinslicingthroughthehobgoblinsinTharashkArena_zps85b5d742.jpg
Hamllin slicing through the hobgoblins in the Tharashk Arena.

Hamllin stunning a Jibless Preacher photo HamllinstunningaJiblessPreacher_zps9b29a4b1.jpg
Hamllin stunning the troglodytes in The Pit.

Well, I hope everybody else had a strong questing week as well and I hope the weekend turns out just as good if not better!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!  

Lighter than Usual Runs This Weekend, June 20 to 22nd

The runs over the weekend were relatively light for me.  Mainly because we lost power due to strong storm on Friday night and because I got on late on Saturday night.  However, I did get some questing in :).  My questing began on Friday morning with a typical slayer run in the new heroic Three Barrel Cove.  I was scheduled to stake Stoorage (Level 10 Fighter) into the pirate island to gather some slayers.  It was my first time venturing into the new area and I thought the development team did a wonderful job with Barrel’s Bottom, the new public city area on Three Barrel Cove.  After gathering some more slayers, I called it a morning and headed out to work.  I didn’t get a chance to do an early afternoon run but I did get a chance to log in Friday night after the storm passed by and the power came on.  I logged on with Erdrique (Level 13 Druid) and joined up with Khamels and we took on Hiding in Plain sight on elite.  Now Erdrique is ready to head out to the Restless Isles.  After that run we both called it a night.
 Stoorage takes a look around Barrel's Bottom photo StooragetakesalookaroundBarrelsBottom_zps775551be.jpg Stoorage ventures into Barrel’s Bottom.

Erd and Khamels swimming through the traps in HIPS photo ErdandKhamelswimmingthroughtrapsinHIPS_zps2f283ef0.jpg
Erdrique and Khamels swimming through the spinning blade traps in Hiding in Plain Sight.

On Saturday, I logged back on with Erdrique and joined up with Rosnia.  We ventured out into the Red Fens and I worked on my slayers while Rosnia flagged for Into the Deep.  Once Rosnia flagged for Into the Deep we both moved out to the underwater sahaugin base and had a good time fighting the deep water elite soliders and many shaman and casters.  We completed the quest without any issues and decided to try the Hezerou.  Unfortunately the Hezerou had other ideas for us, lol.  In either case, we did complete the quest, which was Erdrique’s last level 9 quest to get done.  Time to him up the level 10 quests.  After that run, both Rosnia and I called it a night.

Erd stalking his prey photo Erdstalkinghisprey_zps3648f29b.jpg
Erdrique hunting in the Red Fens.

 photo ErdandRosniaexploringthegreatdepths_zps4893d752.jpg
Erdrique and Rosnia exploring the sahaughin base.

On Sunday, I was scheduled to log on with Lorrikk (Leve l1 Monk).  Sunday was a late night as well, but I did get Lorrikk through Storm the Beaches and he is now ready to tackle The Tide Turns.  I also spent some time playing around on the guild airship and messing around with the guild amenities.  After that, the weekend runs were done and I logged out for the night and headed to bed.

Definitely a light weekend for me.  Hoping I can catch up on some of missed scheduled runs later this week.  We’ll see how it goes.  Hope everybody else had a nice weekend as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!