Jump, One Very Useful Skill

One of the more interesting aspects to DDO is the ability to create diverse characters by spending skill points across the multitude of available skills in the game during character creation.  One of the skills that I have found extremely useful is Jump.  One thing that I learned very quickly in my questing career was that many of the dungeons in DDO have a number of different areas that you need to either climb or jump over.  These include various traps, different sizes of crates, various sizes of holes and crevices, and trying to reach ladders (among many others).  By spending points in Jump during your character creation, you will be able to make your questing much easier.

However, you can’t always spend points in Jump while you are creating your character or as you level up.  However, the Jump skill can be augmented with Jump potions and the Jump spell (either from your spell list or from scrolls).  I always carry these on my characters, potions on melee characters and scrolls for casters that don’t have the spell already loaded.  You can also wear various items that have a jump enhancement to also increase your jump skill (take note that these various types of increasing your jump skill don’t always stack with each other).


Rimuldar knows how useful Jump is.

The Jump skill itself will maxes out at 40.  Once you hit that number, you don’t really get any other additional benefit from the skill.  By having a high jump your character will be able to navigate through the majority of quests and dungeons much easier.  If you have a character that doesn’t have a lot of skill points spent in Jump, especially those melees that wear heavy armor, make your life a little easier by carrying jump potions.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!