Containment’s Journal-Lair of Summoning

Quest: The Lair of Summoning

Level 5 (normal), 6 (hard), 7 (elite)

Crawlers: Containment, Breyy (dual boxing)

Well that was a rough night on Slayer II.  I already don’t like flying and that squall that came through last night just showed that I was more than ready to get my feet back on the ground.  I was thankful when we docked at House Kundarak.  As I was disembarking, Erdrique motioned me to the side and asked me to check in with Lorridan Silvermantle in the Ever Full Flagon Inn.  Evidently Lorridan needs some help and he had contacted the guild to set up a contract.

I caught up with Breyy and had asked him to come along as well.  It didn’t take very long to make it from the airship docks to the Ever Full Flagon.  Once inside, we made our way to the inn owner and asked if he knew of Lorridan Silvermantle.  He pointed to a small table where Lorridan Silvermantle was sitting and talking to another person.  When we approached the table, Lorridan looked up and he seemed recognized our guild emblems.  He excused himself from his table mate and then ushered us to another empty table.  He then proceeded to tell us of the trouble he was having.

Lorridan explained the situation with a Kundarak owned warehouse known as the Lair of Summoning.  Evidently the tenant of the lair had been evicted.  However, the past two times House Kundarak has sent in messengers to deliver the eviction notice, they haven’t returned.  Lorridan fears what might be in the lair and wants us to explore it.

Once we finished learning about the Lair of Summoning, we left the Ever Full Flagon and walked down the alley to where its entrance was located.  We quietly entered and then started to explore the lair.  The opening hallway was eerily quiet.  To help us along, we also recruited Pius r’Simon, a local mercenary who we worked with before.  We also had Spike, Breyy’s iron defender.  The four of us slowly made our way through the opening hallway until it ended with a door to the east and another door to the west.  We decided to go west.

It didn’t take long to run into trouble.  The first thing we noticed were large piles of rocks at the end of the corridor along with pieces of what appeared to be broken stone columns.  In the middle of the corridor was set of stairs.  As we progressed to stairs we heard a “hiss” and then noticed a stream of poison gas heading directly at us.  We had sprung a poison trap.  We did get hit by it, but we dodged the worst of the damage.  After we took care of our wounds, we then walked up the stairs and jumped back.  The piles of rocks started to move and tumble of their own freewill.  We quickly realized that these weren’t plain rocks and rubble but were instead three vary large and dangerous earth elementals.  It was a fierce and unexpected battle but we were finally able to defeat them.

The corridor with the earth elementals lead to a hallway that went south.  Down that hallway was another gate.  Also down that hallway were two platforms, one on each side and with each having a gargoyle resting on it.  I couldn’t tell from this distance if the gargoyles were alive or just true statutes but I figured with our luck they would be alive and we would be attacked as soon as we approached.  And I was right.  As we crept down the hall, the gargoyles sprang to life, hissing and clawing towards us.  They put up a good fight but we finally defeated them.  Worn out, we continued on.

When we approached the gate, we felt electricity surge in the air.  We had set off yet another trap.  And to make things worse, the gate was locked.  We pushed through the lightning trap and Breyy made short work of the lock.  Once through the gate we were in another room that went east and west.  The room appeared to be some type of storage room with crates, sacks, and barrels lying about.  We set out looting the room when we realized we weren’t alone.  We first heard some growling and then saw flashes of white fur.  We then realized that we walked into a room that was guarded by winter wolves.  The winter wolves were more coordinated than the earth elementals and gargoyles, working well in a pack.  To make things worse their breath attack was difficult to defend against.

Once we cleared the room of the winter wolves, we headed west and then south down another long corridor.  It didn’t take us very long before we ran into another trap.  This was a sonic trap and it was quite devastating.  Spike took a severe amount of damage and Breyy needed to revive him before we could move on.  Pius and Breyy also sustained a large amount of damage but I was able to heal those wounds.  We then continued down the hall to encounter two more gargoyles, although we were prepared this time and these gargoyles went down much easier.  We then entered another square chamber that had a portcullis blocking the south passage and another hall that east.  When we started to down the eastern hallway we noticed a lever and when we pulled it we heard the portcullis blocking the southern passage open up.

As we went to the lever, we noticed that hallway was slick and that another door was at the end of the hall.  We then noticed that the hallway wasn’t only slick but that the moisture was moving, we had come across some slimes.  Although annoying, using the glass club known as Muckbane, they didn’t last very long.  Before we made our way down the south passage, we opened door at the end of the hall to find a shrine and a convenient place to rest.  We took advantage of that situation.

After the brief rest, we back to the room and down the south passage.  The south passage led to another larger room with a kind of altar in the middle.  Before we could make our way into the room, we were attacked by another pair of winter wolves, who were acting as sentries in the hall.  After a brief battle with them, we entered the room.

The altar was surrounded by four runes.  These runes were mounted on each side of the square altar.  We activated each rune by stepping up to it.  When all four runes were lit, the altar erupted in flame and a large flame elemental appeared and advanced on us.  We were also attacked from behind by a party of air mephits.  The ensuing battle was nothing short of fierce.  We were dodging flames and attacks from every which direction.  Spike and Pius, again, took severe amounts of damage.  Luckily I was able to use their sacrifices to defeat the remaining enemies.

Once that was done, we noticed a back way out of the lair.  I’m not sure who exactly was using this space but Lorridan most of known the types of things that were in here.  All I can say, is that he better give us a pretty big payout.


Questing Despite Lag and Downtime, Quest Runs Aug 17 to Aug 20

Well this was definitely an abnormal week for me in DDO and for DDO in general.  The large lag issues early in the week and then the extended downtime on yesterday definitely had an impact on my game play sessions but even with those occurring I still was able to make a lot of progress in the questing activities in a few of my characters.  In these instances, they were primarily on some of my lower and mid-level players.  To start things off, I took Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) into the beautiful Three Barrel Cove for some slayer runs.  Harrgon is making his way through those 1,500 slayers and I’m hoping he will be able to reach that mark relatively soon.  He also still needs one more rare out there, after he took out Scortchtusk.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) and I took him through the desert like resort island, Ataraxia’s Haven.  Hamllin still has a little ways to go before he reaches his mark out there.  That night, while also playing our digital PNP game, I logged on with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) and I took him through the rest of the Catacombs Story Arc on hard including Setting the Wards: Patriarch’s Crypt, Endgame: Marguerite, and Endgame: The Archbihop’s Fate.  I then restarted the story arc on elite and completed The Friar’s Niece, To Find a Witness, The Old Archives, and The Crypt of Gerard Dryden.  Crawlller now just needs the Setting the Wards and Endgame quests to have this arc complete on elite, which is good because if feels like he has been working on those quests for a long time.  I logged out after taking Crawlller through the Crypt of Gerard Dryden and as we finished up our PNP session.

 photo Harrgon taking note of Scotchtusk_zpsox76tqhd.jpg

Harrgon stumbling upon Scortchtusk in Three Barrel Cove.

 photo Hamllin taking on the Duergar in Ataraxias Haven_zpsstu7ef0l.jpg

Hamllin fighting the duergar in the caves of Ataraxia’s Haven.

 photo Crawlller fighting a wight in the Patriarchs Crypt_zpsdwly8hca.jpg

Crawlller looking to ward the crypts in the Patriarch Crypt.

 photo Crawlller dealing with the swarm of undead_zpsow1b9lfg.jpg

Crawlller making his way up through the Catacombs.

 photo Arkasic needs to be destroyed_zpssvg2rh56.jpg

Crawlller taking down Arkasic Dryden.

 photo Looking for Marguerite_zpsvfxxloby.jpg

Crawlller looking for signs of Marguerite.

 photo Looking for a witness_zpsta2bfeqq.jpg

Crawlller returning to the Sanctuary to find a witness to the carnage.

 photo Preparing to enter the librar archives_zpsxgnsidgg.jpg

Crawlller looking back at the library after completing the Old Archives.

 photo Battling in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden_zpsksm5hof1.jpg

Crawlller making his way through the crypt of Gerard Dryden.

Tuesday, I didn’t log in first thing in the morning.  I had woken up too late that morning and overslept.  When I got home, for my afternoon run, I took Erdrique (Level 16 Rogue) through the start of the Attack on Stormreach Chain, Assault on Summerfield.  Erdrique made his way through that burning district and liberated the citizens from the invading Droaam force relatively easily.  Later that night, I logged on with Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) and I took him through a slayer run in Sorrowdusk Isle to make up for missing my play time with him in the morning.  After that, I then logged on with Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) who I was scheduled to take through Storm the Beaches on epic normal.  It was really during this particular run that the lag issues started to show up for me.  I ran into a few situations where I was having some issues during the run being able to move and enter combat.  I was eventually hit by an unsuspecting ballistae bolt which ended that quest run for the night.  I’m going to have to him back out to Mistral Island to get my revenge!!

 photo Erdrique battling the Droaam forces in Summerfield_zpsobodnbyk.jpg

Erdrique fighting off the Droaam forces in Assault on Summerfield.

 photo Cantlin firing up some ogres in Sorrowdusk_zpssmqce0br.jpg

Cantlin finishing off an ogre in the Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Larrs was blasted_zpskux2hvzu.jpg

Larrs having a tough time in Storm the Beaches.

On Wednesday, before the hotfix was put in place, I took Larrs back out into Ruins of Gianthold.  Larrs nearly has his 1,500 slayers in the Stormfist camp.  I believe once I get that mark, I will take Larrs out into Evenigstar to start the King’s Forest.  I didn’t get a chance to log on that afternoon and the rest of the day was my weekly date night so that was all of my question for the day.

 photo Larrs taking on the Loremaster in Gianthold_zps2onorqvj.jpg

Larrs collecting more slayers in Stormfist.

Now Thursday was also problematic.  I was able to take Containment (Level 6 Cleric) through a circuit of Tangleroot Gorge.  When I got home from work, the servers were still down for the fix so I didn’t get a chance to log in until around 10:30 pm or so.  I logged with Harrgon and I was quickly joined with Hellspierced.  We took a few of the level 5 and 6 quests I still needed to completed for favor including Archer Point Defense, Lair of Summoning, Forgotten Caverns, Ruined Halls, and Gladewatch Outpost.  I also knocked out a run through The Chamber of Insanity while Hellspierced was hunting in the Red Fens.

 photo Containment lighting up a hobgoblin_zpsg6ve5jsb.jpg

Containment hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Harrgon flaming away in Archer Point Defense_zpsusquhou2.jpg

Harrgon bringing down some fire in Archer Point Defense.

 photo Harrgon catching up to Hell in Lair of Summoning_zpswbrinteb.jpg

Harrgon catching up to Hellspierced in the Lair of Summoning.

 photo Harrgon taking out the undead in Chamber of Insanity_zpseqk3dczr.jpg

Harrgon fighting the undead in the Chamber of Insanity.

 photo Harrgon and Hell fighting the trolls in Forgotten Caverns_zpstb531dbg.jpg

Fighting the trolls in the Forgotten Carverns.

 photo Fighting the enemies in Ruind Hall_zpsju1rpqcv.jpg

Harrgon and Hellspierced hitting up the gargoyles in the Ruined Halls.

 photo Harrgon taking on the hobgoblins in Gladewatch_zpsgys5tacx.jpg

Harrgon preparing for the assault on Gladewatch Outpost.

So, even with the downtime, I still had quite a productive week.  I’m disappointed with how well I did with Larrs in Storm the Beaches.  I’ll definitely have to work better on that quest.  I also plan on making up my “missed run” from Thursday afternoon this weekend, which was supposed to be Undermine.  I hope everybody else had a great week, despite the downtime issues and I hope everybody else has a great weekend!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

A Mixture of Runs, Questing May 11th to May 14th

I had a nice variety of quest runs last week which all started out with a typical Monday morning slayer run with Cantlin (Level 12) who is working on completing his slayer and rare encounters out in Sorrowdusk Isle.  Cantlin still needs quite a bit out there, so the jungle foliage of Sorrowdusk can expect to be singed some more as he continues on his trek :).  Later that afternoon, I took Hamllin (Level 16) fighter back out into the Red Fens, where he is working on his 3,000 slayer mark.  Needless to say, he still has quite a bit left to slay before he hits that mark.  On Monday night, I logged on with Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk) and I took him through the quest Stromvauld’s Mine.  One of the thing’s with Stromvauld’s Mine is being able to find all of the miners (and if your luck, the gems) in your first run through of the map because in almost every instance you wind up over looking one and having to back track up the mine before to locate the one or two you missed so you can finish the quest.  However, luckily for me I was able to actually find all of the gems before entering the main chamber of the mine and had no issues finding the killed miners, so it was a really smooth run!!

 photo Cantlin hunting in Sorrowdusk Isle_zpsijoczmrc.jpg
Cantlin exploring Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Scoping out the Red Fens_zpslfe6j4lr.jpg
Hamllin continues his exploration of the Red Fens.

Lorrikk taking on a monarch scorpion in Stromvauld's Mine photo Lorrikk taking on a monarch scorpion in Stromvaulds Mine_zpsst0ulwln.jpg
Lorrikk making his way through Stromvauld’s Mine.

I logged on with a higher level character to get things kicked off for Tuesday and for my morning slayer runs with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger).  Larrs is currently working on the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) slayers and I was able to notch up a few more slayers for him before I headed off to work.  That afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 9 Rogue) and I took him through the The Chamber of Insanity.  I didn’t run into any issues as I moved Erdrique through the quest.  Later that night I logged on with Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) and some interesting times in VON 3 on epic hard, but I did get through it!!

 photo Larrs heading for the casting gnoll first_zpst0gjifwg.jpg
Larrs making his way through the Ruins of Gianthold.

 photo Taking on the Shade of Despair_zpsok3cgrti.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Chamber of Insanity.

 photo Explosion in VON 3_zpsy3x4misv.jpg
Garrrin rocked by an explosion in VON 3.

Wednesday was a light day, as is typical for me when it comes to the middle of week.  Early in the morning, I took Containment (Level 6 Cleric) out into Tangleroot Gorge and continued to harass the hobgbolin’s that have made it their home.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin and took him back out into the swamps of the Red Fens.  After I made my circuit through the Red Fens, I then called it a night.

 photo Containment in a forest of spiders_zps0o3bl1ae.jpg
Containment works through Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Taking a glide in Red Fens_zpsoakjhll0.jpg
Hamllin feather falling to take down some enemies in the Red Fens.

Thursday was a little more exciting, as I took Charlock (Level 14 Fighter) out into Sorrowdusk Isle for some slayers.  That afternoon, I brought Erdrique back on and took him into the Lair of Summoning.  Later on that night, I logged on with Cantlin, who I started the week out with, and took him through a few quests.  First I completed Dead Predators on elite and then I moved off to House Deneith to work on the Bounty Hunter on elite.  I then brought Cantlin back o House Jorasco and completed the Graverobber on elite and ended the night with yet some more slayers in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Charlock with his blazing sword striking down the drowned photo Charlock with his blazing sword striking down the drowned_zpsmmosdekq.jpg
Charlock enjoying his battles in the Red Fens.

 photo Taking on the Lair of Summoning_zpswm58iulz.jpg
Erdrique battling his way through the Lair of Summoning.

 photo Cantlin dealing with the enemies of the Bounty Hunter_zps6rmaxlgb.jpg
Cantlin making his way through the quest Bounty Hunter.

 photo Prepping for the wight in Dead Predators_zpsnp3cfkzy.jpg
Cantlin battling a wight priest in Dead Predators.

 photo Anybody up for roasted zombie_zps3qq38nff.jpg
Anybody up for roasted zombie?

 photo Sunset in Sorrowdusk Isle_zpsxbg7uiuz.jpg
Cantlin enjoying the sunset in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So overall, it was a nice little mixture of quest runs.  I hope everybody else had some fun last week as well!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

The Quest Runs for this past week, March 17th and March 20th

This week, I ran a mix of higher level characters and lower level characters.  My runs started with my customary early slayer runs prior to work on Monday morning.  I logged on with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) and took him into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) to beat up on some jariliths and others in the Stormeye Brigade.  After gaining some slayer counts, I logged out to head off to work.  Later that afternoon I logged on with Erdrique and took him into Tangleroot Gorge to get some quick slayers and then took him into The Snitch.  I didn’t have many issues working my way through the Snitch on elite.  Erdrique is now ready to take on Under the Big Top.  After I completed the Snitch, I logged out for a little while and logged back on with my level 10 Sorcerer, Cantlin.  While also playing with my digital PNP group, I completed the Chamber of Insanity on elite and Partycrashers on elite.  After that I did some character maintenance and then had to call it a night.

Larrs in the midst of jariliths photo Larrsinthemidstofjariliths_zps0ce2b258.jpg
Larrs fighting jariliths in Gianthold.

Nice view of Tangleroot River photo NiceviewofTanglerootRiver_zpsfe3dd9e2.jpg
Erdrique enjoying the view of Tangleroot River.

Time for a devilish dinner photo Timeforadevilishdinner_zps9718cba7.jpg
Erdrique and his pack planning on having a devilish dinner in the Snitch.

Cantlin watching his summons fight a wight photo Cantlinwatchinghissummonsfightawight_zpse2858121.jpg
Cantlin taking down the Chamber of Insanity.

Burning up the Mark photo BurninguptheMarkofShadows_zpsb9eaa5e6.jpg
Cantlin burning up a mark in Partycrashers.

On Tuesday morning, I logged on a character from my free account, Containment (Level 3 Cleric) and took him into the wilds of the Cerulean Hills for my morning slayer runs.  After running around and taking on some orcs and wolves, I logged out and headed off to work.  For my afternoon run, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 7 Fighter) and took on the Lair of Summoning.  When I taken on the Lair of Summoning earlier with Erdrique I had some problems with the end fight.  This time, the end fight went much more smoothly, I didn’t run into many problems at all.  After taking on the fire elemental in the Lair of Summoning, I logged for a little while to spend some time with my wife.  I logged back on later that night with my level 21 Wizard/Magister, Rimuldar.  Rimuldar had been working on the VONS on epic normal and was ready to head into Haywire Foundry.  I found Haywire Foundry the most challenging of the flagging quests for VON, having some issues with the many warforged throughout the quest.  I wrote about it here.  But even though I struggled, I still managed to get through it and to get a nice chunk of experience.  Rimuldar now has enough experience to level to 22 :).  After that challenge, I called it a night.

The orc goes down photo Theorcgoesdown_zps51572cfb.jpg
Containment exploring the Cerulean Hills and taking on the orcs.

Hamlling beating on a gargoyle photo Hammybeatingonagargoyle_zpsbdb76733.jpg
Hamllin beating on a gargoyle in the Lair of Summoning.

Rimuldar using his firewall for protection photo Rimuldarusinghisfirewallforprotection_zps1f794554.jpg
Rimuldar using the cover of his firewall in Haywire Foundry.

Wednesday morning, I logged on with Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) and took him into the jungles of Sorrowdusk Isle to take on some ogres and trolls for my morning slayer runs.  After taking some of the beasts down, I logged out to head to work.  When I got back home from work, I logged on with Erdrique who took on the Chamber of Insanity.  I had some taking on the remnants of the Vol worshipers in the warehouse and had some fun fighting the four named wraiths.  After I made my way through the quest, I logged for the night to spend date night with the misses :).

Charlcok facing off against ogres in Sorrowdusk Islae photo CharlockfacingoffagainstheogresofSorrowdusk_zps211a785f.jpg
Charlock fighting the ogres of Sorrowdusk Isle.

Erd taking down a cultist of Vol photo ErdtakingdownacultistofVol_zpsde2ee115.jpg
Erdrique taking down a cultist of Vol in the Chamber of Insanity.

I logged back on Thursday morning with Lorrikk (Level 10 Monk) who ventured into the pirate area of Three Barrel Cove to gather some slayer counts and to look for a few rare encounters.  He came across the name hyena (Chortle) which was fortunate because he still needed that particular rare.  After taking on some pirates, hyenas, dogs, skeletons, and scorpions I logged out for work  Later that afternoon, I brought on Hamllin and took him into Archer Point Defense.  I had an interesting time taking on the numerous hobgoblins, bugbears, worgs, and ogres.  In the end, I completed the quest with little difficulty and then logged out to make dinner.  Later that night, I logged back on with Containment.  Containment is still working on his Harbor quests and because he is on my free account I have to run the quests on Normal, Hard, and Elite for max favor.  So I ran the Baudry Cartamon chain on hard and then worked on some gear enhancements for him (I crafted him a +1 Shock Heavy Mace and +2 Wisdom item).  After that, I called it a night.

Lorrikk taking on Three Barrel Cove photo LorrikktakingonThreeBarrelCove_zps2ba1cfbc.jpg
Lorrikk working on his slayers in Three Barrel Cove.

Hamllin meditating before his attack photo Hamllinmeditatingbeforehisbattles_zps899cef6d.jpg
Hamllin prepping before his hireling to begin his attacks on the ogres and hobgoblins in the distance of Archer Point Defense.

Containment fighting away in Cartamon's warehouse photo ContainmentfightingawayinCartamonsWarehouse_zps7b3a6bbd.jpg
Containment doing what he can to protect Cartamon’s shipment.

Containment busting crates photo Containmentbustingcrates_zpsff51065a.jpg
Containment running around Hazadill’s warehouse, ruining his day.

Containment working on getting back the goods photo Containmentworkingongettingbackthegoods_zps63f1d5a8.jpg
Containment working on retrieving the stolen goods!!

So the week had a nice mixture of character levels.  This weekend I’m hoping to hit a new level with Erdrique, we’ll see how that goes :).  Thanks for reading everybody!!  Happy Hunting.

Who is depicted in the painting?

I was taking Erdrique through the Lair of Summoning the other day and came across one of the more familiar paintings that one can see throughout the various dungeons and quests littered throughout Stormreach and wondered who exactly did the painting depict.  Here is the painting I’m talking about:

Interesting painting in the Lair of Summoning photo InterestingpaintingintheLairofSummoning_zps8461c59b.jpg
Erdrique is curious about who is depicted in the commonly seen dragon painting throughout Stormreach.

The painting depicts a huge dragon spreading its wings on top of some type of pillar or other tower-like structure.  I’m imagining that the dragon is a black dragon, but then again that could just be a result of the way painting is depicted, it might actually be some other type of dragon.  Now this isn’t the only painting that is commonly seen around Stormreach.  There is also one of thunder giant as well, which one would assume would be of the Stormreaver.  This makes me think that this one could be a depiction of the Truthful One before he became a dracolich.  I haven’t done the epic raid so I’m unsure of the storyline so I don’t have any more basis to guide my thoughts or guesses on this.  What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!