Questing into the Second Week of March, Quest Runs March 7th to 10th

During the second week of March, my questing was pretty much with mid-level characters or epic level characters.  It was also an abnormal week for me because I had to do some traveling for work to get some management training so I didn’t get as much questing in as I typically would.  I started out the week with my typical slayer run on Monday morning.  I took Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader) into the High Road.  While out there I collected another six slayers and defeated the specter, The Eternal Wanderer.  Needless to say I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play that morning.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 18 Fighter) and I took him out into the Sands of Menechtarun for some slayers.  During this session, Hamllin focused on the gnolls and collected another 62 slayers in that area as well as taking down Stinkpelt.  That night, I logged on with Suppply (Level 10 Paladin) and Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) and I took them into Searing Heights to run the quest Bargain of Blood.  It was another dual boxing session and I wanted to get my revenge from my horrible attempt at Bargain of Blood from the night before.  On the way out to the quest, I picked up another 13 slayers for Harrgon.  In Bargain of Blood, I was able to the complete the optional objectives for destroying the assassination logbook, meeting up with the House Deneith Party, and freeing the slaves.  After completing Bargain of Blood, and getting my revenge, I then headed off and to do the quest Under the Big Top.  As I made my way through the quest, I only picked up one optional objective and killed Maz’il’tilnik.  In the end chest, Harrgon picked up The Big Top and Diamond of +5 Hide while Suppply picked up the Antique Greataxe as a story arc reward for completing the Phiarlan Carnival Series.

Wapoyei hunting in the High Road.

Hamllin battling the Windlashers in the desert.

Suppply making his presence felt in the Bargain of Blood.

Suppply taking note of the artwork in Under the Big Top.

On Tuesday morning, I was scheduled to play Neverwinter Nights II instead of the usual DDO.  I took my level 7 Spirit Shaman Ragnar further into the Warehouse in the Dock District of Neverwinter City.  For my afternoon run, I took Erdrique (Level 28 Rogue/Grandmaster of Flowers) into Sands of Menechtarun for some more slayers.  I also wanted to get something quick in before I headed out to Raleigh for my training.  While out there, I collected 57 gnoll slayers and came across Den Mother Fheena in the Windlasher Village.  That was all I could get in on Tuesday as I left shortly after that slayer run.

Ragnar participating in the battle in the warehouse.

Erdrique making his way to the desert.

I took my computer with me on my training trip in Raleigh and was able to get a few more runs in during the week.  On Wednesday, I logged on with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and I took him into The Lords of Dust on epic hard.  Kolll picked up 54 fragments of the Token of the Twelve, eight mysterious remnants, the Golden Guile, a monster manual deed for Rhaksasha Hunter for 2,260 experience, and 17 commendations of valor as a quest reward.  However, that was the only quest I was able to complete.

Kolll taking down the cultists in Lords of Dust.

For Thursday,  I started out the day by taking Sludgge (Level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer) into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some slayers.  Sludgge collected 51 Stormheart slayers, two Stormfist slayers, and one Stormeye slayer.  He also defeated the ogre mage, Uthger Runetusk.  That night I logged on with Kanndar (Level 13 Paladin) and Stoorage (Level 13 Fighter) and I took them both into the Tharashk Arena (VON 1) for another session of dual boxing.  The completed the optional objectives for defeating Angog the Champion, Myr’dril, the drunken ogres,  troll enforcers, Smashjaw, and Grogan.  I picked up a number of monster manual deeds during this run.  Kanndar picked up two monster manual deeds, one for minotaur hunter and another for kobold hunter, each awarding him 446 experience.  Stoorage collected a troll hunter monster manual deed for 1,943 experience.  Stoorage also looted a Diamond of +3 Intelligence.  That run closed out my activity for the week.

Sludgge doing some hunting out in Gianthold.

Kanndar battling the drunken ogres in the Tharashk Arena.

So, although it was an “off” week for me, I still had a number of interesting runs.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


Questing Over the Valentine’s Weekend, Quest Runs February 12th to February 14th

It was a relatively busy weekend for me, even though I had a short weekend of questing.  My questing was dominated with runs with my primary character, Erdrique (Level 26 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught), as is typical for me during the weekend.  With Valentine’s Day being this past Sunday, I only made some quest runs on Friday and Saturday, although I did log in on Valentine’s Day but it was only during the day time for some minor character maintenance.

I started things out on Friday morning with Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul).  I also logged on with Suppply (Level 10 Paladin), from my premium account, and partied them up to do some dual boxing.  I took them out into Searing Heights for a typical morning slayer run prior to work.  Unfortunately I able to gather many slayers in the morning.  Shortly after I entered the Searing Heights, my computer crashed :(.  Not sure why, but by the time I got everything booted and restarted back up, I had to take off for work.  I did wind up collecting about 18 slayers for both of them.  In the afternoon, I took Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) into House Cannith and into the challenge Kobold Island: Short Cuts.  I was able to collect just over 300 shards before the time expired.  I wound up getting 102 orthon metal scraps as a reward.  That was the only afternoon run I was able to get in.

Harrgon taking on the Bloodtide pirates in Searing Heights.

Hamllin dealing with kobolds in Kobold Island: Short Cuts.

Friday night, I logged on with Erdrique and I was joined shortly later by Friedrice.  We then headed off to House Deneith and worked on the quest Spies in the House on epic hard.  I was expecting on us having some difficulties in here, but I was quite pleasantly surprised.  We completed all of the optional objectives for rescuing the various prisoners.  All told, I wracked up over 112,000 experience from the run.  I gathered 58 Fragment of the Twelve, a Sigil of the Lion, and 17 Commendations of Valor.  Once we picked up our quest rewards and rebuffed, we headed back out and into the Stormreach Harbor to start the Web of Chaos chain on epic hard.  We headed off and took on the starting quest of the chain, The Lords of Dust.  We didn’t come across any major obstacles as we made our way through the quest.  The optional objectives we completed were to defeat Bastion, broke the evil altars, and then we defeated all the cultists.  I picked up four mysterious remnants from our encounters, 38 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve, and was awarded an Envenomed Blade.  As a quest reward, I picked up 17 more Commendations of Valor.  I was a little disappointed in that I didn’t get any more scrolls nor did I get any seals.  After we made our way through Lords of Dust, I went on to do some character maintenance and then called it a night.

Erd and Fried fighting the undead and elementals in Spies in the House.

Exploding a meteor on top of Bastion in the Lords of Dust.

On Saturday, I logged back on with Erdrique.  I was by myself 😦 this time but still decided to work on the Web of Chaos chain.  I went ahead and started working through Servants of the Overlord on epic hard.  I didn’t have any major issues here, even though I thought I was going to have a hard time with the drow casters.  I completed the optional objectives for opening the sealed door in the beginning of the quest, defeating the fire reaver lord, and defeating Flamefang.  I picked up two monster manual deeds while making my way through Servants of the Overlord: Hellhound Hunter I (gained 2,359 experience) and Rakshasha Exterminator II (gained 2,359 experience).  I found another 56 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve, scrolls of Templar’s Bastion and Cruel Nobility, and a seal for the Darkstorm Helm.  I also picked up the Flameward.  As a quest reward, I picked up another 17 Commendations of Valor.  After rebuffing, I then headed off to do the quest Spinner of Shadows on epic hard.  The Spinner of Shadows is one of those quests that either goes really well or can go sideways quite quickly.  Likely, I had a really smooth run through the quest this time.  I didn’t have any problems dealing with the Spinner however the Vault ability really helped me in this regard.  I was able to complete the optional objective of keeping the Silver Flame Guardian alive.  I picked up a scroll for Templar’s Retribution and a seal for Templar’s Bastion.  I also picked up 44 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve and the quarterstaff Luminous Truth.  For a quest reward, I picked up another 17 Commendations of Valor.  I then headed off to the complete the chain and tackled Beyond the Rift, also on epic hard.  I didn’t have any worries about this particular quest on epic hard.  Beyond the Rift isn’t that difficult of quest, except for dealing with the spell wards in the second half of the quest.  Luckily being a rogue those weren’t an issue.  I completed one optional objective and that was defeating Ozebaw the Unwholesome.  I didn’t gain anything else worth note from the quest but I selected another 17 Commendations of Valor as a quest reward.  Once Beyond the Rift was completed, I called it a night.

Erdrique watching the argument in the quest Servants of the Overlord.

Erdrique making his way down the tunnel to the Spinner of Shadows.

Erdrique taking a look around the strange rift that now exists between worlds.

My quest runs over the weekend were definitely fun and I gained quite a bit of experience from these runs.  I hope everybody else had just as much fun over the Valentine’s weekend.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Crystal Cove Type Weekend, Quest Runs September 18 to September 20

This past weekend was a break from my norm.  Some of this was due to the Crystal Cove being active while another was a change in which character I ran on Saturday night.  To start the weekend out I took Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some slayer runs.  He is slowly making his way to the 1,500 mark in the Stormfist Camp.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) and I continue him through the Sands of Menechtarun slayer area.  I was hopeful that I could get his last rare encounter but Commander Errulf decided he wanted to allude me once again.  On Friday night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) and took care of some maintenance tasks and then I grouped up with Tipsyblood and Delaran and we ran through all of the Web of Chaos chain on heroic elite: Lords of Dust, Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of Shadows, and Beyond the Rift.  We did have some difficulty in Spinner of Shadows but we eventually blasted our way through it.

 photo Nice work in GH_zpssahdaldm.jpg

Larrs fighting the Stormfist in the Gianthold.

 photo Hamllin noticing a mummy avengear_zpsoinmpepv.jpg

Hamllin noticing the mummy avenger trying to hide in the Desert.

 photo Time to explore the Road to Tarath Marad_zpsuiqbyvyi.jpg

Erdrique looking for the missing brother in Servants of the Overlord.

 photo Making our way into the Spinners Prison_zpsm4xg5472.jpg

The Crawlers making their way to the Spinner of Shadows.

 photo Fighting Ydrae Avithoul in Beyond the Rift_zps0l5yplfz.jpg

Erdrique battling the enemy drow in Beyond the Rift. 

Now Saturday was where things differed for me.  I took the opportunity between my weekend chores and yard work to log on with Erdrique and I was fortunate enough to get up with Okhamel and Delaran and we did a circuit of Smuggler’s Rest and Crystal Cove.  Saturday night, instead of logging back in with Erdrique, I logged in with Charlock (Level 15 Fighter) instead.  I did this because Hellbanisher, who is currently level 15, was looking for some help to get through Madstone Crater on elite.  So I wound up grouping up with him, Khamelburger, Clairique, and Tipsyblood and we went through the Ruins of Gainthold and completed Madstone Crater will little difficulty.  We then decided to do a few runs of the Crystal Cove on those characters but Hellbanisher had to logoff unexpectedly but the rest of the group decided to continue with the Cove especially since it was only going to be active through the weekend.  We ran through it twice and then called it a night.

 photo Battling Jack Jibbers_zpsshvvsaag.jpg

Erdrique battling the crowd in the Crystal Cove.

 photo Charlock ventures into Gianthold for the first time_zpskgoqezal.jpg

Charlock making his way to Madstone Crater and running across some giants.

 photo The Crawlers fighting in Madstone_zpsm4swr3ip.jpg

Charlock battling the ogres in Madstone Crater.

 photo Hunting in Smugglers Rest_zpsnpspt91t.jpg

Charlock hunting around in the Smuggler’s Rest.

 photo Directing some more kobolds_zpsfbbcn2uz.jpg

Charlock protecting the kobolds in the Crystal Cove.

 photo Charlock and Khamel fighting Jack Jibbers_zps6zm9shft.jpg

Charlock battling Jack Jibbers in the Cove.

On Sunday, I tried to run the Crystal Cove once more with Erdrique during the day but the Cove wasn’t open and still needed another 400 map pieces before it was going to re-open.  I logged back on Sunday night with my low level druid, Cannock (Level 7).  I then took a quick look at his equipment and quickly swapped to Erdrique who I used to craft Cannock a number of shards.  After I crafted the shards I needed, I switched back to Cannock and then I joined up with Khamelapple, who was waiting for me, and we went through The Swiped Signet, The Friar’s Niece, To Find a Witness, The Old Archives, and the Crypt of Gerard Dryden all on elite.  Not a bad night at all.

 photo Cannock battling Scourge in the Swiped Signet_zpslkuesobh.jpg

Cannock battling Scourge in The Swiped Signet.

 photo Cannock hunting spiders in the Friars Niece_zps03q4ybja.jpg

Cannock hunting down some spiders in the Catacombs.

 photo Cannock looking back at The Sanctuary_zpsqltwqxlw.jpg

Cannock looking back at the Sanctuary after finishing To Find a Witness.

 photo Waiting for the librarian_zpsddbnhiij.jpg

Waiting for the librarian.

 photo Cannock and Khamelapple battling in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden_zpspm7adi0g.jpg

Khamelapple and Cannock battling in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden.

Overall it was a nice weekend even though it was outside of the normal routine.  I hope everybody else had a great weekend as well and I hope everybody else has a great week to.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

More Epic Questing Than Normal This Week, Quest Runs Week of September 14 to September 17

This week, I had more questing activities in epic levels than I normally do.  But then again, I shouldn’t be too surprised by this because Erdrique (Rogue/Fury of the Wild) is level 20 at the moment so by default I will be playing more with level 20 and higher level characters.  However, Erdrique won’t be really progressing into the epic questing until he finishes the heroic quests, which I can’t imagine will take him much longer consider he is nearly done with level 15 quests and has started on level 16 quests.  I might not be able to knock out the Litany of the Dead though, I’m not sure if I have the sigil completed, will have to double check on that so that level 15 quest might need to be bypassed.  However, I digress :).  To get things started off this week, I hopped into a different game for my work day morning questing, Neverwinter Nights II.  So on Monday, I took my level 7 spirit shaman, Ragnar, further into the gang territory of Neverwinter City.  Feels like I have been in this portion of the opening campaign forever, but I guess it should feel that way when you only get on once or twice a month or so.  I just need to work some more time into it, but then again that means less time for DDO…  Of course over the coming winter months, I’ll probably have more time to work in both games as my yard work would hopefully decline.  We’ll see how that goes :P.  Later on that afternoon, I logged back into DDO with Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) and took him through a quick slayer run in the Sands of Menechtarun.  Hamllin is steadily making his way through these slayers.  He now is working on 1,500 slayers in the gnolls and 750 for scorrow and undead.  He also only needs one more rare encounter (Commander Errulf) as well.  On Monday night, I logged on with Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader) and I joined up with Hellsbain and we entered The Battle of Eveningstar on epic hard and steadily moved through it without much of an issue.  We then headed over and completed Don’t Drink the Water on epic hard as well.  We didn’t get to play our digital PNP game on Monday night because our DM couldn’t get online :(.

 photo Ragnar getting ready to head into trobule_zpscgiaczty.jpg

Ragnar making his way to more trouble in Neverwinter.

 photo Hamllin gazing at the night sky in the Desert_zpsmclzxjav.jpg

Hamllin enjoying the night sky in the desert.

 photo Getting a close up of Tharmalos_zpst75thix2.jpg

Wapoyei up close to a powerful green dragon.

Things started out on Tuesday when I logged on with Kanndar (Level 12 Paladin) and I took him out into Sorrowdusk Isle for some slayers.  Kanndar continues to make progress to maximizing the area out.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique and I took him into the quest Delirium.  Luckily I had some help from Hellinna because for some reason I was suffering some serious lag issues.  I was able to make it through the quest but it was barely playable.  My lag issues continued when I logged on with Berann (Level 8 Barbarian)  and took him into Irestone Inlet.  I realized earlier in the afternoon, that in this case, the lag issues were most likely on my end and not from the game.  I tried to reset my router, as this has been the issue in the past on a number of occasions, but I still had a problem.  I then updated my video card drivers and hoped it would work better on Wednesday morning.

 photo Kanndar dealing with Furley_zpstbxvhlym.jpg

Kanndar dealing with Furley in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Fighting Knizzlenak_zpss3po9yej.jpg

Erdrique and Helllinna fighting the boss beholder at the end of Delirium.

 photo Berann making his way through Irestone Inlet_zpsyoqxofjl.jpg

Berann making his way through Irestone Inlet.

Wednesday morning came along and I logged on with Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) and hoped that the lag issues I had on Tuesday weren’t going to reappear.  Unfortunately they did reappear.  I limped Harrgon out into Three Barrel Cove for a little, stuttering the entire time.  Once I got back from work, I decided to reset my router again and to reboot my computer in another attempt to clear up my lag issues prior to logging back in for my afternoon run.  After I completed that and after working out, I then logged back into DDO and loaded up with Hamllin.  I was very much relieved to find out that the lag was no longer an issue and the game was crisp with some movement :).  I took Hamllin back out into the Sands of Menechtarun, enjoying my “freedom of movement” :P.  I didn’t log that night because it was my weekly date night with my beautiful wife.

 photo Harrgon slicing his way through Three Barrel Cove_zpsysmh86dj.jpg

Harrgon slicing his way through Three Barrel Cove.

 photo Hamllin coming across Thumok the Mad_zpscxrqiih6.jpg

Hamllin making his way through the Sands of Menechtarun.

To round out the week, I logged on with Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) and took him out into Sorrowdusk Isle for some morning slayer runs.  The game was still running really smoothly, thankfully!!  When I got back home from work in the afternoon, I logged in with Erdrique and started the Web of Chaos chain and ran the Lords of Dust on elite (doing the heroic version).  On Thursday night, it was time to run some more epic stuff so I logged on with Sludgge (Level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer) and I was joined up with Rameses and we completed the The Tide Turns on epic normal.  After we took out Captain Tew and his crew we then decided to deal with more pirates and ran out to Smuggler’s Rest and ran the Crystal Cove twice.  Ramses had switched to his other character, Friedrice (who is level 24), and we completed both runs of the Crystal Cove on level 24.  We called it a night after that.

 photo Cantlin exploring the caves of Sorrowdusk_zpsmzcn4gcu.jpg

Cantlin exploring the caves of Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Erd coming waiting for the cultists to attack_zpsicowic25.jpg

Erdrique and his flesh render waiting for the cultists to attack.

 photo Sludgge battling in his explosion_zpszdexliph.jpg

Sludgge battling in the midst of his explosive time bomb in The Tide Turns.

 photo Sludgge entering Smugglers Rest_zpsdv78zhvf.jpg

Sludgge entering the Smuggler’s Rest.

 photo Protecting the Line_zpsmy1drqpx.jpg

Sludgge working on protecting the line in the Crystal Cove.

 photo Fighting the Mutinous First Mate_zpsq98hannl.jpg

Our gang coming across the mutinous first mate.

The week was definitely interesting and a little irritating with dealing with my lag issues in the middle of it.  Luckily I was able to get it fixed for now.  I was really worried I was starting to lose my video card.  It was a fun week and I hope everybody else had a fun week as well and I hope everybody has an even better weekend!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO!!

A Lot of Questing Over the Weekend, Quest Runs July 24th to July 26th

This past weekend was full of questing :).  I kicked things off by taking Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) out into the Tangleroot Gorge for some relatively swift slayer runs prior to work on Friday morning.  I did miss my afternoon run, as my wife and I went out to eat for dinner on Friday afternoon but I made it up back on up on later that night.  I logged on with Erdrique (Level 15 Rogue)  and joined up with Khamels and Hellbanisher.  We then made our way over to the Necropolis to take on the Tomb of the Tormented, Tomb of the Forbidden, Tomb of the Blighted, and Tomb of the Unhallowed.  We started out with the most annoying of the four quests, Tomb of the Tormented.  As I was moving a rat through the second maze, Hellbanisher lost connect and later I got an out-of-game message from him saying that his house had lost power.  So Khamels and I continued and we finished up the four flagging quest for the Cursed Crypt, which is planned to be taking on next Friday.  After we completed those quests I hit level 15 with Erdrique and then leveled up after which I called it a night.

 photo Dealing with the Tomb of the Tormented_zpsr6031mmo.jpg

Erd and Khamels dealing with the annoyance of Tomb of the Tormented.

 photo Fighting Ice Mephits in Tomb of the Forbidden_zpsbujcdqkw.jpg

Erdrique fighting the mephits of the Tomb of the Forbidden.

 photo Dealing with enemies in Tomb of the Blighted_zpsb8ay61pu.jpg

Erdrique having to deal with undead casters in Tomb of the Blighted.

 photo Fighting Amahte in Tomb of the Unhallowed_zpslqpweqsm.jpg

Fighting the mummy boss of the Tomb of the Unhallowed.

I got on a little earlier than normal on Saturday night because my wife was out babysitting for a friend.  I logged on with Erdrique and I took him out into the Red Fens for his turn at acquiring the slayers out there.  I complete one circuit out in those bogs and then realized that I needed to upgrade my Spare Hand and Ring of the Stalker and headed off to the do some Cannith Challenges.  I then ran through Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  After a run through Dr. Rushmore’s mansion, I then went back out to the Red Fens and that was when a few other Crawlers logged on.  Gutterat and Khamels logged in and after a little bit of guild chatting, we decided to run the Web of Chaos Chain on epic hard.  Gutterat hadn’t played through this particular quest line yet since he had returned to the game, although he had run a number of the quests out in Eveningstar.  So Gutterat switched to his Shadar-kai, Lethalix (Level 20) and Khamels switched to his level 22 ranger, Friedrice.  I then logged out and brought on Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) and we headed off to Lords of Dust.  We rolled through Lords of Dust on epic hard and had some watching Lethalix figure out where the taps were.  Servants of the Overlord went pretty well too, as I was expecting on having some trouble in there.  However, I was pleasantly surprised as we moved through the drow, spiders, and raksashas will little problems.  The Spinnter of Shadows took us a little longer as we had to wait for the spiders to spawn who drop the crystals to relight the torches, but overall it wasn’t a problem either.  The last quest, Beyond the Rift, was also relatively easy, and I was glad to have Lethalix with us to disarm the numerous spell wards.  After we made our way through the Rift and back to Evenigstar to get our rewards, I then called it a night.  It was a good night and I was glad to take Lethalix through some quests he hadn’t seen before.

 photo Erdrique moving through the Red Fens_zpsezgpjlcx.jpg

Erdrique floating around in the Red Fens.

 photo Hunting the enemies in Dr. Rushmores Mansion_zpsagnztkrh.jpg

Erdrique making his way through Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion in Picture Portals.

 photo Garrrin Let and Fried hitting up Lords of Dust_zps0sjjcxrr.jpg

Garrrin taking note of the travels through the Lords of Dust.

 photo Fighting a rakshasa lord in Servants of the Overlord_zps1lbgxugo.jpg

Garrrin getting up close and personal of a fireball from a raksashasa lord.

 photo That is a omnimus sight in the Spinners Prison_zpsi3cfysit.jpg

Garrrin noticing an eerie crevice on the way to the Spinner of Shadows.

 photo Garrrin taking on a drow in the Rift_zpsp44dkv1u.jpg

Garrrin battling the drow in Beyond the Rift.

Sunday was relatively quiet compared to Friday and Saturday but still quite active.  I logged on with Charlock (Level 14 Fighter) and decided to take him into the Ruins of Threnal where I completed the Threnal Arena.  I was little embarrassed to get destroyed by the last beholder but I got my revenge when I came back and took him down.  I then joined up with Khamels and we headed off for the Eastern Excavation and completed the quests: The Library of Threnal, Escort the Expedition, and Hold for Reinforcements.  After we completed Threnal East we decided to head over to Ataraxia’s Haven and to complete the quest Reclamation.  After we convinced the Duergar to leave the mineshaft, I logged out and called it a night.

 photo Charlock fighting in the Arena_zpsirnihnqn.jpg

Charlock battling in the arena in Threnal.

 photo Charlock and Khamel Making their way through the Library_zpsemsz3uts.jpg

Charlock and Khamels looking for the library in Eastern Excavation.

So, definitely a nice set of quests this past weekend and little bit of a shift in my questing where I didn’t stay with Erdrique for the majority of the time  But it was good to group up with Lethalix.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Having Some Fun in Epic Hard Quests

I’m still learning my way through the epic questing scene, even though I have quite a number of characters that are level 20 and higher.  As such, I have started to slowly move to running some of the epic quests on epic hard as opposed to epic normal.  Of course, I have only done this a few times with characters I’m more comfortable.  In fact two out of the three last epic quest runs I completed were on epic hard.  And each of them went pretty smoothly.  The first one was with Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Exalted Angel).  In this particular instance, I decided to take on the Lords of Dust on Epic Hard.  Wapoyei still needs quite a bit of work in terms of obtaining gear but his healing and radiant server aura is powerful and I felt like he could hold his own in there.  That and being able to summon forth his onyx panther, and his two owl bears (level 25 and level 17), and another hireling that he would be ok, not including his summon monster.  So I took over to the Harbor and entered into the quest and then realized that my rogue/shadowdancer hireling had expired and didn’t feel like heading out to get another one so I pushed forward with out that hireling.

Wapoyei creating havoc in the Cultist Base photo WapoyeicreatinghavocintheCultistBase_zps85551c37.jpg
Wapoyei creating havoc in the cultist base.

Even without the additional help of the rogue/shadowdancer hireling, that I had planned on helping me out, I still was able to move Wapoyei and his makeshift party through the quest with little difficulty to be honest.  I used the onyx panther and the owl bears to help maintain and gather ire of the many cultists while my aura pretty much kept everybody up in health.  I also used energy drain in conjunction with the spell destruction for some fun insta-kill results, including many of the champions I encountered.  I also used a number of light spells (nimbus of light, searing light, divine power, and avenging light) along with the epic destiny rebuke foe to help as well.  Although Wapoyei was one level higher than the quest, I still expected to get killed at least once.  But I never fell, nor did any of my pets, including my level 17 owlbear which I found quite surprising.  The biggest problem I had was with Karas at the end, but by using the the intimidate ability on three pets Iwas able to keep his focus on them as opposed to Wapoyei, which allowed me to keep the pets in my aura as well as allowing me to attack.  In the end, it was nice run.

Champion chest in the wall photo Championchestinwall_zps66d5b9b5.jpg
Kolll taking down a gnoll monster champion who tried to drop his chest in the wall…bad, bad, champion.

The more surprising quest I ran was Tomb of the Wizard King on Epic Hard with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  At the time, Kolll was level 21 which made him one level under the level of the quest (level 22 on Epic Hard).  Even with him being under level, I figured I would have plenty of room to kite and hide, allowing my pets and my favored soul/exalted angel hireling to finish off anything I started.  So, I entered the quest and summoned forth my onyx panther, my level 17 owlbear, and my hireling.   The first few encounters with the gnolls in the beginning went fairly well and I was able to take them out pretty easily, including a few champions.  However, I did run into a little hiccup.  As I moved further into the first room I was so fortunate enough to have two monster champion windlasher evokers and I was bright enough to grab both of their attention.  Needless to say, I hit my first death but was able to get back up and take them out.  I then took out the Den Mother, who was a champion, and moved my way further into the quest.

These Death Hex Wraiths Surprised Kolll photo TheseDeathHexWraithSurprisedKolll_zps4805ece0.jpg
Kolll hadn’t encountered these bad boys before.

By using a combination of duck and cover, kiting, and multi-shot I was able to make my way through the majority of the quest without any other issues until I hit an expected new enemy source, the death hex wraiths.  I never encountered these before and before I new it was found myself as a soul stone.  However, I had my hireling get me back up and I was able to take them out.  I also was a little surprised to encounter the skeleton mages at the tombs of the Jackal and and the Lion but they were much easier to deal with.  I did get killed one more time during the final fight with Raiyum when more of the dread hex wraiths spawned when I got him down to under 50%.  Again, I was surprised and this time my whole little party wiped.  I was forced to buy a resurrection cake but Raiyum was nearly finished by that time and I was able to finish him off and the rest of his wraiths to complete the quest.

Mysterious Remnant hiding on me photo Mysteriousremnanthidingonme_zpsa0486b20.jpg
A mysterious remnant was trying to hide on me.

Wish all the mummies were like this guy photo Wishallthemummieswerelikethisguy_zpsc091f9f6.jpg
Too bad the rest of the mummies in the Wiz King weren’t like this one.

So overall, I was pleased with both Wapoyei and Kolll.  I was also happy when running the Wiz King with Kolll as I gathered quite a number of scrolls; a token of the twelve; a few monster champion remnants; the seals for the demonscale armor, vambraces of inner light and the mysterious ring.  I will continue to run more quests on the higher difficulty settings and I hope the majority of them go as smoothly.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Nice Mixture of Questing, November 17th to November 20th

My questing runs this week included quest runs from all ranges: low, medium, and high levels.  My questing started out with a Monday morning slayer run with Garrrin (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) who received some assistance from Friedrice while collecting some easy slayers in the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) landscape area.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with my main character, Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) and I took him into three of the common House Kundarak quests: Chamber of Insanity, The Ruined Halls, and the Forgotten Caverns.  I didn’t have any issues with these runs while tackling them on elite.  Later that night, I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) and I took him into the Lords of Dust on Epic Normal and had an interesting time taking on Gnomen and his cultists.  I logged out for the night after I got Rimuldar through the Lords of Dust.

Garrrin and Friedrice demolishing the enemies of GH photo GarrrinandFrieddemolishingtheenemiesinGH_zps79c37998.jpg
Garrrin and Friedrice hunting in the Gianthold.

Erd taking on the Shade of Madness photo ErdtakingontheShadeofMadness_zpsa42bf93c.jpg
Erdrique fighting the shades in the Chamber of Insanity.

What a compilation of monsters photo Whatacompilationofmonsters_zps3ffaf352.jpg
Erdrique amazed by the diversity of monsters held in the Ruined Halls.

Stunning trolls in the Forgotten Caverns photo StunningtrollsintheForgottenCaverns_zpsb9392ab9.jpg
Erdrique using stunning fist to immobilize the trolls in the Forgotten Caverns.

Rimuldar stoning a Jarilith with Prismatic Spray photo RimuldarstoningaJarilithwithPrismaticSpray_zpsff83951c.jpg
Rimuldar enjoying the use of Prismatic Spray to stone jarilith’s in Lords of Dust.

On Tuesday, I started the day with Stoorage (Level 11 Fighter) who I took out into Sorrowdusk Isle to collect some more slayers and rares in that exotic area prior to heading off to work.  When I got home from work, I took Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) out into the quest the Keeper’s Sanctuary.  While running the Keeper’s Sanctuary, I did suffer one death from a nasty set of blades and spikes that were protecting a hidden chest.  I knew I was going to get killed so I wasn’t that upset about it, but besides that little hiccup I didn’t have any issues.  On Tuesday night, I logged on my low level cleric Containment (Level 5 Cleric) who I took into the Cannith Challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I was quite happy with this run because not only was I able to complete the quest, I was also able to figure out the bubble puzzle room for the first time, which was quite nice indeed .  After I took Containment into the challenge, I then spent some time to get him some new gear from the auction house and then I headed into the Waterworks to complete The Kobold’s Den: Clan Gnashtooth and The Kobold’s Den: Rescuing Arlos on hard (need to do this becase Containment is on my premium account).  After those runs I logged out and headed off to bed.

Stoorage hunting down some ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle photo StooragehuntingdownsomeogresinSorrowdusk_zps37f14d65.jpg
Stoorage hunting and exploring in the Sorrowdusk Isle.

Hamllin fighting Annelisa in the Keeper's Sanctuary photo HamllinfightingAnnelisaintheKeepersSanctuary_zps8615fa39.jpg
Hamllin battling Annelisa in the Keeper’s Sanctuary.

Containment fighting the Mother of the Nest photo ContainmentfightingtheMotheroftheNest_zpsa7eedb8a.jpg
Containment fighting the Mother of the Nest in Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

Dealing with kobolds in the Gnashtooth Lair photo DealingwithkoboldsintheGnashtoothLair_zps6cc70336.jpg
Containment dealing with the kobolds of Clan Gnashtooth.

Containment battling Chef Kraskuth photo ContainmentbattlingChefKraskuth_zps8e4c5672.jpg
Containment inviting himself to Chef Kraskuth’s meal.

On Wednesday, I was scheduled to log on with Hamllin and to take him out to explore Three Barrel Cove first thing in the morning.  Later that afternoon, we had some more connection issues and I didn’t get on until late on Wednesday night and only took care of some typical character maintenance with Erdrique.

Hamllin enjoying the scenery in TBC photo HamllinenjoyingthesceneryinTBC_zps366b36f5.jpg
Hamllin enjoying the scenery in Three Barrel Cove.

For Thursday, I did some slayer runs through Three Barrel Cove with Suppply (Level 8 Paladin) prior to work.  That afternoon, taking advantage of my wife having to work late, I decided to log in with Erdrique and to take on the quest Archer Point Defense, which I had planned on doing on Wednesday but couldn’t because of the downtime.  So after I caught up on Erdrique’s scheduled quest runs, I then logged on with Hamllin and took him out into Haywire’s Foundry, which was the quest I was originally slated to run.  I had fun time taking down Haywire’s crazed worforged and other constructs.  Later than night, I logged on with Stoorage who complete a run throug the Cannith Challenge, The Lava Caves: The Circles of Power.   While running Stoorage through the Lava Caves, I was worried that I wouldn’t complete it until I found a large source of purple crystals straight ahead in the map.

Suppply going for a swim in TBC photo SuppplygoingforaswiminTBC_zps6f179b0e.jpg
Suppply going for a swim in the Cove.

 photo ErdiquehuntingdownthehobgoblinleaderinArcherPointDefense_zps3c704bb8.jpg
Erdrique hunting down the hobgoblin leader in Archer Point Defense.

 photo HamllinbattlingthewarforgedinVON4_zps30e220c2.jpg
Hamllin battling the warforged in Haywire’s Foundry. 

 photo StooragelookingforthecrystalsintheLavaCaves_zpsa24922f4.jpg
Stoorage looking for some crystals in the Lava Caves.

It was a good week of questing overall, even with the snafu on Wednesday.  I got some explorer quests ran, some challenges ran, and a nice mixture of regular questing ran.  I also had a nice selection of levels ran ranging from level 5 to 23 .  Now I’m looking forward to the weekend .  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

A Busy Week of Questing, September 22th to 25th

This week was quite a busy week for me and questing in DDO.  It all started with some slayer runs on Monday morning with my half-orc Berann (Barbarian Level 7) through the Waterworks slayer area prior to heading out to work.  When I got back home from work and before making dinner, I took Erdrique (Level 18 Druid) into the quest In the Flesh.  Now, with Erdrique, I have run every quest on elite.  I broke this trend concerning this particular quest.  The end is notoriously difficult on elite and because Erdrique was Level 18 his bravery streak wasn’t affected by this.  So I ran it on normal instead and still netted nearly 20k experience out of it.  Later that night, I logged on with Crawlller (Level 5 Ranger) and with some help from a fellow guildy, Grabthar, I was able to run The Kobold’s New Ringleader, Information is Key, Haverdasher, Garrison’s Missing Pack, and Durk’s Got a Secret all on elite.  This was extremely beneficial to Crawlller because he is on my premium account, so this saved me from having to run them on normal, hard, and then on elite.  I also need to point out that I was also doing my weekly digital PNP group so Grabthar was also being very patient with many “breaks”.  After those sets of runs, I called it a night.

 photo BeranncausinghavocintheWaterworks_zpsf15bdb23.jpg
Berann creating havoc in the Waterworks.

Erd taking on Pixel photo ErdtakingonPixel_zps5304574b.jpg
Erd fighting the beholder Pixel in the quest In the Flesh.

 photo CrawlllerinvestigatingtheBonebiteHideout-Copy_zps90cf0eb1.jpg
Crawlller looking to find out who is the new ringleader.

The door sliding open photo Thedoorslidingopen_zps02d3a2ae.jpg
Crawlller watching the door slide open in Information is Key.

Haverdasher was afraid of these photo Haverdashewasafraidofthese_zps07ec3f94.jpg
Crawlller working to take care of the scorpions for Haverdasher.

Moving through the Den of Kobold Brothers photo MovingthrougtheDenoftheKoboldBrothers_zpsf837cd67.jpg
Crawlller moving through the Den of the Kobold Brothers.

On Tuesday, I took Rimuldar (Level 21 Wizard/Magister) out into the Vale of Twilight for some slayers prior to work.  Although he is well over level for the Vale, I still have an itch to finish those slayers out there.  Later that afternoon I logged on Hamllin and took him out into the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle  to run the first two quests of the Cult of the Six story arc: The Temple Outpost-The Captives of the Cult and The Temple Outpost-The Libram of the Six.  I had also put this particular quest up in the LFM panel and had one other come and join me for some quick and smooth runs.  I logged out after completing the The Libram of the Six but logged back on later that night with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) into the quests Thorn and Paw and The Druid’s Curse.  I ran these quests on heroic normal, level 17 quests, so that I could learn them a little bit more as I haven’t played some very much yet.  I had a fun time in Thorn and Paw and wrote about it here.  After those runs and completing that story arc I called it a night.

Rim burning up some rats photo Rimburningupsomerats_zps9f25fae3.jpg
Rimuldar burning up some rats in the Vale :).

What is the deal with these ruins? photo Whatsthedealwiththeseruins_zps23b41f19.jpg
Hamllin looking at the ancient ruins in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Fighting to free the ogres photo Fightingtofreetheogres_zps8b3124c6.jpg
It is time to free some ogre captives from the Cult of the Six.

Looking for the Libram photo LookingfortheLibram_zps9b1867de.jpg
Hamllin looking for the Libram of the Six.

These druids don't look fun photo TheseDruidsdontlookfun_zps0edc469a.jpg
Larrs running in Thorn and Paw.

Moving out into Druid's Deep photo MovingoutintotheDruidsDeep_zps75208c0a.jpg
Larrs preparing to do the Druid’s Curse.

Wednesday, as usual, was a short night because it was date night.  However, I did start the day by logging in with Garrrin (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) and taking him into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some easy and relaxing slayers in the Stormeye encampment. After work, I logged on with Erdrique and took him into the Lords of Dust on elite.  Using the spells earthquake, firewall, creeping cold (regular and greater), and snowslide I was able to make quick work out of most of the enemies.  However, I still ran into some problems with Gnomen and the drow Karas at the end but I did pull it off :).  I logged out happy that I was able to make my way through their with minimal issues.

Whats the deal with the Ancient Flayer in GH? photo WhatsthedealwiththeAncientFlayer_zps8becc805.jpg
Garrrin dealing with the Stormfish out in Gianthold.

Earthquake and Firewall equals win photo EarthquakeandFirewallequalswin_zpsc842a573.jpg
Erdrique using earthquake and firewall to devastate the cultists in the Lords of the Dust.

I logged on with  Stoorage (Level 10 Fighter) on Thursday morning and took him out into Sorrowdusk Isle for the morning slayer runs.  He is just starting that area so he wracked up some quick experience out there.  That afternoon I brought on Hamllin and took him into Hold for Reinforcements, the last quest in Threnal East.  I thought I was going to have a tough time keeping Coyle alive in there but I had summoned two hirelings (a cleric and a wizard) and actually had little problems with the quest.  I would intimidate every once in awhile and set the cleric to guard Coyle and things worked out well.  Hammy is now set for the Southern Expedition.  After that run I logged out for a little while and then I brought on Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul).  I took him out into Three Barrel Cove and ran the quests Ghost of a Chance and The Legend of Two-Toed Tobias.  I was quite pleased with the those run as I needed nearly 30 K from those two runs and that wasn’t involving any bravery bonus experience because he was level 10 and the quests are level 7 on elite.  So nice runs indeed!!

Stoorage in front of the hell hound den photo Stoorageinfrontofthehellhoundden_zps381509d1.jpg
Stoorage hunting in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Time to protect Coyle photo ItstimetoprotectCoyle_zpsda18175c.jpg
Hamllin and his hirelings prepping to keep Coyle safe.

Harrgon hunting in Three Barrel Cove photo HarrgonhuntingintheCove_zps0375fc34.jpg
Harrgon hunting down some pirates in Three Barrel Cove.

Harrgon adventuring in Ghost of a Chance photo HarrgonadventuringinGhostofaChance_zpsec11a02b.jpg
Harrgon making his way through the quest A Ghost of A Chance.

Taking a swim to look for Two Toed Tobias photo TakingaswimlookingforTwoToedTobias_zps97076641.jpg
Harrgon taking a swim to get to Two-toed Tobias.

The week overall was quite active for me.  This weekend I’m hoping for the same as I plan on running Erdrique through a number of quests to get him closer to level 20.  I hope everybody else had a good week and will have a good weekend!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

A Run Down of Quest Activities, April 21st to April 24

The week of Good Friday was an abnormal week for me, however this past week was more of a typical week.  The only change to my normal runs was that I also tried to get in as many runs as I could for the Festival of the Traveler.  The week’s runs started out with me taking Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) out into the wilds of Korthos Island for my slayer runs of the week.  So far, I have really enjoyed playing my half-orc falchion wielding barbarian.  Although I haven’t done anything quite challenging yet with him, I like his “feel” and enjoy the play style.  After I ran around and cleared out Korthos Island, I then logged out to head to work.  Once I got back home, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 10 Druid) and took him through a round of the Festival of the Traveler to me get re-oriented with egg hunting route.  After I ran that, I logged on with my other heroic true reincarnated character, Hamllin (Level 8 Fighter).  I was scheduled to take Hamllin through Three Barrel Cove and into the Garl’s Tomb: The Troglodyte’s Get.  The Troglodyte’s Get can be a pretty touch quest if you aren’t prepared to handle a ton of slow, hold person, and fire ball spells being cast at you from a multitude of troglodyte shamans and warlocks.  I made it through the Troglodyte’s Get with little problems and then logged out to make dinner.  I then logged on later that night (while also being logged on with Digital PNP group) and brought on Rimuldar (Level 21 Wizard/Magister).  The first thing I did was to take Rimuldar through a circuit of the Festival of the Traveler.  I then noticed that Rimuldar had never completed the Web of Chaos chain so I started that out with Lords of Dust on Epic Normal.  Using my onyx panther, owl bear, and a exalted angel hireling I had no difficulty getting through it.  Since I was also playing the digital PNP game, things were slow going so I was only able to make it through Lords of Dust.  Will need to hit up the other quests next time.  After that run, I needed to log out for the night.

Berann making hist statement in Korthos photo BerannmakinghisstatementinKorthos_zps69ecb07b.jpg
Berann running through Korthos Island.

Hamllin taking care of the pirates of Three Barrel Cove photo HamllintakingcareofpiratesofThreeBarrelCove_zps4039341b.jpg
Hamllin on his way to Garl’s Tomb decides to take some pirates down in Three Barrel Cove.

Fighting Zaokh photo FightingZaokh_zps3f190126.jpg
Hamllin fighting Zaokh in the Troglodyte’s Get.

Rimuldar looking for the Eggs photo RimlookingfortheEggs_zpsb43448ec.jpg
Rimuldar looking to collect some eggs for the Festival of the Traveler.

Rimuldar taking on the Cultist Base photo RimuldartakingontheCultistBase_zps3d6b7d0f.jpg
Rimuldar and his gang in Lords of Dust.

Tuesday morning started out with a quick run of the the Festival of the Traveler and then a slayer run with Rimuldar.  I was planning on working out in the High Road but since I couldn’t get to Eveningstar (without using the Hall of Heroes from the login screen) I instead went to the Vale of Twilight since I hadn’t been out there in awhile.  It was good to get into the Vale, even over level.  After gathering some Shavarath Slayers, I logged out to head to work.  Later that afternoon, I logged back on with Erdrique and did another run of the Festival of the Traveler.  I then started to take Erdrique out to Three Barrel Cove to do Scondrel’s Run.  The Scondrel’s Run was the last quest Erdrique needed to finish up Three Barrel Cove.  As I was getting ready to head out there, Twotoe logged on and joined me.  We quickly tromped through the pirates of Three Barrel Cove and then entered Scondrel’s Run on elite.  The Scondrel’s Run is perhaps the first quest where you encounter significant numbers of minotaurs, but they didn’t slow us down at all.  After the run through Scondrel’s Run both Twotoe and I logged out to take care of dinner and other things.  I logged back later that night with a character from my premium account, Containment (Level 3 Cleric).  Because Containment is on my premium account, I can’t open quests directly on elite, and this night I was planning on finishing up the Baudry Cartamon Chain on elite, since I had already ran it on normal and hard.  So I started the chain, entering Protect Baudry’s Interest, on elite.  As I was working through the quest, Hellbanisher logged on and he had just finished going through a heroic true reincarnation.  So after I got through the first quest, I joined up with Hellbanisher and helped get through Redepmtion and Sacrifices and then we came out to the Harbor where he opened the entire Baudry chain on elite (Protect Baudry’s Interest, Stop Hazadill’s Shipment, Retrieve the Stolen Goods), as well as The Kobold’s New Ringleader, Durk’s Got a Secret, and Walk the Butcher’s Path.  During the run through Durk’s Got a Secret I was fortunate enough to pull a Muckbane .  After all of those runs we called it a night.         

Rimuldar looking for Shavarth kills photo RimlookingforShavarathkillsintheVale_zps43a18426.jpg
Rimuldar looking for kills in the Vale of Twilight.

Erd and Twotoe taking on the scorpions of Scondrel's Run photo ErdandTwotoetakingonthescorpionsofScondrelsRun_zpsf06b3733.jpg
Erdrique and Twotoe dealing with the scorpions and minotaurs of Scondrel’s Run.

Containment looking to Protect the Crate photo ContainmentlookingtoProtecttheCrate_zps2a1edd6d.jpg
Containment and his hireling protecting the crate.

Containment and Hell looking for Arissa photo ContainmentandHelllookingforArissa_zpsa5b841fb.jpg
Containment and Hell looking for Arissa in Sacrifices.

Containment and Hell working to keep the crate from being destroyed photo ContainmentandHellworkingtokeepthecratefrombeingdestroyed_zps3202d20f.jpg
Containment and Hell working to keep the crate safe.

Containment and Hell working to recover some stolen goods photo ContaimentandHellworkingtorecoversomestolengoods_zpsef63b15b.jpg
Containment and Hell looking for the Stolen Goods.

Looking for the the New Ringleader photo LookingfortheNewRingleader_zps6c53a7ca.jpg
Looking for the kobold’s new ringleader.

Fighting oozes bare handed photo Fightingoozesbarehanded_zps042a55db.jpg
Taking on the slimes with our hands.

Taking a walk down the Butcher's Path photo TakingawalkdowntheButchersPath_zps27d5697c.jpg
Contaiment and Hell taking a stroll through the Butcher’s Path.

Wednesday morning was a light day in the world of DDO for me.  With the DDO being down Wednesday morning because of the hot fix, I played Neverwinter Nights II instead.  I logged on with Spirit Shaman Ragnar and took his party through some of the crypts just north of Fort Locke.  After work, I logged onto DDO Hamllin and took him through the The Forgotten Caverns.  After that I brought Erdrique back on to do another circuit of the Festival of the Traveler.  I then called it a night and spent the rest of the night with my wife as it was date night .

Ragnar taking Khelgar and Neeskha through a crypt in NWN II OC photo RagnartakingKhelgarandNeeskhathrougaCryptinNWNIIOC_zps7de09acb.jpg
Ragnar leading his gang through the Crypt.

Hamllin taking on the ice mephits in the Forgotten Caverns photo HamllintakingontheicemephitsintheForgottenCaverns_zpsa3f56b40.jpg
Hamllin taking on the ice mephits of the Forgotten Caverns.

Erdrique looking for some eggs photo Erdriquelookingforsomeeggs_zps35f1c8e7.jpg
Erdrique looking for some more eggs.

Thursday was quite an active day.  I started the day with Stoorage (Level 9 Fighter) and took him into Three Barrel Cove for my morning slayer run.  After gathering the majority of the explorers, I logged and headed out to work.  I then logged back on with Erdrique and ran through the Festival of the Traveler, Sorrowdusk Isle, and the first part of Grey Moon Waning (The Grey Moon’s Den: The Trollish Scourge).  I then logged out to take care of dinner and logged back on later that night with Stoorage once again.  Like Containment, Stoorage is one of my characters on my premium account and he was in the process of finishing up the Assault on Splinterskull on elite.  Khameltoe logged on and offered to help me finish up Assault on Splinterskull (Doom of the Witch-Doctor: The Way to Zulkash, Doom of the Witch Doctor: Zulkash, the Herald of Woe, The Last Move: The Way to Yarkuch, The Last Move:Yarkuch’s Last Stand).   After we got through out, I asked Khameltoe if he could open the Sharn Syndicate series for me on elite.  We then headed off and completed: Stand Your Ground, Dirty Laundry, The Stormrever Fresco, The Bookbinder Rescue, and Repossession).  That just left me with Come Out and Slay to worry about.  We called it a night after those runs.

Stoorage gazing at the wreck photo Stooragegazingatthewreck_zps30b0fa28.jpg
Stoorage gazing at the wreck in Three Barrel Cove.

Erdrique hunting down the eggs of the Traveler photo ErdriquehuntingdowntheeggsoftheTraveler_zps556cde2f.jpg
Erdrique traveling the roof tops looking for eggs for the Traveler.

Erd looking over the ogre campsite in Sorrowdusk Isle photo ErdlookingatovertheogrecampsiteinSorrowduskIsle_zps1b68859f.jpg
Surveying the ogre camp in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Erdrique taking on the Black Sun Ogres of Grey Moon photo ErdriquetakingontheBlackSunOgresofGreyMoon_zpse19e8e87.jpg
Erdrique taking on the Black Sun Ogres of Grey Moon.

Stoorage making his way to the Inner Stronghold to find Zulkash photo StooragemakinghiswaytotheInnerStrongholdtofindZulkash_zpsabfc0e42.jpg
Stoorage on his way to battle Zulkash.

Stoorage making his way to Yarkuch again photo StooragemakinghiswaytoYarkuch_zpsf7a7d087.jpg
Stoorage on his way to deal with Yarkuch.

Stoorage following Khamel to the final fight photo StooragefollowingKhameltothefinalfight_zps7d672d1d.jpg
Stoorage following Khameltoe into the last fight in Splinterskull.

Stoorage and Khamel having fun in Stand Your Ground photo StoorageandKhamelhavingfuninStandYourGround_zps0313192e.jpg
Having fun in Stand Your Ground.

Time to take out the laundry photo Timetotakeoutthelaundry_zps65733557.jpg
Stoorage is working on cleaning up the dirty laundry.

Don't trust Zircon photo DonttrustZircon_zps3c7e3517.jpg
Never trust a warforged like Zircon.

Rescuing the Binder Family photo RescuingtheBinderFamily_zps248e11b5.jpg
Rescuing the Binder Family.

Time to Repossess the Fresco photo TimetoRepossesstheFresco_zps6592aca8.jpg
Time to take back the Stormreaver Fresco.

So, it was a pretty productive week overall, at least in the number of quests tackled.  I hope everybody else had a productive week and hope that your weekend is even better!!  Happy Hunting everybody!!

Recap of the Runs Made During the Week Feb 10 to Feb 13

Well, I completely forgot to sum up my runs from the previous week that covered February 10 to February 13th.  So to catch up on that aspect, I’m going to go ahead and post about those today and my weekend runs tomorrow.  Last week was a difficult week because I ran into connectivity issues on Monday and Tuesday which obviously disrupted my playtime .  Needless to say, my Monday morning started out well.  I brought on Wapoyei and took him into the High Road explorer area.  On Monday afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin who is currently working on his level 5 Three Barrel Cove quests.  So I took him into Prove Your Worth and braved the many challenges a pirate must go through .  While plowing through Prove Your Worth he had a nice little drop from a crate, a +2 Frost Khopesh and prior to entering the quest he had an encounter with Scortchtusk and pulled a +1 Con Tome for his troubles.  Not bad at all for an area that is believed to give some rather poor loot.  After Hamllin completed Prove Your Worth I logged out to make dinner and to spend some time with my wife before my weekly Monday night digital tabletop D&D PnP session via Skype and Maptool.  Typically on Monday nights I multitask between the PnP digital tabletop game and between DDO but my connection issues didn’t allow me to log into DDO.

Wapoyei and Companions in the High Road photo WapoyeiandcompanyintheHighRoad_zpse83ad187.jpg
Wapoyei exploring the High Road with his crew.

Hammy spying Scortchtusk photo HammyspyingScortchtusk_zpsd857e908.jpg
Hamllin spying Scortchtusk from afar.

Nice reward from an explorer chest photo Nicerewardfromanexplorerchest_zps1ac9371a.jpg
After defeating Scortchtusk, Hamllin as awarded this +1 Con Tome
Hammy dreading the climb photo Hammydreadingtheclimb_zpse4a5f16d.jpg
Hamllin continued on to the quest Prove Your Worth where he dealt with the ladder challenge and many others.

Nice drop from a crate photo Nicedropfromacrate_zpse1d93ab8.jpg
Hamllin then found this nice low level khopesh being stashed in a crate.

On Tuesday morning, my connectivity issues still remained so I couldn’t log in.  Later that afternoon, when I was still having connectivity issues and when I knew the game worlds were perfectly fine, I called my internet service provider, Centurylink.  The operator had me conduct a few tests to find out that I wasn’t even getting half the mount of speed through my line that I should have been getting.  I have a 4 meg line and wasn’t even getting 1.5 megs out of it.  Eventually we got it up to 2 megs, which was enough to get me logged into Thelanis on Tuesday night.  A CenturyLink technician was then scheduled to come out and look at my line but because of the weather issues, he didn’t get out to the house until Thursday.  Turns out that the line was cut somehow and he fixed, now my speed and connectivity seem to be fine .  In any case, I was able to log Lorrikk in on Tuesday night and get some questing done.  I saw that another guildie was on, Tragicc, and I knew he needed help with Gladewatch Outpost.  Before we tackled Gladewatch, we hit up the Emerald Claw in Caged Trolls.  I had entered the quest before Tragicc and made my way to free the second troll when Tragicc came in to help.  Tragicc ran into some trouble when he was expectantly ambushed by some respawns, which I didn’t even realize occurred in this quest.  We pushed through this and completed without any further incidents and then moved to Gladewatch Outpost.  However, at that time Tragicc ran into his own connectivity issues and dropped.  While waiting for him to reconnect I ran the quest Bounty Hunter.  I had no problems taking Lorrikk through the caves, I breezed through it actually.  I was just getting ready to call it a night when Tragicc reconnected and then we hit up Gladewatch Outpost.  Like some others had suggested to me, I dragged the Commander to the corner of the woods and posted her there and we had no problems completing the quest.  At that point I had to call it a night, thankful I was able to get back into the game.

Lorrikk taking on the Emerald Clam photo LorrikktakingontheEmeraldClaw_zps2a9f77a8.jpg
Lorrikk dealing with the Emerald Claw.

Lorrikk looking for the Bounty Hunter photo LorrikklookingfortheBountyHunter_zps99c695c5.jpg
Lorrikk exploring the caves for the Bounty Hunter.

Lorrikk and Tragicc in Gladewatch photo LorrikkandTragiccinGladewatchOutpost_zps8fba36a0.jpg
Lorrikk and Tragicc dealing the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost.

On Wednesday morning, I brought on Erdrique who tackled some slayers and rares in the Cerulean Hills.  After work, later that afternoon, I brought Hamllin back on and took him back into Three Barrel Cove to venture into the Fire Caves.  I only made it through the first part of the Fire Caves before I logged to make dinner and to have date night.

Erd tripping a bard in the Hills photo ErdtrippingabardintheHills_zps4018b262.jpg
Erdrique tripping a bard in the Cerulean Hills.

Eerie statue in the fire caves photo Eeriestatueinthefirecaves_zpse1174330.jpg
Hamllin looking at the eerie statues in the Fire Caves.

I was scheduled to run Kolll on Thursday morning for a slayer run through the King’s Forest.  While he was ranging out there, he encountered his first werewolf, Big Old Red.  After he defeated the werewolf I had to log to head to work.  Later that afternoon, I logged Erdrique on for my late afternoon run and headed into the Swiped Signet, where I had some fun with Grudge (who I wrote about last week) and those dang sleet storms. After that run, I brought Kolll back on to do some coin jumping in the Risia Ice Games.  I then logged to make dinner and to spend some time with my wife.  That night I logged on with Garrrin, who needed to finish Beyond the Rift on epic normal.  I saw that another guildie was on, Steelonyx, and learned that he had never completed the Web of Chaos chain.  So instead of running Beyond the Rift, I took Steelonyx into The Lords of Dust on Epic Normal.  After we completed that run I had to call it for a night.  Steelonyx enjoyed the run and it was nice taking him through it.

Anybody ready to tackle a werewolf photo AnybodyreadytotackleaWerewolf_zpsce3b6ed3.jpg
Kolll takes on Big Ol Red in the King’s Forest.

Erd and his pack exploring the hideout photo Erdandhispackexploringthehideout_zps4d90905f.jpg
Erdrique and his gang going through the Swiped Signet.

Kolll prepping to get that purple coin photo Kolllpreppingtogetthatpurplecoin_zps009f167b.jpg
Kolll prepping to get that purple coin.

Garrrin and Steel in Lords of Dust photo GarrrinandSteelinLordsofDust_zpsac93108c.jpg
Garrrin and Steelonyx working through the Lords of Dust.

Over all, the quests for the week for nice.  A good set of runs for sure!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!