Quest Runs Over the Week December 29th to January 3rd

This past week wasn’t all that productive for me when it came to knocking out quests in DDO.  This was primarily because of the holidays and the associated travel that went with them.  We traveled from North Carolina to Florida to visit my family for Christmas and we traveled back on December 30th and December 31st we were still recouping and unpacking.

However, the day before we made our way back home, Saturday December 29th, I took Erdrique and Sttollen out into three explorer areas to find some dragon gems so that I could get into the Eerie Forest.   Actually, Sttollen had three gems he needed but Erdrique only had one. So, I first headed out to the Sands of Menechtarun to look for Thadargix’s Gem.  It didn’t take long to find one.  I came across it in the first Windlasher Gnoll village and collected 62 gnolls slayers and defeated Yurrugh while I was out there.  I then took them out to the Ruins of Gianthold to look for Sventusk’s Gem.  This one took me a little longer to find but I eventually found in Tarmor Stonehoof’s chest.  The only other rare encounters I found during this run was Chief Ogh and Pride Leader Xillic.  I collected 78 Storm Heart, 29 Storm Eye, and two Storm Fist slayers and found one explorer point.  Once I finished there, I headed back to the Reaver’s Refuge and turned in my gems and entered the Eerie Forest.  I didn’t stay long.  I collected 16 more slayers for the Reaver’s Refuge combined area and located two more explorers.  After that, I called it a night.


Erdrique hunting for some dragon gems in Gianthold.


Erdrique is finally able to get into the Eerie Forest.

On Tuesday January 1st, I took Erdrique and Sttollen through the Stealer of Souls.  It had been a little while since I had been in this quest so it took me a little while to get situated but the run went fairly smoothly, although I didn’t bother to try to kill Sor’jek at the end.  After that I collected some more slayers in the Sands of Menechtarun.  I collected 90 more gnoll slayers.  I called it a night after that, had to get back in the swing of things for work :).


Erdrique making his way through the Stealer of Souls.


Erdrique disrupting the gnoll culture in the Sands of Menechtarun.

I didn’t log back in until Thursday, January 3rd.  I logged on with Lorrikk (Level 14, Monk) and Suppply (Level 12, Paladin) and noticed that they still had the Threnal Ceremonial Blade in their inventory.  So, I went ahead and took them to the Ruins of Threnal to complete the Threnal Arena.  I was also a little short on time that night so this was a quick and dirty run.  I had no problems dealing with the various challenges.  After that I headed out to the Red Fens to get some slayers out there before I turned in for the night.  Only Lorrikk was able to get any slayer credit as he power leveled Suppply, but Lorrikk did collect another 63 kills out there.


Lorrikk taking on the challenges of Threnal.


Lorrikk exploring the Red Fens.

I hope everybody else had a great week!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

Questing Over the Anniversary Week, February 26 to March 4

This past week, I had a rather tough time in a number of questing activities this week.  Not only did a suffer a rather large number of defeats and I also had a computer crash, go figure!!  However, with that said, I still had a good time.

I kicked things off on Sunday by taking Erdrique (Level 11 Bard) and Sttollen (Level 12 Rogue) into the Anniversary Party.  Since Sttollen is level 12, I entered the Anniversary Party at level 12 and made my way through the quest with little difficulty.  I complete the four optional objectives and received five party favors of the run.  That was the only quest I completed on Sunday.


Getting stunned by Steelstar in the Anniversary Party.

On Monday, I dual boxed with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and Stoorage (Level 15 Fighter) and took them into the Red Fens.  For a little awhile now, I have been running through slayer areas on Monday because I’m also playing with a digital table top game with a small set of friends and sometimes my attention gets diverted for a large amount of time.  By running an explorer area, I don’t worry about not completing a quest.  During these runs through the Red Fens, Lorrikk collected 429 slayers and Stoorage collected 515 slayers.  Lorrikk picked up four monster manual deeds during this run.  He picked up mudman exterminator I and picked up 1,130 experience, sahaugin exterminator II for 1,320 experience, mudman exterminator III for my VIP account, and monstrous plant exterminator II for my VIP account.  Lorrikk hit the 750 slayer mark while Stoorage hit the 3,000 slayer mark.  They also took out Anogoreth (three times), Chokebriar (twice), Crooktooth (twice), Mudfoot (twice), Kar Xyr, Sharkbiter, Vyx Ka (twice), Gorger (twice), Fencreeper, Riptide, and Nab Ren.


Lorrikk making his way through the Red Fens.

I logged on with Berann (Level 10 Barbarian) to kick things off on Tuesday and took him into Tangleroot Gorge for some quick slayers.  While out there, he collected his last 21 slayers and finished off the zone.  He also came across and defeated Clamor and Silkweave.  Now he gets to move to Three Barrel Cove.  I then logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them into Sorrowdusd Isle to run The Temple Outpost: Captives of the Cult.  However, when I got to the quest entrance my computer crashed.  By the time I got it back up and running, I ran out of time for that run.  However, I did pick up another 26 slayers for both of them and defeated Noozer before my computer died.  Later that night, I logged on with Garrrin (Level 23 Barabarian/Primal Avatar) and I took him into the Underdark to attempt In the Belly of the Beast.  On his way to the quest, I picked up 20 slayers and defeated one Dun’robar Blademaster.  Once I made it to the quest I entered on epic hard and quickly regretted it.  I didn’t have any problems until I got into the arena.  Once inside the arena, I started to suffer quite a bit from lag.  I didn’t take long for my hirelings to die under the spawns of yuan-ti with me following shortly later.  Up to that point, I was suffering lag quite a bit so I was worried something bad would happen.  I recalled and made my way back to the quest but entered it on epic normal instead.  Things went much smoother this time.  Even with the lag, I had little difficulty with completing it.  Garrin picked up three monster manual deeds during the completion of In the Belly of the Beast: yuan-ti hunter (2,300 experience), purple worm hunter (2,300 experience), and purple worm hunter II (4,000 experience).  He completed the optional objective for slaying Voltane the Slave Master and picked up two commendations, one for war wizard and one for purple dragon knight.  He also received 11 commendations of valor as a request reward.  That closed out my runs on Tuesday.


Berann finishing up the Tangleroot Gorge explorer area.


Garrrin traveling through the Underdark to get to quest In the Belly of the Beast.


Garrrin making his way to the arena.

On Wednesday, I logged on with Garrrin once again but this time for a slayer run through the King’s Forest.  He gathered 55 slayers, of which 3 were dire bears and one was a drow priestess.  He also completed the random encounter for Money or Life.  He also mind one more message from Eliminster.  Unfortunately that was the only run I was able to get in.


Garrrin hunting in the King’s Forest.

I logged on with Cannock (Level 8 Druid) on Thursday and took him through Tangleroot Gorge.  He picked up 109 slayers and came across Silkweave, Clamor, and Gharjat.  After that run, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 20 Fighter/Fatesinger) and I took him the Anniversary Party at level 20.  This turned out to be a mistake :(.  It was painfully evident that Hamllin is nowhere near as prepared as Edrique and he suffered some humiliating defeats.  Well after that embarrassment, I logged on with the Cantlin (Level 14 Sorcerer) and Suppply (Level 11 Paladin) and I took them into Tomb of the Shadow Guard on elite.  Cantlin picked up a monster manual deed for spider hunter and received 1,356 experience.  After that run I called it a night.


Cannock hunting down some enemies in Tangleroot Gorge.


Cantlin swimming his way through the Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

I didn’t log in on Friday, primarily because my wife and I went out to eat, and then I fell asleep, completely missing that play time.  But on Saturday, I logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them into Sorrowdusk Isle for some slayers.  They picked up 146 kills and defeated Saate, Furley, Noozer, Barxer, Kurmer, and hit the 400 slayer mark.  I then ran it again later that night and picked up another 148 kills and defeated Saate, Furley, Barxer, Kurmer, and Kremen.  Erdrique also picked up the monster manual deed for scorpion exterimantor II and collected another 1,650 experience.  I then headed off to the Anniversary Party once again and had no issues completing.  Erdrique actually picked up a +1 to +2 Skill Tome (balance I believe) from the end chest.  I ran the quest on level 12 again which gave us five more party favors.  I then called it a night.


Erdrique fighting the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle.


The ultimate ogre slayer in Sorrowdusk Isle.


Erdrique taking on Steelstar in the Anniversary Party.

So yeah, it was a relatively rough week.  Having my computer crash, over sleeping, and then hitting a few rough gaming sessions but the questing was still fun and that is all that matters.  I hope everybody else had a great week!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting in Stomreach!!

Working On Another Week, February 12th and 18th

My quest runs this week included some runs across a mulitude of levels, as well as various outcomes.  To kick the week off, I logged on with Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) and Suppply (Level 11 Paladin) and I took them into The Grey Moon’s Den: The Trollish Scourge.  On the way to the quest, they both collected 11 slayers for Sorrowdusk Isle.  Once I made into the quest I ran into some difficulties while playing Harrgon.  Harrgon was ripped apart five times by various champions.  It really emphasized how under geared he really is and I will need to work on that.  Hopefully I can rebuild my stock of essences and have Erdrique (Level 11 Bard) craft Harrgon some equipment.  In the end, I had to have Suppply bail out Harrgon but I was able to get the quest completed.  They also took out Shaman Herpostaw as well as all of the ogre collaborators.

On Monday, I logged back on with Suppply and Harrgon and took them back out into Sorrowdusk Isle for some slayers while I was also playing my weekly digital table top game.  While hunting in Sorrowdusk Isle, they collected 270 slayers out there.  Harrgon hit his 750 slayer mark and Suppply picked up two monster manual deeds, spider (1,200 experience) and scorpion (1,500 experience) exterminator II.  They also defeated the rare encounters Saate (2), Vermilo (2), Teargon, Kremen, Kurmer, Furley, and Noozer.  Harrgon was also able to finish collecting all rare encounters as well.


Suppply hunting in Sorrowdusk Isle.

I logged on Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) and I took him into the King’s Forest for some slayers.  While out there, he defeated two dire bears, one drow priestess, and came across the random encounters for the Knight’s Plight and Knight’s Collar.  He also picked up a purple dragon knight commendation and 46 slayers.  Shortly after that run, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 20 Fighter/Shadowdancer) and I decided to try The Devil’s Details on heroic elite.  It has been quite a while since I have ventured in here and I was rudely awaken by the onslaught of abishai as I made it further into the quest.  Needless to say I wiped in dramatic fashion.  I will have to try to get my revenge later.  Later that night, I logged on with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and I took him into the quest Impossible Demands on epic hard with my new lioness and my onyx panther and owlbear.  Although Kolll suffered a few defeats, he did complete the quest and picked up 16 commendations of valor as a quest reward.  Kolll also picked up seven slayers in the King’s Forest as his way to the quest as well as the random encounter Money and Life.  He completed the optional objectives for saving the hostages, defeating Warleader Speitar and slaying the spider pet Akorstra.  I still had some time left, so I did a quick favor run with Kolll and ran through the Sacred Helm before calling it a night (picked up the Cloven-Jaw Longbow for the effort).


Larrs hunting in the King’s Forest.


Hamllin coming across a puzzle in the Devil’s Details.


Kolll making his way through Impossible Demands.

During Wednesday, I logged on with Containment (Level 8 Cleric) and Cannock (Level 8) Druid and I took them into Three Barrel Cove for some daily slayer action.  They collected 186 slayers which included Ilmarin Tychoon, Ithun Orenah, Vitia, Dulse, Dybesh Relix, and Strinati.  Containment also hit the 500 slayer mark and found a few more explorer points.  After that run, I logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen (Level 12 Rogue) and I took them into the Grey Moon’s Den: Extermination.  On the way to the quest, they picked up 11 slayers.  They also completed the optional objective for slaying Blizzard and all of the trolls.  Erdrique also picked up a monster manual deed for ooze exterminator IV (account award) while Sttollen picked up a monster manual deed for human expertise (account award).  That was all I was able to get through on Wednesday as I spent the rest of the night with my wife for our weekly date night.


Containment taking in the bell tower in Three Barrel Cove.


Fighting the scorpions in Grey Moon.


For Thursday, my single quest run consisted of another dual boxing episode with Charlock (Level 16 Fighter) and Stoorage (Level 15 Fighter) who both ventured into the Red Fens.  While out there, Charlock collected 104 slayers while Stoorage collected 107 slayers (with a minor slayer potion).  They also came across Crooktooth, Kar Xyr, and Nab Ren.


Charlock hunting down the enemies in the Red Fens.

Friday, I kicked things off by dual boxing with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and Stoorage and entered the Red Fens for some slayers.  They both collected 117 slayers and came across Mudfoot, Fencreeper, Kar Xyr, Nab Ben, Sharkbiter, and Gorger.  Lorrikk also picked up a monster manual deed of monstrous plant exterminator (1,100 experience).  Later that night, I logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them Free Delera on elite.  They completed the optional objective for slaying the soul lock guardians.  Erdrique picked up 26 mysterious remnants while Sttollen picked up 12 mysterious remnants.  I then took Erdrique and Sttollen out into Searing Heights for more slayers.  They picked up 103 slayers and both hit the 750 slayer mark.  They also defeated Guck, Calcine, and Hazai Haatha.  Erdrique also picked up the monster manual deed for wolf exterminator IV and picked up another 3,390 experience.


Lorrikk hunting in the Red Fens.


Erdrique battling a skeleton in Free Delera.


Erdrique coming across Guck in the Searing Heights.


To close out the week, I logged Erdrique and Sttollen during the mid-afternoon and I took them into the Searing Heights in hope to find their last rare encounter.  After a few attempts I finally came across the last rare encounter for them, Smolder.  They also came across and defeated Giallo and Ghamzee.  In doing this, Erdrique also picked up monster manual deeds for drow exterminator II, fire elemental exterminator II, fire elemental hunter, and fire elemental expertise II.  As a result, Erdrique picked up the fire elemental creature companion 🙂 and he and Sttollen completed the Searing Heights.


Erdrique finally finding Smolder.

Needless to say it was a busier week than the week prior and just as diverse.  Erdrique and Sttollen are now going to finish making their stamp in Sorrowdusk Isle.  We’ll see what the rest of the new week has for me!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


More Historical Runs, April 8th to April 10th

During the second weekend of April, my questing was dominated with runs by Erdrique.  I didn’t get a chance to do a morning slayer run or a mid-afternoon run on Friday.  However, on Friday night, I did take Erdrique into the High Road.  I was taking him to the quest, Lost in the Swamp.  While I was making my way through the High Road, I collected another 16 slayers.  I entered Lost in the Swamp on epic hard and made my way through the quest with little difficulty.  I collected eight mysterious remnants, defeated five wood woads, completed the optional objectives of freeing the spirits and destroying the evil presense, and for a quest reward I picked up 30 Commendations of Valor.  After I recalled and sold, I took Erdrique back into the The High Road to make my way to the next quest, A Stay at the Inn.  While he was in transit, he came across two random encounters: the druid brothers and helping the Orc wizard Dia.  I completed both of those and picked up a Commendation: Druid’s of the King Forest and Commendation: War Wizards.  I also looted a +4 Upgrade Tome of Skill (Hide +3 to +4).  The only slayers I picked up during this run were the two druid brothers.  Similar to Lost in the Swamp, I entered A Stay at the Inn on epic hard.  The only thing of note that I picked up was six mysterious remnants and another thirty Commendations of Valor as an end reward.

Erdrique making his way to the quest Lost in the Swamp.

Erdrique and his crew battling the native wildlife in Lost in the Swamp.

Enjoying the night life of the High Road.

Erd coming across a rare tome in the High Road.

Erdrique and his party fighting the mercenaries of the Netherese in A Stay at the Inn.

On Saturday, I continued with the High Road chain.  This time I was making my way to the quest, The End of the Road, when I picked up another 27 slayers which netted me the 100 slayer mark for the High Road.  I also completed the random encounters for defeating the druid brothers and to assist Arganon.  Once inside the quest, I completed the optional objective for defeating Greenstalker, picked up four mysterious remnants, and hit shadow exterminator IV in the monster manual (netting over 9,000 experience).  For the quest reward I picked up another 30 Commendations of Valor and for completing the Netherese Legacy story arc, I picked up the Nether Grasps.

Preparing to enter the End of the Road.

Well this doesn’t look entirely promising.

To close the weekend out, on Sunday I looked on with Stoorage and Lorrikk and took them through another dual boxing session.I first took them through a quick slayer run through Sorrowdusk Isle.  They collected 126 slayers and Lorrikk picked up the gargoyle exterminator I monster manual need for 442 experience.  I then had them start the Grey Moon Waning Story Arc and into the quest Freeing Achka.  As expected, I experienced no issues with this short quest and defeated the optional objective for slaying the winter wolf, Powder.

Lorrikk defeating Noozer in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Stoorage battling Powder in Freeing Achka.

That was the last run I was able to complete for the weekend.  So it wasn’t a bad weekend overall with Erdrique gaining some valuable Commendations of Valor and even coming across a rare tome.  I hope everybody else had a good set of runs that week as well.


Highlighting More Quest Runs April 4th to April 7th

The runs during the first full week of April started with a dual boxing session with Lorrikk (Level 14 Monk) and Stoorage (Level 16 Fighter) through Sorrowdusk Isle.  Stoorage already had that area maxed out and Lorrikk was only able to pick up three slayers before I ran into some computer issues and got booted out.  By the time I got everything up and running again, I had to head out to work.  I didn’t get on during the afternoon, but later that night I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Draconic Incarnation).  I then took him into the Sschindylryn and made my way to the quest, The Portal Opens.  As I took Rimuldar through the dangerous drow city, he picked up another 9 slayers for the drow and another 4 slayers for the Children of Lolth.  Once inside the Portal Opens, on epic normal, Rimuldar had no major problems dealing with the drow.  He defeated at least one priestess of Lolth.  His loot included two commendations (War Wizard and Village of Eveningstar), a sapphire of spell agility +15, and the blade of the high priestess.  He also picked up 11 commendations of Valor as a quest reward.

Lorrikk taking some time to explore Sorrowdusk Isle.

Rimuldar battling his way through Sschindylrynn.

Rimuldar making his way through the Portal Opens.

To kick things off on Tuesday, I started out with another dual boxing session with a slayer run through Sorrowdusk Isle with Lorrikk and Stoorage once again.  Even though I had taken Lorrikk and Stoorage into Sorrowdusk Isle the day before, I did this because of my shortened play time that unexpectedly occurred.  This time, Lorrikk collected 52 slayers.  Lorrikk and Stoorage also defeated Teargon, Barxer, and Kurmer.  Out of one of these chests, Stoorage looted a nice pair of boots, Boots of Diversion 7 that were masterful craftsmanship with Speed IV at level 7.  I didn’t get a chance to complete an afternoon run.  For my regular play session, I had another dual boxing session with Containment (Level 8 Cleric) and Cannock (Level 8 Druid).  Containment needed to complete the Sharn Syndicate series on elite so I took them into the next quest he needed, Bookbinder Rescue.  I had a number of issues getting through this quest during this go around.  I failed the quest twice because of various lag spike issues.  I did complete it on the third attempt but Containment was killed so I had to complete it with Cannock (as my focus was on playing Containment that night).  After struggling through the Bookbinder Rescue, I then took them both into Repossession.  I had no problems making my way through the quest and I had completed the optional objectives to smash the furniture, kill the master of hounds, and to steal 3, 6, and all artifacts.  I then called it a night.

Lorrikk battling Barxer in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Containment working on rescuing the Book Binder family.

Containment battling in the quest Repossession.

On Wednesday, I had yet another dual boxing session to kick things off.  This time I took Cannock and Crawlller (Level 8 Ranger) into Three Barrel Cove.  The morning slayer run netted both Cannock and Crawlller with 25 slayers.  In the afternoon, I took Erdrique (who is now a Level 3 Rogue) into the Sands of Menechtarun.  It was kind of a disappointing run though.  He didn’t come across any rare encounters but did collect some more slayers including eight gnolls and 89 scorrow.  That was the last run I completed on Wednesday.

Crawlller swimming his way back to the ladder in Three Barrel Cove.

Erdrique making his presence felt in the Desert.

On Thursday, I was only able to get in a single play session.  It was another dual boxing session, this time with Berann (Level 8 Barbarian) and Containment.  Berann was my focus and he still needed to work on Tangleroot Gorge wilderness area.  During this morning slayer run, Berann collected 28 slayers and defeated Clamor.  He also looted a Minor Circlet of Blasting from Clamor’s chest.

Berann looting some interesting things in Tangleroot Gorge.

So this particular week was heavily loaded with dual boxing runs.  I also had some minor issues with my computer and some lag issues causing some frustrations.  But overall, it was a nice but light week.  I hope everybody is doing well and thank you for reading!!



Another Look Back In History, Quest Runs April 1st to April 3rd

The first set of questing activities during the month of April was actually during the first weekend of April which actually started on Friday, April 1st :).  Questing started out with a typical morning slayer run with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and Stoorage (Level 15 Fighter) through Sorrowdusk Isle during a dual boxing session.  Stoorage has this area maxed out so I had him in there to gather some chests and rare encounter experience if I happened to come across anything.  During the run, Lorrikk picked up 20 slayers but I didn’t come across any rares :(.  That was the only questing I was able to complete on Friday because the rest of the day and night I spent with my wife as it was our anniversary :).

Lorrikk taking on Teargon in Sorrowdusk Isle.

On Saturday, I started things out by taking Erdrique (who is now a level 1 Bard 🙂 ), into the Sands of Menechtarun.  While out there, he picked up another 319 kills for his gnoll slayers, another 100 kills for his scorrow slayers, and 113 for his undead slayers.  He picked up a monster manual deed as well, gnoll exterminator V (account wide award) and gnoll expertise.  He came across the rare encounters for Den Mother Fheena, Palumak, Haraja, Workan-Kull, Utach, Volrune, and Ayurro.  From those rare encounters he picked up the Vulkoorim Pendant and the Collapsible Shortbow, as well as a sapphire of false life +20.  After the trample through the desert, I took Erdrique into the Anniversary Party.  While in the Anniversary Party, I got defeated by Severlin and his little gang of skeletons but I then came back in and took out all of the developers as well as the Jeets Overloard.  I picked up five party favors as the quest reward.  I called it a night after run and after working on some character maintenance.

Erdrique taking on the scorrow.

Erdrique making his way through the Anniversary Party.

I closed the weekend out by logging on with my first iconic character, Tuhnn (Bladeforged Level 16).  I also took him into the Anniversary Party.  He suffered or struggled quite a bit in there at level.  He was first killed off by Cordovan.  He was actually killed three times.  But during my last reentry, I was able to complete all of the star objectives to defeat all of the developers and overlord.  For his troubles, Tuhnn picked up to pretty interesting items from chests.  The fist thing he picked up was a +6 Venomous 4 Bastard Sword of Draining and then Prudent 8 Goggles of Deadly 6 with +7 Tendon Slice also attached.  Not bad at all.  Like Erdrique, Tuhnn picked up 5 party favors as quest reward.  That was the only run I was able to get done on Sunday night before I needed to head off to bed.

Tuhnn taking on Cordovan in the Anniversary Party.

So the first weekend of April was interesting in that I was taking advantage of running through the Anniversary Event.  It was a nice and light weekend overall.  I hope everybody else had enjoyed the weekend.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


Questing Highlights March 28 to March 31

During the last week of March (March 28 to March 31), I completed a variety of quest runs.  I started out the week on Monday morning with a dual boxing session.  I took Containment (Level 8 Cleric) out into Tangleroot Gorge and I had Cannock (Level 8 Druid) tag along.  While hunting out there Containment maxed out the area by completing all slayer marks and taking down all of the rare encounters.  Cannock collected another 19 slayers at the same time.  They encountered and defeated Gharjat and Kornak.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 18 Fighter) and I took him back into the Sands of Menechtarun and into the Undead area.  While he was out there he collected 36 more slayers and a new monster manual deed for zombie exterminator II and gained 1,789 experience.  He also took out the rare encounters for Palumok and Thumok.  Monday night, I was out for revenge with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and Suppply (Level 11 Paladin).  I suffered a humiliating defeat in Stormcleave Output, primarily due to a lag spike, but I also had realized that I didn’t use Lorrikk’s ability to resurrect himeself either (duh…he has Rise of the Phoenix, the joys ofer playing too many characters and not realizing all of their capabilities) on Sunday night.  In either case, I was out for revenge.  I took them both back into Stormcleave for another dual boxing event and this time I didn’t come across any issues.  In fact, during the run, Lorrikk gained a new monster manual mark, Hill Giant Exterminator I, and gained 1,130 experience. I also completed the optional objectives for destroying six magefire cannon crates, the giant’s dimensional gate, and destroying giant’s raiding force.  Needless to say, revenge was granted.

Containment coming across Gharjat in Tangleroot Gorge.

Hamllin preparing to venture out into the Desert.

Lorrikk getting his revenge in Stormcleave Outpost.

On Tuesday, I started out by taking Charlock (Level 16 Fighter) and Stoorage (Level 15 Fighter) out into the Red Fens.  During that morning slayer run, they both gained 42 slayers and Charlock picked up a monster manual deed for mudmen exterminator I with netted him 1,179 experience.  In the afternoon, I took Erdrique (Level 30 Rogue/Shadowdancer) out into the Sands of Menechtarun. I picked up another 9 slayers for gnolls and 91 scorrow slayers.  Erdrique also took out Wokran-Kull and Utach.  Tuesday night, I took Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Primal Avatar) out to Eveningstar to run the quest Don’t Drink the Water on epic hard.  It was a relatively rough run.  I suffered three deaths and had to re-enter the quest twice.  But, I was able to complete it.  Making my way through the quest I picked up 15 mysterious remnants, took out two dire bears, picked up one commendation for the druid’s of King’s Forest, and picked up 19 commendations of valor as a quest reward.

Charlock admiring the raw beauty of the Red Fens.

Erdrique looking out over the desert from one of its many cliffs.

Garrrin exploring the well in Eveningstar.

The rest of the week was limited to a single slayer run with Hamllin through the Sands of Menechtarun and a single quest run with Cantlin (Level 13 Sorcerer) who was dual boxing with Stoorage.  Hamllin was working his way through the undead area of the desert and he gained 91 more slayers.  He also took out The Thirsty One, Whirling Ozann, and General Tanahk.  Cantlin and Stoorage, in the meantime, worked on getting through the The Path to Madness and Xorian Cipher.  They both still needed this quest on elite.  I had no problems taking them through The Path to Madness but shortly after I started into The Xorian Cipher, my computer crashed and by the time it took me to get it booted back up, I had to call it a night.  So I will have to come back to it!!  So those were the only other runs I was able to get in for the rest of the week.

Hamllin continuing his assault on the denizens of the desert.

Cantlin making his way through the Path to Madness.

Overall, the week might have been less than normal in questing activity but it was still a good and fun week.  I hope everybody else had a great week as well.

A Look Back, Quest Runs March 25 to 27

So, I have made it a personal mission now to do everything in my power to catch up in my backlog of blogs.  I’m currently about 70 blog posts behind where I should be :(.  Needless to say, this year has just been rough for me in trying to stay on top of everything.  This has been primarily because of my hectic work activity this year.  All of the time I was able to devote last year during work downtime has literally disappeared this year and I still haven’t found a good way to compensate.  But I’m slowly doing what I can to make it happen.

In any case, I’m going to continue with my series of quest runs that I have gone through, primarily because I took the time to document what I did and because I have the screenshots to show the questing.  I also find it fun to look back at what I did.

So, back during the last weekend in March (starting on Friday, March 25th) I didn’t run any quests during the morning or during the afternoon.  I actually didn’t get any questing in until Friday night, when I logged on with Erdrique (Level 30 Rogue/Shadowdancer, that is what is now, not then) and I took him into The High Road (Epic) on my way to try the quest Detour.  While hunting out there Erdrique picked up 13 slayers allowing him to hit the fist slayer mark of 10 kills and he found one scroll, number 6.  In Detour, Erdrique was able to complete it on epic hard.  While he was making his way through the quest, he picked up a monster manual deed for human exterminator V and picked up 3,459 experience for that effort.  I also was able to knock out four dire bears during the quest and I was able to defeat all of the mercenaries.  I also picked up three mysterious remnants and received 28 commendations of valor as a quest reward.  That was all I was able to get done on Friday night.

Erdrique making his way through the High Road to quest Detour.

Erdrique dealing with some enemies in the Detour.

Moving to Saturday, I logged back on with Erdrique and I took him back into The High Road (Epic) to continue on that quest string.  While hunting in The High Road, Erdrique picked up another 57 slayers.  While roaming around the High Road I completed the random encounters for Spectral Sightings, Trader Travels, Tree Full of Spiders, Spider of Unusual Size, Rebels Underground, Orc Intuition, and the Druid Brothers.  I also found Oriphaun’s 5th journal and collected the slayer marks for 25 and 50 slayers.  After completion of the random encounters I collected one Village of Eveningstar Commendation, two clerics of Amaunator commendations, and two purple dragon knight commendations.  The reason I was heading back into the High Road was to take on the quest Rest Stop.  I entered on epic hard and didn’t come across any significant problems.  I completed the optional objectives for talking to the adventures, finding the missing party, and defeating the Umbral Gargoyle Lord.  I picked up 14 mysterious remnants defeating the monster champions I encountered and as a quest reward I picked up 27 commendations of valor.  I called it a night after that.

Erdrique back in the High Road and making his way to the quest Rest Stop.

It is time to explore the abandoned and rustic castle of Rest Stop.

To close out the weekend, my quest runs were light on Sunday.  I was scheduled to log on with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk).  So I also brought on Suppply (Level 11 Paladin) who is one of my characters on my premium account and I decided to dual box questing with them.  Lorrikk still needed to complete Stormcleave so I attempted to make my way through the quest.  I had started relatively late as well, so I was running late on time to get the quest done.  Everything was going well, up until I made it to the raiding party optional objective.  At this point I hit a very large lagspike.  By the time the spike recovered, I was dead.  Instead of trying to recoup the lost time, I just decided to call it a night and try it again later.  So the weekend ended on a sour note :(.

Lorrikk having some issues in Stormcleave.

However, it was still a good weekend overall with Erdrique knocking out a few more quests from the High Road and making more progress to his first epic reincarnation.  I hope everybody else had a good weekend as well.

Summing Up the Weekend, February 19th to February 21st

Last weekend was a relatively light weekend for me.  This was primarily because it was the third weekend in February and I always make the third Saturday of the month a weekend date night with my wife.  I also wasn’t able to get any “extra” runs in the game between my chores.  However, I did get some quest runs in on Friday and Sunday.

To start things off on Friday morning, I took Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and Stoorage (Level 14 Fighter) out into the wild jungles of Sorrowdusk Isle.  During this run, Lorrikk didn’t pick up any of the rare encounters and only 33 slayers.  Stoorage already had the area maxed out.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 26 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught) and I took him into the challenge, Kobold Island: Short Cuts once again.  Unfortunately, I failed at this attempt once again but I did defeat the red named horned devil and succubus and doing so I picked up a hunter monster manual deeds for the succubus and got over 9,000 experience as a reward.  I logged back on with Erdrique later that night I was joined by Hellorcish and we headed out into the King’s Forest to complete the quest The Lost Thread.  While in the King’s Forest, I picked up another 43 slayers and completed the optional objectives for the former neighbors, defeating Yarabaro and the fugitive medusa, and for locating Eliminster’s 23rd message.  Once we made it into the The Lost Thread, we freed 10+ slaves as well as the Cormyian War Wizard.  I also picked up a Commendation: War Wizards in the end chest.  For a quest reward I was offered 17 Commendations of Valor.

Lorrikk hunting down the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Erdrique coming across a large extractor on Kobold Island: Short Cuts.

Erdrique and Garrrin and hunting in the King’s Forest.

Erdrique making his way through the Lost Thread.

After we completed The Lost Thread, Hellorcish called it a night.  I continued on and headed into The Battle for Eveningstar on epic hard.  I completed the optional objective for lighting all of the torches and in the end chest I picked up another Commendation: Purple Dragon Knights.  I also picked up the cloak, Drow Piwafwi.  For a quest reward, I picked up another 17 Commendations of Valor and for the story arc, I received another Commendation: Purple Dragon Knights.  After I completed the story arc, I then headed out into the Underdark to locate the entrance and portal Sschindylryn.  It was Erdrique’s first time in the Underdark explorer area.  I picked up 195 slayers; defeated two priestesses of Lolth, 2 blademasters, 4 purple worms, Slavemaster Banister of House Avithou, and Taskmaster Uthimez; and located the portal gate to Sschindylryn, Boneyard, portal gate to Riz Malog, cave of the elements, Daycrystals, Overlook, Nessaleesa’s Garden, Dragon’s Roost, grand waterfall, Tranquility Groove, and the spider hatchery.  After these discoveries I called it a night.

Erdrique sending down a comet into the middle of battle in the Battle for Eveningstar.

Erdrique exploring the treacherous Underdark.

My runs on Sunday were much simpler.  I dual boxed with Stoorage and Cantlin (Level 13 Sorcerer).  I was scheduled to take Stoorage through some quests that night and he still needed to make it through Purge the Heretics.  As I took them through the quest, I completed the optional objectives for killing the halfling mercenaries and the commoners.  I then moved over to do the quest Gladewatch Outpost.  I didn’t have any issues after I staged the commander in here hiding spot.  As I was slaughtering the monstrous invading horde, Stoorage picked up a monster manual deed for hobgoblin exterminator and received over 2,000 experience for the effort.  After that run, I called it a night and headed off to bed.

Stoorage making his way through the quest Purge the  Heretics.

Stoorage waiting for the commander to finish in Gladewatch Outpost.

Overall, it was productive, although light, weekend.  I completed another story arc with Erdrique and am steadily moving him forward with his first epic reincarnation.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Underdark!!

Doing Some Risia Crafting

This past weekend, after I collected the number of coins I had set as my goal for this past set of Risia Ice Games, I went into the Harbor with a few of my characters and decided to do some crafting.  I had five icy burst kits (Recipes 3, 4, and 5, along with the necessary motes of winter) to apply to some randomly generated weapons.  I decided to upgrade a weapon for Kanndar (Level 13 Paladin), Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion), Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk), Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger), and Charlock (Level 16 Fighter).  I upgraded a longsword for Kanndar to use at higher levels, a +6 Acid Longsword of Steam.  He won’t be able to use it until level 22 but it will sure be nice :).  For Kolll, I updated a +2 Acid Composite Shortbow of Axiomatic Burst.  I wish it was a longbow but this is still a nice little twink weapon, especially with his ability to use his imbued arcane arrows and as well as the plethora of elemental arrows he receives from my other characters.  For Lorrikk, I had a pair of +3 Flaming burst handwraps of lacerating.  It will be fun to have fire and icy burst effects on the same pair of handwraps and having an enhancement effect that is longer available (lacerating is one of the effects that came out with Menace of the Underdark is no longer dropping on random loot 😦 ).  Larrs, he had an interesting longsword to upgrade, a +1 forceful longsword of greater poison.  Although it is only a level 14 weapon, it will still be a nice little item to play around with.  The last weapon I upgraded was a bastard sword for Charlock, a +4 holy bastard sword of lacerating .


Kanndar’s longsword is now enhanced with festival icy burst.


Kolll’s shortbow before and after its new enhancement.


Lorrikk is going to have fun with his twinked out handwraps.


Larrs also got a new toy to play with.


Last by not least, Charlock also gets a one of his swords boosted.

I also took the time to create a few glaciation weapons as well for my druid Cannock (Level 8).  The first weapon I enhanced was an acid sickle to have glaciation 54 on it to help Cannock with his cold spells.  The second weapon I enhanced was a frost scimitar, which I thought was a fun little lore item to have glaciation on a frost weapon but this I upgraded to glaciation 78 making it a level 16 weapon.  These weapons will be rather interesting for Cannock.


Cannock’s new and enhanced sickle with glaciation.


It will be a little while before Cannock can get a chance to use this.

I also created two other items for Cannock, an eternal wand of ray of frost and a snow elemental gem.  The snow elemental gem will be interesting for Cannock to use.

Cannock know has an Eternal Wand of Ray of Frost.

I hope everybody else had a chance to do some crafting with the Risia Ice Games.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!