Crystal Cove Type Weekend, Quest Runs September 18 to September 20

This past weekend was a break from my norm.  Some of this was due to the Crystal Cove being active while another was a change in which character I ran on Saturday night.  To start the weekend out I took Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some slayer runs.  He is slowly making his way to the 1,500 mark in the Stormfist Camp.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) and I continue him through the Sands of Menechtarun slayer area.  I was hopeful that I could get his last rare encounter but Commander Errulf decided he wanted to allude me once again.  On Friday night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) and took care of some maintenance tasks and then I grouped up with Tipsyblood and Delaran and we ran through all of the Web of Chaos chain on heroic elite: Lords of Dust, Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of Shadows, and Beyond the Rift.  We did have some difficulty in Spinner of Shadows but we eventually blasted our way through it.

 photo Nice work in GH_zpssahdaldm.jpg

Larrs fighting the Stormfist in the Gianthold.

 photo Hamllin noticing a mummy avengear_zpsoinmpepv.jpg

Hamllin noticing the mummy avenger trying to hide in the Desert.

 photo Time to explore the Road to Tarath Marad_zpsuiqbyvyi.jpg

Erdrique looking for the missing brother in Servants of the Overlord.

 photo Making our way into the Spinners Prison_zpsm4xg5472.jpg

The Crawlers making their way to the Spinner of Shadows.

 photo Fighting Ydrae Avithoul in Beyond the Rift_zps0l5yplfz.jpg

Erdrique battling the enemy drow in Beyond the Rift. 

Now Saturday was where things differed for me.  I took the opportunity between my weekend chores and yard work to log on with Erdrique and I was fortunate enough to get up with Okhamel and Delaran and we did a circuit of Smuggler’s Rest and Crystal Cove.  Saturday night, instead of logging back in with Erdrique, I logged in with Charlock (Level 15 Fighter) instead.  I did this because Hellbanisher, who is currently level 15, was looking for some help to get through Madstone Crater on elite.  So I wound up grouping up with him, Khamelburger, Clairique, and Tipsyblood and we went through the Ruins of Gainthold and completed Madstone Crater will little difficulty.  We then decided to do a few runs of the Crystal Cove on those characters but Hellbanisher had to logoff unexpectedly but the rest of the group decided to continue with the Cove especially since it was only going to be active through the weekend.  We ran through it twice and then called it a night.

 photo Battling Jack Jibbers_zpsshvvsaag.jpg

Erdrique battling the crowd in the Crystal Cove.

 photo Charlock ventures into Gianthold for the first time_zpskgoqezal.jpg

Charlock making his way to Madstone Crater and running across some giants.

 photo The Crawlers fighting in Madstone_zpsm4swr3ip.jpg

Charlock battling the ogres in Madstone Crater.

 photo Hunting in Smugglers Rest_zpsnpspt91t.jpg

Charlock hunting around in the Smuggler’s Rest.

 photo Directing some more kobolds_zpsfbbcn2uz.jpg

Charlock protecting the kobolds in the Crystal Cove.

 photo Charlock and Khamel fighting Jack Jibbers_zps6zm9shft.jpg

Charlock battling Jack Jibbers in the Cove.

On Sunday, I tried to run the Crystal Cove once more with Erdrique during the day but the Cove wasn’t open and still needed another 400 map pieces before it was going to re-open.  I logged back on Sunday night with my low level druid, Cannock (Level 7).  I then took a quick look at his equipment and quickly swapped to Erdrique who I used to craft Cannock a number of shards.  After I crafted the shards I needed, I switched back to Cannock and then I joined up with Khamelapple, who was waiting for me, and we went through The Swiped Signet, The Friar’s Niece, To Find a Witness, The Old Archives, and the Crypt of Gerard Dryden all on elite.  Not a bad night at all.

 photo Cannock battling Scourge in the Swiped Signet_zpslkuesobh.jpg

Cannock battling Scourge in The Swiped Signet.

 photo Cannock hunting spiders in the Friars Niece_zps03q4ybja.jpg

Cannock hunting down some spiders in the Catacombs.

 photo Cannock looking back at The Sanctuary_zpsqltwqxlw.jpg

Cannock looking back at the Sanctuary after finishing To Find a Witness.

 photo Waiting for the librarian_zpsddbnhiij.jpg

Waiting for the librarian.

 photo Cannock and Khamelapple battling in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden_zpspm7adi0g.jpg

Khamelapple and Cannock battling in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden.

Overall it was a nice weekend even though it was outside of the normal routine.  I hope everybody else had a great weekend as well and I hope everybody else has a great week to.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


A Fun Weekend, Quest Runs September 4th to September 6th

This past weekend brought about some fun and fond memories for me!!  Especially concerning a couple of the quests in Ruins of Gianthold.  My weekend started out with a morning slayer run on Friday prior to work with Suppply (Level 9 Paladin) who is working on finalizing up Three Barrel Cove.  Suppply is nearly done out there.  I think he needs one more rare encounter and two more explorer points.  After he finishes that up he will be heading out into Sorrowdusk Isle.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) and I took him out into the Sands of Menechtarun for some afternoon slayer runs.  Later on Friday night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 18 Rogue) and I took him back out into the Red Fens for some slayers to start out the night.  Erdrique is steadily closing in on that 7,500 slayer mark.  After I made my circuit in the Red Fens, I then took him out into the Ruins of Gianthold.  While out there I head off and completed A Cabal for One, destroying the hobgoblin tribes.  Once I completed that run, I decided to do a challenge and headed out to House Cannith and ran the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.  I’m working on gathering some ingredients for a Cloak of Flames for my druid, Cannock (Level 7).  After I completed a run through Labor Shortage, a then went back to the Ruins of Gianthold and completed Madstone Crater.  When I headed out to Madstone Crater I had put up a group in the LFG panel and had one PUG member join me when I was finished with the second seer.  It was good to see at least one pug join me :).  After a quick break, I then ran another iteration of Labor Shortage and then I called it a night.

 photo Suppply finding Brine_zpsu53pzplq.jpg

Suppply finally finding Brine in Three Barrel Cove.

 photo Hamllin taking care of the enemies in the Desert_zps0j7biygi.jpg

Hamllin hunting in the Desert.

 photo Erd admiring the stream in the Red Fens_zps8juj29ez.jpg

Erdrique making a circuit through the Red Fens.

 photo Erd taking note of the lava flow in GH_zpsk71zlote.jpg

Erdrique taking note of the lava flow in the Gianthold on his way to A Cabal for One.

 photo Erd taking the Cabal for One_zpscwhylknm.jpg

Erdrique taking on the hobgoblins in the Hobgoblin lair.

 photo There is Auraxylion_zpseqsebfgy.jpg

Erdrique running into a spectral dragon in the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.

 photo Erd coming across Tarmor on his way to Madstone_zps5vwwqmpd.jpg

Erdrique running into Tarmor on his way to Madstone Crater.

 photo The Mindflayer is getting a meal_zpsscrghk8y.jpg

Erdrique watching his mindflayer get a meal from the ogre.

 photo Fighting Devashata in Labor Shortage_zpsvhusaey1.jpg

Erdrique looks small compared to the marilith in the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.

Saturday was even more productive than Friday.  During Saturday afternoon, I took some time between my chores and my yard work to take Erdrique through some Cannith Challenges to keep gathering ingredients for Cannock’s Cloak of Flames.  I wound up running the Lave Caves: Time is Money four different times.  Saturday night, I got up with Hellbanisher and Okhamel and we had some fun times in the Ruins of Gianthold.  The first quest we hit up was Prison of the Planes.  Prison of the Planes was the last quest I needed to completed to get into Gianthold Tor.  However, once we completed the Prison of the Planes, we decided to give a The Crucible a try.  It had been quite awhile since I last ran the Crucible and figured it would be fun to give it a go.  We headed off and we made short work of it!!  I was expecting us to get bogged down in the maze and in the swim but we made it through both areas easily.  I did the swim with Erdrique and it was perhaps the smoothest swim I have done as of yet.  Then again, I’m not a Crucible expert.  After we completed the Crucible, we then decided to run Gianthold Tor.  We made our way through it without any problems.  Once we completed the quest, we then decided to give the three dragons a shot.  We were on elite so we were expecting on having some issues.  However, we expected wrong.  We took on the black dragon and his fire giant guardian first, then we took on the blue dragon and his cloud giant partner, and finished with the white dragon and his stone giant companion.  None of them gave us much of an issue.  I was quite surprised by that and have to admit it was quite fun taking them on again.  After we completed the Tor, I cashed in my saga reward for a huge boost in guild renown and Hellbanisher called it a night.  After Hellbanisher logged out, Okhamel and I then headed out into the Orchard of the Macabre.  While out there we ran through the Fleshmaker’s Laboratory on elite, including the optional objective.  After that, we both called it a night.

 photo Erd and his owlbear facing a drow sorceress in the LC_zpseah0urgc.jpg

Erdrique taking on the drow sorceress in the Lava Caves.

 photo Erd taking down another scorpion_zpspnaw6rqp.jpg

Erdrique taking down another scorpion in the Lava Caves.

 photo Erd taking on the scorpion in the Lava Caves Time is Money_zpsm44yzjzq.jpg

Erdrique encountering scorpions in the Lave Caves.

 photo The lioness trying to ruin the day_zpstvglwfnk.jpg

Erdrique taking on the lions in the Lava Caves: Time is Money.

 photo Having a jarilith party_zpsntes25xh.jpg

Coming across some jariliths on the way to the Prison of the Planes.

 photo Fighting in the Prison of the Planes_zpsbsum8thv.jpg

Erdrique fighting in the Plane of Fernia in the Prison of the Planes.

 photo Hunting the Tor_zpskkxjb2jb.jpg

Erdrique in the midst of the battle in Gianthold Tor.

 photo Fighting the rats in the Orchard_zpswuacq7iu.jpg

Erdrique and Okhamel fighting the carcass eaters in the Orchard.

 photo Fighting the flesh golems_zpsrayxteeo.jpg

Erd and Okhamel making their way through the Fleshmaker’s Laboratory.

Sunday, similar to Saturday, I took some time between my chores and yard work to get a few challenge runs in.  I actually got up with Khamelbush and we ran Lave Caves: Time is Money twice and the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage twice during the afternoon.  That night, I gave Erdrique a break and logged on with Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) and I got up with Twotoe, Purplepower, and Clairique and we ran through all of the Sentinels of Stormreach quest on elite.  We breezed through Bargain of Blood and the Black Loch.  We then headed off to Storm the Beaches and we had a PUG join our group.  We did run into some problems here but not many.  We then moved onto the quest The Tide Turns and finished the storyline.  We still need to hit up the quest, Spies in the House but overall it was great set of runs!!

 photo Erd clearing out the arena in Time is Money_zps6fag60kd.jpg

Erdrique taking out the enemies in the arena in the Lava Caves: Time is Money.

 photo Erd and Khamel dealing with the cloud giant in time is money_zps1hx26tpc.jpg

Erdrique and Okhamel battling the cloud giant in Time is Money.

 photo Erd clearing a path for the kobolds in the palace_zps96kopv3w.jpg

Erdrique clearing a path in the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage for the kobolds.

 photo The dragon has been slain_zpsf5y6w0dh.jpg

Erdrique looking over the slain spectral dragon.

 photo Cantlin and his party lighting things up in the Bazaar_zpsvx26oi5u.jpg

Cantlin and his party taking on the assassin of the Bloodtide pirates in Bargain of Blood.

 photo The Crawlers dealing with the undead in the Black Loch_zpsl7tbbayu.jpg

Crawlers making their way through the Black Loch.

 photo Swimming in the night in Mistral Island_zpsy1slw6rq.jpg

Cantlin going for a swim in the night at Mistral Island.

 photo Captain Tew is now here_zpsj5aiajeq.jpg

Cantlin and his party preparing for Captain Tew’s rath.

As a recap, this past Labor Day Weekend was quite productive indeed for me.  I was able to get a number of quests completed, even some quests that I have completed in quite a bit of time.  It was definitely a fun time!!  I hope everybody else had a great weekend and I hope everybody enjoy their holiday weekend (at least those in the US).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Not a Bad Weekend, Quest Runs March 6th to March 8th

This past weekend, as is typical for me, was dominated with questing runs with my main character Erdrique (Level 18 Monk).  However, my questing began on Friday morning, not with Erdrique, but with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Chamption) who took a stroll through the King’s Forest and used some drow enemies as target practice :).  I didn’t log on again until later that night when I took Erdrique out into the Ruins of Gianthold and started to work on his slayer count out there.  With the help of a major slayer potion, I was able to hit the 1,500 slayer mark in the three camps.  I was also joined by Hellbanisher and we decided to hit up few of the Gianthold Quests.  We took on A Cabal for One and Prison of the Planes on elite with little difficulty.  After those runs and another few slayers Hellbanisher called it a night but I decided to run a few challenges in order to prep up for Erdrique’s next heroic life as a rogue.  So I ran the Lava Caves: Circles of Power and Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos to gather up some low level ingredients.  It was actually the first time in a long time that I have been on Kobold Island.  After a few of those runs, I called it a night myself.

 photo Kolll using some drow for target practice_zpsq5ztqpai.jpg

Kolll hunting in the King’s Forest.

 photo Erd making short work of the enemies in GH_zpslzmw0j6n.jpg
Erdrique working on his Gianthold Slayers.

 photo Erd and Hell making their way through A Cabal for One_zpsxz7wdi9x.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher making their way through A Cabal for One.

 photo Erd running around the Lava Caves_zps2hmuryhc.jpg

Erdrique making his way through the Lava Caves.

 photo Erd protecting an extractor on Kobold Island_zps8imrylas.jpg
Erdrique working to protect the extractors on Kobold Island.

On Saturday, I logged on Erdrique and decided to take him through Madstone Crater in Gianthold and then Gianthold Tor.  Madstone Crater was a little challenging because I was running it with only my hirelings and keeping the giant seers alive was sometimes interesting.  However, I did manage to do and to complete the quest.  I then entered the Tor where I didn’t really run into any issues at all.  Upon completion of the Tor I was able eligible to turn in the Heroic Gianthold Saga where I picked up the guild renown reward and was granted over 115,000 renown for the guild!!  Not bad at all!!

 photo Erd fighting in Madstone Crater_zpsoszjlus5.jpg
Erdrique battling the crazed ogres and minotaurs in Madstone Crater.

 photo Coming up upon some giants in the Tor_zpsyl1ba3nu.jpg
Erdrique coming up on some giants in the Tor.

Well, Sunday I was supposed to log in with Tuhnn but unfortunately I never made it on.  For some reason my internet connectivity wouldn’t latch onto the game servers and I kept getting disconnected :(.  I was on fine earlier in the day so I’m not sure what happened.  In any case I’m hoping to make up these runs.

The weekend was quite nice with respect to gaining experience.  Erdrique only needs about 34,000 before he hits heroic level cap (level 20) and then he will be ready to do his next life.  I’m expecting him to be rogue by the weekend, assuming no internet issues.

It was a Saga Filled Weekend, September 5th to 7th

My questing runs over this past weekend was dominated by Erdrique (Level 17 Druid) who I took through primarily the quests in Gianthold.  However, prior to that I was scheduled to take Erdrique into the Sands of Menechtarun (aka, the Desert) for my Friday morning slayer runs prior to heading to the office.  My afternoon run, prior to dinner, was also with Erdrique, who I took through the Maze of Madness.  Later that night, I took Erdrique back out in the Desert to collect some more slayers and to find my last rare encounter and then I headed back to Gianthold to take on the quest A Cabal for One.  After collecting some more slayers in the Desert and in the Gianthold I then logged out for the night.

Erd taking his pack out into the Desert photo ErdtakinghispackoutintotheDesert_zpsce02f338.jpg
Erdrique and his pack preparing to explore the Desert.

Erd Battling a Mystic in GH photo ErdbattlingaForswornMysticinGH_zpsbbb49b5d.jpg
Battling a Forsworn Mystic in Gianthold.

Making our way through the Minotaur Liar photo MakingourwaythroughtheMinotaurLair_zpsc31ec391.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Maze of Madness.

Battling the Hobgoblin's in A Cabal for One photo BattlingtheHobgoblinsinACabalforOne_zps5f5a8874.jpg
Erdrique and his gang battling the hobgbolins of A Cabal for One.

On Saturday, I logged back on with Erdrique and headed back into the Desert as I was still hunting down my last rare encounter (Thumok the Mad).  I then headed back out into the Gianthold and completed Madstone Crater, Prison of the Planes, and the Gianthold Tor all on elite.  I didn’t really run into any snags at all with any of the quests.  Although I did lose my cleric hireling a few times in the Tor as she seemed to gain a large amount of aggro for whatever reason.  However, the real highlight of these runs was that I completed the Wastes of Gianthold (Heroic) Saga and that was my first saga completion !! :).  After that, I logged out for the night.

Erd fighting the scorrow photo Erdfightingthescorrow_zps233cafc4.jpg
Erdrique fighting some scorrow.

Exploring the Gianthold photo ExploringtheGainthold_zpse41ed596.jpg
Running to some quests in Gianthold.

Making our way through Madstone Crater photo MakingourwaythroughMadstoneCrater_zpse05462a6.jpg
Erdrique battling his way through Madstone Crater.

Exploring the Prison of the Planes photo ExploringthePrisonofthePlanes_zpsf0690a63.jpg
Time to explore the Prison of the Planes.

Like to trip fire giants photo Liketotripthefireqiants_zps351d4755.jpg
Erdrique having a good ol’ time tripping fire giants in the Tor.

I didn’t log in on Sunday until relatively late.  I was scheduled to play with Lorrikk (Level 11 Montk) and I took him out into the Pit.   This was the first time I took Lorrikk into the Pit and I had a fun time in there with him.  His evasion helped him immensely in the quest, especially in the lightning room where you need to throw the levers to power up the back up generator or whatever is.  On elite, the quest was level 9, but even with that I still wound up getting well over 20,000 experience for Lorrikk, however it did take me over an hour to complete.  I did run into some issues while running the Pit, but these issues were centered around latency and lag issues, and now quest issues.  Overall, it was a nice run :).

 photo LorrikkdealingwiththetrogsinthePit_zpsd5e2479e.jpg
Lorrikk making his way through The Pit.

So the highlight of this past weekend really was my completion of my first saga.  I had a fun time knocking those quests out and I look forward to completing more of them!!  Thanks for reading everybody and I hope everybody else had a fun weekend :).  Now its time to get into DDO and to go hunting!!         

So What is Up With The Seers in Madstone Crater?

Something just dawned on me over the weekend as I was taking Erdrique (Level 17 Druid) through Madstone Crater.  This has to do with those hill giant seers that we rescue and then protect.  Did you ever notice that once you rescue the seers from their undead guardians and controllers that the seers will simply teleport their way to the various crystal that needs to be shattered? 

 photo Okhowdidtheseergethere_zpsa66e192a.jpg
Erdrique not appreciating the seer just leaving him to do his dirty work.

Now I never really gave this much thought up until now but it occurred to me how ungrateful these seers are.  Think about all of the fighting you have to endure to get to those points where those evil crystals are and how easily the three giant seers just teleported themselves to those specific locations.  Why couldn’t they just teleport you to those crystals as well and make our lives just as easy? 

Then again, I guess if the seer just did teleport us straight to the crystal then we would still have to battle our way back through those enemies as we make our way to the next seer who need to be rescued and back to Blaze at the beginning of the quest…but still we would have plenty of more resources to use to protect him if he simply took us with him. 

Well, even though they are seers, I guess they still aren’t too bright…they are hill giants after hall.  But then again, what does that say about our own intelligence since we follow them into the fight without any

Well thanks for reading everybody, I hope you all had a great weekend of questing!!  Happy hunting!!