Review of Quest Runs, January 14th to 17th

My questing activity last week was pretty lite.  On Monday, I joined up with our Fantasy Grounds PNP group and we continued our questing through the Pathfinder campaign.  We had a lot of dialogue that night so I didn’t get a chance to do much in DDO.  Although I did log in with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Draconic Incarnation) and I had him inscribe one of the new spells, Iceberg.

I didn’t get a chance to log back into DDO until Thursday.  I logged back in with Rimuldar and continued on my quest to get the most favor I can with my characters.  For some odd reason he still needed the Phiarlan Carnival quest chain on elite.  So I quickly took him through A Small Problem, Partycrashers, and The Snitch on heroic elite.  I didn’t have enough time to work my way through Under the Big Top so I will have to work on that next time.


Rimuldar heading into A Small Problem.


Rimuldar taking care of The Snitch.

Thanks for reading everybody and I hope others had a more productive week than I did.  Happy hunting everybody!!

Epic Style Weekend, Quest Runs January 8th to January 10th

Well, with Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) now done with all of his quests on heroic elite, it is time to start working on some epic quests.  Kind of hard to believe that I have done very few quests on epic and I’m level 25.  The only epic quests I have completed up to this point was Impossible Demands, Unquiet Graves, and some House Cannith Challenges.  With this particular weekend, it is time to move forward into the epic quests.  I think my primary plan will be to complete them on epic normal and then on epic hard.  If I have no issues trying them on epic hard then I will try epic elite.  Going to start with the Eberron quests and then make my way over back to Eveningstar.  However, before I make that trek, I started out the weekend by taking Containment (Level 7 Cleric) and Cannock (Level 8 Druid) back into Tangleroot Gorge for some morning slayer runs.  Containment is nearly done with these slayers so he will be moving over to Three Barrel Cove soon.  And, as you can tell, I was dual boxing once again with Containment from my Premium account and Cannock on my VIP account.  In the afternoon, I took Erdrique out into the Sands of Menechtarun.  Even though Erdrique is well over level for this area, I still enjoy running around out here.  I still want to take the time to max out each explorer area.  I believe I will have to modify a few things to accomplish this, but we’ll see.  Friday night, I logged back on with Erdrique and after working on some maintenance tasks, I grouped up with Hellsbain and Lunarhaze and we completed A Small Problem, Partycrashers, The Snitch, and Under the Big Top on epic normal.  We didn’t encounter any problems and we were able to hit the optional fights in Partycrashers that allowed us to watch the NPC get killed when all of his “plans” were thwarted.  We called it a night after those runs.

Containment taking on Silkweave in Tangleroot Gorge.

Erdrique now focusing his hunting in the Sands of Menechtarun.

Making our way through A Small Problem.

Fighting the illusions in Partycrashers.

Fighting off the enemies in the Snitch.

The Crawlers taking some time to visit the circus.

On Saturday, after some more maintenance, I completed a number of House Cannith Challenges on my quest to finish my upgrades to the Spare Hand and Ring of the Stalker.  In that regard I ran Extraplanar Palace: The Dragon’s Hoard twice, Lava Caves: Colossal Crystal, and the Extraplanar Palace: Buying Time.  I also started on the Sentinels of Stormreach chain on epic normal by completing Bargain of Blood.  I didn’t have any issues with these quests and I called it a night.

Coming across Salteshka in the Dragon’s Hoard.

Fighting the marilith in the Dragon’s Hoard.

Working our way through the Lava Caves.

Erdrique making his way down to intercept the rhaksasha in Buying Time.

Erdrique starting the Sentinels of Stormreach chain by making his way through Bargain of Blood.

The close out the weekend on Sunday, I logged on with Erdrique during the day but only was able to complete some maintenance tasks.  I didn’t get a chance to run anything during the afternoon :(.  That night, I logged on with Containment and Cannock once again.  I then took them into the first part of Shan-to-Kor, The Coven Jaw Scourage: Blockade.  Both Containment and Cannock both need Shan-to-Kor on elite so it was worth while to dual box them through this quest.  I was only able to do this quest in the chain so hopefully I will be able to complete the rest of the quest chain next time.

Cannock leading the way to the start of Shan-to-Kor for Containment.

Overall, the weekend wasn’t bad.  I was primarily dominated by getting in some epic questing, which will probably dominate my weekend quest runs until I get Erdrique through his epic reincarnation and into his next heroic true reincarnation.  Which is perfectly fine because it will allow me to get into some of those quests I haven’t seen yet, hopefully :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Hitting up Some New Quests, Questing August 7th to August 9th

This past weekend was quite interesting, primarily because some of the Crypt Crawlers took on the new quests in Update 27: Trials of the Archons.  However, before those quests were tackled, I kicked off the weekend by taking Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader) into the High Road for some Friday morning slayers prior to work.  After I got home from work, I took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) into the Restless Isles.  Hammy is getting really close to finishing that area.  Later that night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 16 Rogue) and I took him through a run of the Red Fens and then into the Cannith Challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  After I collected some challenge ingredients, I then headed out to the Lordsmarch Plaza to complete the quest Eyes of Stone.  After I battled with Hesstess and her small legion of the Droaam forces, I then headed out of the Lordsmarch Plaza and went back to House Cannith and completed a second run through Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  After that second run, I called it a night.

 photo Battling the Netherese and Shadows_zpsuijqwsbk.jpg

Wapoyei swallowed up in battle in the High Road.

 photo Who is Than Hap_zps9tofbe2g.jpg

Hamllin taking on Than Hap in the Restless Isles.

 photo Fighting a vine stalker in the Fens_zpszwmfptul.jpg

Erdrique hitting up the Red Fens.

 photo Not counting again_zps3ddjnhsk.jpg

Erdrique battling the minions of Dr. Rushmore in Picture Portals.

 photo The medusa in Eyes of Stone_zpsi5loqmyh.jpg

Erdrique fighting Hesstess in Eyses of Stone.

 photo What a blast in Picture Portals_zpsxdbkpcks.jpg

Quite an explosion in Picture Portals.

Now Saturday was the most interesting night for my questing.  I had recommended for the Crawlers to run the new quests from the Trials of the Archons pack.  I had on Erdrique and I was joined by Hellbanisher and Khamels.  After we took care of the standard chit chatting, catching up, and completing the “daily” character maintenance we made our way to Amrath.  I have to admit, it has been a very long time since I have been on that floating rock above the plane of battle, Shavarath.  We picked up the storyarc and then the first quest, The Archon’s Trial and made our way to the anchor of Amrath.  We had some interesting times as we made our way through the quest but after getting a little bit of a beating we wound making our way through the quest on elite.  I should also point out that we were doing this on heroic elite.  After making our way through The Archon’s Trial, we then moved over to Demon Assault.  I found Demon Assault to be a little more interesting than just a sit down and beat down of spawning mobs after spawning mobs.  It was different from the other assault type quests in that you ran to one portal to another as you were looking for your objective.  We did pretty well in here until the very end where we had some interesting issues appear, primarily with dungeon alert and it became quite a challenge to loot our end chest even after the end boss was killed.  We then tackled the last quest in the heroic story arc, The Devil’s Details.  I found this quest particularly interesting and I found it quite amusing to encounter/see Mailicia at the ed of the quest.  The main problem we had in this quest was centered around the powerful abishai, which were pretty brutal on elite.  Overall, these quests are quite interesting and different.  I will definitely have to run them so far to get a better feel for them.

 photo Maing our way to the gate_zpslnfdcore.jpg

Making our way into the Trials of the Archons.

 photo Taking on the first wave_zpsn78uba1l.jpg

The Crawlers taking on the demons in Demon Assault.

 photo The abishai are going to be a pain_zpsaz8lnio0.jpg

Preparing to deal with the red abishai in The Devil’s Details.

Sunday, I logged on with Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter) and had originally planned on moving through some quests in Three Barrel Cove until I realized I completed all of the quests in Three Barrel Cove on elite already.  So instead I headed off to House Phiarlan and started the Carnival Series, which I still needed to do.  Before I headed off into the first quest, I was joined by Twotoe and we hopped into A Small Problem on elite.  I was glad that Twotoe was able to group up because that saved me from having to run these on normal, hard, and elite because Stoorage is on my Premium account cannot open up quests on initial run through on elite quite yet.  After we blasted our way through the quest, we then advanced to Partycrashers and we made our way through that quest at a nice clip as well, although I did skewered in the spike trap room with the air jet.  However, that was our only problem as Two and I had no issues taking out the rest of the Maleficient Cabal.  We both called it a night after that, so I’m halfway done with the Carnival Series now :).

 photo Stoorage and Twotoe making their way through A Small Problem_zpsiqlodaj6.jpg

Stoorage and Twotoe making their way through Mammoth Valley.

 photo Stoorage gazing at the illusionarium from above_zpsunusnxzy.jpg

Stoorage peering down below in the Illusionarium.

So the highlights of this past weekend was the runs through new quests.  I found them challenging and quite fun.  I definitely need to run these some more.  I hope everybody else had a good weekend as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

A Challenging Type Weekend, Questing April 24th to April 26th

This past weekend was primarily dominated with runs through some of the Cannith Challenge quests as I keep working to upgrade Erdrique’s Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hands.  However, to begin the weekend I took my first iconic character, Tuhnn (Level 15 Bladeforged) out into the Sands of Menechtarun to enjoy the beautiful moonlight and to do some slaying :).  That afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 7 Rogue) and took him through the Depths of Discord.  Later on that night, I logged back on with Erdrique and I was joined by Hellbanisher and we headed our way over to the Marketplace and completed Archer Point Defense on elite and then we made our way to House Phiarlan to tackle the Carnival Series.  We completed Partycrashers, The Snitch, and Under the Big Top, all on elite, before Hellbanisher called it a night.  I then took Erdrique into a slayer run through Tangleroot Gorge and then logged on with Berann (Level 8 Barbarian) to try to run the Cannith Challenge, Lava Caves: Colossal Crystal.  By using the advice from Grimorde, I was able to get some completions in this tough challenge 🙂 (thanks Grim!!).  After that I called it a night.

Tuhnn noticing the moon in the Desert photo Tuhnn noticing the moon in the Desert_zps7ocgderb.jpg
Tuhnn enjoying his nightly stroll through the Desert.

 photo Erd looking for the elemental Landslide_zpsf9pg8lan.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Depths of Discord.

 photo Erd making his way through Archer Point Defense_zpseipbsmhl.jpg
In the midst of battle at Archer Point Defense.

 photo Ranging the Mark of Shadow_zps9n2hdhfw.jpg
Ranging the Mark of Shadow from afar to avoid the spikes.

 photo Erd and Hell making their way through the Snitch_zpse1cbfltt.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher running through the pipes to find The Snitch.

 photo Erd and Hell battling Malicia_zpsflzpngst.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher fighting against Malicia in Under the Big Top.

 photo Erd locating Kornak_zpsvtcy9qve.jpg
Erdrique coming across Kornak in the Gorge.

 photo Berann hunting for a progenitor crystal in the lava caves_zpsooacxyvw.jpg
Berann hoping to find a colossal crystal.

Now on Saturday I didn’t actually plan on logging in but my wife was asked to do some babysitting so I took advantage of the time by bringing in Berann once again to do a couple more runs through the Lava Caves: Colossal Crystal.  Once I figured out I had enough jaded scorpions for my Ring of the Stalker, I then noticed that the next challenge I need to run was Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.  Since that quest range starts at level 14, I logged out with Berann and back in with Charlock (Level 14 Fighter).  I then worked my way through three iterations of the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage and received enough Arcanaloth Scrolls.  Now the only thing I need are the Jeweled Goblets.  Hopefully will get those this week.  After that, I called it a night.

 photo Berann fighting the lions of the Lava Caves_zpswqx3jkdz.jpg
Berann fighting the unusual lions in the Lava Caves.

 photo Charlock taking down the Animated armors_zpsbgidypd8.jpg
Charlock protecting the kobolds in the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.

On Sunday, I logged on with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) and took him through the rest of the Catacombs story arc on normal.  I completed Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral, Setting the Wards: Patriarch’s Crypt, Endgame: Marguerite, and Endgame: Archbishop’s Fate.  Once those were knocked out, I took Crawlller into a Cannith Challenge as well, Lava Caves: Circles of Power and was happy to knock that one out.  After that run, I called it a night.

 photo Crawlller taking note of the altar_zpsrpfbssnb.jpg
Crawlller taking note of the altar.

 photo Crawller battling the undead in the Patriarchs Crypt_zpszsoflkk9.jpg
Crawlller fighting ghasts in the Patriarch’s Crypt.

 photo The undead swarm_zpsslbbgzz4.jpg
Crawlller dealing with the undead swarm.

 photo Dealing with Arkasic_zpstqg6ryqf.jpg
Arkasic reveals himself.

 photo Directing the Kobolds in Circles of Power_zpsln6v4vkz.jpg
Crawlller directing traffic in Circles of Power.

So it was a “challenging” weekend indeed :).  I hope everybody else had a fun weekend!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

Some More Interesting Banners

I’m not sure what it is with me and these banners or standards lately.  A little awhile ago I wrote about an interesting banner I noticed in the Catacombs and since then I have come across a couple more that I have found quite interesting, for one reason or another.

The first banner is probably more of a standard but I’m calling it a banner anyways.  It is the banner you see when you come across the hobgoblin outpost in Tangleroot Gorge.  The outpost marks the outlying boundary of the hobgoblins of Splinterskull.  The banner itself is consists of a deep red backdrop with a black line running down the center which occasionally breaks off in opposite directions to various spikes and curves on both sides.  The deep black line is then bordered by a thinner yellow line.  The banner is hanging off of post that is accentuated by a large humanoid skull.  I’m not sure why I find this banner interesting.  I just think the mixture of colors, the sharp design of the black line, and of course the skulls just symbolized a very strong and confident, and downright evil, clan of beings.  That is probably something a banner should do.

 photo Containment looking around Tangleroot Gorge_zpspxczh4uk.jpg
Containment in the Gorge taking note of the banner representing Splinterskull and its hobgoblins.

The second banner is more intriguing to me.  I noticed this banner when I was taking Erdrique through the great quest, Partycrashers.  As you make your way through the Illusionarium and then into the Chapter House you may seen a beautiful banner hanging on the wall alongside one of the fountains.  The banner depicts a couple serpents entwined with another in the center on a dark backdrop that is bordered by a lighter purplish color.  Along the border on each side is a red line in a swirly design.  Beneath the serpents is what appears to be some type of an anvil or bush or possibly a creature of some sort with a sword thrust into it.  Above the serpents is a leaf shaped symbol.  I believe the symbol with the serpents has something to do with the Mark of Shadows, but I’m not entirely sure what the other figures represent.  Actually after looking at the Eberron Wiki it looks like the bottom symbol might be the Siberys version of the Mark of Shadows.  In either case, it is a great banner to portray the intrigue that surrounds House Phiarlan and its network of spies and assassins.

 photo That is an interesting banner in the Chapterhouse_zpsxcpfpadx.jpg
Erdrique taking note of the fascinating banner hanging in the Chapter House.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Lighter Weekend Than Planned, Quest Runs April 17th to April 19th

Although I had some fun and interesting runs this past weekend, my overall questing activity was less than I had originally planned.  This was primarily because I went out of town to visit my parents who were vacationing a couple hours away from me on Friday night.  Since they live in Florida, I couldn’t pass up the chance to meet them for dinner and spend some time with them .  I had originally planned on knocking out the Phiarlan Carnival Series by the time the weekend was over but instead only got through Partycrashers.

So speaking of questing over the weekend, I kicked off the weekend by taking Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) out into the forest of Tangleroot Gorge.  Crawlller is still making his way through that slayer zone slowly but steadily.  I wound up cutting my work day short, which allowed me to log in with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) who I have diligently working hard on catching up with his slayers by tackling the Red Fens.  Shortly after that is when my wife and I headed out to go to dinner with my parents.  When I got back home late on Friday night, I did log on with Erdrique (Level 7 Rogue) who I took into Rest for the Restless on elite, which was my last level 4 quest to complete and then for a circuit in the Lava Caves: Circles of Power.  After I completed the run through the Lava Caves I then headed out to House P to start the Carnival chain.  I then headed out to Mammoth Valley and took on the tieflings to find Brawnpits as I completed A Small Problem on elite.  It was getting pretty late at that point so I called it a night.

 photo Crawlller exploring the Gorge_zpsq4hd5rwb.jpg
Crawlller exploring Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Hamllin exploring the Red Fens_zpsyqthzggr.jpg
Hamllin making his way through the Red Fens.

 photo Bring down on comet on the arcane in Rest for Restless_zpsy0gjjdcd.jpg
Erdrique works through the Vault of the Restless.

 photo Erd lining up the Torches_zpsrnowbdme.jpg
Erdrique working to get the crystals collected in the Lava Caves.

 photo Erd looking for Brawnpits_zps5hsandte.jpg
Erdrique looking for Brawnpits in Mammoth Valley.

On Saturday, I took some advantage of the time I had during the day because my wife had to work.  So I took Erdrique out into Tangleroot Gorge on three different occasions to burn up a minor slayer pot.  Erdrique has now hit his 750 slayer mark out there and is currently working on his 1,500 slayer.  He also still needs at least two more rare encounters before he maxes the area out.  Later that night, I noticed that I only needed about 10,000 experience to force me to level to 7.  Since the next quest I was getting ready to do was Partycrashers, I decided it best to go ahead and level up.  I then headed back to House P and had a very interesting time in Partycrashers.  Although I didn’t have a bluff item on, I was still able to get my bluff high enough (with the use of heroism, eagle’s splendor, and the Voice of the Master) to trick the poison master and captain into the library where I took them out (separately of course).  I took out the captain first that way his little troop of brainwashed guards help me to deal with the poison master.  I then went upstairs and took out the tiefling band up there and enjoyed the conversation at the last “fight” when I saw the primary mastermind tiefling get all depressed that all of his troops and plans were foiled.  I really like it when I complete that quest without an end fight .  After I took out Partycrashers, I then worked on upgrading my Ring of the Stalker.  I logged on with Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk) and took him into Kobold Island: The Disruptor and made two circuits through there to get the necessary necromantic charms I needed.  I then called it a night.

 photo Erd taking in the scene of the Gorge_zpslfyahipn.jpg
Erdrique taking in the view of Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Erd dealing with the Marks of Shadow in Partycrashers_zpsamgfmox2.jpg
Erdrique destroying a Mark of Shadow in the Illusionarium. 

 photo Lorrikk running around Kobold Island looking for the undead_zpsindfuun2.jpg
Lorrikk working on Erd’s behalf in Kobold Island: The Disruptor.

On Sunday, I continued to work on upgrading Erdrique’s Ring of the Stalker.  I wanted to upgrade it to Tier 2 which requires me to have jaded scorpions which come out of the challenge Lava Caves: Colossal Crystal.  This time I decided to run it with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter).  I tried it twice, once by myself (with a hireling) and once again with Helltwister (with two hirelings) and unfortunately failed both times.  I’m going to have to do a little more playing around in here to go the flow of this challenge (or I just do a different challenge to swap the ingredients).  Later that night, it was time to do something different so I logged on with Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Divine Crusader).  I was joined by Friedrice and we hit up the Spinner of Shadows and Beyond the Rift on Epic Hard.  Wapoyei actually got killed once in each quest and I’m not entirely sure by what but we did make it through each quest.  I also wound up gaining enough experience to cap out Exalted Angel and now moved over to Divine Crusader.

 photo Hamllin dealing with the wolves in Colossal Crystals_zpsqvxqtjgb.jpg
Hamllin trying to find the Colossal Crystal.

 photo Hamllin and Helltwister making their way through Colossal Crystal_zpsrxfgss7l.jpg
Hamllin and Helltwister working in the Lava Caves to find a Colossal Crystal.

 photo Wapoyei and Friedrice in Spinner of the Shadows_zps55iv4wut.jpg
Wapoyei and Friedrice fighting a Raksasha in Spinnser of Shadows.

 photo Taking in the Sites of the Rift_zpszxorfdub.jpg
Wapoyei and Friedrice exploring the Rift.

Definitely an interesting week.  My goal for right now is to run a number of various characters to get Erdrique enough of the Cannith Crafting ingredients to upgrade his Ring of the Stalker and his Spare Hands.  We’ll see how that progresses throughout the week.  I hope everybody else had a fun weekend as well and I wish everybody an even funner week!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Low and Epic Questing, Runs from March 23rd to March 26th

I had another week’s worth of variable questing last week.  I ran characters through some epic quests as well as taking Erdrique (Level 3 Rogue), who just went under a fresh heroic true reincarnation, through some beginning Harbor quests.  As usual, my questing started off with a typical slayer run on Monday morning.  I took Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) out into the beautiful woods of the King’s Forest.  Rimuldar took his mini-army out and hunted down some drow before I needed to head out to work.  That afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 15 Fighter) and I continued to work on my slayer project with him.  As a result, I took him out in Searing Heights to collect some slayers and to try to find his last rare encounter for that area.  Later that night, I brought on Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) and I took him through one of the more interest quests in the game, Partycrashers on Epic Normal.  Larrs had a relatively easy time in there on Epic Normal, as we he was able to take out the disguised tiefling who was leading the House Phiarlan guard and to take out the tiefling ambush party by getting the Viceroy’s key.  The only thing I couldn’t do was to get the tiefling assassin into the library, I actually couldn’t even spot here.  So the end fight only consisted of the assassin and the main boss.  Overall, not bad at all.

 photo Rimuldar in a flash of blur_zpskzevwcss.jpg
Rimuldar hunting in the King’s Forest.

 photo Larrs slicing away in Partycrashers_zps0zndbcl1.jpg
Larrs making his way through the Illusionarium.

 photo Hamllin preparing to drop on some unexpected enemies_zps1jgscxlh.jpg
Hamllin getting ready to have surprise some enemies in the Searing Heights.

Tuesday morning, I started out some questing with Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) and I took him out into the King’s Forest as well.  He took some hirelings with him too and ran around the forest to take on the various drow who were lurking in the forest.  Later that day, after work, I took Erdrique out into the Cerulean Hills because I still had a minor slayer pot running and I wanted to take advantage of it.  I then decided to run the solo quests, The Miller’s Debt and Arachnophobia to knock them out of the way.  Later than night, I logged on with Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul) and I took him through a round of Three Barrel Cove slayers and then out into Tomb of the Crimson Heart on elite.  I actually ran into some problems with Tomb of the Crimson Heart as I was hit pretty hard by one of the traps in there.  But besides that miscue, Harrgon had little difficulty in there.  I believe that the only quest Harrgon needs now is Tomb of the Burning Heart to get access to the Bloody Crypt.

 photo Garrrin hunting in the Kings Forest_zpscffgyxaj.jpg
Garrrin dealing with the drow in the King’s Forest.

 photo Erdrique using up his slayer pot in Cerulean Hills_zpst7yteaky.jpg
Erdrique hunting out in Cerulean Hills.

 photo Erdrique looking for the Miller_zpsecjguuen.jpg
Erdrique looking for the Miller.

 photo Taking care of some spiders_zpsbxlkrdgl.jpg
Erdrique working on eliminating the spiders in the crypt.

 photo Harrgon enjoying the battle in Three Barrel Cove_zpstqkrinbp.jpg
Harrgon takes on the enemies of Three Barrel Cove.

 photo Harrgon swarmed in Tomb of the Crimson Heart_zpsdfc2gh5e.jpg
Harrgon making his way through the Tomb of the Crimson Heart.

Wednesday was a pretty light day.  In the morning, I took Cannock (Level 7 Druid) out into Korthos Island to continue to work on his slayers.  Later that afternoon, I kept on with the slayer theme as I logged on with Hamllin who I took out into Searing Heights and was able to locate Smolder, his last rare encounter in that area as well as finishing up his slayer counts, and then I took him out into Sorrowdusk Isle.  After making a circuit through Sorrowdusk Isle I called it a night.

 photo Cannock feasting in Korthos_zpsaulsvcqd.jpg
Cannock wreaking havoc in Korthos Island.

 photo Ruining the kobold party in Searing Heights_zpspfk8emqg.jpg
Hamllin ruining the day for the kobolds in Searing Heights.

 photo Time to move to Sorrowdusk Isle_zps3z696qnx.jpg
Hamllin working on cleaning up Sorrowdusk Isle.

Thursday was also a really light day.  In fact the only run I was able to get in that day was a slayer run in the morning with my iconic, Tuhnn (Bladeforged, Level 15).  I took Tuhnn out into the Sands of Menechtarun and continued to wrack up some gnoll and undead slayers.

 photo Tuhnn making his way to battle some windlashers_zpslkvxqfco.jpg
Tuhnn hunting down some Windlasher gnolls in the Desert.

Not a bad set of runs at all.  I think these weeks where I play a wide variety of levels are the most interesting.  I hope everybody else had a fun week as well and I hope your weekend is even better!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Erdrique Had a Busy Weekend, Quest Runs November 7th to 9th

Usually my weekends are heavily loaded with questing activities centered around Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) who is my primary character.  However, this weekend was even more dominated by Erdrique.  The only other character I ran this past weekend was  Containment (Level 5) who is working on some slayer runs.  Containment is currently working on Tangleroot Gorge.  I usually do those slayer runs in the morning but I was running behind on Friday morning and didn’t get a chance to do that run until I did my afternoon questing when I got back home from work.  After I took Containment through Tangleroot Gorge, I then switched to Erdrique.

Containment heading into battle in Tangleroot photo ContainmentheadingintobattleinTangleroot_zpse3753c4e.jpg
Containment hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

During my afternoon room, I took Erdrique into Gladewatch Outpost.  I entered in on elite and was surprised by the amount of trouble I had.  The hobgoblins and their worg minions quickly caused a green alert but I was able to hold them off with my cleric hireling.  Later that night, I took Erdrique through a number of quests.  I first took him out into Tangleroot Gorge, as he was also working on that explorer area.  After collecting some slayers out there, I then moved to complete the House Deneith Depths quests: Depths of Despair, Depths of Discord, and Depths of Doom.  I then decided to finish up the House Phiarlan Carnival Series and headed into Partycrashers, The Snitch, and then Under the Big Top.  However, I didn’t bring a rogue with me and I perished horribly during two failed saves on one of the wheels.  I didn’t feel like trying it again but I did head into one of the Cannith Challenges before I called it a night and took on Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I moved through it relatively quickly and was happy to get a good number of Anitique Coins from the run because of the extra challenge bonus.  At that point I called it a night.

Erd taking the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost photo ErdtakingonthehobgoblinsofGladewatchOutpost_zps7c1d5b19.jpg
Erdrique taking on the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost.

Erd stalking down the river in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdstalkingdowntheriverinTanglerootGorge_zps8ab7db41.jpg
Erdrique stalking through the Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd exploring the Depths of Despair photo ErdexploringtheDepthsofDespair_zps8b19cd3d.jpg
Erdrique fighting in the Depths of Despair.

Erd taking on the ogres in the Depths of Doom photo ErdtakingontheogresintheDepthsofDoom_zps63a1d21c.jpg
Erdrique hunting through the Depths of Doom.

Erd battling earth elementals in Depths of Discord photo ErdbattlingearthelementalsinDepthsofDiscord_zps0553c4a2.jpg
Erdrique battling the elementals in depths of discord.

Erd taking down the Mark of the Shadow in Partycrashers photo ErdtakingdowntheMarkofShadowinPartycrashers_zps25cb3eda.jpg
Erdrique taking on the illusions in Partycrashers.

Roderick is not being cooperative in The Snitch photo RodericisntbeingcooperativeinTheSnitch_zps71774869.jpg
Roderick just isn’t going to be cooperative.

Erd making his way through Dr. Rushmore's Mansion photo ErdmakingtheirwaythroughDrRushmoresMansion_zpsf29b54fa.jpg
Erdrique making his way through Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

On Saturday, the first thing I did was to take Erdrique into two more Cannith Challenges: Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door and then I tried the challenge the Lava Caves: Circles of Power.  It had been a long time since I did anything in the Lava Caves and I found it very interesting dealing with the drow and their pet scorpions.  I completed both challenges and then decided to run Under the Big Top again to complete the Carnival Series.  This time I brought a rogue hireling with me and the quest went smoothly.  I then headed out to Tangleroot Gorge and to do some more slayers and to continue on to the Assault of Splinterskull.  I then completed all the quests from the Deadly Package up to Yarkuch’s Last Stand.  By the time I hit Yarkuch’s Last Stand, my guild buffs had run out and the lovely worgs decided to take me time with a number of trip attacks.  Needless to say, I suffered another defeat.  It was getting late by that time so I called it a night.

Erd fighting in the Mansion photo ErdfightingintheMansion_zpscdb879ce.jpg
Edrique fighting in the Mansion.

Erd working in the Lava Caves photo ErdworkingintheLavaCaves_zps4bb7d970.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Lava Caves.

Erd taking on the Maleficient Cabal photo ErdtakingontheMaleficientCabal_zps19906cd1.jpg
Erdrique making his way to the Big Top.

Erd hunting in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdhuntinginTanglerootGorge_zps22b8f1c2.jpg
Erdrique hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd prepping for the Avenger photo ErdpreppingfortheAvenger_zps05e52cb1.jpg
Erdrique fighting his way through the Avengers.

Looking for Lhor-Tragu photo LookingforLhor-Tragu_zpsc1ab89fd.jpg
Erdrique making his way to Lhor-Tragu.

Spiders and more spiders photo Spidersandmorespiders_zps47d4027a.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the spiders as he makes his way Zukash.

Erd making his way to Zulkash photo ErdmakinghiswaytoZulkash_zps024748ab.jpg
Erdrique making his way to Zulkash.

Erd making his way through the outer fortress photo Erdmakinghiswaythroughtheouterfortress_zps2493407e.jpg
Time to make our way through the Inner Fortress.

On Sunday, I logged back on with Erdrique and decided to finish up the Tangleroot Gorge explorer area and to finish up Assault on Splinterskull.  This time I was much more prepared for Yarkuch and his minions and didn’t have any problem completing the quest this time.  After those runs I headed out to Barrel’s Bottom and Three Barrel Cove.  I went ahead and took on the quest Guard Duty on elite and then moved into the Three Barrel Cove adventure area and made me way to the Fire Caves.  I made my way there and completed the quest The Stones Run Red on elite.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of experience I received, as I needed about another 10 k to be forced to level.  Well, I received over 18 k!!  Talk about a change.  So needless to say I called it a night with Erdrique ready to level up to 8 :).

Tangleroot is now comlete and its time to rest photo Tanglerootisnowcompletetimetorelax_zps8b14110a.jpg
Erdrique enjoying some rest after completing Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd battling War Master Muurj photo ErdbattlingWarMasterMuurj_zps3ef185ad.jpg
Erdrique surprised by this War Master in Splinterskull.

Erd scoffing at War Master Naarl photo ErdscoffingatWarMasterNaarl_zps44c2de53.jpg
Erdrique scoffing at War Master Naarl.

Erd about the Sea Witch fighting Ruug's rogues photo ErdaboardtheSeaWitchfightingRuugsrogues_zps27b9444c.jpg
Erdrique protecting the crew of the Sea Witch.

Erd making his way to Captain Dustdyn photo ErdmakinghiswaytoCaptainDustdyn_zpsa53923d8.jpg
Erdrique venturing into Three Barrel Cove.

A hot scene in the fire caves photo Ahotsceneinthefirecaves_zps9f9698c9.jpg
Erdrique now realizes why the Fire Caves are called the Fire Caves.

So the runs this weekend were almost entirely all with Erdrique.  I had a fun time taking him through a few of the chains and enjoyed finishing up Tangleroot Gorge.  Now it is time to take on Three Barrel Cove :).  I hope everybody else had a nice weekend as well! Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting.

The Questing During the Week, September 8th to 11th

During this week’s worth of questing I ran three different epic level characters, my true reincarnated characters, and a few others through DDO and even a little bit in Neverwinter Nights II.  My questing started with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) on Monday morning.  I took Kolll out into the King’s Forest for my regular morning slayer run.  That afternoon, after I got back home from work, I took Erdrique (Level 17 Druid) into the ever challenging quest Missing, which I described in depth here, on elite and was quite pleased with his performance in there.  Although my hirelings and my pet wolf, Fang, suffered a few deaths, I did not.  After that run, I logged out to make dinner and to prepare for our nightly digital D&D table top game.  But I did long in later that night, while still playing our digital D&D table top game, and took Garrrin (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) through the quest Partycrashers on Epic Normal.  I would have attempted a higher difficulty however Garrrin is pretty undergeared and my attention was split between DDO and my other game.  However, with that said, I had little issues with the quest.  After I completed Partycrashers, I then did a favor run (completing the quest The Sacred Helm on elite) and then called it a night.

Kolll looking at the burned village in the King's Forest photo KollllookingattheburnedvillageintheKingsForest_zps32e591b1.jpg
Kolll taking a look around out in the King’s Forest.

Erd freezing a mind flayer with Jaws of Winter photo ErdfreezingamindflayerwithJawsofWinter_zpsece5e1a2.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the quest Missing.

Garrrin taking out his frustration in Partycrashers photo GarrrintakingouthisfrustrationinPartycrashers_zpsc716f697.jpg
Garrrin enjoying creating havoc in the Illusionarium of Partycrashers.

On Tuesday, instead of going through a slayer run, I ran my level 5 Spirit Shaman, Ragnar, in Neverwinter Nights II and his party through the mazes of the Highcliff Ruins.  When I got back home from work, I took Hamllin (Level 11 Fighter) into one of the older classic quests of DDO, Haunted Library located in House Jorasco.  I ran into some interesting scenarios when my hireling cleric was killed relatively early in the quest but I was able to pull it out and get him to a shrine and I had no problems after that point.  Later that night,  I logged on with Cantlin (Level 11 Sorcerer) who is still working on his level 6 quests. So I took him out into Caged Trolls and then I took him out into the Forgotten Caverns, I guess I was just in trollish mood that night :P.  After that I logged out for the night.

Neeshka exploring the ruins in Highcliff photo NeeskhkascoutingouttheruinsinHighCliff_zpsea85b74c.jpg
Ragnar and the rest of his party waiting for Neeshka to explore the ruins of Highcliff.

Hamllin noticing the banner in the Haunted Library photo HamllinnoticingthebannersintheHauntedLibrary_zps9d1dc70d.jpg
Hamllin taking notice of the banners in the Haunted Library.

Cantlin stunning the Emerald Claw with electric loop photo CantlinstunningtheEmeraldClawwithelectricloop_zps605dfa3f.jpg
Cantlin using electric loop to stun the Emerald Claw enemies in Caged Trolls.

Time to fight some trolls photo Timetofightsometrolls_zpscdf49e00.jpg
Cantlin dealing with trolls in the Forgotten Caverns.

Wednesday morning I started off with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) who I took out into the Searing Heights for some slayer runs.  After collecting some kills among the Sulatar Drow, I headed out to work.  When I got back home, I logged on with Erdrique who continued his questing within the Harbinger of Madness chain and completed the quest Sinister Storage.  After that, I called it a night to spend the rest of the night with my beautiful wife for our date night :).

Another look at the volcano photo Anotherlookatthevolcano_zps2df91375.jpg
Kanndar looking around in Searing Heights and gazing at the volcano.

Who is guy? photo Whoisthisguy_zps17cfdf66.jpg
Erd listening to Morley complain in Sinister Storge.

I was scheduled to play my level 10 Favored Soul, Harrgon on Thursday morning who I took out into the wilds of Tangleroot Gorge.  I didn’t log in for my typical afternoon run after work, but I did log in later that night with Rimuldar (Level 22 Wizard/Magister) who I took out into the quest An Offering of Blood on Epic Normal.  I didn’t have many issues until I got to the last fight.  I didn’t position my party appropriately and the stunning scorpions took care of us.  However, I was able to use a raise cookie and to get back to life and finish the quest, so it wasn’t a complete lost.

Hunting spiders in Tangleroot photo HuntingthespidersinTangleroot_zpsedd11889.jpg
Harrgon hunting out in Tangleroot Gorge.

Rim taking care of the Scorrow in An Offerng of Blood photo RimTakingCareoftheScorrowinAnOfferingofBlood_zps63994f29.jpg
Rimuldar dealing with the scorrow in An Offering of Blood.

So this week saw me running more epic level characters than normal, which was good because I’m lacking in those runs to be perfectly honest.  We’ll see what the weekend holds!!  I hope everybody else had a strong week’s worth of questing.  Thanks for reading everybody and now get back in game and do some hunting!!

Getting Some Questing Done, June 2nd to June 5th

So the string of rather unusual weeks continued for me when it come to doing some of my questing in DDO.  This week, I had two meetings that were out of town on Tuesday and Thursday, which prevented me from doing what I call my “afternoon” runs.  These runs are done shortly after I get home and usually involve a single quest or two with one of my true reincarnated characters.  The rest of the week though went as scheduled.  I plan on trying to “catch up” on those missed runs this weekend, we’ll see how that pans out.

Well the questing this week began with a typical Monday morning slayer run with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) who took a stroll through the King’s Forest.  I haven’t explored the entire King’s Forest with any character yet but each one of my character’s who ventures in there gets further and further into it.  I really enjoy exploring this wonderfully crafted landscape!!  After taking Kolll through the forest for about 20 minutes or so I logged out and headed off to work.  That afternoon, I logged back on with Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter) and took him into one of the most hated quests (at least based on principle), Purge the Heretics.  Hamllin is still working on cleaning up his Level 6 quests and now this one is out of the way.  After the run, I logged out to make dinner.  I logged back on with a character on my Premium Account, Crawlller (Level 5 Ranger).  Crawlller is still working on his Harbor Quests and needed Recovering the Lost Tome on normal, hard, and elite.  So I knocked that out while also playing my Monday night digital pen and paper game.  After the elite run, I logged out for the night.

Looking for the drow in the King's Forest photo LookingforthedrowintheKingsForest_zps0be401cc.jpg
Kolll exploring the King’s Forest.

Hammy not enjoying his work in Purge the Heretics photo HammynotenjoyinghisworkinPurgetheHeretics_zps6c66ea1e.jpg
Hammy in the Hidden Chapel.

Crawlller looking to fight undead in the Library photo CrawlllerlookingtofighttheundeadintheLibrary_zps375905cb.jpg
Crawlller exploring the library.

Tuesday started out with me logging on with Suppply (Level 8 Paladin) who I took into Three Barrel Cove.  I was originally scheduled to play Suppply last week during the downtime so I moved him to this week.  I took Suppply up to Captain Dustdyn’s area and then through the kobold area and past the quest The Scondrel’s Run to Vitia’s (the spider) lair before I had to log and head out to work.  I didn’t log back in until later that night when I took Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) into A Small Problem on Epic Normal, after I upgraded some of gear, and was pleasantly surprised at his performance 🙂.  After that run I had to call it a night.

Suppply climbing a hill in the Cove photo Suppplyclimbingahillinthecove_zps38afb15f.jpg
Suppply climbing high in the Cove.

Larrs looking for more rock spirits photo Larrslookingformorerockspirits_zps5a3bfab7.jpg
Larrs looking for the rock spirits in A Small Problem.

On Wednesday I was scheduled to take Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) out into the Searing Heights to take on the forces of the Sulatar Drow and the Bloodtide Pirates.  I had fun taking them down but was only in their for about 10 minutes or so before I headed off to work.  Later that afternoon, I logged back on with Hamllin who I took into Devil’s Assault and had some fun beating up on a bunch of tieflings and trogs.  After the Devil’s Assault run, I logged out to take care of dinner and to spend some time with my wife on our date night :).

Kanndar noting the sky in Searing Heights photo KanndarnotingtheskyinSearingHeights_zps31bc9f54.jpg
Kanndar looking out over Searing Heights.

 photo HamllintakingonthehordesofthedevilsinDevilsAssault_zps80002f3d.jpg
Hamllin taking on the hordes in Devil’s Assault.

Thursday I was scheduled to log on with Harrgon (Level 9 Favored Soul) for my morning slayer run and for nightly run.  That morning I took Harrgon into Tangleroot Gorge where he still needs one last rare encounter and a number of slayers (currently working on the 750 slayer mark).  Later that night, I logged him and took him into Partycrashers on elite and some fun thwarting some more tieflings!!

 photo HarrgonfightingwildsofTangleroot_zps2aa204f0.jpg
Harrgon taking on the wilds of Tangleroot Gorge.

Harrgon taking out a Mark of Shadow in the Chapterhouse photo HarrgontakingoutaMarkofaShadowintheChapterhouse_zps7a215f8e.jpg
Harrgon beating on a Mark of Shadow in the Illusionarium.

So even with my missing my afternoon runs on Tuesday and Thursday, I still had a nice set of runs from low level questing in the Harbor to Epic question in the House Phairlan Carnival series.  Now time to look forward to nice weekend!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!