How Long Did it Take to Build King Raiyum’s Tomb?

Ever since I was a child, one of the greatest mysterious to me have been the pyramids of Egypt and the step pyramids of the ancient central and South America culture.  I have always found it fascinating to wonder how these magnificent structures were built.  Now reflect that thought onto DDO and my favorite explorer area, the Sands of Menechtarun, where we now find the ancient pyarmids and tombs of Wizard King Raiyum.

These structures are similar to their real life counterparts, being roughly triangle in shape and they are impressive in terms of size and attractiveness.  Of course the most magnificent of these structures is Raiyum’s personal tomb, being the defining structure of the Valley of the False Tombs.  I guess it would be equivalent to the Great Pyramid of Giza in ancient Egypt.

While I was taking my bladeforged, Tuhnn (Level 17) out into the desert, I came across the impressive structure for the Wiz-King and I started to wonder, how long did it take for this structure to get built?  There is no doubt that the real life pyramids took a substantial amount of time to build.  However, that was primarily driven by manual slave/serf labor.  In the realm of Eberron we have a slight difference, the power of magic.  We already know that Raiyum was a gifted and powerful mage, but we also know that he was a cruel and vindictive ruler.  So one has to wonder if Raiyum used any magic in the construction of his pyramids or if he chose to force his peasants to use nothing more than physical labor.

Tuhnn admiring the massive structure to the Tomb of the Wizard King, Raiyum.

Using physical labor would take substantially longer amount of time, I would assume at least.  Using magic, I would pressume he could simply raise the pyramid up from the ground or shape a large hill into the shape he saw fit.  I’m not sure how long would it take to cast and prepare such a spell but I would assume it would be faster the than waiting on his servants.

But, to be honest, Raiyum probably split the difference.  He probably enchanted his servants to work faster, with something like a haste spell and had minor wizards and casters create the foundation and blocks of the pyramid while the servants placed them in sequence.  He then probably put the finishing pieces/touches on the pyramid, because it is his structure after all!!

I imagine this could have taken less than a month or so to complete and is probably most likely how it occurred.  What does everybody else think?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Desert!!