Taking a Brief Look at Good Intentions

As I noted here, I recently ran the quest Good Intentions for the first time.  I found the quest to be fun and light hearted.  It maintained that classic feature of a gnome who meant to do something good but watched it go horribly awry.  I also liked that Good Intentions revisited the Saltire District of Stormreach.  The last time we visited the Saltire District was during the quest Missing where our adventurers discovered the beginning plots and horrible creations of Yaulthon.


Erd taking a look around in Good Intentions.

I also found the initial interactions with the various NPCs fun.  It was interesting to see a human summoning Malicia into the quest.  I also found it interesting to learn that Malicia might actually be from Mabar.  At least that is what we glimpse from the brief conversation you see that occurs as you approach the wizard Moira Fross (who summoned Malicia).  I found it funny when Moira tries to command her and Malicia just blows her off and leaves.


So is Malicia really from Mabar?

The initial beginning of the quest reminds you of the realm of Harry Potter, where you walk into a house and the chores are being completed by animated utensils and tools.  But I will say, the monsters are quite challenging.  The various types of constructs you come across are numerous and this mainly because the “Animator” is magically turning these things into animated objects to help the citizens of the Saltire District.  Too bad it gets out of hand.  It would be nice to have the dishes wash themselves!!


The Animator creating havoc in the Saltire District.

In sure I’ll do something a little more in depth in the future.  If you haven’t had a chance yet to run this quest, I would recommend it.  It is a little different.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Saltire District!!