The Joy of Spinning Ice

I’m continuing with Erdrique’s first bard life and I’m having fun making my way through the War Chanter Tree.  Back in January I talked about the various enhancements that War Chanters get with respect to doing ice damage to their enemies.  That post was a general description of the various enhancements that add cold damage to your attacks.  In this post I want to focus more specifically on Spinning Ice.  Spinning Ice is a just a fun little attack.  It is basically a specialized cleave attack that not only does additional cold damage but also has the ability to do some fun and creative crowd control by having a save that monsters must pass or be in frozen in their tracks.  This freezing effect even occurs on undead enemies as well as other frozen/cold/ice based monsters (I believe this is also the case with Northwind and The Frozen Fury).  Nothing is more fun to see than a ice flenser get frozen in its tracks :).

So far, I have found Spinning Ice to be a great complimentary attack to cleave and great cleave.  I typically try to use Spinning Ice first because it is a longer cool down time than either cleave or great cleave.  When I wade into a large group of enemies, I’ll hit Spinning Ice, Cleave, and then Great Cleve.  I then focus on those enemies that aren’t frozen and continue to attack them with my other melee attacks, included The Frozen Fury.


Erdrique using Spinning Ice in Under New Ravishment (Night Revels).

The save on Spinning Ice is based on your bard level and charisma modifier as well as any stunning modifiers that you might have.  So far, I have found this to be fairly effective.  In a group of enemies with about 5 or 6 attackers, I generally will freeze two to three of them in a single attack.  So not only am I doing damage to them, but I also stop the incoming damage coming from them as well.  At least for a few seconds.  Enemies will stay frozen based on your bard level (half the amount of time of your bard level) although I do believe there are some other saving throws that enemies can make to break free.


Having fun with Spinning Ice in Diplomatic Impunity.

All in all, it is a very fun attack.  Erdrique is currently level 16 and is doing quite well with it.  It is really great to find a cold based enemy and watch them freeze :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


Freezing Some Monsters

Erdrique (Level 10) is currently working through a melee bard life.  For this particular iteration, I have decided to primarily focus as a Warchanter.  One of the fun aspects of a Warchanter bard is the ability to use melee attacks to freeze your enemies.  There are three enhancements that allow this ability: The Frozen Fury, Northwind, and Spinning Ice.

The first of these abilities is The Frozen Fury.  The Frozen Fury is an active ability and is a special melee attack that can be taken up to three times.  Each time you take the enhancement the damage inflicted from this attack is increased by +1W.  When an enemy is hit, it must make a fortitude save against 10+Charisma modifier+(0 or 1/4 or 1/2 Bard Level)+stunning modifiers.  The amount applied to the bard levels depends on the number of times you have trained the enhancement, with the third time adding 1/2 bard level to your difficulty check.  If the monster fails the save, then gets frozen.  The length of time it remains frozen depends on the number of your bard levels (they remain frozen for the number of seconds that is equal to half your bard level).  The cool down for this ability goes from 12 to six seconds, decreasing by three seconds for each time it is trained.  The ability also cost one spell point to activate.

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Erdrique using The Frozen Fury to freeze an orc spiritcaller in The Tide Turns.

The second ability is Northwind.  Northwind acts in entirely different fashion than The Frozen Fury in that it isn’t a active melee attack.  Northwind gives you the ability to freeze your enemy on a vorpal hit.  What is really interesting about this ability is that their is no save, which makes it very powerful. The amount of time the monster stays frozen is shorter than in The Frozen Fury but usually by that time it is essentially defeated.  This ability also has three ranks and the more ranks you tank the shorter the time between the ability to freeze monsters/enemies on vorpal strikes.

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Erdrique taking advantage of the Northwind ability to freeze a wight champion in Delera’s.

The last ability is called Spinning Ice.  Spinning Ice is essentially a cleave like attack.  This enhancement also has three ranks and the amount of damage increases by +2/+3/+4 W.  All enemies that are hit within the attacking range need to make a fortitude save of 14+Charisma Modifier+1/2 Bard Level+Stunning Modifiers.  Enemies that fail the fortitude save become frozen for the number of seconds equal to half your bard level.  Erdrique hasn’t received this ability yet, but I’m looking forward to it.  I believe the 1/2 Bard Level portion of the difficulty check calculation is based on taking the third rank, so I believer this portion of the formula progresses the same as The Frozen Fury.  To activate this ability, it will cost 6 to 2 spell points, depending on the rank.  The cool down time is also dependent on rank and ranges from 45 to 25 seconds.

All three abilities are intimately linked.  The Frozen Fury must be trained prior to being able to train in Northwind and Northwind must be trained prior to taking Spinning Ice.  It is really fun to see your enemies frozen before while you are making your through your battles.  If you ever want to experiment with a Warchanter Bard, make sure to use these abilities, I’m sure you will enjoy them!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!