A Light Week This Week

My questing in DDO was extremely light, for me at least, during this past week.  This was because I had to go to a workshop in Charleston, SC this week.  Usually when I head out of town for an extended period of time, and my wife can’t come with me, I bring my computer along so that I can still get some game time in.  Unfortunately, the work generated from the workshop and from the office preventing me from getting logged in.  Quite dishearteningly!!

I didn’t log into DDO until Monday night.  This was also during my weekly digital PNP game as well.  I logged on with Izmit, my level 15 Shadar-kai, and just took him through a few runs of Korthos Island and Cerulean Hills.  He was able to collect enough slayers to finish off the Korthos Island slayer area.  I then took him the Cerulean Hills where he collected 286 slayers, hit the 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 slayer marks.  He also earned monster manual deeds for wolf exterminator and orc exterminator.  He also ran through into the rare encounters for Ebony, Twinfang, Kargoth, and Lotigath.  That was all I was able to get done on Monday.

Image may contain: text

Izmit peering over the grounds of Korthos Island.

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Izmit watching a farmer taking down a bugbear in Cerulean Hills.

I didn’t log back into DDO until after I got back home from Charleston.  I logged on Saturday, and I took Erdrique (Level 10 Bard) and Sttollen (Level 11 Rogue) through Old Grey Garl and Tear of Dhakaan.  I took them into Three Barrel Cove and hit up Old Grey Garl first.  I had an interesting in here.  I was able to complete the optional objective for smashing all of the coffins and both Erdrique and Sttollen gain a monster manual deed for halfling hunter.  However, when I made it Old Grey Garl himself, it turned out that he spawned as a red named champion.  Erdrique didn’t last too long against him but luckily I had Sttollen who had a cleric hireling with him.  So I took Sttollen up to Erdrique, got Erdrique raised and was finally able to finish the quest.  It was definitely interesting.  They did get some remnants from him though, Erdrique got 7 and Sttollen got 15.

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Dealing with the slimes in Old Grey Gar.

I then headed off to Tear of Dhakaan.  Erdrique collected a monster manual deed for clay golem hunter while I took them through the quest.  I was also able to collect 5 out of the 6 shards.  Erdrique and Sttollen also came across the lieuntenants Morkag-khor, Graka-khor, and Karuk-khor.  They also came across the champions Tarkar, Prantag, Krazna, Guptrak, and Nartar.  I also picked quite a number of remnants, 67 for Erdrique and 23 for Sttollen.  After that, I called it a night.

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Making my way through the Tear of Dhakaan.

So, it was a really light week.  I hope to get more runs in this week!!  I hope everybody else had a great week!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

Finishing Up Level 8 Quests, Questing Over June 26 and June 28

Although I was out of town and in Atlanta for a workshop from Sunday, June 21st until Friday, June 26th, I still was able to bet back home in time to knock out a number of quests over the last weekend (however, I did fall behind in the blogging schedule once again…argh…I’ll catch up eventually though 🙂 ).  I didn’t get back from my workshop until pretty late on Friday night, June 26th.  I was able to log in with Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue) and to catch up with some of his maintenance tasks (pulling items out of his mail from sold and returned auctions, crunching items down in the crafting hall, posting new auctions, etc..) and then I took him out into the Red Fen for his first foray into those mystical bogs and interesting explorer zone.  I ran through the zone and picked up all of the explorer points, up to 200 slayers or so, and only three rares but still wound up getting a nice junk of experience out there (close to 15,000 experience I believe).  I then called it a night.

Saturday night was much more interesting :).  I started out in the Red Fens to kill off the lesser slayer potion I had still active and then I was joined by Twotoe.  I took a look at the rest of the level 8 quests I needed to complete and we headed out.  We took on the first two quests of the Vault of Night Series to start out the night, Tharashk Arena and The Prisoner.  We quickly breezed through the Tharashk Arena and made short work of the beholders, minotaurs, and tharaahk hounds in The Prisoner.  Once we cashed in those quests, we headed off to another fun story arc, The Ruins of Threnal.  We straight towards the Western Excavation and completed the first two quests in that part of the arc, In Need of Supplies and The Rescue.  I always find Threnal a fun and interesting run, but also it can be quite annoying with all of the slimes/puddings being mixed in with other more vicious enemies.  In any case, we made through those two quests without any issues as well.  Once we advanced the story arc for Threnal, we then rebuffed on the guild airship and then went to the Necropolis.  At this point, the only level 8 quests I still needed were those from Necro II, the Shadow Series of quests.  After we buffed up on the guild airship, and prior to heading out to the Necropolis, I headed over to House Kundarak and to the Cannith Crafting Hall and built up a +1 Ghost Touch Quarterstaff of Pure Good to deal with the many, many shadows, wraiths, specters, umbral worgs, and umbral gargoyles that proliferate in these quests.

 photo Erd moving through the Red Fens_zps0buj1rzg.jpg

Erdrique starting out Saturday night in the Red Fens.

 photo Erd and Twotoe taking on VON 1_zpsvsevai1z.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe making their way through the Tharashk Arena.

 photo Beating up a Thaarak Hound_zpsvzix3rfu.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe dealing with the tharaahk hounds in The Prisoner.

The first of the quests we hit up was Tomb of the Shadow Knight.  All of the Shadow quests have a unique feature to them.  The Shadow Knight is known as the “rogue rich” one because it has a number of traps that can be disarmed for various amounts of optional experience.  This was nice since Erdrique is currently working on his rogue life :).  In any case, we made it through there with little difficulty.  The next one we hit up was Tomb of the Shadow Lord.  Tomb of the Shadow Lord is known for having the party split up to progress through the quest.  However, Two and I had no problems dealing with that aspect and completed the quest without many issues.  The next quest was Tomb of the Shadow Guard which is known for being half underwater with a rather complicated map to navigate through.  Two and I did get turned around once or twice as we were swimming through the collapsed portion of the tomb but overall it wasn’t an issue.  The last quest we took on, was Tomb of the Shadow King.  This annoying quest is known for its respawns and more respawns.  This quest did cause us some issues initially, as we ran into a few instances where we gathered too many monsters to handle, but we did, we just took a beating to do so.  But we finished it and we had them all completed on elite.  That particular run was our closing run for the night.

 photo Erd going to work in shadow knight_zpsbimrg4q7.jpg

Erdrique doing his job in the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.

 photo Erd watching Two battling the undead_zpsaxplagzk.jpg

Erdrique looking through the gate at Twotoe in Tomb of the Shadow Lord.

 photo Erd and Two battling away_zpsybxgx8yn.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe killing off a mini-boss in Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

 photo All of the enemies in the Shadow King_zpst3et9kjz.jpg

Look at all of the phase spiders in the Tomb of the Shadow King.

On Sunday, I logged on with another level 12 character, my sorcerer Cantlin.  I was quickly joined up with Helldemons and we decided to run through two old but fun quests on elite, because I still needed them with Cantlin, Tear of Dhakaan and Gwylan’s Stand.  Those are both level 7 quests making them level 9 on elite.  Even being level 12, upon completion of both of these quests I still wound up getting a large amount of experience for him.  I did run into some problems in Gwylan’s Stand, as a few of the traps cause me some heart burn as well as having some button issues with my hot bars (go figure).  However, we did complete them rather easily.  After we ran through Gwylan’s Stand, Hell logged out for the night but I took Cantlin into Sorrowdusk Isle for another 10 minutes or so to collect some more slayers before heading to bed.

 photo Cantlin getting up close and personal with Champion Krazna_zpstqacrd8r.jpg

Cantlin and Helldemons making their way through Tear of Dhakaan.

 photo Flaming up some ogres_zpsraygubcv.jpg

Cantlin cleaning up the night in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So, although I got home late, I still had a strong and productive weekend :).  I hope everybody else did as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Having Some Fun Over the Week, Questing February 23 to February 26

This past week was another week dominated by playing characters that are in the level range of the mid to high teens.  I currently happen to have about 7 characters or so who are between level 11 and 19, so it isn’t to surprising to see a week like this.  With that said, the week actually started with me taking Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) into the heroic Ruins of Gianthold slayer area.  I’m probably going to switch Garrrin to working in one of the epic slayer areas soon.  Later that afternoon, after work, I decided to try my hand in Invaders! once again with Hamllin (Level 15 Fighter) on elite.  Although I did get killed, I was able to complete the quest and to get my revenge on those wicked beholders!!  The rest of night, I was too focused with working on issues with my weekly Monday night digital PNP game as we were having a lot of issues with Maptool.  We are hoping we got the issues resolved.  I guess we’ll find out next Monday.

 photo GarrrinfindingthehidingenemiesinGH_zps025009b9.jpg
Garrrin working in Gianthold.

 photo Hamllin working in Invaders_zpsxf1vsxks.jpg
Hamllin getting his revenge in Invaders!

On Tuesday, I took my low level druid, Cannock (Level 7) out into the wilds of Korthos Island to kick the day off.  For my mid-day run, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 17 Monk) and I started the quest story arc for the Attack on Stormreach and completed Assault on Summerfield on elite.  For Tuesday night, I brought on Kanndar (Level 12 Paladin) who only need a few thousand experience to hit level 12 so I took him into Sorrowdusk Isle and hit my next slayer mark out there and leveled up to 12 which allowed me to use his freshly upgraded longsword with the Risia Ice Game Festival Icy Burst Recipe.  So test it out, I took Kanndar into the Tear of Dhakaan on elite and had some fun dealing death to those hobgoblins.  After experimenting with his newly upgraded longsword, I then logged out and brought Hamllin on, who I was supposed to play on Monday night.  It took Hamllin through two runs of the Cannith Challenge, Extraplanar Palace: Buying Time.  I called it a night after those runs.

 photo Cannock hunting in Korthos_zpsuxotuy2c.jpg
Cannock hunting in Korthos Island.

 photo Erd fighting Khin Broketusk in the Summerfield District_zps0u6pzten.jpg
Erdrique doing what he can to save Summerfield.

 photo Kanndar just waiting_zpsqdhnuehz.jpg
Kanndar working on gathering that last bit of experience in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Attacking in Tears of Dhakaan_zpsawuix4s5.jpg
Kanndar battling hobgoblins in the Tear of Dhakaan.

 photo Pretty Crystals_zps3caxxjnu.jpg
Hamllin looking at the pretty crystals in Buying Time.

It was time to do another run through the Sands of Menechtarun on Wednesday morning.  I took Tuhnn (Level 15 Bladeforge) out there to continue his slayer gathering.  That afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin and decided to work on the quest Frame Work.  I had some interesting times dealing with all of those minotaurs on elite but had no major issues getting the quest completed.  That was the last run for that day because the rest of the night was date night :).

 photo Tuhn fighting away in the Desert_zpsm3q1pbel.jpg
Tuhnn exploring the wilds of the Sands of Menechtarun.

 photo So what type of entertainment occurs in this pit_zpsv6zq8inl.jpg
Hamllin wondering what happens in this pit in the minotaur village.

Thursday was quite a busy day.  I kicked it off taking Stoorage (Level 11 Fighter) out into Sorrowdusk Isle.  That afternoon I took Erdrique out into the Ruins of Gianthold and decided to take on the Zakya Cultists in the quest A Cry for Help.  Later that night, I logged on Charlock (Level 14 Fighter) and took him out into the Red Fens to gather some slayers.  Rosnia then logged on as well and we then headed out to take on The Path to Madness and the Xorian Cipher on elite.  We were then joined by a third Crypt Crawler, Oldironsides, and we then headed into the Haunted Library.  After that run, Rosnia had to call it a night but Oldiron and I headed off to the Red Fens and completed the quest The Last Stand on elite.  After that run, I called it a night.

 photo Stoorage taking note of the usurpers banners_zpsm2fca94p.jpg
Stoorage hunting through the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Erd looking out at the desolution of GH_zpsn3ljktg1.jpg
Erdrique looking at the desolation of Gianthold.

 photo Taking care of the Zakya Cultists_zpsovbpgdkq.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the pesky Zakya Cultists in A Cry for Help.

 photo Charlock thigh high in the Red Fens_zps0ngxyvp3.jpg
Charlock making his way through the Red Fens.

 photo Charlock and Rosnia making their way through The Path to Madness_zpsa9i7g9ch.jpg
Charlock and Rosnia making their way through the Path to Madness.

 photo Taking care of Xorian Cipher_zpsejlqo02n.jpg
Charlock and Rosnia dealing with the undead in the Xorian Cipher.

 photo Charloc sweeping a blackbone marksman in Haunted Library_zpsficzs8gm.jpg
Charlock making his way through the Haunted Library.

 photo Charloc kand OldIron fighting the sahaugin_zpsnhiosxs5.jpg
Charlock and Oldironsides dealing with the sahaugin in the Raveneye Village.

So it was a fun week overall!!  Looking forward to a productive weekend as well!! 🙂  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

An Off Week for Questing, Quest Runs December 8th to December 11th

Well, this week was definitely an unusual week for me when it came to DDO.  I’m not sure how many people have picked up on this but due to the number of characters I play I have set up a routine and a schedule that allows me to keep up on them some what.  I still reserve the majority of my play time for my two main characters, Erdrique (Level 10 Monk) and Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) but I still make time to play all of my other characters.  This is good overall, at least in my opinion, because I get to play characters that are from different races and that play in different classes/roles.  However, there is a large drawback to this system.  All it takes is for me to miss a day to get thrown all out of whack (well, generally more than that but you get the idea).  Once I get behind in the schedule it throws the rest of the plan into a little bit of disarray until I can catch back it up.  And this week, this occurred…

The week actually began normally.  Every workday morning (Mon-Fri) I log in with a character and take them into an explorer zone.  Monday was no different this week.  I was scheduled to bring in Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) who is currently working on slayers in the Ruins of Gianthold.  I took him around out there for a little while looking for some Stormfist slayers.  However, the rest of day is where the week started to go a little out of the norm.  Usually after work I will log in for a quick run with either Erdrique or Hamllin and I miss this run then I don’t really consider it falling that far behind.  Well, Monday my in-laws through a birthday party for niece so my wife and I attended that after work which forced me to miss that run but we were there so late it also forced me to miss my weekly digital PNP game and to log into DDO pretty late.  To make it more confusing I miss read my schedule.  My original intent was to quickly do the afternoon run that night so I logged on Erdrique and took him through Taming the Flames on elite.  However, it wasn’t Erdrique I was originally scheduled to play, I was supposed to bring on Hamllin.  Oh well, and by the time I made it through Taming the Flames I needed to hit the sack so my nightly run didn’t logged either, which was supposed to be Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) in the Sentinel Series.

Larrs hunting in Gianthold photo LarrshuntinginGianthold_zpsc551280e.jpg
Larrs hunting the Stormfist in the Ruins of Gianthold.

Erd fighting the fire elementals in Taming the Flames photo ErdfightingthefireelementalsinTamingtheFlames_zps20aba48e.jpg
Erdrique taking on the many fire elementals in Taming the Flames.

Well, I was hoping the rest of the week would move more smoothly.  Tuesday started off with a slayer run with Containment (Level 5 Cleric) through Tangleroot Gorge.  That afternoon, I was scheduled to bring on Erdrique and I took him into one of the more fun quests in the game, Tear of Dhakaan.  I had a fun time in there taking on the hobgoblins and their minions.  Later that night, I was scheduled to bring on Hamllin and I took him out into the Restless Isles and completed the quest the Slavers of the Shrieking Mines on elite with little difficulty.  So Tuesday went pretty smoothly.

Containment preparing for battle in Tangleroot photo ContainmentpreparingforbattleinTangleroot_zps64ebad0c.jpg
Containment preparing for battle in Tangleroot Gorge.

Working through the Arzag Khor Sewer photo WorkingthroughtheArzag-KhorSewer_zps8b7abe9c.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Arzag-Khor sewers.

Enjoying the monster manual photo Enjoyingthemonstermanual_zps765ae3f6.jpg
Hamllin exploring the Restless Isles.

Hunting in the Shrieking Mines photo HuntingintheShriekingMines_zps3795769c.jpg
Hamllin taking care of the enemies in the Shrieking Mines.

Wednesday, which is typically a shorter questing day for me because it is typically date night for my wife and I, I started out with a slayer run in The Red Fens with Charlock (Level 13 Fighter).  That afternoon, I brought on Hamllin and took advantage of the fact that my wife was working a little later than usual.  So first I completed the quest The Desert Caravan and then I took Hamllin into the quest I was supposed to do on Monday, And the Dead Shall Rise.  The Desert Caravan went really smoothly however, the quest And the Dead Shall Rise was just a tease.  I was hit by the falling floor glitch and I wasn’t able to recognize where the floor started to drop.  As soon as I fell through the floor I new the quest was over.  I’ll have to hit it up again once the glitch gets fixed but I was able to catch up on one run :).

Charlock slicing and dicing through the Fens photo CharlockslicinganddicingintheFens_zps767f2a5a.jpg
Charlock slicing through the Red Fens.

 photo HamllindealingwiththeundeadintheSpireofValidus_zps1d1d0f0d.jpg
Hamllin fighting the undead in the Spire of Validus.

And then there was Thursday.  The day started out easy enough, with me bringing on Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk) and taking him out into Sorrowdusk Isle.  I racked up some slayers out there before I headed to work but then it hit me.  I was still at work, after our Christmas luncheon, when I started the fever to set in.  I’m not sure what it was, and I hardly ever get sick, but by the time I got home I was pretty weak and the only thing I wanted to do was lay down.  I slept the entire night away and well into Friday morning.  Which means I’m now further behind in my runs :(.  Although, I am feeling better.

 photo LorrikkfightingogresinSorrowdusk_zps395a6712.jpg
Lorrikk battling the ogre forces in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So I’m hoping to make up some questing this weekend and to get things back on track.  I’m also hoping I don’t reacquire whatever it was I had on Thursday.  I hope everybody else had a good week and will have a great weekend!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the wilds of Eberron and Forgotten Realms!!

Rundown of the Quest Runs During the Week, June 16th to 19th

Well, I have fallen behind in my blogging this week, primarily because of my busy work schedule this week.  So hopefully I can catch up today.  My quest runs last week started with an exploration of Tangleroot Gorge with a character from my premium account, Crawlller (Level 5 Ranger).  Crawlller just started his adventures out there and I look forward taking him through the wilds of the gorge.  Later in the day, I was scheduled to take Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter), through Sorrowdusk Isle and to help clan Greymoon in the Greymoon’s Den Story Arc.  I also took Hamllin into the Caged Trolls, I guess I just wanted to beat on up trolls Monday night and afternoon 🙂 !!  During Monday, I was also playing with my digital D&D PNP group so those runs were the extent of my questing on Monday.

Crawlller exploring the Gorge photo CrawlllerexploringtheGorge_zpsac7c2f4b.jpg
Crawlller exploring the Tangleroot Gorge.

Hamllin disrupting Noozer and his camp photo HamllindisruptingNoozerandhiscamp_zpsc1c044c2.jpg
Hamllin disrupting Noozer and his trolls.

Hammy fighting hiw way to Hammerfist photo HammyfightinghiswaytoHammerfist_zpsfcff2e7a.jpg
Hamllin not enjoying the beat down of ogres in the Grey Moon’s den.

Puddings and more puddings in Grey Moon's Den photo PuddingsandmorepuddingsinGreyMoonsDen_zps8904a48a.jpg
Hamllin fighting the slimes in the Grey Moon’s Den.

Hamllin fighting the Emerald Claw photo HamllinfightingtheEmeraldClaw_zps4eb31986.jpg
Taking down the Emerald Claw in Caged Trolls.

On Tuesday, I was scheduled to take Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) into the Cerulean Hills but I realized that I didn’t complete Korthos Island yet with him (the explorer area).  You have to love trying to keep track of the accomplishments and quest runs across multiple characters :).  So, I decided to take Berann into the Cerulean Hills that morning and then that afternoon, after I got home from work, I logged Berann back in and took him into Korthos Island to get closer to completing that explorer area.  That same afternoon, I was scheduled to take Erdrique (Level 13 Druid) into Ataraxia’s Haven and into the quest Sykro’s Jewel.  I always enjoy the Haven and find it as a quick source of a large amount of experience.  Tuesday night, I was scheduled to bring on Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) who is still working on finishing up some favor runs that included The Pit.  I really enjoyed that run on Tuesday night and wrote about it here.  After my tromp through the Pit, I headed to bed.

Berann looking around the Hills photo BerannlookingaroundtheHills_zps113f1c07.jpg
Looking around the Hills.

Berann witnessing an unholy group photo Berannwitnessinganunholygroup_zps72ffb886.jpg
Berann watching the vileness of some cultists.

Nighttime in Ataraxia's Haven photo NighttimeinAtaraxia_zps7a17932a.jpg
Erdrique enjoying the night in Ataraxia’s Haven.

Erd fighting the scrags in the Smuggler's Hollow photo ErdfightingthescragsintheSmugglersHollow_zpsaada7e09.jpg
Erdrique taking on the scrags in the Smuggler’s Hollow.

Charlock fighting the enemies of the Pit photo CharlockfightingtheenemiesofthePit_zps1655d9cd.jpg
Charlock fighting the trogs in The Pit.

Now Wednesday’s are typically date nights for my wife and myself but unfortunately she had to work so we switched the date night for this week to Thursday.  So this allowed be to do some questing on Wednesday night.  However, Wednesday started with a slayer run through Vale of Twilight with Rimuldar (Level 22 Wizard/Magister).  I’m taking Rimuldar through this explorer area because of two reasons: 1). I didn’t realize I couldn’t get him out into Eveningstar to run out there, although this is now corrected, and 2). because I’m still playing around with some of his skills and my button selections with him.  Rimuldar has so many spells that I’m still working on his effectiveness.  I’ll get there though.  Later that afteroon, I logged back on with Berann and finished up Korthos Island with him.  I then logged on with Hamllin, who was scheduled to take on the Tear of Dhakaan.  The Tear of Dhakaan is a great experience quest at level and so I ran it with Hamllin using his elite streak.  I had very few problems in the quest and at its completion I earned well over 24,000 experience :).  Later that night, I brought on Erdrique who needed to complete two level 9 quests to completed with that level of runs in his Adventure Compedium: The Shadow Crypt and Into the Deep.  I decided to run The Shadow Crypt because that run can sometimes take a little longer than planner because of its unique quest mechanic.  The run went really well (which I wrote about here) and even though I was over level for elite streak bravery bonus, I still earned over 40,000 experience 🙂 !!

Rimuldar exploring the Vale photo RimuldarexploringtheVale_zpse8a41892.jpg
Rimuldar exploring the Vale of Twilight.

Berann stalking in Korthos Island photo BerannstalkinginKorthosIsland_zpsc6dcad9a.jpg
Berann stalking through Korthos Island.

Hamllin takes on the Arzag-khor tribe photo HamllintakesontheArzag-khortribe_zpsb026f40d.jpg
Hamllin takes on the Arzag-khor hogboglin tribe.

Erdrique burning up the enemies of the Shadow Crypt photo ErdriqueburninguptheenemiesoftheShadowCrypt_zps23876cc1.jpg
Erdrique takes on the shadow army in the Tomb of the Shadow Crypt.

My questing continued on Thursday morning with Garrrin (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild).  I took Garrrin back into the Gianthold (Heroic) and continue to work on his slayers in that region.  That slayer run was the last of the questing for the week, as I got held up after work and had date night moved to Thursday.

Garrrin fighting the Concord dwarves photo GarrrinfightingtheConcorddwarfs_zps3d991b2e.jpg
Garrrin fighting the Gold Concord dwarves in Gianthold.

Overall, I think it was quite a varied week for me.  I didn’t have any epic level runs in per se, although I did play Rimuldar and Garrrin (both dwarves, ironically, and above level 20) but those were through some slayer areas and not quests.  I’m steadily moving Erdrique and Hamllin through their current lives, I expect they both be level 14 and 10, respectively, relatively soon.  Thanks for checking out the blog and giving it a read and I hope everybody else had a fun week in DDO!!  Happy hunting everybody!!  

Some Frustrating but Interesting Runs Over the Weekend, May 16 to May 18

This past weekend’s quest activities, although fun, were highlighted by two difficult and frustrating runs.  The weekend started out with a typical Friday morning slayer run with Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) who is still working his way through the Korthos Wilderness Area.   After running around Korthos for about 20 minutes I had to head out to work.  I logged back on later that afternoon with Erdrique (Level 11 Druid).  I took him into Threnal and hit up the Secure the Area to finish up the Threnal West and since I had just picked up the the Threnalian Ceremonial Blade I decided to do the Threnal Arena as well and picked by the Threnalian Warblade that I past onto to Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin).  After that I logged out until later Friday night.  I only needed to more level 8 quests to finish up those runs: Tomb of the Shadow Lord and Spies in the House.  I decided to hit up Spies in the House because there weren’t any other Crypt Crawlers on.  It was a difficult run, and at times very annoying, but I did prevail through it (I wrote up a blog about it here) and with its completion I got well over 30 k experience and an impressive trophy from the last chest :).  After that trying run, I then ran into Sorrowdusk Ilse and headed into The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple.  That run went really smoothly and after that I took Erdrique back into Threnal and hit up The Library of Threnal (The Eastern Excavation).  After that run, I called it a night.    

Berann looking out over Korthos Island photo ScreenShot00009_zpsf079d4d9.jpg
Berann looking out over Korthos Island.

Fighting in the Western Ruins photo FightingintheWesternRuins_zps011cc26e.jpg
Erdrique working in Securing the Area in the Western Excavation.

Time to take the Threnal Challenge photo TimetotaketheThrenalChallenge_zps4997ab2a.jpg
Erdrique advancing to the altar of the Threnal.

Hating the crates and grates in Spies in the House photo ErdriquemakinghiswaythrougSpiesintheHouse_zps290361f2.jpg
Erdrique working his way through Spies in the House.

Erdrique fighting Clearfang in Sorrowdusk Temple photo ErdriquefightingClearfaninSorrowduskTemple_zpseabb0565.jpg
Erdrique taking on Clearfang in the Sorrowdusk Temple.

Time to take out Basthuul photo TimetotakeoutBasthuul_zpsc1d8593e.jpg
Erdrique prepping to take on Basthuul.

On Saturday, I got on later than normal.  The first thing I did though was to guzzle down a minor slayer potion (that I got from some daily rolls) and headed into the Red Fens with Erdrique.  It was Erd’s first venture into the Red Fens during this life and he quickly wracked up over 17 k in experience.  After that, I grouped up with Tragicc and we decided to head into VON 3.  We breezed through the Gateway to Khyber without a problem and then headed into the Jungle of Khyber.  The run through the Jungle of Khyber was…rough to say the least.  It made me realize to think before you enter a quest and make sure you have the equipment/gear you need to get the quest done.  I wrote up my experience here as I realized that I forgot to bring with me my anarchic khopesh and it proved extremely costly at the end fight.  While we did struggle a little bit prior to that, the game breaker was the Inevitable at the end and eventually we had to quit run.  Even though we didn’t complete the quest, we still wound up getting a large amount experience from the options, at least 10 k for me.  But at 3 am, I couldn’t continue and had to head to bed.  VON 3 will be going down this Friday though!!  I swear my revenge :).

Time to explore the Red Fens photo TimetoexploretheRedFens_zps35ddb757.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Red Fens.

Erd and Tragicc in the Gateway to Khyber photo ErdandTragiccintheGatewaytoKhyber_zps57aba57e.jpg
Time to burn up some trolls in the Gateway to Khyber.

Erd fighting a Luridae Ruffian photo ErdfightingaLuridaeRuffian_zps052be704.jpg
Erdrique fighting through the Luridae drow in VON 3.

On Sunday, I logged on with Lorrikk (Level 11 Monk) and took him into Three Barrel Cove where he finally hunted down his last two rares: the scorpion and the scrag as well as finishing up his slayers.  After that, I headed into the Tear of Dhakaan and took on the Arzag-khor hobogolins.  I breezed through the quest without any issues and got just about 20 k experience from the run.  After that, I had to call it a night.

Lorrikk heading over to see if the scrag is home photo Lorrikkheadingovertoseeifthescragishome_zpsf913d991.jpg
Lorrikk hunting down the scrag in Three Barrel Cove.

Lorrikk fighting the Arzag-Khor Tribe photo LorrkingfightingtheArzag-KhorTribe_zpsf6fc93e6.jpg
Lorrikk working his way through the Tears of Dhakaan.

So the experience with Spies in the House and VON 3 were enlightening to me and made me remember that not all quests are a piece of cake :).  But the weekend was still productive and I still had a good time getting things done. 

A Look at the Tear of Dhakaan

Last week I took a look at two quests that have been in DDO nearly since it was created, Gwylan’s Stand and Stromvauld’s Mine.  Today I wanted to write up an article on another classic DDO quest: The Tear of Dhakaan.  Not too long ago, Cordovan actually put out a live Twitch TV stream of a run through the Tear of Dhakaan with the permadeath guild, Mortal Voyage.  The Tear of Dhakaan was released with first Module for DDO, The Dragon’s Vault

I have a lot of fond memories of this quest.  I remember one particular instance back when the level cap was 10 when I (with my main character Erdrique who was a paladin at the time) and another Crypt Crawler, a bard named Kimmy, decided to run this quest duo.  Now keep in mind that a lot of things were different back then and we didn’t have the resources that we had now.  Times have definitely changed that is for sure but needless to say it took us a number of hours to get through the  twisting tunnels of the Arzag-Khor sewers.  We both died a number of times and had to reenter the dungeon a few times, but in the end we prevailed

The Tear of Dhakaan is located in the House Phiarlan Ward and is bestowed by a hobgoblin named Karnat Thaar.  The premise of the quest is to basically decimate the forces of the Arzag-Khor and their leaders to allow Karnat’s tribe the ability to recover the pieces of the Tear of Dhakaan.  The Arzag-Khor lair is located in the sewers and below of Stormreach.  It is actually a pretty impressive layout, starting out in the sewers in the upper levels of the quest zone and then filtering down into a wide chasm that has been turned into a hobgoblin village. 

Erdrique fighting the Arzag-khor photo ErdriquefightingtheArzag-Khor_zps94636ded.jpg
Erdrique fighting his way through the Arzag-kor hobgoblins.

As you can imagine, being a hobgoblin stronghold, the vast majority of the enemies are hobgoblins along with their worg pets.  There are a large number of optionals in the quest, from collecting the various pieces of the Tear of Dhakaan to defeating a number of Arzag-khor leaders, which add up quickly adding to the overall experience you can gain from completing the adventure.  The enemies do include a large number of spellcasters and rangers, who are often perched in upper platforms out of  immediate reach of melees which can make these instances very difficult if you don’t take them into account.  Also, when you reach the large chasm/opening after transvering through the tunnels, the enemies respawn forcing you to move through that particularly part of the quest rather quickly.  Once you get past the initial open area, the start of the Arzag-khor village, and its leading tunnel, the enemies stop respawning. 

Take on the Champion Tarkar photo TakeontheChampionTarkar_zpsc14c4faa.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel taking on one of the many optional names in the Tear of Dhakaan.

As for traps, there are a few traps, but they aren’t especially dangerous, on the main route to the Arzag-khor leader.  However, if you can get to the optional pieces/shards of the Tear of Dhakaan, then be prepared because there are a number of traps guarding a few of these pieces that can be especially wicked and dangerous.  There is also a locked shrine later on in the quest that can be useful, but isn’t necessary.  To get all of the shards, you need to be able to have a party member activate some runes (Intelligent and Wisdom runes).     

The Tear of Dhakaan is still a favorite quest to run for many people on heroic true reincarnation train because of the large amount experience you can get out of the quest, especially on Bravery Bonus elite streak.  When I ran this last with Erdrique, I received nearly 23,000 experience and he didn’t receive a the Bravery Bonus elite streak. 

The Tear of Dhakaan, like Gwylan’s Stand, is an “Oldie by Goodie”.  It can be quite challenging for those who have never been through it before and especially for those who lag behind in the respawn zone.  But it is a fun and immersive quest that I have always enjoyed.  Another good thing about the Tear of Dhakaan, it gives out House Kundarak favor, a good amount as well, which will help get access to another bank slot. 

Well that is for today, thanks for reading everybody!!  Now get back into DDO and go do some hobgoblin hunting!!  Happy hunting everybody!!

DDO Activities Over the Past Weekend, April 11 to 13

Well the weekend actually started off kind of slowly.  I had originally planned on logging with Cantlin (Level 10 Sorcerer) and taking him into Searing Heights on Friday morning but instead I wound up spending the morning working on some maintenance issues with him.  Before I knew it I had to head off to work so I didn’t get any actual play time in during the morning.  I didn’t log back in until Friday night.  I logged on with Erdrique (Level 9 Druid) and decided to take a good amount of time to re-gear him.  I had leveled him up recently but didn’t take the time to finish gathering gear for him.  So I spent the first few hours Friday night crafting new gear and hunting Auction House.  I didn’t get everything I was looking for but it will do good enough for the next few levels.  By the time I was done, Okhamel had logged on we grouped up and took on Gladewatch Outpost, Tear of Dhakaan, and Gwylan’s Stand.  Gladewatch Outpost went extremely smoothly as Okhamel intimidated the commander and dragger her around to the other side of the fortress and parked her there.  She didn’t cause any problems at all.  Tears of Dhakaan also went extremely smoothly.  However, Gwylan’s Stand was a little different.  I had misjudge the depth of one of the traps and found myself turned into a soul stone.  Besides that minor issue, Gwylan’s Stand went well.  After that, we both decided to call it a night as it was getting quite late.

Take out the training dummy photo TakeouttheTrainingDummy_zps191df3e3.jpg
Erdrique, Fang, and Okhamel prepping for there future runs.

Erd and Okhamel in Gladewatch photo ErdandOkhamelinGladewatch_zps5be10608.jpg
Defending Gladewatch Outpost.

Take on the Champion Tarkar photo TakeontheChampionTarkar_zpsc14c4faa.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel taking on one of the champions of Arzag-khor.

Having fun in Gwylan's Stand photo HavingfuninGwylansStand_zpsbd4bf113.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel taking on the bad guys in Gwylan’s Stand.

Saturday night was a relatively slow night.  There weren’t many guildies on so I decided to work on the Searing Heights explorer area.  I was able to collect all explorers, all slayers, and all rare encounters except for two.  The two rare encounters I was missing are usually two of the first I typically find in this explorer area, Cruor Rosso and Gluck.  All told I gathered over 25 k experience from that explorer area.  I then checked the auctions and called it a night.

Erd exploring Searing Heights photo ErdexploringSearingHeights_zps3538a49f.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Searing Heights.

Sunday night was also relatively light.  I logged on with Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) and took on the Tomb of the Burning Heart.  Tomb of the Burning Heart is the one that you need to split the party up by having four people stand on four different pads.  So, I asked for a guildie to help me open up the entrance way before he logged out and completed the quest.  Now, I didn’t get any experience out of it but what I was really doing was flagging for the Bloody Crypt which I still needed on elite.  Once I completed the Burning Heart and I was re-flagged for the Bloody Crypt so I went ahead and took it on.  Now, keep in mind that Charlock is five levels higher than the Bloody Crypt and even with a 75% experience penalty, he still got over 13,000 experience on its completion.  Not bad at all.  After the Bloody Crypt I called it a night.

Charlock taking on the Charnel Wights of the Burning Heart photo CharlocktakingontheCharnelWightsoftheBurningHeart_zpsce14efde.jpg
Charlock fighting the wights in The Tomb of the Burning Heart.

So. like the week prior, it was a relatively light weekend.  But the weekend was still productive, at least to me .  I was able to get some new gear for Erdrique, nearly complete a slayer area, knock out some of his level 6 and 7 quests and I was able to knock out the annoying Bloody Crypt with Charolock.  All in all, pretty good. 

Thanks for reading everybody and now get back in game and take care of the evil denizens of Stormreach.  Happy Hunting everybody!!