An Active Halloween Weekend, Quest Runs October 30th to November 1st

I always enjoy the Halloween holiday and this past weekend was no different.  I was a little bummed out that we couldn’t dress up at work on Friday, October 30th but I made up for it by dressing up on Halloween to pass out candy to the kids.  But another aspect I always enjoy with Halloween is playing DDO and slaying many monsters :).  This year was no different.  I kicked off the weekend by taking Berann (Level 9 Barbarian) out into Tangleroot Gorge for some slayers.  I also took the opportunity for Containment (Level 7 Cleric) to tag along with him by dual boxing with my two accounts.  After work, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) and I took him out into the undead zone of the Sands of Menechtarun as he continues to work on his 1,500 slayer mark in that region.  I then took him out to Delera’s Graveyard and to participate in the Night Revels.  It took me about three minutes or so to accumulate two keys.  I used one to enter Haverdashed on level 20.  I was expecting it to pretty easy but I underestimated the ability of my hireling cleric and my lack luster damage output with piercing weapons and found myself a soul stone during the fight with the skeletons with my hireling quickly following suit.  However, I did find out that when you fail an instance a key is still consumed.  No worries though, I had my revenge :).  I then called it for a little while and then logged back on Friday night with Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild).  I had originally planned on knocking out the quests in the High Road so I headed out there and completed Lost in the Swamp and A Stay at the Inn on heroic elite.  It was the first time I have done these quests and I found them interesting.  In between those runs, I also took Erdrique through a run of the Night Revels and Haverdashed and through a run of the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.  I called it a night after that.

 photo Berann collecting some kills in Tangleroot_zpsuyycpzu1.jpg

Berann and Containment exploring Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Finishing off a mummy_zpsg596qz7b.jpg

Hamllin fighting the mummies in the desert.

 photo Hammy takes his turn in the Night Revels_zpszskaakcm.jpg

Hamllin looking into the Night Revels.

 photo Hamllin in Haverdashed_zpsa4etesoe.jpg

Hamllin taking care of the zombies in Haverdashed.

 photo Whats up with the Red Crystals_zpstijo3zcx.jpg

Erdrique noticing some interesting red crystals in the cave to the yuan-ti encounter in the High Road.

 photo The medusa awaiting on her throne_zpsu3mlkhmo.jpg

Coming across a medusa in the swamp.

 photo Spying some enemies below in the Inn_zpsevvgrrqp.jpg

Erdrique exploring the Inn in the High Road.

 photo Hitting up the Shadar-kai in Night Revels_zps8j1b3jwy.jpg

Erdrique working in the Night Revels.

 photo Smacking some skeletons around_zpspvkkyb7v.jpg

Erdrique having some fun tripping a bunch of skeletons in Haverdashed.

 photo Protecting the kobolds in Labor Shortage_zpslz9m0ej9.jpg

Erdrique moving into position to protect the kobolds in Labor Shortage.

Halloween was quite an interesting day, especially with my questing!!  I took as much opportunity as I could to do some challenge questing and Night Revels questing in between my chores and yard work.  The first thing I did was to log on with Hamllin so that he could get another shot at Haverdashed.  This time I went in on level 17 and switched weapons and had no major issues, so he got his revenge there.  After that, I logged on with Erdrique who then participated in the Night Revels as well and completed runs through Haverdashed, Kobodl’s Newest Ringleader, and Under New Ravagement.  I also had some time to complete two runs of the Extraplanar Palace: Dragon’s Hoard and a run through Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  After the trick and treating, I logged back on Saturday night and I grouped up with Okhamel and took him through the Night Revels and through the Snitch and the Lich.  We then headed out to the Twelve to try the quest Terminal Delirium on heroic elite.  It was first look at the quests from the Heart of Madness quest series and all I can say is that it was an interesting experience.  We were in there for quite some time and when we completed it I needed to call it a night.  But I can say that we did completed it :).

 photo What a night in graveyard_zpsbgorv7me.jpg

Hamllin taking note of the crimson sky in the Night Revels.

 photo Up Close and Personal with a Spectral Dragon_zpsawqnoewy.jpg

Erdrique taking on the spectral dragon in the Dragon’s Hoard.

 photo Taking down Auraxylon in Dragons Hoard_zpsytcjc7vh.jpg

Taking on the spectral dragon once again.

 photo Erd thinking about the puzzle in the observatory_zpst5mx1f2q.jpg

Erdrique looking around the observatory of Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion in Picture Portals.

 photo Heading back into the Night Revels_zpsofqs1koo.jpg

Erdrique exploring the graveyard.

 photo Roaste zombie anybody_zpswkmacs4l.jpg

The mind flayer cooking up some zombies in Under New Ravagement.

 photo Erd making his way through the Kobolds Newest Ring Leader_zpsmgtxggey.jpg

Taking on the undead kobolds in the Newest Ringleader.

 photo Erd helping in the Night Revels_zps1gzrcg3r.jpg

Erdrique hunting the undead and shadar-kai in Delera’s Graveyard.

 photo Dealing with the undead in the Snitch and the Litch_zpsag3n47xy.jpg

Erdrique and Okhamel dealing with the undead in the Snitch and the Lich.

 photo Time to dance_zpsu7byzhw0.jpg

Time to get our groove on in Terminal Delirium.

On Sunday, I had hoped to log in during the day like I did on Saturday but unfortunately the opportunity didn’t arise.  I did log on that night though but I had made a mistake in my calendar.  I forgot to update my calendar and had logged on with Stoorage (Level 13 Fighter) but I was supposed to play with Cannock (Level 7 Druid).  I didn’t realize this mistake until this morning when I started to think about it more.  Oh well, in either case I played Stoorage and dual boxed him with Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer).  I also joined up with Twotoe.  Stoorage still needed the Necro I series on elite (he hadn’t started them yet) so we ran through all five quests on elite (Tomb of the Immortal Heart, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart, Tomb of the Burning Heart, Tomb of the Crimson Heart, and The Bloody Crypt).  Even being well over level, I still wound up getting enough experience to move Stoorage and Cantlin from level 12 to 13.  Now I will just have to remember to log on with Cannock during my next scheduled run with Stoorge to get back on track.  The dilemma of having a plethora of characters :).  While running through these quests, I ran into some internet connection issues and when we were more than halfway through the Bloody Crypt my connection dropped.  It took me about another 20 minutes (if not longer) to reconnect and luckily Twotoe stayed on and waited for me.  Definitely an interesting night.

Stoorage making his way through the Tomb of the Sanguine Heart.

Stoorage and Twotoe making their way through Tomb of the Burning Heart.

Exploring Tomb of the Immortal Heart.

Stoorage and Twotoe hunting down Salasso.

So, the weekend was quite fun.  I ran a wide variety of quests ranging from some low level slayers, to the Night Revels, to challenges, and high level heroic quests.  I hope everybody else had a fun and safe weekend as well!!  Thank you for reading and happy hunting in the Night Revels.


Fun Weekend Full of Challenges, May 1st to May 3rd

Well this past weekend I decided it was a good time to make a push to upgrade Erdrique’s Spare Hand and Ring of the Stalker Level 7 versions to tier 3, especially with the 50% bonus to challenge rewards going on because of the Water Week specials.  This resulted in a number of Cannith Challenge quest runs on Saturday.  However, prior to that, I started off the weekend by taking Sludgge (Level 21 Rogue/Shadowdancer) into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) to gather up some slayer counts out there prior to heading off to work.  When I got home that afternoon, I took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) into the Red Fens and wracked up some more slayers out there.  Friday night was an interesting night.  I logged on with Erdrique (Level 8 Rogue) and I joined up with Hellbanisher as we knocked out all of the Necropolis I quests: The Tomb of the Crimson Heart, Tomb of the Burning Heart, Tomb of the Immortal Heart, Tomb of the Sanguine  Heart, and The Bloody Crypt.  During those runs I noticed that we had accidentally completed the Tomb of the Crimson Heart on normal, so we headed back in their again to get it completed on elite so that I could collect the favor.  Prior to running the Bloody Crypt, we both leveled up from 7 to 8.  After those runs, Hell had to call it a night so then I took Erdrique into the Cannith Challenge Extraplanar Palace: Dragon’s Hoard which I ran and completed three times to collected Enchanted Armor Fragments.  I called it an evening after those sets of runs.

 photo Sludgge and his party fighting jariliths_zpszyvvslfa.jpg
Sludgge handling the bad guys in the Gianthold.

 photo Hamllin dealing with scrag and his pet_zpsjecilijl.jpg
Hamllin taking out Sharkbiter and his pet in the Red Fens.

 photo Erd working on another box_zpsxczngyvy.jpg
Erdrique going to work in the Tomb of the Crimson Heart.

 photo Erd fighting the Lieutenant_zpsr41dfzcp.jpg
Erdrique battling the lieutenant in the Tomb of the Burning Heart.

 photo Erd fighting the scion of wrath in the Sanguine Heart_zpsga4ycgpb.jpg
Erd and Hell making their way through the Sanguine Heart.

 photo Erd being stunned in the Tomb of the Immortal Heart_zpsxrtm6gi2.jpg
Erdrique getting stunned in the Tomb of the Immortal Heart.

 photo Erd taking on the undead of the Bloody Crypt_zpsg50cr946.jpg
It is time to make our way through the Bloody Crypt and deal with Salasso.

 photo Erd watching the kobolds in the Dragons Hoard_zpstnwogtyt.jpg
Erdrique preparing for the incoming in the Dragon’s Hoard.

On Saturday, I logged on early with Hamllin and took him through the challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  It was first time I took run through this particular version of the mansion and was a little surprised to see the portal boxes in front of each picture.  However, they didn’t prevent me from succeeding :).  I then logged out and didn’t log back in until later that night.  I brought Hamllin back on and was joined by Okhamel and we ran through Picture Portals another three times to get the jeweled goblets I needed.  We then switched characters to run the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage to get aracanalth scrolls.  I logged on with Charlock (Level 14 Fighter) and Okhamel logged in with Khamels.  We then proceeded to blast through Labor Shortage three times.  At that point I had enough ingredients for my upgrades and I switched to Erdrique.  Okhamel logged in Khamelblade and once I finished upgrading we headed off to Three Barrel Cove and completed Prove Your Worth, The Trogldoyte’s Get, and Old Grey Garl.  After that we called it a night.

 photo Hamllin fighting the Mistress in Dr Rushmores Mansion_zps3lospdoh.jpg
Hamllin tangling with the Mistress in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.

 photo Okhamel sitting on the job_zpsadgkizm6.jpg
Hamllin and Okhamel working their way through  Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

 photo Charlock waiting for trouble in Labor Shortage_zpshkykorcc.jpg
Charlock surveying the scene in Labor Shortage.

 photo Scortchtusk again_zpsa6qlflh8.jpg
Erdrique taking note of Scortchtusk from above.

 photo The annoying ladders in Prove Your Worth_zpskbfemnpd.jpg
Climbing the ladder challenge in Prove Your Worth.

 photo Erd and Khamelblade in Garls Tomb_zpstxtczzxx.jpg
Erdrique and Khamelblade dealing with the gargoyle ambush in Troglodyte’s Get.

 photo Erd and Khamelblade looking for Old Gray Garl_zpsj0jelund.jpg
Erd looing for Old Grey Garl.

In comparison to Friday and Saturday, Sunday was a weak night of questing.  However, I did log in with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and I was joined up with Friedrice and we headed off in the Tharaskh Arena on Epic Hard.  It was my third time taking Kolll in there on epic hard and this instance didn’t result any better :(.  Once we got inside the arena, the second spawn of enemies instantly drew us into a yellow dungeon alert and that was all it took to defeat us.  We reentered two more times but after the third wipe we recalled out and reset the instance and ran it on Epic Normal instead.  We had absolutely know issues then.

 photo Taking down Master Myrdril_zpsdrknhmk3.jpg
Dealing with the “contact” in the Tharashk Arena.

 photo Paragon kobold shamans need to be destroyed_zpspm4rn9t8.jpg
These paragon kobolds need to go away.

So the weekend was definitely a good one.  I’m glad I was able to upgrade Erd’s items and to hit a new level with him.  Now I just need to revamp the rest of his stuff :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Stormreach!!

A Series of Mid-Level Questing, Quest Runs April 27th to April 30th

The quest runs for me over the past week were primarily with characters from the level 7 to 16 range.  I started off the week by taking Stoorage (Level 11 Fighter) out into Sorrowdusk Isle where he keeps working diligently to collect all of his slayers.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) and sloshed through the Red Fens some more to edge ever closer to 1,500 slayer mark.  I meant to log in that night with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) but I never had the chance because I had to work on leveling up my two characters for my digital PNP game.

 photo Stoorage noticing the evil candles in Sorrowdusk_zpstnddyvuf.jpg
Stoorage investigating this campsite in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Hamllin hunting spiders in the Red Fens_zpsk5hfgpqj.jpg
Hamllin siting the spider in the Fens from afar. 

Hamllin kicked off my runs the following morning with yet some more slayers in the Red Fens.  After I got home from work, I then logged on with Erdrique (Level 7 Rogue) and took him into the Depths of Doom on elite.  It was the last of the Depths Quests that I needed to complete.  Later on that night, I logged on with Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) who I took into the Tomb of the Burning Heart.  By tripping a wight on one of the floor switches, I was able to open up the doors to complete the quest.  I then headed out into the Bloody Crypt where I didn’t waste anytime in opening the passage to Salasso and defeating him.  And I even remembered to obtain and upgrade the Silver Flame trinket .  I also leveled Harrgon from level 10 up to 11 right after the Burning Heart completion and prior to heading into the Bloody Crypt.

 photo Hamllin taking on the undead in the Red Fens_zpskawabbgo.jpg
Hamllin slicing and dicing some drowned in the Red Fens.

 photo Erd making his way through the Depths of Doom_zpsaozp1ktn.jpg
Erdrique encountering some wraiths in the Depths of Doom.

 photo Making the wight activate the rune for me_zpslvrbzl4s.jpg
Making use of the wight in the Tomb of the Burning Heart.

 photo Harrgon finally finding the heart_zpsj5vgbq3u.jpg
Harrgon finally finding the heart in the Bloody Crypt.

Wednesday was a short day, as is typical, because that is my weekly date night with my beautiful wife.  However, I did get some quick and dirty slayer runs into, first taking Suppply (Level 9 Paladin) into Three Barrel Cove and then taking Hamllin back out into the swamps of the Red Fens for a quick run after work and before my wife got home.

 photo Suppply fighting the Cannoneer_zps3tbw6mdo.jpg
Suppply battling the Cannoneer in Three Barrel Cove.

 photo Those pesky hiding creatures_zpsluagpf5q.jpg
Hamllin hunting the spiders in the Red Fens.

For Thursday, I kicked the day off by taking Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Divine Crusader) into the intriguing High Road for some slayers.  In the afternoon, I brought on Erdrique and took him through Three Barrel Cove and ran the quest The Stones Run Red and was quite happy with the 20k experience he got from it.  Later that night, I logged back on with Suppply who completed Rest for the Restless on elite and then ran through Proof is in the Poison on normal.  I then decided to hit Three Barrel Cove before I called it a night.

 photo Why attack a wagon Falsifax_zpsrqzwae7e.jpg
Wapoyei wandering around the High Road.

 photo Erd venturing in TBC_zpsuqaldfpz.jpg
Erdrique heading off to take on the pirates of Three Barrel Cove.

 photo Fighting ogres in the Fire Caves_zps0pynumdb.jpg
Erdrique taking on the ogres of Fire Caves.

 photo Suppply hunting the undead in Rest for the Restless_zpsadackbg2.jpg
Suppply hunting for the undead in the Vault of the Restless.

 photo Beautiful sunrise in TBC_zpsb9x33jdc.jpg
Suppply enjoying the the beautiful sunset in Three Barrel Cove.

So this week was pretty much dominated with the upper lower levels through mid-level quest runs.  I did get a run in with Wapoyei but it wasn’t a long run.  I’m hoping to catch up on the run I missed out with Larrs over the weekend.  We’ll see how that goes.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Catching Up Over the Weekend, Questing December 12th to December 14th

As I mentioned in this blog article last week was an off week, so I used the weekend to try to catch up on my play schedule.  However, I started the weekend off with my typical slayer run on Friday morning, although it was later on in the morning as I was still recovering from being sick on Thursday night.  I took a character from my premium account, Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) out into the hoboglin rich forests of Tangleroot Gorge to gather up some slayers and rare encounters.  For my mid-day run on Friday, I took Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) into the lair of Whisperdoom and completed the quest The Spawn of Whisperdoom on elite and had my first look at the monster champions.  Later that night, I brought on Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin), who I was originally scheduled to play on Monday, and took him through Storm the Beaches on elite.  After I completed that run, I then logged on Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) and took him through Stormcleave Outpost, which I was supposed to do Thursday when I was sick.  At that point I was caught back up, so then I brought on my main character Erdrique (Level 10 Monk) and took him through Free Delera to continue the Delera’s Graveryard story arc.  Although I encountered a plethora of monster champions, I completed all of these quests without any issues.

Crawlller hunting in Tangleroot photo CrawlllerhuntinginTangleroot_zps6904ede9.jpg
Crawlller hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

Hamllin facing offer against Whiserpdoom photo HamllinfacingoffagainsWhisperdoom_zpsc48a9815.jpg
Hamllin taking on Whisperdoom in her lair.

Stunning a blood tide archer champion photo Stunningabloodtidearcherchampion_zps30519d85.jpg
Kanndar stunning a Blood Tider archer champion in Storm the Beaches.

A named champion in Stormcleave photo AnamedchampioninStormcleave_zpse22cace0.jpg
Charlock encountering an orange named championed in Stormcleave.

Taking on a skeleton arcus champion photo Takingonaskeletonarcuschampion_zps34dfd60e.jpg
Erdrique fighting a skeleton arcus champion in Free Delera.

On Saturday, I logged on relatively early to take advantage of my wife having to work during the day and because I really wanted to finish the Delera’s Tomb chain, so I then completed Thrall of the Necromancer on elite with Erdrique and finished that chain.  Later that night I brought Erdrique back on and worked on completing the Grey Moon Waning Story arc.  I went ahead and knocked out The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust, The Grey Moon’s Den: The Trollish Scourge, and The Grey Moon’s Den: Extermination.  I didn’t run into any issues here and advanced to the Cult of the Six Story arc.  I then decided to run some of the quests in the Red Fens.  As I headed out there, I went to the quest The Last Stand.  This was the first quest I ran into that caused me some issues with Erdrique in quite some time.  However, the issues were more surrounded on issues wit my hireling.  For some reason, the hireling refused to heal themselves and promptly got killed.  I tried it twice and then realized that I have way to many level eight and lower quests to complete before I try to tackle to many of the level 9 quests.  So I then moved off to complete the Necro I series by finishing up the night with The Blood Crypt on elite having no problems in there.

Erd hunting down the Necromancer photo ErdhuntingdowntheNecromancer_zps5021c78c.jpg
Erd hunting down the necromancer.

Erd fighting a shaman champion in the Iron Mines photo ErdfightingaogreshamanchampioninTheIronMines_zps1ecc7a3e.jpg
Erdrique taking on a champion shaman in the Iron Mines.

Taking down the ogres in Grey Moon photo TakingontheogresinGreyMoon_zps4acdc9f8.jpg
Fighting the Black Sun Ogres of Grey Moon.

Blizzard a funny looking champion photo Blizzardafunnylookingchampion_zpsafb75f70.jpg
Erdrique fighting a holiday, championed version of Blizzard in Grey Moon.

One of the peaks in the Red Fens photo OneofthepeaksintheRedFens_zps81954db2.jpg
Approaching one of the peaks in the Red Fens.

Preparing for the Last Stand photo PreparingfortheLandStand_zpse49a3b58.jpg
Erdrique preparing for the The Last Stand.

Exploring the Bloody Crypt photo ExploringtheBloodyCrypt_zps82969242.jpg
Time to explore the Bloody Crypt.

Sunday, I was scheduled to take Erdrique out to do some more hunting.  This time I was scheduled to run Spies in the House.  Generally I have out leveled the “elite” streak range by the time it get to this quest, but the stars seemed to align just right this time.  I was joined up with Khameltoe and we went ahead to take on the Blood Road.  Although I did get killed twice, overall the quest wasn’t much of a problem.  I died once from an unknown source, a necromancer killed me with some type of bludgeon damage, I’m still not sure what happened there.  The second time I died I was blown onto the electrified floor on the mephit level when I thought the blower jets were turned off….oops, lol.  But besides those, the quest was a success gaining us well over 30,000 experience with the elite streak.  After that run, Khamel and I decided to run a Cannith Challenge, Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door on Level 10.  We took out the succubus and blackguard before our time ran out.

 photo Havingsomefunwithajadedmephit_zps4d6db88b.jpg
Erdrique have some fun “jading” a mephit or two in the Blood Road.

Erd and Khameltoe working through Dr. Rushmores Mansion photo ErdandKhameltoeworkingthroughDrRushmoresMansion_zps3d2cdb84.jpg
Erd and Khamel running through Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion looking for some bosses.

So, unlike the week prior, the weekend was quite productive and fun .  I ran into some issues with The Last Stand but I will knock it out soon (I promise my revenge!).  It was a good weekend and hope everybody else had a nice weekend as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Questing Over the Week July 28th to July 31st

The week’s questing began with Lorrikk (Level 11 Monk) who ran around the Searing Heights to gather up some slayers as I settled back into a routine.  After I ran around the explorer zone I logged out to head to work but later that night I logged on with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) who ventured into the quest Into the Deep.  The last time I tried Into the Deep I had tried it on epic hard and got overwhelmed.  This time I entered on epic normal because it was a Monday night and I was also multitasking playing with my digital PNP group as well.  Running the quest on epic normal was significantly easier and I was able to complete it with little difficulty, even with my attention diverted.  After that run, it was time to call it a night.  

Looking out over the Searing Heights photo LookingoutoverSearingHeights_zps09fd242e.jpg
Lorrikk enjoying the view in the Searing Heights.

Kolll taking his hirelings underwater photo Kollltakinghishirelingsunderwater_zpscb701ab7.jpg
Kolll exploring the sahuagin base.

On Tuesday, my questing started with Crawlller (Level 5 Ranger) who entered Tangleroot Gorge to gather some slayers and explorer points.  After toying around with some hobgoblins, I logged out and headed off to work.  I logged on Tuesday afternoon with Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter) and decided to head into the quest, Taming the Flames.  I was expecting on having some difficulty on Taming the Flames on elite, especially with a hireling, but surprisingly I had completed it without any deaths for either myself or for my hireling cleric.  After that run, I logged out for dinner.  Later that night, I logged back into the game with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) and finally took him through the Bloody Crypt on elite.  I didn’t really experience any issues at all but the quest is long and after its completion I had to call it a night.

Crawlller sizing up the hobgoblin photo Crawlllersizingupthehobgoblin_zpsf07ddd0d.jpg
Crawlller sizing up the hobgoblins in Tangleroot Gorge.

Hamllin prepping to take on the elementals photo Hamllinpreppingtotakeontheelementals_zpsb9b6d626.jpg
Hamllin feeling it easier to deal with earth elementals as opposed to fire elementals.

Kanndar fighting in the Bloody Crypt photo KanndarfightingintheBloodyCrypt_zpsb60420b7.jpg
Kanndar taking on the denizens of the Bloody Crypt.

Wednesday, I logged on Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) and took him into the Cerulean Hills for the first time and had plowing through the bugbears and orcs.  That was my only run on Wednesday night as the rest of the day I spent hanging out with my wife :).

Berann surprising an orc photo Berannsurprisinganorc_zpsd0fdddb1.jpg
Berann surprising an orc in the Cerulean Hills.

Thursday, the day started out with slayer run through the Vale of Twilight with Rimuldar (Level 22 Wizard/Magister) and he nearly has his 1,500 slayers in Lamannians.  Later that afternoon I logged back on with Hamllin and decided to start the Vault of Night Series with him and took him through the Tharashk Arena on elite.  The quest went well and I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I was scheduled to play Hamllin later that night.  With that said, I decided to hit up the last level seven quest on his list, The Pit.  I only had one challenging issue, the major electricity room where I got cooked and died about 3 or 4 times.  However, I eventually prevailed and was able to complete the quest, although I did stay up way to late.  However, getting nearly 30,000 experience from a level nine quest (completed on elite) partially made up for that.

Rimuldar in the Vale of Twlight photo RimuldarintheValeofTwilight_zps9be5ae37.jpg
Rimuldar toying around in the Vale of Twilight.

Hamllin slicing through the hobgoblins in Tharashk Arena photo HamllinslicingthroughthehobgoblinsinTharashkArena_zps85b5d742.jpg
Hamllin slicing through the hobgoblins in the Tharashk Arena.

Hamllin stunning a Jibless Preacher photo HamllinstunningaJiblessPreacher_zps9b29a4b1.jpg
Hamllin stunning the troglodytes in The Pit.

Well, I hope everybody else had a strong questing week as well and I hope the weekend turns out just as good if not better!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!  

An Interesting Banner

I have mentioned a few times that one of things I really like about DDO is encountering those subtle and cool things that are in the game that make it just that much more immersive.  I noticed one of these things during a recent run through the Bloody Crypt with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) on elite.  I know I have seen this before but for some reason I really took notice to them during this particular run.  All of this pertains to the cool banners that are spread throughout the Bloody Crypt as pictured below:

 photo InterestingbannerintheBloodyCrypt_zps9db70c72.jpgKanndar admiring the banner in the Bloody Crypt and looking forward to talking to Salasso about his choice of banner.

The banner is just an interesting representation of the named boss at the end of the quest, Salasso, and for the design of the quest itself, as the quest is in the shape of a large bat.  The banner is on a brilliant red background, just implying its “bloody” nature, and the picture of the bat indicating that Salasso is a vampire with the ability to shape change into a bat as well as the shape of the dungeon itself.  One thing I am curious about though with the banner is the large “window” above the bat.  I’m not sure what that stands for unless it reflects the high chamber in which the Black Abbott uses to meet with Salasso (which is actually occurring as you enter Salasso’s lair and start to fight with him).   But in either case, this is just another example of one of those small things in DDO that keeps the game fresh .

I hope everybody else see other little things like these and that they make the game as enjoyable to them as it does to me.  Thanks for reading everybody and now get back to slaying the undead!!  Happy hunting!!   

Minimal Questing Over the Weekend, June 13th to 15th

Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post today, my questing over the weekend was relegated to a few runs this past Sunday.  This was because I had to travel out of town for a wonderful occasion, my daughter graduated from high school on Saturday .  My daughter lives her mother in the central part of the state whereas I live on the coast so my wife and I left on Thursday night and stayed there until Saturday afternoon for my daughter’s graduation.  This left me with only Sunday to gather in any gaming time.

So, on Sunday, I logged on first with Erdrique (Level 12 Druid) and just took through the Red Fens to gather some more slayer counts.  Erdrique currently has level 13 banked and he only needs about 5,000 experience until he is forced to level and then to have level 14 banked.  So I took him into the slayer area to gather some rare encounters to get him as close as possible to that mark before I need to level.  Later that night, I logged on with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin).  Kanndar is currently working on completing his level 6 quests on elite, which includes The Bloody Crypt.  Because of this, Kanndar needed to reflag and I finished those flagging runs by completing Tomb of the Immortal Heart and Tomb of the Burning Heart (purchased hirelings to get through this one).   Now Kanndar is ready to hit up the Bloody Crypt.

Erdrique going out hurnging in the Red Fens photo ErdriquegoingouthuntingintheRedFens_zps5bc83191.jpg
Erdrique hunting down some enemies in the Red Fens.

Kanndar fighting on in the Tomb of the Immortal Heart photo KanndarfightingonintheTomboftheImmortalHeart_zps81062aa0.jpg
Kanndar dealing with the evil cultists in the Tomb of the Immortal Heart.

Running down a corridor in the Tomb of the Burning Heart photo TombrunningdownacorridorintheTomboftheBurningHeart_zpsd98b0a58.jpg
Kanndar speeding down a corridor in the Tomb of the Burning Heart.

So although it was a light weekend in game, it was still a very exciting and joyous weekend for me!!  I hope everybody else had a fun and great weekend as well!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!