A Weekend of Undead, July 31st to August 2nd

A glance back at the questing over the weekend showed a number of quests involving the undead.  However, the questing didn’t start out that way.  On Friday morning, for my usual slayer run, I took Cannock (Level 7 Druid) out into the Cerulean Hills to take on some orcs, wolves, and rats.  I had some fun out there experimenting with Call Lightning, Splinterbolt, and Produce Flame.  Cannock is going to focus more on spell casting as opposed to Erdrique’s druid life which was more melee centric.  I didn’t get on for an afternoon run but I did get on Friday night.  I logged on with Erdrique and took him through a quick run into the Red Fens.  However last weekend, Hellbanisher, Khamels, and Erdrique (Level 15 Rogue) had flagged for The Cursed Crypt which was the first quest we decided to take on.  I was quite impressed with our movement through the quest.  The Cursed Crypt can definitely be frustrating because it is a time quest and it can take a lot of time to track down the key to allow you to progress further in the quest.  To make things worse, if you can more than a certain number of Silver Flame members then the quest fail.  These things can make the Cursed Crypt Challenging.  I began to wonder about our ability to succeed in doing this especially when we took out a Silver Flame member while looking for the key.  But I didn’t really need to worry.  We found the key with only one silver flame member lost.  After we opened up access to the higher levels of the crypt, we still had well more than 30 minutes to get everything done.  We did run into some deaths and problems during the last fight with Maldetto and his silver flame followers as we tried to the Silver Flame around.  Eventually we gave up on that and took them out accept for one and then defeated Maldetto.  It was a pretty smooth run overall.

 photo Cannock lighting up an orc_zpsvceh2t3h.jpg

Cannock lighting up an orc in the Cerulean Hills.

 photo Erdrique coming upon the Fencreeper_zpse7qjaj2p.jpg

Erdrique coming across the Fencreeper in the Red Fens.

 photo Erd being flanked by the Gate Keeper_zps9d74lp5f.jpg

Erdrique, Khamels, and Hellbanisher making their way through the Cursed Crypt.

 photo Time to be let past_zpsxojcq4ll.jpg

Erdrique being allowed to pass the barrier in The Enemy Within.

After the Cursed Crypt, we headed out to take on the quest From Beyond the Grave.  I wanted to go ahead and complete this quest because it takes at least one person to watch the gate while another person lights the funeral pyres.  Having the three of us, I figured it would be a good time to knock this level 11 quest out on elite.  After than run, Hellbanisher called it a night.  Erdrique and Khamels were then joined up with Mooned and we headed off to the quest Made to Order.  We moved through Made to Order with little difficulty.  After we finished up that run, we then headed off to another level 11 quest, The Enemy Within.  I always find The Enemy Within to be challenging and it is quite interesting to take on a cold based mind flayer at the end of the quest.  Once we finished The Enemy Within, we decided to call it a night.

 photo Time to light a pyre_zpsz1ondoao.jpg

Erdrique busy lighting a pyre in From Beyond the Grave.

 photo Knocking down that iron golem_zpsatw4ta2v.jpg

Erdrique tripping an iron golem in the quest Made to Order.

Saturday wasn’t as active as Friday.  I decided to start things out with Erdrique and took him out into the Red Fens to continue to burn off a slayer potion.  After I made a circuit through the Red Fens, I then decided to work on some Cannith Challenges to gather ingredients for upgrading my Spare Hand and Ring of the Stalker.  I decided to run Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals which I had no issues with completing.  After that run, I took Erdrique out into the quest Framework and completed decimating the minotaur tribe at the Matador Village.  I then took Erdrique back into Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: PIcture Portals for a second run through, where it was first time I took out all of the named bosses of Dr. Rushmore’s pary.  I then headed out to the Sands of Menechtarun and completed The Chamber of Kourush on elite.  I called it a night after that.

 photo Erd coming across a deep water mage in the Fens_zpsl93mm0gx.jpg

Erdrique coming across a deep water mage in the Red Fens.

 photo Erd battling Ugg in Dr. Rushmores Mansion_zpsyfbqut9g.jpg

Erdrique battling Ugg and his earth elementals in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion in Picture Portals.

 photo Stoning a Shaman_zpsbi0by1sz.jpg

Erdrique enjoying stoning these minotaur shamans.

 photo Erd fighting the Renegade_zpsdhk2mmbf.jpg

Erdrique taking on Dr. Rushmore in his mystical mansion in Picture Portals.

 photo Coming across the undead in the Desert_zpskpainzzq.jpg

Erdrique making his out to the quest, The Chamber of Kourush.

Sunday was the least active of the days over the weekend but perhaps the hardest for me.  I took Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) through The Pit on elite.  I had a few problems in there, especially in the lightning trap room, but I did knock it out :)!!  Upon its completion I still gained well over 23,000 experience.

 photo Cantlin exploring the Pit_zpsa0d93ufa.jpg

Cantlin exploring The Pit.

The weekend was definitely filled with the killing of the undead, especially with the quests in the Necropolis, House Jorasco, and the Desert.  However, I also had some fun with constructs, duergar, minotaurs, and illusionary enemies.  I hope next week and next weekend will be just as fun.  I hope everybody else had a fun time as well.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!


Risia Ice Game Madness and Main Character Questing, Activities from January 23rd to January 25th

For me, this past weekend can be summed by mentioning two characters: Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and Erdrique (Level 16 Monk).  My DDO fun over this past weekend was dominated by running Erdrique through a few quests and hitting level 16 and then taking my Kolll into the Harbor to show off his Risia Ice Games finesse (yeah right…).  Even with that said, I actually started my weekend by taking Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) out into heroic Ruins of Gianthold for my morning slayer run.  I wracked up a few more Stormfist slayers before I headed off to work.  When I got back home from work, I took Erdrique out into House Phiarlan and took him into The Spawn of Whisperdoom on elite.  I didn’t have any major issues here and made me way rather quickly to Whisperdoom to finish off the quest.  That night, I logged Erdrique back on and took him into the Sands of Menechtarun and continued to work on gnoll slayers.  I then took Erdrique into Raid the Vulkoorim on elite.  After those runs, I then logged on with Kolll and commenced in collecting the Risia Ice Game coins.  I typically do this with Kolll just because I’m used to using him to do this event.  After I collected a number of purple coins, I headed off to bed.

Garrring getting ready to lay down some hurt photo Garrringettingreadytolaydownsomehurt_zps8da941d8-1.jpg
Garrrin getting ready to surprise some of the Stormfist in Gianthold.

A sign of casters in the Spawn of Whisperdoom photo AsignofcastersinTheSpawnofWhisperdoom_zps2701fe00-1.jpg
A sign of casters in the Spawn of Whisperdoom.

Erd dealing with gnolls in the Desert photo Erddealingwithgnollinthedesert_zps0158f340-1.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the gnolls in the Desert.

Jading an adept in Raid the Vulkoorim photo JadinganadeptinRaidtheVulkoorim_zpsb0e7a122-1.jpg
Erdrique putting a scorrow cleric a tomb of jade.

Beautiful snowy night in the Harbo photo BeautifulsnowynightintheHarbor_zps67bcf33f-1.jpg
Beautiful snowy night in the Harbor.

The first thing I did on Saturday was to log on with Kolll once again to do some more Risia Ice Game coin collecting.  I then logged on with Erdrique, and took advantage of the poor weather here, I ran through the Tomb of the Unhallowed.   I then logged out for awhile and came back on with Erdrique once again and took him Sands of Menectharun to try to hunt down the last of the rares out there and then I took him into the Enemy Within.  I was actually a little surprised in here.  I ran into a few issues where I failed a few saves on wound being danced one too many times, along with my cleric hireling.  I had to use a raise cake to get back to par, but I was able to finish the quest on elite.  After I completed that quest I had enough experience to hit level 16.  After I leveled, I went to the Cannith Crafting station and to the bank and upgraded a lot of gear in preparation for levels 16 to 20 :).  I then logged Kolll back on for more Harbor jumping.

Kolll enjoying the ice games photo Kolllenjoyingtheicegames_zps5c1e00fc-1.jpg
Kolll working through the Risia Ice Games.

Three different sarcoffaghi in Tomb of the Unhollawed photo ThreedifferentsarcoffaghiinTomboftheUnhallowed_zpsa9313166-1-1.jpg
Erd noticing three different types of sarcophagi in the Tomb of the Unhalloed.

Erd fighting Vorvand in the Desert photo ErdfightingVorvandintheDesert_zps273f676a-1.jpg
Erdrique fighting Vorvand in the Sands of Menechtarun.

Erd dealing withe the frost morrow skeletons photo ErdDealingwiththeFrostMarrowSkeletons_zpse6cb0914-1.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the quest The Enemy Within.

Sunday, I started off with Kolll once again and collected a few more purple coins.  I was then scheduled to bring on Erdrique once again and this time I took him into A Relic of the Sovereign Past.  I had no issues with the plethora of duergar and had fun making my way through those tunnels.  I called it a night after that run.

Koll preparing for the slide photo Kolllpreparingfortheslide_zpsc7767365_1.jpg
Kolll preparing to do some skating and jumping.

Erdrique taking care of a Summoner in the Black Anvil Mines photo ErdriquetakingcareofaSummonerintheBlackAnvilMines_zps9e812684_1.jpg
Erdrique hitting up the Black Anvil Mines.

So the weekend was dominated by running Erdrique, who I leveled, and with Kolll to grab up some of those Risia Ice Game coins.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting and jumping!!

Nice Weekend of Runs, August 8th and 10th

This past weekend was pretty productive for me.  The weekend runs started with my slayer run with Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) through the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic).  I took Sludgge around and wracked up some slayers out in the Stormeye slayer area until I needed to log for work.  After I got back from work, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter) and took him into Stromvauld’s Mine on elite.  Hamllin blasted through Stromvauld’s Mine with little issues, which surprised me a little because I figured I would have some problems with the ranged drow in there but didn’t really encounter any issues.  After that run, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 15 Druid) and was joined by Sornea and we took on the quest The Enemy Within.  We entered on elite and took on the forces of the mindflayers and their frost marrow skeletons.  Sornea logged out after that run but I continued on with Erdrique and entered into Ataraxia’s Haven and completed Dreams of Insanity.  Dreams of Insanity is a pretty difficult quest and I was quite surprised to make it through the quest on elite without any issues.  After that run, I logged out and called it a night.

Sludgge charging into battle with a fire giant photo Sludggechargingintobattlewithafiregiant_zpsa290ffdb.jpg
Sludgge running down the path to Lord Jax in Gianthold.

Hamllin fighting a monarch scorpion in Stromvauld's Mine photo HamllinfightingaMonarchscorpioninStromvauldsMine_zpsd1426b70.jpg
Hamllin fighting a scorpion in Stromvauld’s Mine.

Taking on the enemies from Parthiar Tower Crypt photo TakingontheenemiesfromParthicarTowerCrypt_zps14866ab9.jpg
Erdrique and Sornea taking on the enemies from The Enemy Within.

Erd fighting Mirot in Ataraxia's Haven photo ErdfightingMirotintheHaven_zpsc042ca51.jpg
Erdrique fighting Mirot in Ataraxia’s Haven.

Investigating the Gate of Nightmares photo InvestigatingtheGateofNightmares_zpsdf853ecb.jpg
Erdrique investigating the Gate of Nightmares.

On Saturday, I logged back on with Erdrique and I was joined up with Okhamel.  We headed off into Ataraxia’s Haven and Erdrique finished up that explorer area.  We then headed off into the Sands of Menechtarun, one of my more favorite areas.  While in the desert, we completed An Offering of Blood on elite and Tomb of the Wizard King (The Chamber of Raiyum).  Although we didn’t get an elite streak bonus we did get a plethora of experience, approximately 40 k worth .  After those runs, we both logged out for the night.

Erd finishing off Bestore in Ataraxia's Haven photo ErdriquefinishingoffBestoreinAtaraxiasHaven_zps349f7edf.jpg
Erdrique finishing off Bestore in Ataraxia’s Haven.

Erd and Okhamel in An Offering of Blood photo ErdandOkhamelinAnOfferingofBlood_zps862c7863.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel fighting through the waves of scorrow in An Offering of Blood.

Erd fighting King Raiyum photo ErdfightingKingRaiyum_zps5b38d976.jpg
Erdrique fighting King Raiyum.

Sunday, I logged on with Cantlin (Level 11 Sorcerer) and was joined by Khameltoe and we took on Purge the Heretics on elite and Dead Girl’s Spellbook on elite and then headed out to Sorrowdusk Isle.  While in Sorrowdusk Isle, we started to the Grey Moon Story Arc and we completed the Iron Mines: Free Achka and The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust.  After those runs we logged out for the night.

 photo CantlinfightingintheHiddenChapel_zps42dd2e12.jpg
Cantlin and Khameltoe fighting in the Hidden Chapel.

 photo CantlinburninguptheundeadinDeadGirlsSpellbook_zps87394345.jpg
Cantlin burning up the undead in Dead Girl’s Spellbook.

 photo CantlinlookingforBruku_zps6e4abb4b.jpg
Cantlin venturing into Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo CantlinandKhamelmakingtheirwaytoGrust_zps71ef63d2.jpg
Cantlin and Khameltoe making their way to Grust.

So the weekend was quite productive with my main character Erdrique who received a large amount of experience from the quests he ran and for completing the Ataraxia’s explorer area.  He is getting that much closer to level 20 and his next life .  I hope everybody else had a strong weekend as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

The Quest The Enemy Within

One of the more interesting level 11 quest is The Enemy Within.  This particular quest is a free-to-play quest that is located in House Jorasco.  The quest is actually within the Parthilcar Tower Crypt which is also the same location for the quest Mirra’s Sleepless Nights.  The quest giver for The Enemy Within is Anabele d’Jorasco and she is located on a fallen pillar that dips into the pound at the front of the house ward (close the Marketplace gate).  The premise of the quest is to help Anabele discover why another of House Jorasco’s nobles was trying to kidnap her and to take her to Parthilcar Tower. 

Burning up some frost marrow skeletons photo Burningupsomefrostmarrowskeletons_zpsb7601ffd.jpg
Burning up some frost marrow skeletons in The Enemy Within.

Although this particular quest is rather straight forward in design and in depth, it most be noted that it is very long.  The quest isn’t very trap heavy but there are a few that can be particularly troublesome if you aren’t careful.  There is also a spot where some of the undead monsters will respawn, which is wise to remember if you are heading back towards the shrine to replenish your spell points.  Speaking of the monsters, you are primarily facing frost marrow skeletons, wights (failed void minds), various house nobles that have kidnapped and taken control of (halflings, humans, dwarves, and elves), and their mind controlling mind flayers.  The final boss is a strange mind flayer named Lord Ymemrish the Cold who has a high affinity for cold and actually appears white. 

Taking on the enemies from Parthiar Tower Crypt photo TakingontheenemiesfromParthicarTowerCrypt_zps14866ab9.jpg
Erdrique fighting some of the Voidmind Nobles in Parthilcar Tower crypt.

If you have never done this quest before make sure to take caution with the frost marrow skeletons.  The frost marrow casters in particularly like through lightning and acid spells however your own fire spells will eat them up.  There are only a couple of shrines in the quest so make sure to save them as best as you can as the quest is long and will require you double back as you collect various crests to unlock doors that will take further into the quest.

Fighting some crazed nobles photo Fightingsomecrazednobles_zps13a4aeba.jpg
A voidmind House Phiarlan noble making Fang dance in The Enemy Within.

The quest is quite a challenge at level.  I always enjoy running it.  The mind flayers kidnapping various house nobles is interesting and makes you wonder why you haven’t heard of this until Anabele’s escape.  Also, the shear quantity of failed voidmind experiements makes you wonder if the mind flayers were actually experimenting on the many commoners in Stormreach.  You also have to wonder, what were the mind flayer’s ultimate goal with those experiments that were successful?  I guess that really doesn’t matter since those plans were thwarted anyway.  But I do wonder if Lord Ymemrish was somehow working for one of the daelkyr such as the Lord of Eyes.

Fighting Lord Uliuthir photo FightingLordUliuthir_zps5ea270fc.jpg
Erdrique fighting one of the mindflayer bosses in Then Enemy Within.

The Enemy Within, located in House Jorasco is a fun quest and if you get the chance to explore it I would recommend it!!  Make sure to be prepared though :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!