Questing Over the Anniversary Week, February 26 to March 4

This past week, I had a rather tough time in a number of questing activities this week.  Not only did a suffer a rather large number of defeats and I also had a computer crash, go figure!!  However, with that said, I still had a good time.

I kicked things off on Sunday by taking Erdrique (Level 11 Bard) and Sttollen (Level 12 Rogue) into the Anniversary Party.  Since Sttollen is level 12, I entered the Anniversary Party at level 12 and made my way through the quest with little difficulty.  I complete the four optional objectives and received five party favors of the run.  That was the only quest I completed on Sunday.


Getting stunned by Steelstar in the Anniversary Party.

On Monday, I dual boxed with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and Stoorage (Level 15 Fighter) and took them into the Red Fens.  For a little awhile now, I have been running through slayer areas on Monday because I’m also playing with a digital table top game with a small set of friends and sometimes my attention gets diverted for a large amount of time.  By running an explorer area, I don’t worry about not completing a quest.  During these runs through the Red Fens, Lorrikk collected 429 slayers and Stoorage collected 515 slayers.  Lorrikk picked up four monster manual deeds during this run.  He picked up mudman exterminator I and picked up 1,130 experience, sahaugin exterminator II for 1,320 experience, mudman exterminator III for my VIP account, and monstrous plant exterminator II for my VIP account.  Lorrikk hit the 750 slayer mark while Stoorage hit the 3,000 slayer mark.  They also took out Anogoreth (three times), Chokebriar (twice), Crooktooth (twice), Mudfoot (twice), Kar Xyr, Sharkbiter, Vyx Ka (twice), Gorger (twice), Fencreeper, Riptide, and Nab Ren.


Lorrikk making his way through the Red Fens.

I logged on with Berann (Level 10 Barbarian) to kick things off on Tuesday and took him into Tangleroot Gorge for some quick slayers.  While out there, he collected his last 21 slayers and finished off the zone.  He also came across and defeated Clamor and Silkweave.  Now he gets to move to Three Barrel Cove.  I then logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them into Sorrowdusd Isle to run The Temple Outpost: Captives of the Cult.  However, when I got to the quest entrance my computer crashed.  By the time I got it back up and running, I ran out of time for that run.  However, I did pick up another 26 slayers for both of them and defeated Noozer before my computer died.  Later that night, I logged on with Garrrin (Level 23 Barabarian/Primal Avatar) and I took him into the Underdark to attempt In the Belly of the Beast.  On his way to the quest, I picked up 20 slayers and defeated one Dun’robar Blademaster.  Once I made it to the quest I entered on epic hard and quickly regretted it.  I didn’t have any problems until I got into the arena.  Once inside the arena, I started to suffer quite a bit from lag.  I didn’t take long for my hirelings to die under the spawns of yuan-ti with me following shortly later.  Up to that point, I was suffering lag quite a bit so I was worried something bad would happen.  I recalled and made my way back to the quest but entered it on epic normal instead.  Things went much smoother this time.  Even with the lag, I had little difficulty with completing it.  Garrin picked up three monster manual deeds during the completion of In the Belly of the Beast: yuan-ti hunter (2,300 experience), purple worm hunter (2,300 experience), and purple worm hunter II (4,000 experience).  He completed the optional objective for slaying Voltane the Slave Master and picked up two commendations, one for war wizard and one for purple dragon knight.  He also received 11 commendations of valor as a request reward.  That closed out my runs on Tuesday.


Berann finishing up the Tangleroot Gorge explorer area.


Garrrin traveling through the Underdark to get to quest In the Belly of the Beast.


Garrrin making his way to the arena.

On Wednesday, I logged on with Garrrin once again but this time for a slayer run through the King’s Forest.  He gathered 55 slayers, of which 3 were dire bears and one was a drow priestess.  He also completed the random encounter for Money or Life.  He also mind one more message from Eliminster.  Unfortunately that was the only run I was able to get in.


Garrrin hunting in the King’s Forest.

I logged on with Cannock (Level 8 Druid) on Thursday and took him through Tangleroot Gorge.  He picked up 109 slayers and came across Silkweave, Clamor, and Gharjat.  After that run, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 20 Fighter/Fatesinger) and I took him the Anniversary Party at level 20.  This turned out to be a mistake :(.  It was painfully evident that Hamllin is nowhere near as prepared as Edrique and he suffered some humiliating defeats.  Well after that embarrassment, I logged on with the Cantlin (Level 14 Sorcerer) and Suppply (Level 11 Paladin) and I took them into Tomb of the Shadow Guard on elite.  Cantlin picked up a monster manual deed for spider hunter and received 1,356 experience.  After that run I called it a night.


Cannock hunting down some enemies in Tangleroot Gorge.


Cantlin swimming his way through the Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

I didn’t log in on Friday, primarily because my wife and I went out to eat, and then I fell asleep, completely missing that play time.  But on Saturday, I logged on with Erdrique and Sttollen and I took them into Sorrowdusk Isle for some slayers.  They picked up 146 kills and defeated Saate, Furley, Noozer, Barxer, Kurmer, and hit the 400 slayer mark.  I then ran it again later that night and picked up another 148 kills and defeated Saate, Furley, Barxer, Kurmer, and Kremen.  Erdrique also picked up the monster manual deed for scorpion exterimantor II and collected another 1,650 experience.  I then headed off to the Anniversary Party once again and had no issues completing.  Erdrique actually picked up a +1 to +2 Skill Tome (balance I believe) from the end chest.  I ran the quest on level 12 again which gave us five more party favors.  I then called it a night.


Erdrique fighting the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle.


The ultimate ogre slayer in Sorrowdusk Isle.


Erdrique taking on Steelstar in the Anniversary Party.

So yeah, it was a relatively rough week.  Having my computer crash, over sleeping, and then hitting a few rough gaming sessions but the questing was still fun and that is all that matters.  I hope everybody else had a great week!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting in Stomreach!!


A Look Back, Questing July 27th to July 30th

This past week, I had some fun quest runs that ranged across mid-levels through epics.  I started the week off though with some questing with my spirit shaman, Ragnar, in Neverwinter Nights II.  This was because I couldn’t do my typical morning slayer run on Monday because of the release Update 27 and maintenance were occurring that morning and through the afternoon.  However, by the time I got off work, the servers were updated with latest release and the maintenance was finished so I logged on with Erdrique (Level 15 Rogue) and took him out to do some slayers in the Red Fens and then over to the House Phairlan to do the quest, The Desert Caravan.  The Desert Caravan is the beginning quest that directs our characters to the Sands of Menechtarun, my favorite area :).  Later that night, I logged back on with Erdrique and I eagerly made my way out to the Sands of Menechtarun.  While out there I gathered some slayers and explorers and then hit up the quests: Purge the Fallen Shrine and The Chamber of Kourush.  After some other maintenance tasks after completing these quests I called it a night.

 photo Rangar casting in combat_zpsdbhayyrt.jpg

Ragnar casting a spell on the thugs in Neverwinter.

 photo Taking some time to get some kills in the Red Fens_zpspm1i6npm.jpg

Erdrique hunting down some enemies in the Red Fens.

 photo Erdrique hitting up the Desert Caravan_zpsvbiz2puv.jpg

Erdrique preparing to protect the caravan.

 photo Erd enjoying the moon light in the Desert_zpsy1eizaam.jpg

Erdrique enjoying the moon lit night in the desert.

 photo Taking on a flesh render in Purge the Fallen Shrine_zpsqb9kgv98.jpg

Erdrique getting up and personal with a cacodemon (fleshrender) in Purge the Fallen Shrine.

On Tuesday, I logged on with Berann (Level 8 Barbarian) and took him out into Tangleroot Gorge to gather up some more slayers and rares for him during my morning slayer run.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) and I took him back into the exotic Restless Isles for some ogre and wildmen hunting practice.  That night, I logged on with Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk) and I headed out to the Necropolis and was joined by Helldemons and we knocked out three of the four flagging quests for Necro II: Tomb of the Shadow Guard, Tomb of the Shadow Knight, and Tomb of the Lord.  These were all solid runs.  After we completed those three quests, we both called it a night.  Lorrikk now only needs to finish Tomb of the Shadow King to be ready for the Shadow Crypt.

 photo Berann hunting in Tangleroot_zpsnmbhsnlh.jpg

Berann making his way through Tangleroot Gorge.

 photo Hamllin slaying in the Restless Isles_zps16djicbq.jpg

Hamllin defeating the glass spiders in the underwater caverns of the Restless Isles.

 photo Lorrikk preparing for the Shadow Guard_zpsi0afqnx4.jpg

Lorrikk preparing to enter the quest, Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

 photo Lorrikk and Hell in the Shadow Lord_zps0ahiyhbw.jpg

Lorrikk getting annoyed at the umbral worgs in the Tomb of the Shadow Lord.

 photo Exploring the Shadow Knight_zpsarkyj8jc.jpg

Lorrikk and Helldemons making their way through the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.

Wednesday, as usual, was my “short” day of questing.  I did my morning slayer run with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) who I took out into the King’s Forest prior to me heading off to the office.  The afternoon was devoted to Erdrique, who I logged on and checked his mail and auctions and cleaned up his inventory and caught with that annoying “character maintenance” stuff.  I then took him out to the Lordsmarch Plaza and kicked off the Deception of Stormreach chain and ran the quest Diplomatic Impunity.  I didn’t come across any issues while dealing with the initial assault of Droaam forces.  Looking forward to progressing through this chain and the Attack on Stormreach chain as I collect the monster manual awards for ogres, gnolls, and orcs.

 photo Getting stuck in a bear trap_zpstnvaykad.jpg

Rimuldar getting stuck in a bear trap in the King’s Forest.

 photo Erdrique putting a smack down on the scorpions_zpsw4hetmki.jpg

Erdrique taking on the dangers of the Skyfall Coast in Diplomatic Impunity.

For Thursday, I logged on with Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) and took him through the King’s Forest for my morning slayer run.  During the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin and took him out into the Restless Isles and collected some more slayers for him out there.  It won’t be much longer until he is finished out there as I believe I’m working on my 1,500 slayer mark, which is the maximum out in Restless Isles.  I will then move Hamllin to complete Ataraxia’s Haven and then he will be off to the Desert :).  Later that night, I logged back on with Garrrin, who has seen quite a bit of action lately considering I played him through the Web of Chaos chain on epic hard last Saturday.  This time, I was joined by Hellsbain and we took on An Offering of Blood and Tomb of the Wizard King on epic hard.  We had a good time moving through those quests and ran into only some minor issues.  After we completed the Wizard King we called it a night.

 photo Garrrin taking on the dire bears head on_zpsv6k98wij.jpg

Garrrin running into a small bunch of dire bears in the King’s Forest.

 photo Hamllin hunting in the Restless Isles_zpsptkujney.jpg

Hamllin exploring the Restless Isles and looking for some ogres.

 photo Garrrin and Hellsbain taking on the Aspect of the Hunter_zpswfrvfqnz.jpg

Garrrin and Hellsbain fighting the scorrow in An Offering of Blood.

I’m hoping that my runs this weekend will be just as interesting.  I’m hoping to take Erdrique through the Cursed Crypt and more of the Desert quests this weekend.  I also have a number of other level 11 quests I would like to catch up on.  We’ll see how it goes.  I hope everybody else had a good week and I want to wish everybody happy hunting in DDO :)!!

Mixing it Up This Week, Quest Runs July 20 to July 23

Looking back at my questing activities in DDO this past week showed me just how diverse my characters are.  I don’t think I can say I will ever be bored because I run the same level quests or the same type of character or class.  This week I hit up some middle level and epic quests as well as playing some low level, middle level, and epic level characters.

Thing start out with my typical Monday morning slayer run.  I took Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) out into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) and collected some slayer out in the Stormfist camp.  Once I hit the 1,500 mark for Stormfist, I will probably move over to hunting in Eveningstar and in the King’s Forest.  Similar to what I did with Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild), Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister), and Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  I imagine I’ll do the same thing with Sluddge as well.  After I got back home from work, I then did a mid-day run with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) who continued to collected slayers in the Red Fens.  The most interesting quest run came on Monday night.  I logged on with Kolll and took him to Hawyire’s Foundry on Epic Hard.  However, Monday night is also my digital PNP game session and because I underestimated the time it would take to sell loot and level up my characters in that game, I ran out of time taking Kolll through Haywire’s Foundry.  I was doing so good too :(.  Oh well, I had to logout because I needed to get some sleep for work but I’ll knock it the next time I log on with Kolll.

 photo Larrs and his pets creating problems for Stormfist_zpsezclxq86.jpg

Larrs taking on the forces of the Storrmfist Brigade in Gianthold.

 photo Yet another waterfall_zpslqwmigjb.jpg

Hamllin admiring the waterfall in the Red Fens.

 photo Kolll making some warforged dance_zpskttjrn6a.jpg

Kolll making a few warforged dance.

Containment (Level 6 Cleric) was called to duty on Tuesday morning and I took him out into Tangleroot Gorge to collect some slayers.  That afternoon, I took Erdrique (Level 14 Rogue) through the quest And the Dead Shall Rise.  I was expecting on having some issues with Validus at the end fight, where the floor breaks away and he can simply stand on the gaseous strcuture left behind while players fall through it like a rock.  However, once I got to the top of the Spire, I quickly ran towards him and I as able to destroy him before the entire floor broke away, which was nice.  Needless to say, Erdrique had no problem completing the quest.  Now Tuesday night turned out to be a little exciting.  The started out when I logged on with Kanndar (Level 12 Paladin) and completed my typical maintenance (dealing with auctions, mail, selling, breaking items down, etc..).  I then decided to run a challenge or two so that I could purchase a minor guild renown potion for him.  So I headed off to the challenge Extraplanar Palace: Buying TIme.  I entered the quest and just as the kobolds were collecting the crystals, a strong thunderstorm rolled through and knocked out power to my house :(.  The power didn’t come back on until nearly 1 am, so that was an early end to my questing on Tuesday night.

 photo Containment collecting some slayers in Tangleroot_zpszhnjok0b.jpg

Containment exploring the wilds of Tanglereot Gorge.

 photo Erd taking on the forces of Validus_zpselh4cnhe.jpg

Erdrique taking on the enemies in the Spire of Validus.

On Wednesday, I was scheduled to take Charlock (Level 14 Fighter) out into the Red Fens.  So made my way out to House Kundarak and into the Red Fens to collect some slayers of the sahaugin and the natural fauna :).  Keeping up with the Red Fens there, I then took Hamllin out there after I got home from work.  I was then able to finally collect the 7,500 slayer mark, with the help of major slayer potions.  Now it is time for him to move onto the Restless Isles.  Usually at this point, my Wednesdays are typically finished.  However, my weekly date night with my wife was canceled this week because she was asked to babysit her niece.  So, I took the opportunity to log in with Kanndar to make up for his shortened time on Tuesday.  I took him back into the challenge, Extraplanar Palace: Buying Time.  I took him through it twice and then I took him out into the quest, Tomb of the Shadow Guard and knocked it out on elite.

 photo Charlock in the middle of a snare and fighting in the Red Fens_zpsvbyhigtn.jpg

Charlock battling away in the Red Fens.

 photo Hammy surprising Sharkbiter_zpskfcqxcsv.jpg

Hamllin preparing to surprise Sharkbiter.

 photo Kanndar looking at the portal that got him to the Extraplanar Palace_zpsaydiwfuv.jpg

Kanndar staring at the portal that got them to the Extraplanar Palace. 

 photo Dealing with the Umbral Worgs in Shadow Guard_zpsaftwe7iw.jpg

Kanndar fighting umbral worgs in Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

For Thursday, I kicked things off with Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk) and took him out into Sorrowdusk Isle.  Later that afternoon, I took Erdrique through the Spawn of Whisperdoom and took out the infamous spider during my mid-afternoon run.  Later that night I was scheduled to play Hamllin.  However, a fellow guildie asked to play some epic level characters, so instead I logged on with Wapoyei and joined up with Dirtyrice.  We then headed out into the King’s Forest and completed the quest, The Lost Thread, on epic hard.  We then recalled and learned that Dirtyrice only needed four more exploring points/messages.  So we tracked those down and called it a night.

 photo Lorrikk fighting the hellhounds in Sorrowdusk Isle_zpslai8bg0v.jpg

Lorrikk battling the enemies in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Erd taking on Whisperdooms legion of spiders_zpsps4vpy24.jpg

Erdrique taking on the spider hordes of Whisperdoom.

 photo Waterfalls of the King Forest_zpscerkdfhc.jpg

Wapoyei taking a look at some waterfalls in the King’s Forest.

 photo Coming up on some trouble in the Abandoed Temple_zpszz1llqod.jpg

Wapoyei and the party coming upon some problems in the Abandoned Temple.

So, as usual, my questing was quite diverse.  I like this because it keeps me from getting stagnant with the same level content all the time.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Taking a Brief Look at the Shadow Series Necro II Quest Line

Over the weekend, one of the quests I completed with Erdrique (Level 14 Rogue) was the Shadow Crypt.  The Shadow Crypt is the capstone quest to the Necropolis II quest chain.  To obtain the Shadow Crypt quest, you have to complete the Tomb of the Shadow Guard, Tomb of the Shadow King, Tomb of the Shadow Lord, and Tomb of the Shadow Knight.  I have written about most of these quests in one aspect or another before but I figured this time I would take an overall look at the entire quest line here.

The Shadow series (what I call them anyway) is composed of the four level 8 flagging quests and the one level 9 capstone quest.  You can complete the four flagging quests in any order you want.  However, one thing to be mindful of is that once you complete one of the flagging quests make sure you do not reacquire the quest you just completed.  The only way you can obtain the quest for the Shadow Crypt is if the four flagging quests are marked as being currently completed in your quest journal.  This can get quite aggravating at times.

As you can imagine, the entire quest line is composed of “shadow” type monsters.  These will include shadows, wraiths, umbral gargoyles, umbral worgs, invisible stalkers, and phase spiders.  You will also encounter various cultists as well.  Needless to say, having a ghost touch weapon of pure good or some other type of ghostbane weapon is extremely helpful for all melee characters in this set of quests and having access to large area of affect spells such as firewall and blade barrier are extremely useful for arcane and divine casters.  Some of the most annoying monsters you will encounter in these quests are phase spiders as they tend to have fun jumping in out of the material plane making your attacks miss quite a bit.  They also have the annoying capability of making you wait until they face back to continue on.  Definitely quite annoying.  There are a various of optional names monsters spread throughout these quests that tend to boost your total experience you can get when you complete them, which is a nice benefit indeed.

 photo Hell and Erd beginning in the Shadow Crypt_zpsjphbugve.jpg

Erdrique and Hellbanisher preparing to explore the Shadow Crypt.

The maps to the tombs themselves are quite unique in a few ways.  The Tomb of the Shadow Guard is primarily underwater and can get quite frustrating to move through until you get a nice idea of the maps layout.  The Tomb of the Shadow Knight is the rogues/artificer’s playground as it is littered with traps that can make an adventurer’s life extremely short.  The Tomb of the Shadow Lord forces the party to split up and to explore various levels of the tomb and to meet back up in the center to take on the end boss.  The Tomb of the Shadow King is perhaps the most annoying of these quests as it is designed to be circular with torches that need to be put out with respawning mobs that chase you tirelessly throughout the quest.  And the last quest, the Shadow Crypt, is a multi tiered maze that requires you to find special gears to unlock the last room to get to the end fight.  In all these quests have some interesting mechanics that are found in a lot of other areas.  The Tombs and Crypts themselves are pretty nicely designed in terms of their artwork and spookiness.  I really enjoy the various tapestries, markings, and feel of these areas.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that these quests offer quite a stockpile of experience.  When I completed the Shadow Crypt last weekend, I received over 43,000 experience on elite and I was level 14 in a level 11 quest.  Running these series quests with a streak going on can net you a significant amount of experience.

The Shadow Series is a fun series to run overall, as long as you ghost touch weapon or ghostbane weapon.  One other thing to keep in mind if you use Cannith Crafting.  You will need to make sure that whatever weapon you enchant with ghost touch also has a +1 enhancement applied as well.  You will need this to bypass the damage reduction of the wraiths (at least) in these quests.  Having just a ghost touch weapon of purge good will not mark your weapon as “magical,”  You need to have that +1 enhancement to beat that damage reduction.  I figured this out the hard way :P.

In any case, take a look at these series of quest.  They are different and can be quite challenging, especially during your first go through.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Shadow Tombs!!

Finishing Up Level 8 Quests, Questing Over June 26 and June 28

Although I was out of town and in Atlanta for a workshop from Sunday, June 21st until Friday, June 26th, I still was able to bet back home in time to knock out a number of quests over the last weekend (however, I did fall behind in the blogging schedule once again…argh…I’ll catch up eventually though 🙂 ).  I didn’t get back from my workshop until pretty late on Friday night, June 26th.  I was able to log in with Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue) and to catch up with some of his maintenance tasks (pulling items out of his mail from sold and returned auctions, crunching items down in the crafting hall, posting new auctions, etc..) and then I took him out into the Red Fen for his first foray into those mystical bogs and interesting explorer zone.  I ran through the zone and picked up all of the explorer points, up to 200 slayers or so, and only three rares but still wound up getting a nice junk of experience out there (close to 15,000 experience I believe).  I then called it a night.

Saturday night was much more interesting :).  I started out in the Red Fens to kill off the lesser slayer potion I had still active and then I was joined by Twotoe.  I took a look at the rest of the level 8 quests I needed to complete and we headed out.  We took on the first two quests of the Vault of Night Series to start out the night, Tharashk Arena and The Prisoner.  We quickly breezed through the Tharashk Arena and made short work of the beholders, minotaurs, and tharaahk hounds in The Prisoner.  Once we cashed in those quests, we headed off to another fun story arc, The Ruins of Threnal.  We straight towards the Western Excavation and completed the first two quests in that part of the arc, In Need of Supplies and The Rescue.  I always find Threnal a fun and interesting run, but also it can be quite annoying with all of the slimes/puddings being mixed in with other more vicious enemies.  In any case, we made through those two quests without any issues as well.  Once we advanced the story arc for Threnal, we then rebuffed on the guild airship and then went to the Necropolis.  At this point, the only level 8 quests I still needed were those from Necro II, the Shadow Series of quests.  After we buffed up on the guild airship, and prior to heading out to the Necropolis, I headed over to House Kundarak and to the Cannith Crafting Hall and built up a +1 Ghost Touch Quarterstaff of Pure Good to deal with the many, many shadows, wraiths, specters, umbral worgs, and umbral gargoyles that proliferate in these quests.

 photo Erd moving through the Red Fens_zps0buj1rzg.jpg

Erdrique starting out Saturday night in the Red Fens.

 photo Erd and Twotoe taking on VON 1_zpsvsevai1z.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe making their way through the Tharashk Arena.

 photo Beating up a Thaarak Hound_zpsvzix3rfu.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe dealing with the tharaahk hounds in The Prisoner.

The first of the quests we hit up was Tomb of the Shadow Knight.  All of the Shadow quests have a unique feature to them.  The Shadow Knight is known as the “rogue rich” one because it has a number of traps that can be disarmed for various amounts of optional experience.  This was nice since Erdrique is currently working on his rogue life :).  In any case, we made it through there with little difficulty.  The next one we hit up was Tomb of the Shadow Lord.  Tomb of the Shadow Lord is known for having the party split up to progress through the quest.  However, Two and I had no problems dealing with that aspect and completed the quest without many issues.  The next quest was Tomb of the Shadow Guard which is known for being half underwater with a rather complicated map to navigate through.  Two and I did get turned around once or twice as we were swimming through the collapsed portion of the tomb but overall it wasn’t an issue.  The last quest we took on, was Tomb of the Shadow King.  This annoying quest is known for its respawns and more respawns.  This quest did cause us some issues initially, as we ran into a few instances where we gathered too many monsters to handle, but we did, we just took a beating to do so.  But we finished it and we had them all completed on elite.  That particular run was our closing run for the night.

 photo Erd going to work in shadow knight_zpsbimrg4q7.jpg

Erdrique doing his job in the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.

 photo Erd watching Two battling the undead_zpsaxplagzk.jpg

Erdrique looking through the gate at Twotoe in Tomb of the Shadow Lord.

 photo Erd and Two battling away_zpsybxgx8yn.jpg

Erdrique and Twotoe killing off a mini-boss in Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

 photo All of the enemies in the Shadow King_zpst3et9kjz.jpg

Look at all of the phase spiders in the Tomb of the Shadow King.

On Sunday, I logged on with another level 12 character, my sorcerer Cantlin.  I was quickly joined up with Helldemons and we decided to run through two old but fun quests on elite, because I still needed them with Cantlin, Tear of Dhakaan and Gwylan’s Stand.  Those are both level 7 quests making them level 9 on elite.  Even being level 12, upon completion of both of these quests I still wound up getting a large amount of experience for him.  I did run into some problems in Gwylan’s Stand, as a few of the traps cause me some heart burn as well as having some button issues with my hot bars (go figure).  However, we did complete them rather easily.  After we ran through Gwylan’s Stand, Hell logged out for the night but I took Cantlin into Sorrowdusk Isle for another 10 minutes or so to collect some more slayers before heading to bed.

 photo Cantlin getting up close and personal with Champion Krazna_zpstqacrd8r.jpg

Cantlin and Helldemons making their way through Tear of Dhakaan.

 photo Flaming up some ogres_zpsraygubcv.jpg

Cantlin cleaning up the night in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So, although I got home late, I still had a strong and productive weekend :).  I hope everybody else did as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Two Days of Questing over the Weekend, December 26th to 28th

This past weekend was a very strong weekend of questing for me, at least in terms of knocking out high experience awarding quests.  I was traveling during Friday, December 26th from North Carolina to Florida and didn’t get any play time :(.  So my questing activities didn’t start until Saturday.

I devoted the entire weekend to questing with Erdrique (Level 12 Monk) to take advantage of the 10% experience bonus and the additional 10% experience VIP bonus.  To start out the questing I took Erdrique out into Sorrowdusk Isle and completed the rest of the slayers and rares out in that zone.  After I completed that zone, I then moved off to finish up the Ruins of Threnal.  I then took on and completed the quests of the Abandoned Excavation (The Missing Expedition, Entering the Gate Chamber, The Gate Chamber) and then I completed the Threnal Arena and the Giant Caves (The Giants Lieutenants, The Giants’ Lair, The Giants’ Supplies).  After completing all of Threnal I then moved off and head on to The Pit.  However, before I did that I leveled up from 11 to 12.  I then blasted through Pit and still earned well over 36,000 experience for the run :).  Once I completed the Pit, I then headed off to the Tomb of the Shadow Guard and completed it on elite.  After the run through the Tomb of the Shadow Guard, I called it a night.

Erd taking on the enemies of Sorrowdusk Isle photo ErdtakingontheenemiesofSorrowduskIsle_zps48f3c24f.jpg
Erdrique working on completing the Sorrowdusk Explorer area.

Working to locate the Missing Expedition photo WorkingtolocatetheMissingExpedition_zps36791674.jpg
Working to locate the missing expedition.

A Stunned beholder champion in Entering the Gate Chamber photo AStunnedbeholderchampioninEnteringtheGateChamber_zpsaa7df96a.jpg
Erdrique stunning a beholder in Entering the Gate Chamber.

Stunning a hill giant hunter in the Gate Chamber photo StunningahillgianthunterintheGateChamber_zps51200069.jpg
Erdrique stunning a hill giant hunter in the Gate Chamber.

Prepping for the Threnal Challenge photo PreppingfortheThrenalChallenge_zpsf58e110a.jpg
Erdrique approaching the arena of Threnal.

Working through the Giant's Lair photo WorkingthroughtheGiantsLair_zpsb81f85c0.jpg
Working through the Giants’ Lair.

Prepping to destroy the supplies photo Preppingtodestroythesupplies_zps30a752f3.jpg
Erdrique doing what he can to destroy the Giants’ supplies.

Looking for some Giant Lieutenants photo LookingforsomeGiantLieutenants_zps02b95f5d.jpg
Erdrique looking to take out the giant lieutenants.

Have to love the pit photo Havetolovethepit_zpsb3f23089.jpg
Erdrique gazing down the shaft of the Pit.

Fighting in the Shadow Guard photo FightingintheShadowGuard_zpsba140b1c.jpg
Erdrique fighting phase spiders in the Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

On Sunday, I continued through the Shadow Tomb series of quests.  Before I did that however, I went to the Cannith Crafting Hall and decided to create some ghost touch of pure good handwraps because I was having a number of annoying issues in the Tomb of the Shadow Guard from incorporeality misses.  After I created the new handwraps, I head pack out to the Necropolis and hit up the Tomb of the Shadow King and Tomb of the Shadow Knight.  Once I completed these two quests, I was then able to gain access to The Shadow Crypt and I worked my way through that shifting maze to gain gears to finally take on Nerezza.  The Shadow Crypt netted me over 50,000 experience :).

 photo FightingmoreandmoreintheShadowKing_zpsf8dca2a1.jpg
Fighting and more fighting in the Tomb of the Shadow King.

 photo JadingaShroudedTerrorMageinShadowKnight_zps64a80059.jpg
Jading a shrouded terror mage in the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.

 photo FightingDontreLebraminShadowCrypt_zpsc601a04d.jpg
Fighting Dontre Lebram in the Shadow Crypt.

At that point, I called it a night.  So even though I missed a day of questing because of traveling issues, I still wracked up quite a bit of experience over the weekend.  I still plan on focusing on Erdrique during the week as well to continue to take advantage of the experience bonus that is currently active and to take advantage of my time off of work before things head back to normal.  Thank you for reading and happy hunting!!

Hitting up Some Quests, August 11 to August 15

This week’s questing began with my main character, Erdrique (Level 16 Druid), who I took out into the Restless Isles for a typical morning slayer run prior to heading to work.  I had just completed the Ataraxia’s Haven explorer area and now plan on finishing up the Restless Isles before heading out to the Desert.  After I returned home from work, I was scheduled to log on with Erdrique once again for my afternoon run before dinner.  So I took Erdrique into the quest, Eyes of Stone.  I had little difficulty making my way through the Lordsmarch Palace and to the medusa but I did run into some stumbling blocks with her but nothing I couldn’t overcome (Fang died, but surprisingly my hireling did not).  Monday night, while I was also playing my weekly digital D&D game, I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 22 Wizard/Magister) and was joined up with Friedrice to take on the Chains of Flame on epic normal.  It was quite a run, as I was constantly being distracted from my other game, which frequently lead me to do some stupid things and to get pulverized a few times.  However, Friedrice pulled us through and we completed the lengthy run.  After that, I had to call it a night and logged out.

Erd exploring the Restless Isles photo ErdexploringtheRestlessIsles_zps33da63df.jpg
Erd exploring the Restless Isles.

Erd taking on the Droaam forces in the Lordsmarch Plaza photo ErdtakingontheDroaamforcesinLordsmarchPlaza_zpsbdf22f62.jpg
Erdrique taking on the Droaam forces in the Lordsmarch Plaza.

Rimuldar fighting the gnolls in the Burning City photo RimuldarfightingthegnollsintheBurningCity_zpsace97f39.jpg
Rimuldar and Friedrice taking on the Chains of Flame.

On Tuesday morning, I logged on with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and took him into the wilds of the King’s Forest.  I really enjoy running out there and exploring that particular wildnerness area and look forward to taking other characters out there.  After work, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter) and took him into the Tomb of the Shadow Guard.  This particular run opened my eyes about some aspects of the Cannith Crafting system.  Hamllin didn’t have a ghost touch weapon so I crafted him a ghost touch shortsword of pure good that a lesser ruby of acid slotted in it.  I took that into the quest to realize that the crafter shortsword wasn’t doing a lot of damage because it was being affected by the damage reduction of the incorporal enemies.  It then dawned on me that I needed to add the +1 enhancement bonus to the sword in order to bypass that reduction.  So, although it was painful, I did weed through the Tomb of the Shadow Guard on elite, primarily with the strength behind my Sunblade.  Definitely an interesting run and a learning experience.  Tuesday night, I logged on with Containment (Level 4 Cleric) and took him through many of the solo only quests (The Miller’s Debt, An Explosive Situation, and Arachnophobia) and then I joined up with Zalexia and Rheagon and we hit up the Waterworks and started that chain.  After we finished the first half of the chain, I had to call it a night and told Zalexia and Rheagon I would catch up with them later and then logged out.

Exploring the King's Forest photo ExploringtheKingsForest_zps4453b246.jpg
Kolll exploring the King’s Forest.

Hamllin noticing the face in the Shadow Guard photo HamllinnoticingthefaceintheShadowGuard_zps7c39be67.jpg
Hamllin noticing the strange iconic face in the Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

Containment looking for the Miller photo ContainmentlookingfortheMiller_zpsf4213fff.jpg
Containment looking for the Miller.

Containment fighting the Quickfoot photo ContainmentfightingtheQuickfoot_zps46120d7e.jpg
Containment looking to thwart the Quickfoot gang.

Fighting a spider queen photo Fightingaspiderqueen_zps236866c4.jpg
Containment fighting the brown spider queen in Arachnophobia.

Containment taking his gang through Waterworks photo ContainmenttakinghisgangthroughWaterworks_zpsd8f49346.jpg
Containment taking Zalexia and Rheagon into Waterworks.

On Wednesday, I ran my spirit shaman Ragnar in my Neverwinter Nights II Original Campaign game.  He is currently hunting around the city of Highcliff.  After I got back from work, it was time for me to log on with Erdrique once again.  This time I took him into the Cursed Crypt.  I had an interesting time during this particular run that lead to a little bit of frustration.  Everything was going fairly well (except for some disconnecting/lag issues) until I hit the last fight.  I misjudged the ability of hireling, who managed to kill the remaining Silver Flame warriors just before I could take out Maldetto.  Oh well, I’ll take him out this weekend!! :).  After than run, I called it a night and spent the rest of the evening with my beautiful wife for date night.

Ragnar and his group approaching the High Cliff ruins photo RagnarandhisgroupapproachingtheHighCliffRuins_zps564b5340.jpg
Ragnar and his gang on the outskirts of the Highcliffs ruins.

Erd attacking an eternal wizard in the Cursed Crypt photo ErdattackinganeternalwizardintheCursedCrypt_zpsa7130ede.jpg
Erd attacking an eternal wizard in the Cursed Crypt.

I was scheduled to log in with Kanndar (Level 10 Paladin) and take him into the Searing Heights for my morning slayer runs Thursday morning.  After running him through the Searing Heights and locating the rest of his explorer points I logged out and headed to work.  For my afternoon run, after work, I logged on with Hamllin and took him into the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.  However, this time I upgraded this ghost touch shortsword with a +1 shard and so he was now dual wielding a +1 ghost touch shortsword of pure good with a lesser acid ruby and a Sunblade.  The attack sequences went much easier and the mobs went down much faster :).  I did have some fun avoiding the traps but overall this quest run was much better than in the Shadow Guard.  During my night runs, I logged on with Stoorage (Level 10 Fighter) and ran through the Fire Caves on hard and elite.  Once those runs were completed I called it a night.

Kanndar in front of the setting moon in Searing Heights photo KanndarinfrontofthesettingmooninSearingHeights_zps60ae4e85.jpg
Kanndar in front of the peak in Searing Heights.

 photo HamllinmakinghiswaythroughtheCryptoftheShadowKnight_zps684de857.jpg
Hamllin enjoying his upgraded shortsword in the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.

 photo StooragetakingontheogresintheFireCaves_zpsb6af3da8.jpg
Stoorage facing off against the ogres in the Fire Caves in Stones Run Red.

 photo Stooragefacingoffagainssomehellhounds_zps20503fac.jpg
Stoorage fighting hell hounds in the Brood of Flame.

In review the week’s worth of runs were challenging at times and informational :).  Not a bad week’s worth of questing in my opinion.  Well, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!