Check Out the Pretty Blue Light!!

One of the newer things that has been implemented in DDO is the ability to find some chests at random that can produce specially upgraded random loot.  A few weeks ago, this particular bonus was active for the weekend, I believe it is called the Treasure Hunter Weekend .  While I was hunting with Erdrique (Level 28 Rogue/Shadowdancer) in the Sands of Menechtarun I came across one of these chests.

When you are lucky enough to come across such a chest, it will give off a bluish light when it is opened.  The bluish light indicates that one of your party members, if not yourself, has received a rare random loot upgrade from the chest.  Very neat indeed!!

Erdrique coming across a special chest with upgraded random loot in the desert during a Treasure Hunter weekend.

Besides being able to get these lucky chests during a Treasure Hunter Weekend as part of the DDO Bonus days, you can also purchase a Treasure Hunter elixir/potion from the DDO Store to increase your chances of finding or coming across one of these special chests.  Definitely a neat idea.  These upgrades pieces of random loot tend to have an unlisted third effect or a augment slot placed on them without increasing the minimum level of the item.  If you are lucky, you can have the potential of finding some interesting things.  The random loot upgrades are apparent on all items including weapons, armors, and accessories.  I believe during this run I had pulled a morningstar of critical bludgenoing that also had some type of elemental damage effect (I can’t remember for certain, I should have screen captured it 😦 ).

I’ll be curious to see what other little tidbits pop up for my characters during future runs of these bonus days.  Hopefully I will pull some truly magical items!! Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the desert!!