Who is Volrune the Curate?

One of the things that I have mentioned on my blog perhaps a thousand times or so (if not more :P) is how much I enjoy running through the Sands of Menechtarun.  The Sands of Menechtarun is not only a remarkably beautiful landscape, especially for a desert, especially at night, but also has quite an array of rare encounters.  One of these rare encounters is Volrune the Curate.  Volrune the Curate is a scorrow (half drow and half scorpion) that can be found in the eastern portion of the desert that is dominated by the scorrow, not far away from the explorer point Paragon Plunge.

The scorrow are supposed to be the paragon warriors and believers for the diety, Vulkoor.  Although not much is known on the biological aspects of a scorrow, it is believed that Vulkoor can grant his blessing to his drow worshippers transforming them from a typical drow to a scorrow (as evident at the end of the Claw of Vulkoor).  So I wondered how this aspect of the Vulkoori life applied to Volrune.

Erd coming across Volrune the Curate in the Sands of Menechtarun.

A curate is a member of the clergy indicating that Volrune was a drow cleric or priest of Vulkoorim and now has been blessed to be as scorrow cleric or priest.  This is quite evident when you encounter his in the desert and he begins casting the typical cleric spells including comet fall. searing light, and sound burst.  I also think he might cast blade barrier.  In any case this seems to indicate that he is still a powerful priest for Vulkoor.  Volrune also seems to be quite influential with the drow tribe in the Menechtarun desert as he appears to be spreading Vulkoor teachings across a small contingent of other Vulkoori drow, which always seem to be guarding him.

Realizing this, I wondered what evil acts Volrune committed to be granted this status by Vulkoor.  One thing that i realized as well is that some scholars believe that Vulkoor is actually the god known as the Mockery.  The Mockery is one of the Dark Six and is known for creating havack and bloodshed.  Couple this with influence Lailat has had on the region, you get a recipe for creating some potentially horrendous and evil warriors.  I believe that Volrune is just one of these warriors.

I suspect that Volrune has committed a number of heinous acts to gain the favor of Vulkoor and in this current environment he was able to take advantage of a number of opportunities to gain that favor.  I suspect he was a leader in a number of raids on the caravans that travel back and forth through the Sands of Menechtarun and that he has captured, tortured, and sacrificed a number of prisoners and slaves to Vulkoor.  He probably employed a number of ritualistic rites as well to increase the inluence that Vulkoor has in the area.  The real question is how many of these acts did he commit and what else does he have planned.  It is a good thing that we destroy him when we find him because who knows what the limits to his ambitions really are.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the desert!!