Some Nice Surprises in the Latest Monster Manual

Update 27 Trials of the Archons was released yesterday and one of the new features what was released with it was a new volume to the monster manual.  I figured that the majority of the monsters that were being added in the latest volume would be primarily centered around the new quests out in Shavarath, focusing mostly on devils and demons.  However, I was quite surprised yesterday when I logged in with Erdrique (Level 15 Rogue) and took him into the Desert Caravan and noticed a monster manual deed going off for scorrow, but then I thought that it meant for scorpions and I had read it wrong.  After I completed the quest I then took a look at what new additions that were added to the monster manual and saw that scorrow were indeed now a part of it.

 photo New Monster Manual-Scorrow_zpsebxhqgsc.jpg

Erdrique taking note of the scorrow he has killed.

I surprised to see this and then I realized that this was going to be a nice little boost for me because I have just now made my way over to the Sands of Menechtarun to run those quests, which have quite a good number of scorrow.  I then scrolled some of the others and noticed that other entries included gnolls (another pleasant surprise for me since gnolls are all over the Desert), ogres (finally!!), iron golems, ice flensers, warforged titans, succubi, water elementals, hellcats, and liches.  Definitely not a bad little mix of old monsters and new.  Although I just completed the quest And the Dead Shall Rise last week so I missed out on getting Validus (a lich) but the Wiz-King still awaits me :).  In any case I’m looking forward to gaining these deeds as I make may way through the Desert.  Now if we could only get drow and hyenas added then it would be even better!! 😛

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


5 thoughts on “Some Nice Surprises in the Latest Monster Manual

    • Definitely!! I was waiting for ogres for sure. Now it would be nice to get those drow in there as well as the hyenas, then I think just about everything in the desert would be accounted for (at least in the explorer zone).


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