Thinking About Those NPC Alliances – Grey Moon

One thing that I have noticed in DDO is the number of alliances that our characters make with various NPC characters. One of these alliances is with the Grey Moon Ogres of Sorrowdusk Isle. We first encounter the Grey Moon Ogres when we travel to Sorrowdusk Isle from House Deneith. We help deal with a minor revolt from within the old and proud ogre clan and stop the possible destruction of Stomreach by defeating the troll tribes and worshipers of the Cult of the Six. In doing so, we gain a lot of respect and favor from this old clan of powerful ogre warriors. However, after we complete the story arc for Grey Moon Waning and Cult of the Six we don’t hear back from them.

So it made me wonder what the Grey Moon Tribe has been up to and if we can expect to hear from them anytime soon. It also made me wonder if there would ever be a time where we could call upon the Grey Moon ogres to help deal with some terrible threat to the lands of Xendrik or Stormreach itself. In regards to the first thought, my first impression is that the ogre tribe re-established itself and brought itself back to order with Lord Hragg making sure to “clean house” of any potential trouble makers but I also imagine he looked more into the issues that caused that particular rift to begin with and addressed those as well. It was quite clear that Lord Hragg was more than just a warrior but was also knowledgeable. Especially since it was Lord Hragg who translated and read the manuscript from the Temple of the Six.


Helping out the Grey Moon tribe.

Looking more at the possibility of combining forces with the Grey Moon tribe to fight off some potential threat is intriguing. We know that at some point in the future that the safety of Stormreach, and possibly the Isle of Grey Moon, will be in jeopardy from some type of evil force. Perhaps another attack from Droaam or another force from Dal Quor will be the next threat that the heroes of Stormreach will have to deal with and maybe this new threat will bring out the alliances from our past exploits, such as Grey Moon, to our aid. Who knows what we’ll see in Stormreach in the coming year?

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Stormreach!!