The Land of Waterfalls

One of the things I have been doing over the last week or so has been to collect some screenshots of waterfalls in DDO.  And I must say, I think one could call DDO “The Land of Waterfalls.”  The reason I have been collecting these screenshots is because I want to submit them to Patrick at DDOCast for his Summer Scavenger Hunt Contest.  I knew there were a lot of waterfalls but the more I pay attention the more I see them.  I can understand the why they are so plentiful.  They are a pretty and majestic feature to the environment that almost all people can admire.  Of course some locations tend to have more than others.  Here are a few shots I have collected so far of unique waterfalls:

 photo A watervall in the Kings Forest_zpsgwrhkaas.jpg

Wapoyei gazing at the massive waterfall in the King’s Forest.

 photo A Twisting Waterfall_zpsn2tbaf0w.jpg

Hamllin noting the twisty waterfall in the Red Fens.

 photo Plenty of Waterfalls_zpskibugxmk.jpg

Hamllin coming across a scene that has four unique waterfalls.

 photo Yet another waterfall_zpsfukmxiox.jpg

Here is another lonely waterfall in the Red Fens.

 photo Three More waterfalls_zpsgapsx7gm.jpg

Here is another three waterfalls that Hamllin found.

 photo Waterfall in the Crystal Cove_zpsu1gkrj4x.jpg

Erd taking note of two waterfalls in the Crystal Cove.

 photo Two waterfalls in Smugglers Rest_zpslf8s4xxr.jpg

Erdrique noting that waterfalls are also plentiful in the Smuggler’s Rest.

So far I have found that Red Fens, Smuggler’s Rest, and Crystal Cove have a decent number of waterfalls.  I know there are a number of other waterfalls in a few other areas that I have been into lately that I plan on snagging some shots of.  In any case, take note of these beautiful scenes as you travel around the landscape.  They are quite striking indeed.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Powering Through the Cove and Threnal Over the Holiday, Quest Runs July 3rd to July 5th

The holiday weekend was quite productive for me.  To kick off my runs over the weekend, I took a character from my premium account, Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter), and took him into Sorrowdusk Isle for some slayers and picked up all of the explorer points and a few more rare encounters along the way.  Later that afternoon, I continued with that theme, and took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) into the mystical Red Fens and continued to wrack up kills to his 5,000 slayer mark.  That night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 13 Rogue) and took him through the rest of the Cult of Six completing The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate, The Sanctum: Quench the Flames, and The Sanctum: Church of the Fury.  As I was finishing up the Cult of the Six, Twotoe had logged on and we grouped up and headed out to the Ruins of Threnal and completed Secure the Area which is the last quest in the Western Excavation.  While we were working our way through Secure the Area, Hellbanisher logged in and we decided to make our way out to Smuggler’s Rest and the Crystal Cove.  He wound up completing three rounds of the Crystal Cove before we all called it a night.  And after the first run through of the Crystal Cove, I leveled Erdrique up to 13 :).

 photo Stoorage making his way through Sorrowdusk Isle_zpsbbbjpy9t.jpg

Stoorage hunting in the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Hamllin making his way throug the streams of the Red Fens_zpskdjnq0bu.jpg

Hamllin making his way up a stream in the Red Fens.

 photo Erd taking care of the Cult of the Six_zpsksqmxw7u.jpg

Time to take down the Cult of the Six.

 photo Being swarmed by mephits_zps1fzwnarh.jpg

Erdrique working to stop the summoning of mephits.

 photo Taking on the fire reaver_zpskhhbdus2.jpg

Erdrique taking on a fire reaver in the Temple of the Six.

 photo Dealing with the pirates in Smugglers Rest_zpse8znrme6.jpg

Erdrique making his way through Smuggler’s Rest.

 photo Second waterfall in the Crystal Cove_zpsdanlrmbv.jpg

Erdrique taking note of the crystals and the waterfall in the Crystal Cove.

Saturady night was even more productive for Erdrique than Friday night. I kicked off Saturday by taking Erdrique into the Cannith Challenge, Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I took him through the challenge to get some ingredients to trade them for some guild renown elixirs.  I then headed back out to the Ruins of Threnal and completed Threnal East and South (Abandoned) Excavations.  This included knocking out the following quests: The Library of Threnal, Escort the Expedition, Hold for Reinforcements, The Missing Expedition, Entering the Gate Chamber, and The Gate Chamber.  I then headed out to Smuggler’s Rest and ran around for some time until the Crystal Cove opened and popped inside.  I was actually a little disappointed that I had to trade for a compass but it worked out just fine as I collected another completion out there.  After the Crystal Cove I called it a night.

 photo Erd slotting a crest in Dr Rushmores Mansion_zpsqdcddzfn.jpg

Erdrique slotting a crest into the door in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.

 photo Erd fighting his way to the Library of Threnal_zpsg43kdkaa.jpg

Erdrique battling his way to the library in Threnal.

On Sunday, I logged on with Stoorage.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a long time Crypt Crawler logged in when I popped on.  I saw that Silkashie was on and chatted with him for a little while.  It was good to see him back on and into the world of DDO since it had been a number of years since he stopped playing.  Now to work on the rest of those old Crawlers :).  After I caught up with Silkashie and gave him a quick tour of Smuggler’s Rest, I headed out to the other pirate themed area, Three Barrel Cove.  Silkashie had to log for the night, so I headed out there to complete the Scondrel’s Run, the last quest Stoorage needed to complete for heroic Three Barrel Cove.  I hit it up three times: normal, hard, and elite.  I then called it a night.

 photo Stoorage landing a killing blow_zpsqgldica0.jpg

Stoorage landing the killing blow on the minotaur shaman in Scondrel’s Run.

So it was a very nice and productive holiday weekend.  I hope everybody else had just as much fun!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting.

Character Profile-Kolll Mendenhall

As I mentioned in a previous post, Kolll and Garrrin are probably my favorite characters after Erdrique and Hamllin.  Kolll is a level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion.  I really relate to Kolll in that I see him having a strong connection to the natural environment.  When I was a kid, I really enjoyed studying animals (bird watching, catching bugs, looking for frogs and turtles, etc.) and I took that love for nature into a career where I’m currently a fisheries biologist.  I see Kolll having this strong connection to nature.  Here is his bio:

 Kolll’s favorite hobby as a young child was to take a bow and arrow and to shoot at targets posted on trees in his local village. As he grew older, his skills in archery developed and he quickly became a highly skilled ranger. He enjoys wandering through the local jungles and woods and has devoted his time to exploration and to helping others when in need. Through his studies, he has learned to imbue his arrows with special strengths and he takes advantage of this ability whenever possible.

Kolll just had a talent for archery which he carries on with him today.  He is a pure arcane archer and I love taking him around to do some questing.  Kolll strongest ability is to take his enemies down from a distance and in using his paralyzing shot to keep his enemies from getting to him.  He also uses his wide variety of bows to help deal with the numerous types of monsters/enemies he encounters.

 photo Kolll making his way through Epic VON 2_zpsomya9xcf.jpg

Kolll showing off his archery skills in VON 2.

Kolll, like Erdrique, likes to help those in need and he enjoys taking down ruthless and evil beings.  However, he isn’t as driven as much as Erdrique, and tends to stumble across his adventures as opposed to Erdrique who seeks them out.  His affinity for standing up for the weak and to do the right thing makes him a good fit for my play style.  Although he mostly sticks to his ranged attacks, whenever he does get backed into a corner he has no problem turning to some blades for some up close and personal combat.

One thing he does miss, is having a personal companion.  Maybe one day he will be able to pick up companion (so I hope :) ).  Until then, he just uses the onyx panther as personal companion.  Kolll finds that he is most comfortable in the open woods and I really enjoy taking him into areas such as the King’s Forest.

These abilities and skills make Kolll one of more favorite characters.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Stormreach and Eveningstar!!

A First with Screenshot Collecting

One of things I like to do while questing in DDO and Neverwinter Nights II is to take screenshots of my various quest runs.  For those of you that I have read my Monday and Friday blog posts, which detail my quest runs for the weekend and the week, you can get that impression.  I like to take numerous screenshots to help document my various quest runs and to help illustrate things for later on for topics I would to blog about.  I have thousands of screenshots, many of which are uploaded to a Crypt Crawler photobucket website (which is actually starting to get a little full).  In any case, I was running Erdrique (Level 13 Rogue) last night and took him through a variety of quest runs including a run through a Cannith Challenge, knocking out Threnal East and South, and then taking a romp through the Smuggler’s Rest and The Crystal Cove.

While I as doing this, I taking a variety of screenshots.  While I was in Threnal I was taking a few screenshot highlighting the great tripping ability of the attack Sweeping Strikes as I was knocking spiders and golems flat onto the ground.  However, I decided to check my folder where the screenshots are saved because I realized I wasn’t experience the slight delay when I usually take a screenshot.  And then with disappointment I realized that my screenshots weren’t being taken from the time I started the second quest in Threnal East.

 photo Hamllin making his way throug the streams of the Red Fens_zpskdjnq0bu.jpg

This particular screenshot seemed to have a “ghost” in my screenshot folder causing me problems…:(.

I did a number of things to figure out why the screenshots weren’t being recorded.  I went into my options menu and reset my key bindings to see if that would help.  It did not :(.  I then logged out and closed the launcher and then rebooted the launcher and tried to take more screenshots.  That didn’t work :(.  I then switched characters and tried to take a screenshot and that didn’t work :(.  I then logged into my premium account and that didn’t work either :(.  I then took another look at my folder where the screenshots where saved and noticed that a screenshot that I know I moved out of the folder was still appearing.  I then restarted my computer and opened my folder and found this remnant file gone.  I then opened up DDO and I was able to take screenshots again!!

I’m not sure what happened.  I’m disappointed that I lost all of those screenshots but at least it appears I can collect them once again.  You have to love computers….

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Character Profile-Garrrin Tantegal

Looking at the rest of my characters that I currently have, I would have to say that behind Erdrique (Level 13 Rogue) and Hamllin (Level 16 Rogue) my next favorite characters would have to be Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) and Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  I probably favor Kolll a little more than Garrrin but not by much.  Garrrin is perhaps one of my “toughest” characters.  He is a classic dwarven barbarian.  His bio reads as follows:

Garrrin is a ferocious and tenacious combatant. He has a great affinity for great axes and wields them with great strength. Garrrin is a fierce dwarven barbarian and is more than willing to head into a mass of enemies swinging his greataxes in a wide arc taking out as many enemies as he can. He has great strength and enjoys nothing more than being in combat. He enjoys the thrill of combat and feels fulfilled when his battle prowess helps to disrupt those with evil intentions.

This particular bio is a landed bland now that I think about.  It doesn’t explain any of Garrrin’s background, just his innate love for battling enemies.  I always pictured Garrrin as coming from a clan of mountain dwelling dwarves known for their prowess in battle.  I always figured Garrrin’s family was known to be some of the toughest members of this clan’s forces and the is determined to keep up that tradition.  As a mark passage, members of his clan strike out into the open world occasionally to learn more about what is occurring outside of their mountain, to gain experience in fighting a wide range of enemies, and to eventually return to the clan as an extremely experienced and well rounded warrior.  Not to mention to also spread the ability of his clan, always need to taut the toughness of the dwarves!!

 photo Garrrin hunting in the Kings Forest_zpsgzhqtruz.jpg

Garrrin making his way through the King’s Forest.

Garrrin has an affinity for perhaps one of the more iconic dwarven weapons, greataxes.  His backpack is full of various types of greataxes for various situations.  He has taken every possible enhancement to increase his axe damage.  He also enjoys wading into the middle of a crowd of enemies and to swing away, primarily with cleave.  Overall, he enjoys the thrill of battle and sometimes will get into a situation that might be a little more overhead that he can handle.

I enjoy playing Garrrin.  As a barbarian, his attack sequence is relatively simple.  I tend to got into barbarian rage, then I tend to hit Frenzy and Death Frenzy, then I tend to cycle through my various attacks.  Garrrin has quite a wide variety of attacks ranging from cleave, supreme cleave, exhausting blow, cracking attack, tantrum, stunning blow, and ear smash, and adrenaline.  Although I usually hold off on adrenaline until I get to a boss fight.

With the recent barbarian pass, I have found playing Garrrin even more enjoyable.  His healing abilities is now quite substantial which is really nice.  For a while, I used to cringe when I would seal the cleric hirelings constantly healing Garrrin and now this is far less an occurrence.

Overall, Garrrin’s brusqueness and impatience do make him fun to play but also tends to get him into trouble.  This makes him a fun character to play, of course :) !!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO!!

The Crystal Cove Returns

The fun of the Crystal Cove returns to DDO :).  I’m looking forward to getting some runs through the Smuggler’s Rest and through the Crystal Cove during the next week.  So far I have taken Containment (Level 6 Cleric) and Erdrique (Level 13 Rogue) through the event.  I took Containment through it twice on Thursday when it opened back up and Erdrique ran through it three times on Friday.  I’m sure I’ll take Erdrique back through it a couple of more times tonight.  I have few other characters that are working on various pieces from the Crystal Cove including Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild), Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader), and Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  I also believe Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter) might have a piece or two he is working on.  I also wouldn’t mind working on building up Erdrique’s Admiral Tricorn hat.  I think I had started on it actually, can’t remember for sure.

 photo Working in the Crystal Cove_zpsjzokornt.jpg

Containment working on sending the kobolds to get some crystals while he dispatches the undead pirates in the Crystal Cove.

Another thing that I enjoy about the Crystal Cove and Smuggler’s Rest is that it is the only place to get some unique monster manual kills.  The hobgoblins, bugbears, specters, skeletons, kobolds, and others are only found out there and during the event.  For me, that usually means a couple of monster manual deeds being collected as well as some extra experience from collecting those deeds.  In fact, I know I picked up at least three monster manual deeds with Containment when I was out there during the first night and at least another three with Erdrique.

Another enjoyable thing that occurs while running around the Smuggler’s Rest is the random drop of specific pirate treasure maps.  These aren’t the treasure map pieces that Euphonia is looking for, instead they are additional treasure maps from other pirates who thought there secret treasure chests were safe.  I think that is a nice little touch added to the Smuggler’s Rest to help keep farming for those treasure map pieces to open up the Crystal Cove fun and interesting.

 photo Dealing with the pirates in Smugglers Rest_zpse8znrme6.jpg

Erdrique collecting doubloons from the pirates in the Smuggler’s Rest.

I hope everybody else enjoys their time out in the Crystal Cove and Smuggler’s Rest this next upcoming week.  Also, don’t forget, that if you want to participate in DDOCast’s scavenger hunt that the both the Crystal Cove and Smuggler’s Rest have a number of waterfalls in them :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Smuggler’s Rest and the Crystal Cove!!

Those Annoying Monsters!!

I currently have a couple of characters making their way through the Ruins of Threnal and as I make my way through those quests I’m also reminded about the monsters I find to be some of the most annoying in game.  The monsters I’m primarily thinking of are slimes (puddings, oozes, slimes, jellies) and rust monsters.  Now in other quests these monsters aren’t all that problematic.  Sure, you need to switch to Everbright weapons or to a Muckbane when you encounter them in those other quests but in Threnal they have an entirely different distribution.  It never fails that you will encounter these annoying critters with other, more dangerous monsters.  Threnal is known for the variety of monsters you encounter but when you are fighting flesh renders, fire reaves, dark fang spiders, mephits, gargoyles, and earth elementals with rust monsters and slimes mixed in during the same encounter, it gets frustrating real quick.

 photo Pudding are a pain_zps4bnhrfhn.jpg

Tuhnn preparing to deal with the puddings and the mephits in Threnal.

The frustration lies in the annoyance of being forced to use those Everbright weapons or Muckbanes until the rust monsters and/or slimes are defeated because if you don’t it is most likely your primary weapon will be no more than mush by the time the encounter is over.  Nothing is worse that being forced to use a different weapon because it was broken from attacking slimes and rust monsters.

The are other annoying monsters in the game as well.  Another one that come to mind are bats.  Whenever I encounter these critters it never fails that I will be chasing one around trying to “hit” the floppy flying thing and will eventually get lucky to land a blow to kill it (I’m talking with melee weapons here).  Going back to the mephits, having to deal with dust and air mephits can be extremely annoying, especially with their ability to summon dust clouds and obscuring mist, and let’s not forget the ability for mephits to summon more mephits to their aid.  I have run into a few mephit fights that I thought were ever going to end.

I could probably name off a few others but these monsters are just fresh on my mind at the moment.  Whenever I encounter them, I just cringe.  LOL, oh well I guess that is part of the fun :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!