Completing the Eberron Saga

One of the more fun aspects of doing the quest chains in DDO is the ability to also complete the various sagas that are present in the game.  Currently we have 11 different sagas, four exist in the heroic levels while another seven exist in the epic settings.  Things get even more interesting when some of the sagas require the same quests.  As I continue to take Erdrique (Level 30 Rogue/Shadowdancer) through his first epic reincarnation and into his next heroic true reincarnation, I have been able to complete more and more sagas.  Recently I was able to complete The End of Eberron saga chain.  The quests in this saga chain include:

The Lords of Dust

Servants of the Overlord

The Spinner of Shadows

Beyond the Rift

The House of Rusted Blades

The House of Broken Chains

The House of Death Undone

The Portal Opens

Trial by Fury

The Deal and Demon

Reclaiming the Rift

I had completed all of the quests on epic hard and was therefore granted the hard difficulty setting award.  I chose the guild renown token, and after taking into account our guild size bonus, I was able to net the Crypt Crawlers 27,300 renown!!  Not a bad little reward for knocking out quests right on down the line in the Adventure Compendium :).

Erdrique collecting his saga reward for The End of Eberron.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Rift!!


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