Who is Commander Errulf?

Well, here is yet another blog post on an aspect of the Sands of Menechtarun.  This time I would like to focus on one of the rare encounters you might stumble upon, Commander Errulf.  Commander Errulf is a firebrand gnoll who can be located in small camp just above the quest entrance to Maraud the Mines.  He shares time at this location with Lieutenant Ayurro (who you will see much more often).  Commander Errulf is well known because his chest has the potential to drop the boots, Firestorm Greaves.

So besides being a powerful and vicious gnoll in the Firebrand Camp of the desert, who is Commander Errulf?  We know practically nothing about this particular gnoll and we can’t really determine a whole lot of his backstory from the desert itself or from Maraud the Mines or Chains of Flames, the two quests that feature the Firebrand Gnolls.  From his rank, I’m guessing that Commander Errulf is the leading officer for the Firebrand Gnoll forces that guards the perimeter of their territory and the entrance to the Burning Mountain.  I’m also assuming that because he tends to share time at his post with Lieutenant Ayurro, that he likes to make rounds around the perimeter to make sure his forces are staying vigilant.


However, how did Errulf obtain his rank?  It is known that gnolls are generally quite aggressive and crave the hunt and they routinely fight each other to establish dominance.  It is also well known that gnolls are very loyal to their family and to those they have considered to be friends, even with the constant in-fighting for dominance.  Therefore it is possible that Errulf raised to his position by simply being the strongest in his clan or pack within the Firebrand Gnolls.  I’m not entirely sure how structured their military institution is, but I can see gnolls having battles to determine rank, especially ranks for higher levels within the military structure.  I also wouldn’t be surprised that being a member of a high ranking family also influences a standing an individual gnoll would received within their clan.

Therefore, it makes me wonder if Commander Errulf is related to General Muurajha or possibly General Hruvayah.  I don’t think this relationship would be paternal because gnolls don’t typically have a long life span (30 years or so).  However, it is possible that Errulf is a sibling of these higher ranking gnolls or even possibly a cousin.

What is clear is that Commander Errulf seems to hold an important position, even being responsible for guarding some high profile pieces of loot.

So, what do you think is Commander Errulf’s background.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting in the desert!!

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