What a Meanie!!

Over the weekend, I was running a number of Cannith Challenges with Erdrique (Level 18 Rogue) including those in Kobold Island.  During one of my runs through Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos, I had summoned forth an outsider from Shard of Xoriat.  During this situation, the summons that was brought forth was a Taken.  As I was running around the island and activating various extractors, the notification came up that the benevolent lantern archon had arrived.  So I opened up my map and tracked him down.  As soon as I came across him, I was surprised to see the attitude my summons had.

 photo Mine Taken beating on the Lantern Archon_zps6hd4xqwl.jpg

Erdrique watching his Taken trying to attack the lantern archon.

When my Taken finally got up to me, it went right for the lantern archon.  I was surprised to see him swinging his floppy arms and flailing all over the archon.  Now talk about a meanine.  The poor archon was just handing out dragon shards.  The archon was taking his beating pretty well too.  Although he was complaining that the Taken was being quite ungrateful.  I just thought to myself about how mean he was being.

Now I do realize that one of the star objectives is to destroy the lantern archon but come on, he is so nice :).  LOL, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Kobold Island!!

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