Holy Pumpkin!!

One of the fun little additions I noticed when the Night Revels was turned on was the presence of the “pumpkins” floating on top of those monsters who are champions during the the time frame of the event.  So, if you run through a quest on hard or elite and come across a champion, the typical crown that identifies them has been replaced by a pumpkin carved as a jack-o-lantern that is wearing its own crown.  While running Lost in the Swamp with Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) over the weekend I came across a champion wood woad and I have to admit I won’t every forget it because of this “pumpkined” crowned.

 photo Holy pumpkin Charlie Brown_zpsgbzmsgof.jpg

Now that is an interesting crown!!

While not nearly as impressive as coming across a beholder that has been hit with a pumpkin grenade, coming across this champion wood woad with that huge pumpkin crown floating above his head is definitely impressive.  I wonder how he balances that thing!!

LOL, I hope everybody had a great Halloween and just wanted to pass on this fun and light hearted observations.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in High Road!!


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