What Brought Aussircaex to Korthos Island?

Just before the new year I was trying to make my way through the quest, Prey on the Hunter when I started to think about the great white dragon, Aussircaex.  Aussircaex is the same white dragon that you encounter at the end of Misery’s Peak on Korthos Island.  After you help liberate her from the mind flayer, Darastrix, she comes this valley to take care of her eggs.  That is all well and good but exactly brought Aussircaex to Korthos Island to begin with?

My initial thought is that she was originally planning on using the great mountain peak on Korthos Island, Misery’s Peak, as her nesting grounds.  The location does seem appropriate.  Misery’s Peak does seem to maintain the same type of habitat necessary for a white dragon and her brood.  We are talking about snowy conditions, pretty cold temperatures, and a variety of potential icy food items to eat (ice mephits, frost spiders, sahaugin).  Not to mention being in a remote location that is less likely to draw trouble, unless you take into contact the villagers of Korthos Village.  However, with her lawful neutral alignment, it seems reasonable that she might have been able to strike a deal with the villagers to protect the village if they also helped to keep her location a secret (although being a dragon she probably didn’t consider the villagers a threat anyway).

The other possibility is that Darastrix somehow lured her to that location where he was able to trick her and take control of her with the help of the mindsunder.  I’m not entirely sure how a dragon looks for an appropriate nesting habitat, but if Darastrix happened to find out that she was in need of a roost, he may have been able to send seeds of thoughts to “promote” Misery’s Peak as a safe haven for her.  Of course to do this, Darastrix would have needed to know dragon ecology and would have needed to been on Misery’s Peak first.  It could be that Darastrix discovered the location of the mindsunder in Misery’s Peak and used its power to lure Aussircaex to the mountain and then to take over her mind.


Erdrique making his way through Aussircaex’s Valley through the Frost Giants to help her protect her brood.

However, all of this doesn’t account for where Aussiroth, Aussircaex’s mate had been this entire time?  Perhaps he too was also looking for a suitable nesting site and was somehow distracted.  Or perhaps, the events that occurred while we were adventuring on Korthos Island happened more quickly and Aussiroth didn’t realize how much danger his mate was in.  Not sure but is interesting to wonder about.

Well, I hope everybody had a great New Year.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

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