Just A Random Thought About Festivult in Eberron

I’m not entirely sure why I thought about this, but the other day while I was getting ready to take down some Christmas Decorations, I wondered what our in game DDO characters would do to celebrate the season.  Now I’m talking more than just raiding chests for Festivult coins.  I’m thinking more in the line if our characters would also put up decorations, do caroling, and that type of thing.  Now I know that Festivult was a made up holiday to allow us to participate in a seasonal event, but it does make one wonder how characters in the DDO world would react and behave during such an event.


Charlock looting some Festivult coins.

With Erdrique currently working his way through a bard life, my suspicion is that he would participate in events that allow him to do some type of performance or to be the center of attention.  However, in his other past lives, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to be the focus of everybody.  As for my other characters, I see them going through a mixture of being extremely celebratory while others would show a “Scrooge” like behavior.  I could also see my characters doing various levels of community activities.

How do you think you own characters would react in their world if Festivult was a true season?

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

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