Time Bomb and Framework is a bunch of fun!!

Sludgge setting off a time bomb in Framework photo SludggesettingoffatimebombinFramework_zps37855c76.jpg
Sludgge enjoying setting off Time Bombs and in the quest Framework.

The quest Framework is one of those quests that can go really bad, really quickly.  The Order of Syncletica recently wrote up a series of blogs that reviewed some of the most difficult at level quests in the game and one of those quests was Framework.  Earlier in the year, I was running Sludgge through this particular quest and I had a tough time in it.  I remembered my difficulties in it and had planned on taking my revenge!!

Well I got my chance earlier in the week.  Sludgge is currently level 19, and although Framework is only level 14 on elite, it is still quite challenging if you aren’t careful and if you are just running it with a few hirelings.  I brought with me my Onyx Panther, Owlbear, and cleric hireling and decided to have some fun in getting my revenge.  Sludgge is a Rogue Mechanic and one of his more enjoyable abilities is Time Bomb.  I decided to experiment with Time Bomb to see how effective it was.  Framework is the perfect quest for such an ability.  As the bells began to ring, and the minotaurs started pouring out, I would set a Time Bomb and wait a few seconds…and revel in the carnage .

Time Bomb seemed to work exceedingly well with a level 19 rogue in this particular quest.  The swarming mentality of the minotaurs allowed for the Time Bomb to be an extremely effective ability and took out a large number of mobs.  The minotaurs had a hard time making their save and routinely took massive amounts of damage.  Pictured above is a Time Bomb going off during the end fight.

So in the end, Sludgge got his revenge against the quest Framework, although quite over the level range, it was still fun to watch that big orange ball going off, the minotaurs disintegrating in a fiery dust, and Sludgge standing victorius .  I even ended up getting around 7k experience, even with a the Onyx Panther with me!!  Now Garrrin needs to payback Acid Wit!!

Thanks for reading everybody!!


5 thoughts on “Time Bomb and Framework is a bunch of fun!!

  1. I know this is an older post but am researching mechanic rogues. What level is this guy? Can you do a new blog post on him? I was thinking of a pure dragonmarked elvin mechanic


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