The World of Stunning

Currently, Erdrique (Level 15) is running through a monk life and so far I have been having a good time.  I have decided to run Erdrique as a Shintao monk primarily and as a result one of his abilities includes the use of Kukan-do.  Kukan-do is a fifth tier enhancement in the Shintao line that allows you to stun an enemy from a distance.  It is kind of like a ranged stunning blow.  The DC for Kukan-do is based on your Charisma Modifier and your monk level.  Although my Charisma score isn’t the greatest, it still appears to be working quite well.

Stuns everywhere photo Stunseverywhere_zpsc7e3f5ad-1.jpg
Erdrique laying down stuns all over the place in Devil’s Assault on hard.

On top of Kukan-do, I also took the feats Stunning Blow and Stunning Fist.  With these two feats and the Kukan-do ability I have been having a blast stunning monsters all over the place.  Enemies I have particular focused on have included the casters, monster champions, and ranged type monsters.  It hasn’t been uncommon for me to have three stunned monsters around me, with their thoughts swirling around their heads, until I cleaved them to death :).  In any case, I have been having a lot of fun with these combat abilities.  I don’t have any gear to enhance my stunning abilities but I still land these attacks much more than I fail.  It has been a nice little form of crowd control for me.

Kukan-do and Stunning Fist both use up a small portion of my Ki so I usually focus on stunning blow until I have gathered a decent amount of Ki to expend.  At that point, I start having a grand all time with all three abilities.  In any case, it has been one of the more notable aspects that I have noticed with playing the monk class with Erdrique.  I’m looking forward to getting up to level 20 with him :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting all!!


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