Having Some Fun with the Meteoric Star Ruby Augment

I haven’t gathered too many named augments since they have been introduced however a fellow guildie bought a Meteoric Star Ruby Augment for me and I couldn’t wait to hit level 4 to put it in a red slot of a Cannith Crafted quarterstaff.  I decided to craft an acid quarterstaff and then to place the Meteoric Star Ruby into in.  And boy has it been fun :).

 photo Erds staff with Meteoric Star Ruby_zpshnullapq.jpgErdrique takes his new quarterstaff into Kobold Assault.

The cool ability of this augment is that it has a chance to bring down a meteor that has the ability to knock all the enemies around the impact site to go prone and causes 3 to 18 fire damage and 1 to 6 bludgeon damage.  Watching the falling star strike is just fun and its even more fun watching the enemies around you falling down and the little skulls popping up.

 photo The aftermath of meteor_zpsyfdybrzl.jpg
Erd fighting in the midst of one of his falling stars. 

 photo Bringing down the meteor_zpsyrq24izu.jpg
Erd enjoying the power of his Meteoric Star Ruby Augment in Kobold Assault.

So far I have really enjoyed using this augment.  It works best when fighting in a crowd, which isn’t the best for a rogue, but still quite fun :).  Bringing down the house with a falling star is just a blast :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


7 thoughts on “Having Some Fun with the Meteoric Star Ruby Augment

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