Having Fun in the Devil’s Details

The third quest in the latest update (Update 27: Trials of the Archons) is The Devil’s Details.  The quest giver for the Devil’s Details is named Zanthe and he is located next to the other two quest givers for the quests in this latest update on Amrath.  As you can imagine, this particular quest is centered around the powerful devil legions of Shavarath and it involves are favorite pit fiend, Arraetrikos, although you don’t battle the pit fiend during this encounter.  As many others have pointed out, this quest has the “feel” of the older Shavarth quests in both layout and looks.

 photo Interesting ballistae_zpskbkoqsy0.jpg

The Crawlers exploring the Adamant Spire on Shavarath.

This quest takes place in a new devil fortress called the Adamant Spire.  The main thing that differs between this quest and the other two, is that this quest has some interesting cut scenes where you learn more about the devils and their plans.  One thing of special note is seeing Malicia, our favorite succubus, showing up and overhearing a conversation between her and Hathera (who is the end boss).  I thought these little bits of lore added some intrigue to this particular quest myself.

 photo Listening to Malicia and Hathera_zpsofqien5i.jpg

Erdrique and the others ease dropping on Malicia and Hathera.

The toughest enemies in this quest, by far, were the various abishai.  We haven’t encountered any large forces of abishai like this before and we suffered quite a lot due to their large area of effect spells.  On heroic elite, the red abishai and their fireballs were especially potent.  I also noted that in some rooms the abishai couldn’t be “drawn” in but would become aggressive once the party entered the room.  I have to admit, seeing large numbers of abishai flying around was a little unnerving and quite interesting to see.  The other enemies in here included the standard fiendish troglodytes, fiendish trolls, hell hounds, tieflings, and orthons.  I was surprised that we didn’t see any bearded devils but I imagine we will see them in the future.

 photo Hell freezing a Tiefling_zps00qzap8y.jpg

The Crawlers battling the enemy devils in the Devil’s Details.

Although the abishai were extremely tough, the rest of the quest wasn’t as difficult as The Archons’ Trials for us.  Then again, there weren’t any puzzle traps to make our way through either.  The end boss fight was interesting with fighting Hathera and her calling forth her little legions of abishai but overall it wasn’t bad.  I did it find it fun to watch Arraetrikos making his plans with his lieutenants and wondering what is in store next for Eberron.

 photo The abishai are going to be a pain_zpsaz8lnio0.jpg

Coming across a room with some red abishai flying around.

Overall, I found this quest fun and quite interesting.  I haven’t tried these quest on epic yet and I’m curious to see how they differ, although I doubt I will be running the epic versions anytime soon.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Shavarath!!


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