Some More Interesting Symbols

One of things we encounter during our character’s questing and adventuring careers in DDO is a wide variety of symbols, runes, and banners.  I noticed a few more of these wondrous symbols while taking Charlock (Level 15 Fighter) through Fathom the Depths and Erdrique (Level 18 Rogue) through A Cry for Help.  The symbol I noticed with Charlock while he was running through Fathom the Depths was a circular symbol that seemed to look like a fish that was curled into a circular.

 photo What is this symbol_zpslxr9uxus.jpg

Charlock noticing this symbol in the Ziggurat in the Red Fens.

When I noticed this symbol I wondered what it could be used for.  I’m guessing it is a mark that was applied to the walls throughout the Ziggurat by the sahaugin.  However, I’m not entirely sure by that.  The history of the Ziggurat in the Red Fens is still quite unclear, at least to me.  I’m not entirely positive that the Raveneye Drow built the Ziggurat so it is possible that whoever constructed the magnificent pyramid could have applied these symbols.  The Raveneye Drow as well have applied this symbol.  Another question is what does the symbol do or what does it stand for.  It seems to me this could be warning to adventures that the “fish people” have overtaken the Ziggurat.  They also might be necessary by the sahaugin to maintain the barrier that is keeping the Ziggurat from flooding.  Determining who applied the symbol would go along way in determining its function, that is for sure.

The symbols that Erdrique stumbled upon in the Raksasha Lair in the Ruins of Gianthold are much more elaborate and much more colorful.  They contain a variety of markings and shapes and are quite large.  These symbols also appear to be magically “glowing” or at the very least are created using illuminated ink or materials.  The Raksasha lair is filled with outsiders (jariliths and rhaksashas of course) and I wonder if these symbols are some type of marking that is common on the plane of Shavarath.  I also wonder if perhaps these symbols can act as “motion” detectors and help inhabitants of the lair detect intruders.  Then again, if that was case, why have so many clumped together and why be in such wildly different shapes.

 photo Interesting symbols_zpsqyelwp1v.jpg

Erdrique noticing the beautiful symbols and runes on the walls in A Cry for Help.

Just another little intricacy to love about this great game!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “Some More Interesting Symbols

    • Yeah, I’m not trapper with Charlock, although my main character is for this life. I figures the ones in the Red Fens might be indicating the traps but I was also thinking they have some other meaning.


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