Looks Like I’m Becoming Popular

I have said a number of times that it is the little things in DDO that really keep me so interested in this great game.  Here is another example of this.  While running Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) through Wheloon with my guildie, Hellbanisher, I came across some type of a missive.  I thought it was some type of journal entry or explorer point.  However, it turned out to be a bounty.  What made it most interesting was that it was a bounty for me!!

 photo I have a bounty on my head_zpsybnkyr8k.jpg

Erdrique coming across a rather interesting bounty, for himself, in Wheloon Prison.

So it appears that besides gaining the favor of the many different factions in DDO (in both Stormreach and Eveningstar) I seem to also be gaining angst from those who oppose me!!  Talk about becoming popular :).  I wonder who wrote the bounty…This calls for investigation!!

But, here is another little example of the intricacies that make this game great!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Wheloon!!


7 thoughts on “Looks Like I’m Becoming Popular

  1. If you really want your ego to grow to the size of a beholder’s head, complete a lot of raids and chains and then enter “The Dreaming Dark.” When you reach an arena full of dream wraiths, they’ll start their “Who dares approach us?” tirade before they realize who you are…and list your accomplishments of asskickery. You will believe a wraith can poop their pants. 🙂

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    • LOL, wow I never realized that before. Whenever I get back to the Dreaming Dark quests I’ll have to see what is said. Of course, I haven’t done a raid yet this life with Erdrique so I might not have much said, lol


    • i’m not sure that acualy compleating the raids is nessesery, since they give those lines even on characters who still haven’t compleated them…
      on te subject of infelating your ego though, try paying attention to the NPC’s chat when you enter your name to the name list in ‘Partychrashers’, an talking to the guard…

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