Initial Thoughts on Random Loot

Well, Update 29: The Codex War was released late last week (as well as a fix immediately afterward) and one of the largest parts of the update were changes that were made to the random loot creation mechanic.  The initial idea for the random loot system overhaul was multifaceted.  Two primary keys to overhaul was to make random loot much more useful and to make opening chests (in general) more fun (to regain what was lost after years of vendor loot trash).  With this respect, a number of changes where made to the effects to make random loot more desirable.

One of the things that the developers wanted from random loot was for players to become excited about it and for players to start talking about it once again.  Well, for myself and those in the Crypt Crawlers this aspect of the random loot system changes was quite successful.  On Friday night, my guildies and I were having fun linking items from the random generated loot system with new enhancements and combinations.

Erdrique checking out the new random loot generation as well as his guildies.

The combinations we noted were definitely quite interesting.  It also became apparent that some of these items may indeed become more powerful than raid loot that was released in earlier content of the game.  It makes me wonder if raid loot (and other named loot for that matter) will get another over haul.  I guess we’ll see in time.

Erdrique looking at more items being linked showing off some random loot.

Overall, I like the concept for the new random loot generation system.  However, there are still a number of bugs that need to be worked out.  First off, there are some items that are being created with stats or skills with a +0 value.  Second, there are some items that state they will do damage to a particular stat point but the description for that effect actually states it damages a different stat point.  Third, the new loot isn’t able to be broken down into essences correctly in the Cannith Crafting altars as they appear not to be recognized (which has been noted to be fixed soon).  Fourth, some of the new abilities just don’t make sense at low levers.  For instance, my guildies were pulling items that add +1 to their assassinate ability however these items were from the Korthos Island quests and were minimum level 1.  What level 1 rogue has the ability to conduct an assassinate?  And fifth, while running through the Korthos quests, my guildie was pulling dwarven axes that were level 1 to use with the vorpal ability.  Now talk about being a little overpowered there!!

So there is no doubt that we’ll see another fix to the random loot.  I know that I upgraded a few of my items and I’m looking forward to upgrading a few more.  I’m also patiently waiting to see the changes to Cannith Crafting.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

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