2015 Festivult Results

The 2015 Festivult coins stopped dropping awhile ago but I have just now been able to write something up to summarize my results.  Over this past season I gathered 15 gold coins, 102 silver coins, and 563 copper coins.  This gave me a ratio of one gold coin for every seven silver coins and for every 38 copper coins.  I did have a few coins left over from the 2014 season, but not many, but that probably had a little impact on my ratio numbers there.

Time to turn in some coins!!

Talking to the Jester!!

I turned in all of my gold and silver coins and 561 of the copper coins.  The copper coin turns resulted in me gathering up 21 Shavarath Cakes, 16 Syrania Cakes, 15 Warforged Titan Cookies, 14 Risia Cakes, 14 Irian Cakes, 14 Cupcakes, 13 Stormreaver Cookies, 11 Thelanis Cakes, 11 Suulomades Cookies, 10 black abishai cookies, nine medusa cookies, eight Kythri Cakes, seven festival twigs, two blue abishai cookies, and one taken cookie and Lamannia Cake.  I was also “awarded” 180 lumps of coal and 260 Sun flasks.

My copper coin turn in rewards.

My silver coin turn ins resulted with seven Lamannia Cakes, five green abishai cookies, five Fernia cakes, four beholder cookies, four Arreatrikos Cookies, four Mabar Cakes, four Toven d’Cannith Cookies, four Lord of Blades cookies, three black abbot cookies, two blue abishai cookies, two Spinner of Shadows Cookies, two Queen Lailat Cookies, two red abishai cookies, two Daaniv Cakes, and one Velah cookie.

My silver coin turn in rewards.

My fifteen gold coins resulted in six owlbear cookies, two Xyzzzy Cookies, two Xoriat Cakes, two hezerou cookies, one spiderweb cookie, 1 kobold cookie, and 1 white abishai cookie.

My gold coin turn in rewards.

I didn’t get any special rewards this year :(.  All told, not too bad though.  We’ll see what next year brings.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

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