Malicia, What is Her Backstory?

There are a number of fun and interesting bosses in DDO that our characters will encounter during their questing careers.  While questing with Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul), I came across one these bosses and wondered a little more about their backstory.  The boss I’m talking about is Malicia, who is the final boss for the Phiarlan Carnival Series in the quest Under the Big Top.  I find Malicia as an interesting boss, not only because she is a succubus but because we really don’t know much about her.

 photo WhatisthedealwithMalicia_zps5d4927f2.jpg
Malicia is an intriguing boss.

Malicia is a powerful succubus from the plane of Shavarath who is leading the Maleficient Cabal and their siege on House Phiarlan.  The vast majority of the forces of the Maleficient Cabal are tieflings, however we do encounter a few others, such as the abishai in The Snitch.  However, the overwhelming composition of the Maleficient Cabal being teiflings suggests to me that Malicia has somehow become extremely influential in their circle.  Being a succubus, we know that Malicia has a number of “wily” abilities that she can use to gain the influence of others.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Malicia has worked (or “influenced) some of the more influential members of the tiefling clan that compose the troops of the Maleficient Cabal.  However, it could also be that this clan of tieflings sought her out and recruited her to lead their troops.  In either case, the relationship and link between Malicia and the tieflings is probably intricate and quite interesting.

 photo Wantingmorecontrol_zps67b006ae.jpg
Harrgon preparing to fight Malicia.

But what exactly drives this enemy?  We are still not clear as to the motives of Malicia and why she has targeted House Phiarlan and in particular the Stormreach contingent of the house.  It makes me wonder if she or the tieflings, or both perhaps, have been disgraced by the spies and agents of House Phiarlan in one way or another and that she is acting on a path of redemption or revenge.  Or it could be even more sinister.   Perhaps Malicia was hoping to infiltrate House Phiarlan in order to gain access to their spy, informant, agent, and assassination network to server her own purposes and she was attacking the weakest link in the house, the Stormreach contigent.  If this was the case, the motives behind Malicia’s intent are still unclear.  What would she do if she got this type of infiltration?  Who or what is her primary target?  So many questions…

This particular storyline could have a lot of potential directions.  Makes me wonder if it will be picked at some later point.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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