Monster Profile-Will-o-Wisp of Red Fens

It’s been a little while since I compiled a monster profile, so I wanted to take a look at a rather unique monster today, the Will-o-Wisp.  Since I have been running a lot of slayers in the Red Fens with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter), I thought I would focus more on Will-o-Wisp that occur that adventure zone.  Looking up the Will-o-Wisp in the DDOwiki, it states that they are often confused for lanterns from a distance, especially in the dark and swampy environments where they are commonly encountered.  They tend to come in a few different shades including white, blue, green, and yellow.  However, all of the ones I have encountered in the Red Fens are either white or blue (I always considered to be more white but I can see how one might think they are blue with glowing aura).  Their ability to float around and their glowing aura makes them unique among the various monsters you encounter in the Red Fens.

 photo A Will-o-wisp in the Red Fens_zpsndbwa3bj.jpg
Hamllin coming upon a Will-o-Wisp in the Fens.

Will-o-Wisp’s tend to be relatively solitary.  Although I do see them mingling around with the other enemy types in the Red Fens, especially with the Vine stalkers and Fen Cats.  I guess they tend to take well to the natural monsters of the Red Fens.  The Will-o-Wisps in the Red Fens tend to have two or three different types of attacks.  They really like to cast Doom and Fear to see if they can debuff you.  Their attack spells primarily consist of electric based attacks.  They tend to shoot off Electric Loop and Ball Lightning quite often.

 photo Dealing with a Will-o-wisp_zpst7luemv6.jpg
Hamllin fighting a Will-o-Wisp in the Red Fens.

When attacking them, I have realized that they are completely immune to electricity based attacks.  The DDOWiki also indicated that they are immune to Poison and Acid as well and they have 50% resistance to cold, fire, light, and sonic damage types.  However, it appears they are vulnerable to force damage.  They also have spell resistance.

 photo Being hit by a will-o-wisp ball lightning_zpsgez7q1kd.jpg
Hamllin warding off a ball lightning attack from a Will-o-Wisp.

You will know when you approach a Will-o-Wisp because you will hear a type of eerie, moaning sound.  Attacking them can sometimes be irritating because of their floating mechanic, which at times makes you feel like you are attacking bats, which are just a pain.  But luckily they are not nearly as bad as the bats.

There is one named Will-o-Wisp in the Red Fens, the rare encounter Beacon.  Beacon likes to hand out in one of the large fallen trees that have been hollowed out not far from the large red tree that holds the three crests you find.  He is known as the “Drinker of Fear” which I find ironic since his name is Beacon which I usually relate to the saying “Beacon of Light or Hope” which doesn’t quite fit well with the “Drinker of Fear.”  I also realized that this particular Will-o-Wisp can cast another potent electrical spell, Chain Lightning.

 photo How are you doing Beacon_zpszcezq64x.jpg

So, if you ever get into the Red Fens and start to hear some some eerie sounds be ready to encounter one of these unique enemies.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting down Will-o-wisps!!


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