Overview of the Sentinel of Stormreach Quest Series

I currently have a few characters working on the Sentinels of Stormreach Series and few others who have recently completed that interesting set of quests.  This particular adventure pack contains five quests, four of which are required to complete the story arc while the fifth quest is just an additional quest thrown into the mix that involves the primary enemies of the storyline, the Blood Tide Pirates.  The quests that are included in this storyline include Bargain of Blood, The Black Loch, Storm the Beaches, The Tide Turns, and Spies in the House.  The capstone quest in the chain is The Tide Turns and while Bargain of Blood, The Black Loch, and Storm the Beaches are required to get into the capstone quest (at least during the first run through).  Spies in the House is the fifth and additional quest and is considered to be one of the hardest quests in the game at heroic levels.  These quests are level 7 quests, except for Spies in the House which is level 8, and they have an epic version that are level 20 and 21.  The story arc quest giver is Taggart d’Deneith who is located just outside of the House Deneith Tower.

 photo Using charm person to help take care of the enemies_zpsruvuhwma.jpg

Larrs making his way through the Bargain of Blood and the Blood Tide Bazaar.

These quests are relatively simple and straight forward, except for Spies in the House.  Excluding Spies in the House, the quests have relatively simple maps to follow and they take place in some interesting locations.  The quest entrance to Bargain of Blood is located in the Searing Heights and the quest takes place in the a Bazaar that the Blood Tide Pirates have set up to sell the loot they obtained by attaching the ships sent to the merchants of Stormreach, where slaves are also sold, and where assassinations can be arranged.  Talk about finding a Bargain.  The Black Loch is actually within Three Barrel Cove although you don’t go through Three Barrel Cove to get there, you are teleported there by the quest giver.  The Black Loch is the central gathering place for the pirates of Three Barrel Cove who, ironically, have hired House Deneith to repel the invasion of the Blood Tide Pirates.  The Black Loch is a subterranean adventure with some interesting tunnels within a mountain and a large underground lake.  Of course the whole area is littered with undead pirates and regular pirates of the Blood Tide Horde.  In Storm the Beaches, you are teleported to a unique island called Mistral Island.  At that location, you are required to take the ballistae on the stronghold for the Blood Tide Pirates on this island.  You basically travel around the outskirts of the stronghold, then along the outside of the stronghold (basically in a square) and then within in the stronghold where you take a planar gateway as well as the ballistae.  In the Tide Turns, you have to travel to the House Deneith Tower, and confront the leader of the Blood Tide Pirates (Captain Tew and Ahraatz-Ri) who have taken and embarrassed House Deneith by taking over the Sentinel Tower.

 photo Taking advantage of the distraction_zpsxtot6hot.jpg

Larrs making his way through the caverns of the Black Loch.

Unlike the other quests, Spies in the House contains a very complicated dungeon design.  When you make your way through this quest, you will have to go through a number of different vertical levels which is what makes the map complicated.  You actually start the quest by dropping down a tunnel and then have to make your way back up.  It contains a number of traps and has a wider variety of enemies, including mephits, gargoyles, and elementals.  In some cases you have to kill a number of undead pirates to open gates to get to levers to continue forward and you have to use a few air jets to shoot you further upward as you progress forward.  Dealing with these air jets can be extremely annoying.  You will also have to deal with a few levels that have electrified floors that you can’t turn off and that deal a good amount of electrical damage.  It is by far the hardest of the quest chain and luckily isn’t necessary to complete to get to the capstone quest.

 photo Erd storming the base at Mistral Island_zpsrcxqpqxm.jpg

Erdrique looking for the ballistae in Storm the Beaches.

The types of loot you can received while making your way this quest chain can be interesting.  The end reward list contains a number of items that have “Unraveling Enchantments.”  The end chests of the quest will drop a type of sigil that can be applied to these quest and story arc rewards that can release these enchantments and reveal their true potential.  These items unraveled items can also be upgraded to epic version with the scroll, seal, and shard mechanic.

 photo More zombies in the Tide Turns_zps6l3tewyp.jpg

Erdrique making his way through the Tide Turns.

The quest line overall is quite interesting, especially if you are a fan of pirates.  You can see some of the creativity in this murderous band of pirates who seem to employ just about anybody including humans, drow, minotaurs, hobgoblins, kobolds, orcs, and even undead.  Captain Tew and Ahraatz-Ri are definitely not afraid to use some ingenuity when it comes to boosting their ranks even having necromancers add zombies and skeletons to their force.  It is definitely a fun pack.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting while quest through the Sentinels of Stormreach Storyarc.


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