Enemy Profile-Kaedak

It has been quite some time since I did an enemy profile blog post and when I ran across an extremely rare encounter with Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar), I figured writing up a new profile would be appropriate.  The extremely rare encounter I’m talking about is the wildman Kaedak.  Kaedak is one of the rare encounters out in the Restless Isles Explorer area.  Kaedak is perhaps one of the most difficult rare encounters to come across throughout all of the various wilderness zones in DDO.  This is primarily because Kaedak is only found in one location and he can only be accessed by traveling through a secret corridor.  The secret corridor also turns out to be an explorer point.  To be able to reach Kaedak you have to obtain the Horrid Golden Figurine out of the quest, Slavers of the Shrieking Mines.

Erdrique coming across Kaedak in his hunting in the Restless Isles.

Not only is Kaeduk extremely difficult to come across, he is also a very strange soul.  He appears to be some type of outcast or misfit.  What is really interesting is that his garb resembles the same type of garments that wildmen chiefs and wildmen turncoats wear out in the jungles and mines of the Restless Isles.  I’m guess that poor Kaedak here was at some time a primary warrior or chief but somehow lost favor with his tribe and has now become a recluse.

Like other wildmen, Kaedak likes to hop and stumble around and to make more of show of attacking then actually engaging in combat.  He has a wicked little shortsword and he was an attack that can slow you like you other wildmen.  He most likely also has the ability to apply a special attack to that lays down a feeblemind as well but I haven’t seen this happen myself, I just know that other wildmen can do this particular attack.

Also, since he is a loner he never has any support when you do come across him.  This makes him a relatively easy opponent to take down.  The only problem is…finding him.  If you don’t come across him the first time you pass the Horrid Golden Figurine over then you will have to loot another which means another run through Slavers of the Shrieking Mines.  This is what makes him so difficult to come across.

I wish you luck on any trips out to the Restless Isles with the desire to max everything because of the difficulty of finding Kaedak.  If you do find him, you should smile because he is so difficult to come across.  Too bad he didn’t have a special drop from his chest, that would make trying to find him much more interesting.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Restless Isles!!


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