Wonder About Those Far Away Sights

While taking Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through Ataraxia’s Haven, I noticed some faraway sights that I hadn’t seen before.  The first sight I noticed, is a set of mountain peaks way off in the distance and well offshore of Ataraxia’s Haven.  I typically saw these peaks during the daylight hours of the Haven.  There appear to be four different mountains, with three of them grouped closely together with the fourth one being located slightly west of the three others.  These appear to be located on some type of volcanic island.  It is possible that these are connected to a large continent but since you don’t see any other peaks in the distance, I doubt this is the case.

Erdrique checking out those mountain peaks well offshore from Ataraxia’s Haven.

As I was looking at them, I wondered what these islands were.  I know that Korthos Island is part of the Shargon’s Teeth and I believe Ataraxia’s Haven is as well.  Could these distant islands be part of that chain as well?

Another view I noticed only occurred during the “stormy/rainy” hours of Ataraxia’s Haven.  If you are looking out into the water when a lightning strike occurs, you see a tropical island way off in the distance.  So no longer do you see the mountain peaks, instead you see these tropical trees, reminiscent of palm trees, on a small island.  So what small island is this?  Is it also part of the Shargon’s Teeth island chain?  Not sure, but I am curious to know what is out there :).

A tropical island off in the distance from Ataraxia’s Haven?

What does everybody else think?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Haven!!


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