Summarizing the 2016 Risia Game Awards

As I mentioned previously, I started a little late this year with the Risia Ice Games.  However, i focused quite a bit on the games this week.  My was to gather at least 100 purple coins.  Well earlier during the day I hit that mark.  I wound up turning in 100 purple coins, 344 blue coins, and 840 white coins.

Kolll  checking out his earning this year in the Risia Ice Games!!!

I wound up earning 334 motes of winter, 18 Recipes 8/20, 17 Recipes 3/20, 15 Recipes 6/20, 13 Recipes 1/20, and 11 Recipes 7/20.  I also collected 4 trinkets, a number of potions, scrolls, and wands, five candy canes, and three festival twigs (Table 1).

Table 1. White coin turn in results for the Risia Ice Games.

My blue coin turn ins resulted in over 1,700 motes of winter, 18 Recipes 15/20, 16 Recipes 6/20, 16 Recipes 3/20, 11 Recipes 2/20, 10 Recipes 7/20, 6 Recipes 1/20, 8 Recipes 9/20, 7 Recipes 11/20, 7 Recipes 4/20, 5 Recipes 10/20, 5 Recipes 16/20, and 4 Recipes 8/20.  I also picked up yet another trinket, two more festival twigs, 10 more candy canes, and a plethora more of potions, scrolls, and wands (Table 2).

Table 2. Blue coin turn in results from the Risia Ice Games.

The purple coins gave me 8 Recipes 3/20, 6 Recipes 7/20, 5 Recipes 5/20, 4 Recipes 16/20, 3 Recipes 14/20, 3 Recipes 4/20, 2 Recipes 17/20, 2 Recipes 6/ 20, 3 Recipes 19/20, 1 Recipe 11/20 and 1 Recipe 20/20.  I forgot to get the number of motes of winter I collected but I know it was quite a bit  (Table 3).

Table 3.  Purple coin turn in results from the Risia Ice Games.

This year wasn’t a bad year for me with the Risia Ice Games, even with the late start.  I was able to collect enough Recipes 5/20 for five festival icy burst kits.  I also was able to collect enough recipes and ingredients to make one elemental gem.  I’ll go over the crafting in another article :).  I hope everybody else had a great set of Risia Ice Games and I look forward to them next year in 2017!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy


3 thoughts on “Summarizing the 2016 Risia Game Awards

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  2. Gratz!

    It’s good to be a Monk. I would spend an hour and gather about 50
    Purple coins. I think I gathered around 200 of them this year. Really wanted several new Venomous weapons with Icy Burst.


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