Crunching Down the Numbers of My Monster Manual-Part 5

The last two articles I wrote in my series that looks at analyzing the data in the monster manual focused on Erdrique’s statistics (Part 3 and Part 4).  In my next two posts of this series, I want to look at Hamllin’s statistics.  Hamllin is my second most played character and my only other character (besides Erdrique) that I have put through a heroic true reincarnation.  So, I went ahead and compiled the data from my monster manual once again on 3/6/2016.

Looking at Hamllin’s overall statistics, I wasn’t surprised to see that he has slain over 31,000 monsters that are currently recorded in the monster manual, which accounted for 10.51% of all of the enemy kills on my VIP account across all of my characters (Table 1 and Figures 1 and 2).  What did surprise me was how close his numbers, in total, were to Erdrique’s.  Erdrique had approximately 48,000 kills (using the data that was about two weeks older, so that is a factor to consider here) and I play Erdrique more often than I do Hamllin.  However, Erdrique has been working on higher level quests that tend to not have many monsters that are currently in the monster manual while Hamllin is progressing through more middle level quests and adventure areas that do have their monsters recorded in the monster manual.  It appears that Hamllin’s rate of encounter for monsters in the monster manual is currently higher than Erdrique’s.  I’m going to have to work on a way to calculate that type of statistic for future reference.

Taking a look at Hamllin’s statistics by monster type, it looks like the enemies that accounted for Hamllin’s most kills were humanoids, undead, player races, monstrous humanoids, and vermin.  These same five monster types were also the top five across my account with only one slight difference, vermin and monstrous humanoids were swapped when looking at my statistics account wide.  Hamllin accounted for eight to 12% of the total number of monster kills for these top five monster types across my entire account.

Table 1.  Number of kills by monster type for Hamllin and my VIP account and the percent of kills attributed to Hamllin.


Figure 1.  Distribution of Hamllin’s monster kills by monster type from the monster manual.

Figure 2.  Hamllin’s and my account monster kills by monster type for those in the monster manual.

Similar to what I saw in Erdrique’s trends, these five monster types ranking as high as they do is not surprising.  I’m expecting to see this same pattern throughout all of my characters, with the possible exception of Tuhnn who is an Iconic character and started facing off against a higher level of enemies than my other characters.

Breaking the data  down by monster manual volume I noticed that Hamllin’s trends mimic those for Erdrique.  Monsters in the volumes of the Prologue, Volume 1, and Volume 2 accounted for the top three most monster kills for him.  I’m not surprised by these trends as the timing of releases of the various monster manuals, along with the timing of Hamllin’s leveling track, allowed him to collect a higher number of kills for monsters in the fifth volume (especially those in the Desert), very similar to Erdrique’s situation.

Table 2.  Total monster kills for Hamllin and my VIP account by monster manual volume.

Figure 3.  Total monster kills for Hamllin and my VIP account by monster manual volume.

The monster races that accounted for the majority of kills for Hamllin are listed in Table 3 and plotted in Figure 4.  The monster race that Hamllin accrued the most kills for were skeletons and his efforts accounted for over 12% of my VIP account.  Another thing of note was that gnolls were ranked fourth for him and he accounted for nearly 39% of those kills account wide (this is one of the monster races introduced with Volum 5).  Hamllin also accounted for over 10% of kills account wide for sahaugin, zombies, and scorpions.

Table 3.  Total number of monster kills for Hamllin’s top ten, both for him and account wide, and the percent he accounted for.


Figure 4.  Number of monster kills for Hamllin’s top ten monster races (and the number of those for my account).

Excluding the monsters that Hamllin hasn’t had the opportunity to face off against since they were included in the monster manual, the monsters that Hamllin has the fewest amount of kills are presented in Table 4 and Figure 5.  Most of these monsters include those that were released with volumes three through six are are mostly outsiders.  Besides the hell hounds, Hamllin hasn’t been exposed to many of these enemies yet but that will change once Hamllin moves through some more of the mid-level content.  Too bad all of those hell hounds he slaughtered while making his way through some of the lower level content didn’t get counted but he’ll definitely have his chance to make those up.

Table 4.  Number of monster kills for the races that accounted for the fewest number of kills for Hamllin and account wide and the percent Hamllin accounted for those kills.

Figure 5.  Number of monster kills for the races that accounted for the fewest number of kills for Hamllin.

Taking a look at the total percentage of kills that Hamllin accumulated for my account for each monster race, instead of looking at raw kill counts, his top ranking species include scorrow, mummies, air elementals, and gnolls.  It is interesting to see how the relative percentage for these monsters is high for Hamllin but his overall kill counts for these monsters don’t make his top ten.  Again, these monsters were primarily added in later volumes of the monster manual where Hamllin was currently in the process of making his way through quests where these monsters are common, as well Erdrique.  This explains why the overall numbers of kills are low but the percentages are high for the account (only Hamllin and Erdrique have registered a large number of kills for these monsters).

Looking at the opposite statistic, the monster races where Hamllin accounted for the least percentage of kills for my account, we notice that the majority of them are the outsiders, as I mentioned before and those monsters that currently occur primarily in quests Hamllin hasn’t had a chance to complete yet.  These will definitely change as the year goes on.

Table 5.  The monster races that accounted for the highest proportion of monster kills for Hamllin and the number of kills he had and across my account.

Table 6.  The monster races that accounted for the fewest proportion of monster kills for Hamllin and the number of kills he had and across my account.

After looking at Erdrique’s trends, I’m not quite surprised to see these same types of trends with Hamllin.  I can’t but notice the influence of the timing of monster manual volumes and the levels my characters happen to be at during those releases.  It is plainly evident on how these factors affect the monster manual statistics as looking at Erdrique’s and Hamllin’s data has shown.  Thanks  for reading everybody and happy hunting those monsters in the monster manual!!


10 thoughts on “Crunching Down the Numbers of My Monster Manual-Part 5

  1. I love watching people go crazy playing with numbers. You made some very fascinating observations from your data. However, I noticed looking at your bar graphs that it is hard to compare the account and character data on them because the account data is so much higher on everything. Then I remembered something I learned in one of my college classes just last week.

    You can compare data with very different total amounts by scaling to relative frequencies. You would take the total numbers represented by the bars in your current graphs and divide all of the account numbers by the total account kills graphed and the character numbers by the total character kills graphed. That way the new bars represent the proportion of the totals of each set of data, which is much more comparable than the raw numbers.

    I would love to be able to see the relative frequency bar graphs for your numbers. I think it could be a bit more informative than your current ones, and you might be able to make more of those really interesting observations about your data. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I have found this exercise to be interesting. I will look into different ways of comparing the account wide stats to the character specific stats, but one thing I was trying to point was the scale difference that way you could see how little or how much that one character’s impact is to the whole account.


      • I see, I didn’t think of it that way. The way you have it does show better the contrast in the size of the account data versus the portion of it contributed by the character. I guess I was trying to look more at the relative differences between the different categories for the character and account kills. Like if you have higher account kills of hell hounds than efreeti, are your character kills of hell hounds as much larger, not as much larger, or actually smaller than your character kills of efreeti. I still think it could be potentially interesting to see that also. Although, I do see what you intended to highlight with your current graphs.


  2. i don’t really get it. yes, we can compare data with very different total amounts by scaling to relative frequencies, true. but this is totally not representative for the monster manuals, since it only reflects your playstyle, not the effectivness of the single manuals. (but what is the point, if not finding out, what volumes of monster manual are the best to buy??)
    if i keep running gianthold, i will ofc end up with more giants and rakshasa, if i prefer the new quests with outsiders and necro4 i’ll end up with alot of outsiders and undead, and very few giants.
    also the account numbers are affected by this.

    if a single volume of a monster manual is worth it can only be determined, by running ALL quests in the game one time on elite. This way you really get a representative overview about the game’s statistics (rare encounters and optionals with named monsters excluded)

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    • You have a totally valid point. My number crunching here isn’t a method to determine what monster manual volumes a particular person should buy or not. I just wanted to do this to see what type of impact my characters have on my account as a whole for the monster manual stats, to compare the statistics across my characters, to see which monsters typically give me a harder time than others, and to see how effective I am at playing across other classes.

      There is no doubt, that these stats are driven by game play style, which is what I have said in all of my articles so far. What I’m looking for is how my style fits with my character. Do I suffer more defeats with my casters than my melees? Do my ranged characters have an easier time with beholders than my other classes? Those are the things I’m exploring here. This is purely a personality style analysis.


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