Nice Mixture of Questing, November 17th to November 20th

My questing runs this week included quest runs from all ranges: low, medium, and high levels.  My questing started out with a Monday morning slayer run with Garrrin (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) who received some assistance from Friedrice while collecting some easy slayers in the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) landscape area.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with my main character, Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) and I took him into three of the common House Kundarak quests: Chamber of Insanity, The Ruined Halls, and the Forgotten Caverns.  I didn’t have any issues with these runs while tackling them on elite.  Later that night, I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) and I took him into the Lords of Dust on Epic Normal and had an interesting time taking on Gnomen and his cultists.  I logged out for the night after I got Rimuldar through the Lords of Dust.

Garrrin and Friedrice demolishing the enemies of GH photo GarrrinandFrieddemolishingtheenemiesinGH_zps79c37998.jpg
Garrrin and Friedrice hunting in the Gianthold.

Erd taking on the Shade of Madness photo ErdtakingontheShadeofMadness_zpsa42bf93c.jpg
Erdrique fighting the shades in the Chamber of Insanity.

What a compilation of monsters photo Whatacompilationofmonsters_zps3ffaf352.jpg
Erdrique amazed by the diversity of monsters held in the Ruined Halls.

Stunning trolls in the Forgotten Caverns photo StunningtrollsintheForgottenCaverns_zpsb9392ab9.jpg
Erdrique using stunning fist to immobilize the trolls in the Forgotten Caverns.

Rimuldar stoning a Jarilith with Prismatic Spray photo RimuldarstoningaJarilithwithPrismaticSpray_zpsff83951c.jpg
Rimuldar enjoying the use of Prismatic Spray to stone jarilith’s in Lords of Dust.

On Tuesday, I started the day with Stoorage (Level 11 Fighter) who I took out into Sorrowdusk Isle to collect some more slayers and rares in that exotic area prior to heading off to work.  When I got home from work, I took Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) out into the quest the Keeper’s Sanctuary.  While running the Keeper’s Sanctuary, I did suffer one death from a nasty set of blades and spikes that were protecting a hidden chest.  I knew I was going to get killed so I wasn’t that upset about it, but besides that little hiccup I didn’t have any issues.  On Tuesday night, I logged on my low level cleric Containment (Level 5 Cleric) who I took into the Cannith Challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I was quite happy with this run because not only was I able to complete the quest, I was also able to figure out the bubble puzzle room for the first time, which was quite nice indeed .  After I took Containment into the challenge, I then spent some time to get him some new gear from the auction house and then I headed into the Waterworks to complete The Kobold’s Den: Clan Gnashtooth and The Kobold’s Den: Rescuing Arlos on hard (need to do this becase Containment is on my premium account).  After those runs I logged out and headed off to bed.

Stoorage hunting down some ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle photo StooragehuntingdownsomeogresinSorrowdusk_zps37f14d65.jpg
Stoorage hunting and exploring in the Sorrowdusk Isle.

Hamllin fighting Annelisa in the Keeper's Sanctuary photo HamllinfightingAnnelisaintheKeepersSanctuary_zps8615fa39.jpg
Hamllin battling Annelisa in the Keeper’s Sanctuary.

Containment fighting the Mother of the Nest photo ContainmentfightingtheMotheroftheNest_zpsa7eedb8a.jpg
Containment fighting the Mother of the Nest in Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

Dealing with kobolds in the Gnashtooth Lair photo DealingwithkoboldsintheGnashtoothLair_zps6cc70336.jpg
Containment dealing with the kobolds of Clan Gnashtooth.

Containment battling Chef Kraskuth photo ContainmentbattlingChefKraskuth_zps8e4c5672.jpg
Containment inviting himself to Chef Kraskuth’s meal.

On Wednesday, I was scheduled to log on with Hamllin and to take him out to explore Three Barrel Cove first thing in the morning.  Later that afternoon, we had some more connection issues and I didn’t get on until late on Wednesday night and only took care of some typical character maintenance with Erdrique.

Hamllin enjoying the scenery in TBC photo HamllinenjoyingthesceneryinTBC_zps366b36f5.jpg
Hamllin enjoying the scenery in Three Barrel Cove.

For Thursday, I did some slayer runs through Three Barrel Cove with Suppply (Level 8 Paladin) prior to work.  That afternoon, taking advantage of my wife having to work late, I decided to log in with Erdrique and to take on the quest Archer Point Defense, which I had planned on doing on Wednesday but couldn’t because of the downtime.  So after I caught up on Erdrique’s scheduled quest runs, I then logged on with Hamllin and took him out into Haywire’s Foundry, which was the quest I was originally slated to run.  I had fun time taking down Haywire’s crazed worforged and other constructs.  Later than night, I logged on with Stoorage who complete a run throug the Cannith Challenge, The Lava Caves: The Circles of Power.   While running Stoorage through the Lava Caves, I was worried that I wouldn’t complete it until I found a large source of purple crystals straight ahead in the map.

Suppply going for a swim in TBC photo SuppplygoingforaswiminTBC_zps6f179b0e.jpg
Suppply going for a swim in the Cove.

 photo ErdiquehuntingdownthehobgoblinleaderinArcherPointDefense_zps3c704bb8.jpg
Erdrique hunting down the hobgoblin leader in Archer Point Defense.

 photo HamllinbattlingthewarforgedinVON4_zps30e220c2.jpg
Hamllin battling the warforged in Haywire’s Foundry. 

 photo StooragelookingforthecrystalsintheLavaCaves_zpsa24922f4.jpg
Stoorage looking for some crystals in the Lava Caves.

It was a good week of questing overall, even with the snafu on Wednesday.  I got some explorer quests ran, some challenges ran, and a nice mixture of regular questing ran.  I also had a nice selection of levels ran ranging from level 5 to 23 .  Now I’m looking forward to the weekend .  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

The Idol of Halokh

One of the more interesting objects, to me at least, in DDO is something that is called The Idol of Halokh.  If you don’t have access to Three Barrel Cove and the quest the Scondrel’s Run, then you might not be aware of this unique item.  The Idol of Halokh is an idol that has been broken up into five separate pieces and have been hidden throughout the mines of the Scondrel Run.  To complete the quest, you have to gather the pieces and then assemble them on the altar at the beginning of the quest entrance. The assembled idol looks just like a form of turtle.
The Idol is now complete photo TheIdoisnowfinished_zps2ee95c02.jpg Erdrique looking at the completed Idol of Halokh.

This is what drives my curiosity about this item.  I find it puzzling that an important idol would be in the form of a turtle.  When one thinks of a turtle, they don’t think of a powerful force of nature and they don’t think of a creature that is nimble, clever, or creative.  However, when I think about a turtle I think about how the species as adapted over time to develop strong defensive mechanisms, are long living, and are persistent.  I happen to have two of my own turtles and these are the traits I see in them.

But when I think of an “idol”, especially one that is being used to test ones strength, agility, and ingenuity, and that is guarded by a clan of powerful minotaurs I don’t imagine the idol as taking the shape of turtle.  I would think the idol would be more representative of a more “ferocious” creature or race.  Maybe something more akin to a shark, kracken, or hydra or some other type of powerful water based mountain to show how it is linked to being a test for pirates.

But, now that I think about it, there are a few other things to keep in mind.  In Eberron we not only have the typical pirate but we also have airship pirates as well.  Also, one has to think about those attributes I mentioned previously when one thinks about a turtle.  Everybody knows that a pirate has to strong, agile, and be able to think on their feet but also a pirate needs to be adaptable in order to maintain a strong defense to stay alive and has to be persistent in their trials if they wish to prosper.  As for living a long life…well maybe the turtle shaped idol is also used to “inspire” that thought, but we all know that being a pirate is a very risky job…just like an adventurer .

Thanks for reading my rambling about the Idol of Halokh.  If you get a chance, take on the minotaurs of the Scondrel’s Run and put it together to see the idol for yourself!!  Happy hunting everybody!!

Who Exactly is the Soulless One?

One of the oldest quests in the game is the Chamber of Insanity.  I recently took Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) through this quest (Level 7 quest on elite) and took on the Soulless One.  For those that don’t know, the Chamber of Insanity is short quest located in House Kundarak not far from the Ever Full Flagon.  The Chamber of Insanity is a small warehouse or other small property that was leased to some proponents of the Blood of Vol.  Supposedly the cultists were taken care but their undead minions still persist.

While exploring the Chamber of Insanity, you will encounter four powerful wraiths, a few live and kicking necromancers, a few wights, some zombies, some arcane skeletons, and the Soulless One.  In this particular instance, I’m curious about Soulless One.  He is a red-named specter that you encounter in the center of the Chamber, which is unlocked only after you destroy the four wraiths.  Unlike his four protectors, the Soulless One is actually a specter.  Although he isn’t extremely powerful, he can be annoying as he is also with some other undead casters (an arcane skeleton and wight priests) that combination can be deadly.  However, if you separate the Soulless One from these others he is relatively easy to deal with.

Who is the Souless One? photo SowhoistheSoulessOne_zps80d7df11.jpg
So who is exactly is the Soulless One?

While taking Erdrique through this quest I wondered who exactly is the Soulless One?  We have no clues as to his identity that I’m aware of.  The only thing that we know for sure is that these necromancers and undead minions are servants of the Blood of Vol.  My guess is that the Soulless One was a powerful fanatic priest to Vol.  He/She was probably a powerful necromancer as well and probably was responsible for establishing the lease of the Chamber.  I imagine that Soulless One implored some powerful necromantic powers to sacrifice some others to create the four wraiths you encounter (Agony, Despair, Hatred, and Madness).  By doing so, he literally stripped the souls of these shades and while invoking this magic he also transformed himself into powerful specter, taking on the name of the Soulless One.

I imagine he is now operating to protect any secrets the Blood of Vol maybe keeping in the Chamber.  It could also be surmised that the Blood of Vol would like to use the Chamber of Insanity for future projects as well.  I could easily see this property being used to torture enemies of the cult and to extract information from those prisoners and/or enemies against the cult.  I could see the potential of four powerful crazed wraiths, as well as a demented specter, to be an incentive to spill some information.

In any case, the Soulless One seems to be an interesting enemy.  I have no idea what race he/she was or what area they came from.  Did they originally come from Stormreach?  What was his/her ultimate goal?  Where did he study?  Who was his master (if any)?  Questions we will probably never really find he answer too but which are interesting to think about.

Ok, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Rust Monsters and Duergar

Awhile back I wrote a blog post that went over the quest Reclamation.  In that particular post I mentioned the various enemies you encounter and the how the quest flows.  However, one thing I neglected to talk more about was the fact that there are rust monsters present in this mine.  I was reminded by this when I recently took Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) through Reclamation and was battling the optional named rust monster, Scour.  Scour is a pretty beefy rust monster who I have encountered in two different locations in Reclamation.  He is either located on the windy path as you make your way down the Mineshaft IV or he is in an alcove just across from one of the Overseers near the bottom of the mine.

Nice stunning blow photo Nicestunningblow_zps15c373d3.jpg
Hamllin making his way through the Mineshaft and not worrying about encountering rust monsters.

However, as I was fighting Scour and a few other rust monsters that like to hangout with him, I wondered why he was actually there to begin with.  When I think of the duergar and mining, I generally think that they are mining for metals, whether it be iron, admantine, silver, or whatever.  Having a rust monster in the mine seems to be counter productive.  Not only would the rust monster be devouring all of the material that you just mined but it would also be wreaking havoc on your digging equipment and support structures.

Hammy tripping an adamantine defender photo Hammytrippingaadmantinedefender_zpsb3bb8383.jpg
A whole other issue, why aren’t these adamantine defenders becoming snacks for the rust monters…

But, I then thought more about what the duergar were actually mining for.  The quest giver Leros tells you that the duergar are actually mining for gems and gold.  They aren’t mining for raw minerals or metal at all.  So then what are the duergar using Scour and his rust monsters for?  I’m sure they aren’t being used as a form of protection, although it is a bonus if they happen to protect against possible marauders.  Somehow the rust monsters must be aiding the duergar in their digging efforts.  It could be that the rust monsters just have an innate ability to dig through tough terrain and for that service the deurgar are rewording the rust monsters with whatever metals they do happen to come across while the precious gems and gold are being hauled out.

It could also me that the duergar have encountered large patches of metal that aren’t profitable and need to figure out a way to dig past these deposits.  It could be that the rust monsters help in this endeavor, perhaps being used to dissolve unusable metal deposits to the point where the earth can be manipulated once again.  This seems more likely the case to me more than anything else.  However, it also makes me wonder how the duergar keep the rust monsters from snacking on their adamantine defenders?

In any case, be weary of the Scour and his friends in Reclamation.  Make sure you have your everbright weapons ready and take him down quickly before he destroys your armor.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Low Level Questing Weekend, November 14th to November 16th

Well, the questing activities were a little out of ordinary this weekend and were dominated with low level questing.  With that said, my questing activity actually started with a Friday morning slayer run through the Vale of Twilight with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) as he continues to collect some slayers from Shavarath.  That afternoon, I did some mid-level questing with Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) who ventured back into Ataraxia’s Haven and got his revenge on the duergar in the quest Reclamation.  Of course I was also impacted by the server issues later on Thursday night.  After checking on a few DDO related items, I decided to boot up Neverwinter Nights II and took my Spirit Shaman (Ragnar, Level 6) further into the city of Neverwinter and came across a few encounters which allowed me to level up.

Rimuldar hunting slayers of Shavarath in the Vale photo RimuldarhuntingslayersofShavarathintheVale_zps2c4f77d6.jpg
Rimuldar dealing with the haze of battle in the Vale of Twilight.

Hamllin taking on the duergar in the Haven photo HamllintakingontheduergarintheHaven_zpse9d055e6.jpg
Hamllin exploring the wilds of Ataraxia’s Haven.

Nice stunning blow photo Nicestunningblow_zps15c373d3.jpg
Hamllin exacts his revenge in Reclamation.

Exploring Neverwinter photo ExploringNeverwinter_zps9341ea54.jpg
Ragnar and his group taking in the sites in Neverwinter Nights II.

By around 1 am EST later Friday/early Saturday the DDO servers were back online which allowed to log in with Erdrique (Level 8 Monk).  I took Erdrique back out into Three Barrel Cove and completed the quests The Troglodyte’s Get, Old Gray Garl, and The Scondrel’s Run.  This allowed me to finish up all of the quest in the Three Barrel Cove area and left me with only the slayers to max out on.  After my run through the Scondrel’s Run I called it a night.

Erd finishing off the pirates in Three Barrel Cove photo ErdfinishingoffthepiratesinThreeBarrelCove_zps7516bae6.jpg
Erd fights his way through Three Barrel Cove.

Erd throwing the levers in the Troglodyte's Get photo ErdthrowingtheleversintheTroglodytesGet_zpscbc78514.jpg
Erd throwing the levers to open the door the Troglodytes Get.

Erd fighting a blackbone skeleton in Garl's Tomb photo ErdfightingablackboneskeletoninGarlsTomb_zps80c53f47.jpg
Erd fighting the undead in Garl’s Tomb.

The Idol is now complete photo TheIdoisnowfinished_zps2ee95c02.jpg
The Idol is now complete in the Scondrel’s Run.

I didn’t get much questing in on Saturday, as that was my data night weekend.  However, I did get Erdrique into Three Barrel Cove to complete his slayer runs out there while my beautiful wife had to work and in between some chores.  Now Erdrique is ready to head off to the Searing Heights and to take on the forces of the Sulataar Drow and the Blood Tide Pirates.

Nice view in Three Barrel Cove photo NiceviewinThreeBarrelCove_zps185d24bc.jpg
Erdrique finishing up his slayers in Three Barrel Cove.

On Sunday I logged on with my newest/youngest character, my casting druid Cannock.  The first thing I did was to give his wolf a new name, Slasher.  I was then joined by Khamelblade and we went ahead to finish off the Korthos Island Quests.  While running from quest entrance to quest entrance, we were able to finish the rare encounters and explorer point quests.  We also took on and completed Stopping the Sahaugin, Necromancer’s Doom, Sacrifices, and Misery’s Peak with little difficulty.  We then headed out to the Harbor and the Marketplace and breezed through Walk the Butcher’s Path, The Sunken Sewer, and the Baudry Cartamon Chain.  We called it a night after those runs.

Cannock hunting in Korthos Island photo CannockhuntinginKorthosIsland_zps4c648e36.jpg
Cannock and his pack prowling Korthos Island.

Cannock and Khamel in Stopping the Sahaugin photo CannockandKhamelinStoppingtheSahaugin_zps5ed59ba2.jpg
Its time to stop the sahaugin.

Cannock and Khamel working in the Necromancer's Crypt photo CannockandKhamelworkingintheNecromancersCrypt_zps772376ec.jpg
Cannock and Khamelblade exploring the Decrepit Crypt.

Time to feast on some spiders photo Timetofeastonsomespiders_zps05d77f4e.jpg
Cannock preparing to feast on some spiders.

Wandering around Misery's Peak photo WanderingaroundMiserysPeak_zpsaacf0b2c.jpg
Cannock exploring the caves of Misery’s Peak.

Taking on the dangers of the Butcher's Path photo TakingonthedangersoftheButchersPath_zps18217dca.jpg
Cannock and Khamelblade dealing with the dangers of the Butcher’s Path.

Cannock and Khamel looking for the trog leader photo CannockandKhamellookingforthetrogleader_zps543c8d40.jpg
Its time to find the trog overlord in the Sunken Sewer.

Cannock and Khamel protecting the crate photo CannockandKhamelprotectingthecrate_zps2ba10bb3.jpg
Cannock and Khamelblade protecting the crate.

The shaman is in Cannock's site photo TheshamanisinCannockssite_zps0f873198.jpg
The shaman is now in Cannock’s sight.

So as you can tell the questing this week was quite light overall, dominated with low level runs.  The runs were still good as I keep getting Erdrique closer to his next level and I got some play time in with Cannock.  I hope everybody else had a good weekend as well!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

Taking a Look at Various Factions in Heroic Three Barrel Cove

One of the many things I enjoy while playing DDO is trying to determine the various links and interactions between the factions that are present within the various quests, races, and explorer areas that our characters encounter while doing their questing.  I just like trying to extend the lore within the game and to try to make my own determinations on how all of these things relate to each other, it at all.  As far as the explorer areas, I have already taken a look at the Cerulean Hills, Waterworks, Tangleroot Gorge, Searing Heights, and the Red Fens.  I currently have a few characters moving through the Heroic Three Barrel Cove explorer zone with Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) just finishing it up so I wanted to take a second to take a close look at this particular area.

Nice view in Three Barrel Cove photo NiceviewinThreeBarrelCove_zps185d24bc.jpgErdrique enjoying the view in Three Barrel Cove.

It is well known that the area of Three Barrel Cove is dominated by pirates.  However, their are multiple groups of pirates as well as a few other factions spread throughout the island.  Here is a quick breakdown of the enemies and their factions in Three Barrel Cove:

1).  Captain Dustdyn and his pirates
2).  Fire mephits and elementals from the Fire Caves
3).  Scorpions-Cove and Night-Lacerator
4).  Cannoneer Strinati and Undead
5).  Captain Tychonn and his pirates
6).  Brine and his sahuagin
7).  Dulse, the scrag
8).  Chortle and her hyena pack
9).  Wild Dogs
10).  Salt and Sand mephits
11).  Admiral Ancker and his kobold pirates and their rats
12).  Vitia and her darkfang spiders
13).  Scortchtusk, minotaur
14).  Thum, earth elemental

The quick rundown above shows about 14 different factions in Three Barrel Cove.  This isn’t quite surprising when you consider the size of and variety of landscapes found throughout the island.

Perhaps the first enemy you encounter in Three Barrel Cove is Scortchtusk, the minotaur.  He is typically camped, when present, just inside the wilderness zone aboard the Sea Witch.  The Sea Witch is the vessel that Lars Riflee’s vessel who later recruits you to help defend from pirate ogre, Ruug.  Due to Scortchtuck’s unfriendly behavior, I would have to guess that he is a member of Ruug’s pirates and is doing what he can to capture Riflee’s precious boat.

Erd finishing off the pirates in Three Barrel Cove photo ErdfinishingoffthepiratesinThreeBarrelCove_zps7516bae6.jpg
Erdrique fighting some of the many pirates in Three Barrel Cove.

Probably the next set of enemies you will encounter will be those pirates from Captain Dustdyn’s encampment.  Captain Dustdyn is an orc pirate captain who has a sizeable force that includes orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears, minotaurs, humans, dwarves, and worgs.  His encampment controls a primary passage that allows one to get to the Fire Caves and to the other side of Three Barrel Cove much more quickly.  One of his more deadlier lieutenants (maybe even his first mate) includes the bugbear bard, Halfgrim Moonhowler.  There is no doubt that Captain Dustdyn holds a sizable chunk of the island.  His forces are separate and unique from the other pirates located in the Cove.

The next large group of pirates you will eventually come across are those following Captain Tychonn who is an air pirate captain for the West Wind’s Mistress.  His band consists of mostly of drow, human, dwarf, halfling, and warforged pirates.  He has small groups scattered throughout the island, including some some bands just outside of Captain Dustdyn’s stronghold.  These two powerful captains probably parlay with each other, possibly even have a tenous alliance.  Dybesh Relix is the first mate for the West Wind’s Mistress and leads a small group of pirates who are positioned not far from the quest Prove Your Worth and who also control a secondary passage that allows you to get to the other side of the island.  It is also apparent that Captain Tychonn is no stranger to assassinations either as he also has in his ranks a tiefling assassin named Ithun Orenah, probably hired on as a mercenary.  Could it be that Captain Tychonn is planning on the assassination of his rival, Captain Dustdyn?

The last set of pirates are those led by the kobold, Admiral Ancker.  He has a sizable force of kobold pirates that have fortified a small alcove not far from the quest Scondrel’s Run.  His kobolds consist of many shamans (sea witches) and various types of melee pirates (swashbucklers, gunners, deckhands, etc).  Unfortunately for the Admiral, the just doesn’t get any respect from the larger pirate forces on the island.  I’m guessing that Admiral Ancker has some type of understanding with the sahaugin forces on the island though as they seem to have a few overlapping territories along the beach.  The kobolds also seem to be control, or have trained, a large number of rats to help protect their stronghold.

Erd looking over Captain Dustdyn's camp photo ErdlookingoverCaptainDustdynsCamp_zps37497b99.jpg
Erdrique looking out over Captain Dustdyn’s camp.

The next set of enemies you will encounter will be the sahaugin.  Unlike those in Korthos, these sahaugin are primarily focused along the beach area.  They are led by a vicious warrior named Brine, who tends to guard his gruesome shrine to the Devourer.  The sahuagin forces also include some annoying sea witches.  The sahaugin do not appear to be allied with anybody except for maybe the kobolds.  I’m thinking that they have been driven to the edges of the area, or that Three Barrel Cove is a staging area for underwater base at the inlet to the Red Fens.  In either case, the sahaugin forces here are extremely hostile and attack on sight.

Dulse, the scrag, is an interesting conundrum.  He is located on one of the smaller islands that is typically controlled by the sahaugin.  He is a champion of the Devourer, the same god that is worshipped by the sahaugin.  However, he is only one two scrags that I know of in Three Barrel Cove, with the other scrag being Brekik who is located in the quest, Ghost of a Chance.  It appears to me that Dulse has formed some type of an alliance with sahaugin or has been hired as a mercenary.  One thing that leads me to believe this is that when Dulse isn’t on the island, it happens to be overran with forces from Captain Tychonn.  Of course it could be that Dulse is serving at the whims of the Devourer and his assisting the sahaugin in a stronger foothold in Three Barrel Cove or perhaps in regaining some spiritual ground.

Now there are three different sets of elemental outsiders found in Three Barrel Cove.  The first set are the fire mephits and fire elementals which are only found along the volcano and to the entrance of the Fire Caves.  These mephits and elementals were probably summoned forth by the ogre Shaman Mak-Murong who has overtaken the fire caves.  The next set of elementals includes the sand and salt mephits which you encounter along the beach zone from the Admiral Ancker’s encampment and along to West Wind’s Mistress.  It is currently unclear who brought forth these outsiders, however Admiral Ancker has a large number of shamans in his forces and I wouldn’t be surprised if they summoned forth the sand mephits to help augment their forces.  The same could be said for Captain Tychonn.  Dybesh Relix is a powerful cleric and he could have easily summoned for the salt mephits to help guard the beach line on the way to the upper reaches of the West Wind’s Mistress.  In this sense these two factions could be separated.  Now the last elemental, Thum, is a complete mystery.  He is an ancient earth elemental who is located very far from the quest Ghost of a Chance.  And although there are a few sahaugin close to him, I don’t see them summoning forth an earth elemental.  He maybe the remnant of a different spell caster who is no longer present in the Cove.

Interesting swim in TBC photo InterestingswiminTBC_zps3859dfb5.jpg
Erdrique going for a swim in Three Barrel Cove.

Now close to the quest, The Legend of Two Toed Tobias and the mini-arc Garl’s Tomb you will encounter a series of undead led by Cannoneer Strinati.  My first inclination is to believe that the Cannoneer and his forces were once members of Tobias’ crew.  As a result they guard the entrance to his lair and tend to attack anything that gets in the way.  These guys have no allegiances to anybody.

The rest of the factions are what I’m calling the “natural fauna.”  These include Lacerator and his various types of scorpions, Chortle and her hyena heard, Vitia and her darkfang spiders and the wild dogs.  The scorpions are primarily located along the beach line, with a few night scorpions along the way to the fire caves prior to the fire mephits and elemental guardians.  They tend to have a limit up to the sahuagin territory.  Vitia and her small group of spiders are found in a dense forest alcove just past Scondrel’s run.  Chortle is located right next to the quest Prove Your Worth while her hyenas are spread out a little more loosely.  And the wild dogs, obviously strays from dead pirate owners, are primarily located just behind the quest Prove Your Worth.  All of these groups are independent of each other and basically don’t tend to overlap.

So, as you can see their are quite a number of different groups and factions spread throughout Three Barrel Cove.  Most of them act independently of each other and it is perhaps the most segmented zone yet, with distinct boundaries between the various pirates and other factions.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Heroic Three Barrel Cove.

There is Something to be Said For Being Persistent

Earlier in the week I had attempted to take Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) into Ataraxia’s Haven to do the quest Reclamation on elite.  Now Reclamation is a very tough quest if you don’t know what to expect or how to handle the numerous duergar miners, sharpshooters, laborers, and bosses that are located throughout the quest.  Another thing about Reclamation is that it is a relatively hard quest to try to zerg through with only a hireling as some help.  See, I was running low on time and figured I could “bull rush” my through it.  Well everything was going great until I got to the second overseer.  At that point I pulled in way too many duergar and was quickly overwhelmed.  I had also left my hireling trailing in my footsteps and by the time I realized it, I was nothing more than a soulstone and then my hireling quickly followed.

Well, my redemption came early on during the weekend.  I took Hamllin back into Reclamation but had a little more time, so I didn’t have to worry about zerging.  I was able to use a number of Hamllin’s tactical feats to even the odds, landing a number of stunning blows and actually tripping an adamantine defender, which I found quit amusing.

 photo Nicestunningblow_zps15c373d3.jpg
Hamllin having some fun with stunning blow in Reclamation.

 photo Hammytrippingaadmantinedefender_zpsb3bb8383.jpg
Hammy tripping an adamantine defender in Reclamation.

However, I think the greatest reward for my persistence in taking down the duergar was breaking a crate to complete one of the optionals and watching a +2 Upgrade Tome of Constitution fall out.  I have to admit that I really enjoy demolishing all crates, barrels, and jars in quests now because you never know what you are going to get.

 photo Havetolikebreakingthebarrels_zps1c85618e.jpg
Hamllin is enjoying finding this little nugget in a busted crate in Reclamation.

I guess the take home message is that persistence does pay off!!   And don’t forget to break those crates!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!